What We Do

Migration Watch UK is the only non-political organisation in the country that represents the immigration concerns of the majority of the British people. Since 2001 we have been providing the public with informed analysis of immigration to the UK and its impact on the economy, public services and society. In that time, despite criticism and in the face of sometimes vitriolic attacks, our analysis and forecasts have consistently been proven correct by events.

But this is only part of our work. We are also very active in lobbying government to change immigration policy so that it better reflects the will of the people. This is achieved by constantly engaging with government ministries and committees, as well as political parties of all hues, MPs, peers, thinkers, academics, research and advisory groups, the media and other think tanks.

We reach the public and policy makers through our thoroughly researched and academically robust briefing papers and blogs (both on this website). We also provide evidence to government agencies and parliamentary select committees. We deliver talks at conferences and events related to migration and, of course, we frequently give media interviews and participate in television and radio programmes.