Media Reports Archive : May 2022

First Rwanda flight delayed after legal challenge by migrant charity

The first deportation flights to Rwanda have been delayed amid a legal challenge by migrant charities and a civil service union

Telegraph - 20 May 2022

Yorkshire village women told 1,500 refugees will be moving in 'worried for their safety'

Residents of Linton-on-Ouse will soon be outnumbered by refugees if the Home Office plans go through

GB News - 20 May 2022

Putin may target Europe by triggering a new migrant crisis

In the long campaign to defeat Russia, therefore, the West cannot afford just to concentrate its efforts on defeating Moscow in Ukraine

Telegraph - 20 May 2022

'Out of control!' Boris slammed as visas issued to non-EU migrants reach record high

THE GOVERNMENT has been slammed after new data showed that visas issued to immigrants from outside the European Union reached a record high in 2021

Express - 20 May 2022

Number of foreign nurses hired by NHS hit record high last year: 23,000 - nearly HALF of new recruits - trained abroad, with majority from India and the Philippines

Nearly half of Britain's newly-hired nurses and midwives were recruited from abroad, figures revealed today

Mail Online - 19 May 2022

There is an urgent moral imperative to send migrants to Rwanda, says Priti Patel

Priti Patel has said there is an “urgent moral imperative” to send migrants to Rwanda as she prepares to confront the UN over her plans

Telegraph - 19 May 2022

Visas for arrivals from outside EU at new high

The number of visas issued to non-EU migrants reached a record in 2021 as the first year of Britain’s post-Brexit rules led to a more immigration

The Times - 19 May 2022

‘Working-class communities!' Daubney rages for 'dumped upon' Linton-On-Ouse over migrants

RECLAIM PARTY'S Martin Daubney says the 750 residents in Linton-On-Ouse are being 'dumped on'

Daily Express - 18 May 2022

Migrant workers ‘exploited and beaten’ on UK fishing boats

A third of migrant workers on UK fishing vessels who responded to a research survey work 20-hour shifts

Guardian - 18 May 2022

More than 300 migrants arrive in UK as crossings continue for FOURTH day in a row: Asylum-seekers land on Kent beach as total numbers making crossing the year rises above 8,500 despite risk of Rwanda deportation

Around 300 migrants are thought to have reached the UK by small boat today - as Channel crossings continued for a fourth day in a row

Mail Online - 18 May 2022

Sending migrants to Rwanda will cost same as housing them in UK

The Home Office says the policy will save money in the long term because it will reduce the number of people crossing the Channel in small boats

The Times - 12 May 2022

Queen's Speech: Priti Patel accuses Labour MPs of defending 'murderers, paedophiles, rapists, thugs' in debate on law and order

Priti Patel has accused Labour MPs of being 'eager to defend the murderers, paedophiles, rapists, thugs and those with no right to be here'

Sky News - 12 May 2022

Positive words, but where’s the action, asks Migration Watch UK

Migration Watch UK highlighted that the words were good, but asked what about action?

Bournbrook - 12 May 2022

Toddlers nailed into ‘coffin-like’ wardrobes by people smugglers

Children as young as two were locked into 'coffin-like' wardrobes that were screwed shut before being smuggled into Britain

Telegraph - 11 May 2022

Asylum seekers ‘in hiding to avoid Rwanda ruling’

Asylum seekers in Britain have already gone into hiding because they fear being removed to Rwanda

The Times - 11 May 2022

First Channel migrants have been told by Priti Patel that they are being sent to Rwanda

The first migrants have been told they face being sent 4,000 miles to Rwanda to claim asylum, Priti Patel revealed last night

Mail Online - 11 May 2022

‘Pro-migrant’ lobby in Brussels accused of driving out EU border force boss

The former boss of the European Union’s border agency reportedly left because his attempts to fortify the bloc were torpedoed

Telegraph - 10 May 2022

Nigel Farage guest highlights how 'we don't know' how many migrants are in UK as it's revealed 7 million have registered with GP on NHS

The Chairman of Migration Watch UK has claimed 'we don't know' how many migrants are in the UK

GB News - 10 May 2022

First Channel migrants bound for Rwanda on one-way tickets set to learn their fate

The first illegal migrants to be sent to Rwanda under Priti Patel’s new offshoring scheme will be informed of the decision this week

Telegraph - 9 May 2022

Asylum seekers told this week they will be sent to Rwanda

The Home Office will start telling asylum seekers this week that they may be sent to Rwanda

The Times - 9 May 2022

Priti Patel’s Rwanda plan for UK asylum seekers faces its first legal challenge

The legal challenge states that the home secretary’s proposals run contrary to international law and the UN refugee convention

Guardian - 9 May 2022

Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees removed from UK’s ‘unsuitable’ housing sponsors

The government is scrambling to rehouse hundreds of Ukrainians granted visas under the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Guardian - 9 May 2022

'It's the wrong plan, in the wrong place': Furious residents say they fear for their safety amid outrage over Priti Patel's 'Guantanamo-on-Ouse' plan to house 1,500 asylum seekers in sleepy Yorkshire village

Villagers who face being outnumbered two to one by asylum seekers say they are still in the dark about Priti Patel's plans for a new processing centre

Mail Online - 9 May 2022

Priti Patel migration plan 'set for remarkable results' - new study lays bare huge impact

BRITAIN'S new controversial asylum deal with Rwanda could reduce the number of people making dangerous Channel crossings to zero

Express - 6 May 2022

Boris Johnson's plan to send migrants to Rwanda is ALREADY delayed

The Government had wanted flights to Kigali to start by the end of May.

Mail Online - 5 May 2022

Record number of Channel migrants reaching the UK

Illegal arrivals come amid claims that delays in plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda has fuelled the crossings.

Daily Telegraph - 5 May 2022


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