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Subject: Reverse the wholesale weakening of immigration controls

Dear [MP],

As a law-abiding citizen and taxpayer, I worry about the impact of the failure to tighten control of immigration.

This is hurting communities like ours, already under massive pressure, by allowing employers to keep down the wages of the lowest paid. Immigration also accounts for one out of every two additional homes needed in England - so the failure to exert proper control means more and more precious green spaces being bulldozed.

Immigration accounts for about 80% of the rapid growth in our population (directly and indirectly), which is quickly closing on 70 million. England is already twice as crowded as Germany and more than three times as crowded as France.

Especially worrying is that the government was elected in 2019, with the real expectation that it would control and reduce immigration, Instead, new rules will let employers bring in as many workers as they like from all over the world without even advertising in the UK first. It is very concerning that the annual cap on work permits has also been abolished. Without a cap, there can be no real control.

My firm view is that, especially at this time of economic crisis, the millions of UK unemployed and under-employed should be given priority for jobs.

On top of these changes, the government also admitted that up to a million more people could come from Hong Kong under in just five years.

Finally, I’m concerned about serious breaches of our borders that seem to be happening with small boats crossing the Channel every other day and the large number of failed asylum claimants and immigration offenders, including serious criminals - who are being allowed to disappear into the community.

The government has overseen a crippling weakening of immigration enforcement over recent years. This must be reversed. We need more investment in border security, more robust leadership for hardworking personnel, tighter measures to prevent absconding and more removals of those who have no right to be here.

The government’s failed record on controlling immigration is an affront to democracy. To add insult to injury, its policies are set to make the situation worse not better. The public have been ignored for much too long.

Please do all you can to raise these issues and make the case for immigration control to be seriously tightened.

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