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Migration Watch UK is an independent and non-political think tank chaired by Lord Green of Deddington, a former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The Vice Chairman is Mr Alp Mehmet, MVO, a former Ambassador to Iceland. We have a distinguished Advisory Council from diverse professions as business, academia, medicine, law, politics and journalism. To read more about our Advisory Council see here.

We believe that sustainable levels of properly managed immigration are of distinct benefit to our society. Many migrants make a valuable contribution to our society in terms of both their skills and experience. Britain also has a long history of welcoming genuine refugees which must continue; nowadays those granted protection comprise only about 10% of net immigration.

At present immigration is neither sustainable nor well managed. In 2015 net migration was over 300,000. If net migration continues at recent levels the latest ONS statistics project that our population will increase by 500,000 per year - the equivalent of a new city the size of Liverpool every year.

You can find out more about this issue in What is the problem, and What can be done. Key statistics can be found here. If you would like to support us see the page What can you do.

Our purpose is to monitor developments, conduct research, and provide the public with full and accurate facts placed in their proper context. We also make recommendations for policy.

Since its formation in September 2008 we have provided research for the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration led by Frank Field MP (Labour) and Nicholas Soames MP (Conservative). Details of the Group and their proposals can be found at www.balancedmigration.org

Unlike most organisations in this field, we receive no funds from the government in any form and have no intention of seeking any. As we are not a membership organisation, we rely on donations of whatever our supporters can afford, as well as on subscriptions to our papers (at a cost of £25 per year) from those who would like to have hard copies of our papers.

Revised March 2016

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