Media Reports Archive : 2018

I fear we've been sold a pig in a poke about levels of migration post-Brexit, writes Stephen Glover

There is nothing in the White Paper that convinces me that the authorities are likely to be able to bring down immigration.

Daily Mail - 21 Dec 2018

The Government's grand post-Brexit immigration plan is likely to see numbers rise

The immigration white paper, published yesterday,is an unfortunate symbol of the chaos of Britain’s Brexit policy.

Daily Telegraph - 21 Dec 2018

No more broken resolutions over immigration, Theresa May — our nation is unrecognisable

The vast majority of the country wants immigration drastically reduced.

The Sun - 20 Dec 2018

Low-skilled given green light to fill manual jobs in Britain

Lord Green of Migration Watch UK said: 'The chief winners will be business as they exploit the bonanza of a huge pool of labour.'

The Times - 20 Dec 2018

Signing the UN Migration Pact sells us down the river

Leaders of some 150 countries, including the United Kingdom, have agreed to this document, a ‘global pact’ couched in the language of humanity.

Conservative Woman - 13 Dec 2018

Tackling migration — An African perspective

Former Mayor of Freetown writes about 'brain drain' from Sierra Leone. 'we have only two doctors and 17 nurses for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Die Welt - 12 Dec 2018

Three million patients a month are waiting more than three weeks for a GP appointment

GPs have long complained that surgeries are being overwhelmed by rising numbers of patients.

The Times - 7 Dec 2018

Up to 600 foreign nationals required to report to authorities every month fail to do so or abscond

The figure was revealed by Immigration minister Caroline Nokes during a Commons committee.

The Sun - 7 Dec 2018

Voters will spurn the end of free movement if it brings no reduction in numbers

The latest immigration figures will make uncomfortable reading for a government that has pledged a major reduction in immigration, writes Lord Green.

Conservative Home - 5 Dec 2018

Sajid Javid in row with Theresa May over when to restrict flow of low-skilled workers

The PM and Home Secretary are said to be 'at loggerheads' over when to introduce restrictions.

The Sun - 5 Dec 2018

Migration from outside EU highest for 14 years

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “Non-EU net migration at 248,000 is astonishing.'

The Times - 30 Nov 2018

Why are Iranians crossing the Channel in dinghies?

British and French authorities, under pressure to stem the rise in boat trips before a life is lost, face several questions.

BBC News - 28 Nov 2018

Migrant workers living here send £8bn a year back to their home countries

Thousands of workers who come to Britain are transferring chunks of their wages back home to keep their relatives in school, a UN report found

The Sun - 22 Nov 2018

The one thing voters agree on: they don’t like this Brexit deal

There are a few things we can say with some confidence. Theresa May’s proposed deal is not popular among those taking a view.

CapX - 19 Nov 2018

Home Office scraps scheme that used NHS data to track migrants

A memorandum of understanding between the Department of Health, NHS Digital and the Home Office is being scrapped.

The Guardian - 13 Nov 2018

Suspected migrants on 'stolen' fishing boat in Dover

A French fishing boat thought to have been stolen was stopped in UK waters with 17 suspected migrants on board.

BBC News - 13 Nov 2018

Immigration Minister admits Britain WILL have to keep freedom of movement after a No Deal Brexit

Caroline Nokes signalled the Home Office would be unable to differentiate between EU nationals already here and those arriving after the split.

The Sun - 7 Nov 2018

Plan for a million houses between Oxford and Cambridge puts countryside at risk

A million new homes between Oxford and Cambridge would destroy an area of countryside larger than Birmingham, campaigners have warned.

The Times - 1 Nov 2018

Can it be true that crooked lawyers are helping asylum seeking 'liars' abuse our generosity?

James Hanratty, an immigration judge for 16 years, said crooked solicitors are helping their clients make up bogus tales of persecution.

Daily Mail - 29 Oct 2018

Immigration still concerns voters. In fact, it may be their biggest test for a real Brexit

Immigration was undeniably one of the main concerns driving the 17.4 million Britons to vote to leave the European Union.

Daily Telegraph - 24 Oct 2018

How illegal migrants are using WhatsApp alerts to tip each other off about British immigration raids

They contact each other on the encrypted messaging service to raise the alarm about immigration raids.

Daily Mail - 19 Oct 2018

Home Secretary Sajid Javid told to axe ‘disastrous’ post-Brexit immigration plans or risk 7million British jobs

MigrationWatch said five million skilled and two million below graduate-level jobs in the UK could be at risk from “new and increased” competition.

The Sun - 17 Oct 2018

Foreign fraudsters are lying about being beaten by their wives so they can exploit a legal loophole and gain UK residency faster

Men have been allowed to stay in the UK after fabricating sexual abuse claims.

Daily Mail - 15 Oct 2018

Green belt carve-up sees more land than ever lost for homes as Prime Minister announces fresh house-building boom

2017/18 saw largest release of green belt land with 5,000 hectares released

Daily Mail - 11 Oct 2018

Belgium smashes human trafficking ring ‘smuggling migrants into Britain’

The trafficking ring was based in Brussels and would smuggle “up to 20 migrants” into Britain a day.

Daily Express - 11 Oct 2018

Highly-skilled immigrants ‘to be given priority after Brexit’

Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK Alp Mehmet said ‘the overall numbers, frankly, are quite likely to go up.’

Metro - 3 Oct 2018

'They want to come to YOUR country' Belgian minister blames UK for EU's migration woes

Belgium's immigration minister has placed an extraordinary level of blame on “beautiful” Britain for Europe’s immigration woes.

Daily Express - 1 Oct 2018

If you’re pro-immigration you can’t be anti-development

Did you know that the UK government is planning to build a £3 billion expressway between Oxford and Cambridge?

UnHerd - 27 Sep 2018

The economic rationalists don’t get the immigration debate

Their case for migration is removed from the lived experience of people

UnHerd - 26 Sep 2018

Illegal immigrants in Britain soaring by 70,000 a year, a shock report warns

Migration Watch UK described the scale of illegal immigration as a “scandal”.

Daily Mirror - 21 Sep 2018

EU nationals MUST face same rules as rest of the world when immigrating to the UK – report

Lord Green, Chairman of Migration Watch, said the report seemed 'blind to the impact of high levels of EU immigration on many communities'.

Daily Express - 19 Sep 2018

Is 82% of population growth driven by migration?

This calculation (produced by Migration Watch UK) is broadly accurate, and fits with wider demographic trends.

Full Fact - 13 Sep 2018

Nine asylum seekers a week are found to be lying about being children in desperate bids to stay in Britain

The Home Office revealed 2,336 cases where the claims to be a child were disputed and then checked. Of these, 1,403 turned out to be over 18.

Daily Mail - 10 Sep 2018

Visas for fruit-pickers: Migrants from outside the EU will be allowed to work on UK farms post-Brexit

The trial paves the way for a visa scheme which would allow tens of thousands of migrants to temporarily come to the UK after we quit the EU.

Daily Mail - 6 Sep 2018

Marriage age could rise to 18 in bid to prevent forced weddings abroad

The minimum age for marriage could rise to 18 after The Times revealed how teenagers were being trapped in abusive forced relationships.

The Times - 6 Sep 2018

Number of suspected illegal immigrants nabbed at UK border hits record levels

Migration Watch UK claimed there were more than a million illegals in the UK.

The Sun - 3 Sep 2018

The streets where 3 in 4 babies have migrant mothers: Percentage of births to foreign women reaches record high, with Polish and Pakistani parents topping the list

Migration Watch UK vice chairman Alp Mehmet said: 'The Government must honour its manifesto commitment to reduce net migration to sustainable levels.'

Daily Mail - 29 Aug 2018

Why the story of falling EU migration to the UK may not be about Brexit after all

Transformed economies are tempting workers home and encouraging them to stay, rather than travel to the UK for jobs.

Daily Telegraph - 29 Aug 2018

Somali teens married off on holidays

British Somali teenagers are being lured back to their parents’ homeland under the pretence of family holidays then forced into marriages.

The Times - 29 Aug 2018

80% of rise in Britain's population over 15 years was because of migration, analysis finds

Migration Watch said that 3.1million migrants had come to the UK over that period and 2.5million children had at least one parent who was born abroad.

Daily Telegraph - 23 Aug 2018

Visas? Won't be needed. Roaming charges? They're gone for good: Six ways Brexit will NOT affect Brits visiting Europe, according to a travel firm CEO

With Britain set to leave the EU next year, travellers are becoming increasingly concerned about how it will affect their European holidays.

Daily Mail - 23 Aug 2018

Firms face Brexit skills shortage, forcing up wages in some sectors

The CIPD’s research found that more than half of employers who had found it harder to recruit have boosted salaries to attract the right staff.

The Independent - 15 Aug 2018

More Romanians and Bulgarians working in UK despite fewer EU employees overall

Lord Green said: “The need for the Government to get a grip on immigration grip on immigration grows ever stronger.”

Press Association - 15 Aug 2018

‘Visa loophole’ means Britons miss jobs in IT

Lord Green of Deddington, of Migration Watch UK, said: “Many people are asking why non-EU migration has not been reduced. Here is part of the answer.'

The Times - 14 Aug 2018

Four in ten Brits – millions of patients – can’t get a GP appointment when they need one

Dr Richard Vautrey, from the British Medical Association, said: “Practices do not have the resources to meet the ever increasing demands of a growing

The Sun - 10 Aug 2018

Facebook 'must stop migrants being lured to their deaths'

800 Facebook pages linked to immigration crime, says National Crime Agency

Evening Standard - 10 Aug 2018

Dominic Raab's new aide called for continued freedom of movement after Brexit

Stephanie Lis said freedom of movement should continue after Brexit

Politics Home - 8 Aug 2018

It's my people who voted for Brexit. To call them racist is wrong and divisive

Peter Mandelson is wrong: the British people were simply tired of decades of neglect, writes former Labour Home Secretary Lord Blunkett.

Sunday Telegraph - 7 Aug 2018

A Romanian village feels the country’s emigration pain

The lack of working-age people leaves the village vineyards unattended.

Politico - 7 Aug 2018

BBC withdraws educational film about immigration that claimed Britain was 'multicultural long before curry and carnival' after bias complaints

It was pulled from circulation and removed from YouTube after complaints that it broke impartiality rules.

Daily Mail - 3 Aug 2018

Visas for men who force teenagers into marriage

Women and girls raped after being sent abroad, then Home Office lets illegal husbands settle in UK.

The Times - 2 Aug 2018

Grammar schools: Thousands of new places created

There are 11,000 more grammar school pupils in England now than in 2010, BBC analysis of official data shows.

BBC News - 1 Aug 2018

Overcrowded Britain is bursting at the seams, and the evidence is all around you

We don't think of our country as overcrowded, but think how different life could be.

Daily Telegraph - 31 Jul 2018

We must be cruel to be kind over migration

The line between economic and political migrants is so blurred that we will have to tighten the definition of ‘refugee’.

The Times - 31 Jul 2018

Overcrowding hits 250% on busiest rail routes, says transport department

Almost 170,000 commuters are being forced to stand on peak-time trains into the biggest cities.

The Times - 25 Jul 2018

A second Brexit referendum would be a painful, toxic waste of time

There is no point in handing over the decision from a deadlocked parliament to a deadlocked public, again.

The Guardian - 25 Jul 2018

Here’s an immigration plan that would help to make a success of Brexit

There is no question that immigration was a massively important issue in the referendum.

UK in a Changing Europe - 25 Jul 2018

Rail passenger overcrowding still affecting major cities

Between 2006-07 and 2016-17, the West Midlands, North West and West Yorkshire saw the fastest growth in rail usage.

BBC News - 24 Jul 2018

Productivity ‘to rise with end of free movement'

Business will invest more in training because of fewer workers coming from the EU, it was claimed.

The Times - 23 Jul 2018

Over a quarter of births are to mothers both outside the UK

Migration Watch Chairman Lord Green said: “These figures are a sharp reminder of the massive and continuing impact of immigration on our society.'

Daily Mail - 20 Jul 2018

EU immigration figures may have been under-counted by half a MILLION since 2004, report claims

Immigration from the European Union may have been under-counted by half a million since 2004 – a think tank claims today.

The Sun - 16 Jul 2018

Net immigration to Britain hit 282,000 last year

Lord Green of Migration Watch UK said: ''It's time for the government to get serious about reducing immigration.'

Daily Mail - 16 Jul 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg says Theresa May's Brexit white paper will leave UK 'a vassal state of EU' as he accuses her of breaking promises

The 98-page document states that businesses that provide services will be able to 'move their talented people' to and fro across the Channel.

Daily Telegraph - 12 Jul 2018

Foreign students applying to British universities hits a record high of 125,500 applications

‘The scaremongers who said that Brexit would reduce the interest of EU students in coming here have been proven wrong,' says Professor Alan Smithers.

Daily Mail - 12 Jul 2018

Free movement ‘is still on the table’

In private, senior government figures have accepted that the UK will offer work visas to the EU as part of negotiations.

The Times - 11 Jul 2018

Nation has united behind Southgate's modern team - and ended hostility towards Englishness

The England manager himself said as much in his press conference yesterday when he acknowledged that an English victory could help heal divisions.

Daily Telegraph - 11 Jul 2018

Ministers 'will agree Brexit stance' at Chequers summit

A cabinet minister says he is 'confident' his colleagues will settle their differences over Brexit.

BBC News - 3 Jul 2018

Immigration fears are more economically rational than the urban liberals pretend

There is a good case for allowing relatively small number of skilled people into the country on these grounds, but not for mass immigration.

City AM - 2 Jul 2018

EU leaders plan secure migrant centres

The controlled centres would be set up by EU states on a voluntary basis.

BBC News - 29 Jun 2018

Britain 'heading for worst possible Brexit' over freedom of movement, warns Theresa May's former top aid

The Telegraph has learnt that free movement of workers could also effectively continue after Brexit.

Daily Telegraph - 28 Jun 2018

Post-Brexit Britain needs a 'skills revolution', says Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley, the former social security secretary, accused ministers of largely only paying lip service to years of under-investment in training.

Daily Telegraph - 26 Jun 2018

Most voters back tough immigration targets

An exclusive poll for this programme suggests Britain still wants big cuts to immigration. A majority support a cap of tens of thousands a year.

Channel 4 News - 25 Jun 2018

3.8million EU migrants are allowed to stay here after Brexit: That’s 600,000 more than estimated – and they can bring their families

They will be given the automatic right to settle here as long as they pay £65 – about £10 less than the minimum cost of a UK passport.

Daily Mail - 25 Jun 2018

Surge in refugees hits young Germans’ job prospects, warns OECD

Refugees run the risk of damaging the job prospects of low-skilled young men in Germany, Austria and Sweden, the OECD has warned.

Daily Telegraph - 21 Jun 2018

Theresa May wins 'meaningful vote' battle

The government has seen off a rebellion by Conservative MPs over Parliament's role in the Brexit process.

BBC News - 21 Jun 2018

Italy is right to get tough on the people-traffickers, writes Geoffrey Van Orden

The migration of thousands of people across the Mediterranean is not some natural, unavoidable phenomenon.

The Times - 19 Jun 2018

Tens of thousands of foreigners will be allowed to study at UK universities without having to prove that they can speak English

Migration Watch said: 'The last time the student visa system was loosened in 2009 it took years to recover from the massive inflow of bogus students'

Daily Mail - 19 Jun 2018

Doors open to thousands more skilled migrants

Lord Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: 'In the longer term the answer has to be to train our own medics.'

Daily Telegraph - 14 Jun 2018

Staffing the NHS properly requires more training – not endless immigration

The real solution surely has to be to reduce this reliance on those trained overseas and to train our own.

Conservative Home - 11 Jun 2018

Gangs smuggle migrants in through Ireland

One smuggler described the Irish route as “a guaranteed way to get into the UK”

The Times - 7 Jun 2018

Gordon Brown calls for tougher controls on migration

The former prime minister has called for tougher migration controls.

The Guardian - 6 Jun 2018

Who is coming into Britain? Airports failed to check the passports of 11,000 passengers after they were sent the wrong way at arrival gates

Each year around 2,000 people bypass immigration control after they are sent the wrong way.

Daily Mail - 1 Jun 2018

Is it time to scrap the ‘tens of thousands’ immigration target?

Alp Mehmet, vice chairman of Migration Watch UK, says NO.

City AM - 31 May 2018

Britons united in belief migration negatively impacts country, says left-leaning thinktank

The report also claimed people believe the nation’s culture is not “sufficiently promoted and defended”.

Daily Express - 31 May 2018

That 400,000 Romanians live in the UK is a tragedy for their homeland

The corruption and poverty that encourage Romanians to migrate leave the country depleted of energy and hope

The Guardian - 30 May 2018

Most Brits believe that migration has harmed communities

Lord Green, of Migration Watch UK, said: 'Very few people appear to have been sticking up for the culture and traditions of our own country.'

Daily Mail - 30 May 2018

40,000 new places must be found at schools after the influx of migrants

The news comes following warnings of intensifying pressure on the education system caused by the influx of migrants.

Daily Express - 29 May 2018

Romanian becomes second most common non-UK nationality

The Office for National Statistics says the total number of Romanian nationals rose by 25% from 2016 to 2017, reaching 411,000.

BBC News - 24 May 2018

Revealed: The 77 areas where the number of foreign-born migrants has surged

In some parts of the country the number of foreign-born people has soared by as much as 10-fold.

Daily Mail - 24 May 2018

Brexiteers cry foul over EU prisoner figures

4,024 EU nationals were in prisons in England and Wales in 2017, according to data released last month.

Euractiv - 22 May 2018

Big business ‘ignoring millions of Brits looking for full-time work because they have EU migrants on tap’

A think tank report has found what Brits already know, that bosses 'have been getting away with it far too long'.

The Sun - 17 May 2018

The number of EU citizens working in Britain has soared to 2.37million since the referendum

Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: ‘These new labour force figures dispose of any claim of a Brexodus.'

Daily Mail - 16 May 2018

Gangs buy planes to smuggle migrants into remote airstrips

Organised crime groups have spent significant money buying or hiring aircraft to get people into Britain illegally, according to the NCA.

The Times - 15 May 2018

Theresa May’s post-Brexit immigration policy set to be unveiled after ordering Sajid Javid to speed up plans

The PM has intervened to ensure proposals are ready before the summer recess.

The Sun - 14 May 2018

Homeless EU migrants are set to receive thousands of pounds in compensation after policy of deporting them was ruled illegal

In the year to May 2017, 698 homeless EU nationals were targeted and removed.

Daily Mail - 14 May 2018

Britain’s Windrush mess revives support for ID cards

There is no shortage of models for ministers to pinch. Every country in the European Union has a card, save for Britain, Denmark and Ireland.

The Economist - 10 May 2018

India rejects illegal migrants deal amid fears of mass deportations

Up to 100,000 people of Indian origin are thought to be living in Britain illegally

The Times - 9 May 2018

For better or worse, the Tories are now the Brexit party

The Conservative Party electorate is being rapidly and radically transformed.

Daily Telegraph - 8 May 2018

The truth about ‘liberal’ London

We all know the propaganda. London: it’s the best city on the planet. A vibrant metropolis, at ease with its diverse, tolerant self.

Unherd - 3 May 2018

Government at risk of 'collapse' as May warned by 60 Tory MPs Brexit customs partnership will sink her

Sixty MPs from the European Research Group, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, have sent the Prime Minister a 30 page report detailing their opposition.

Daily Telegraph - 2 May 2018

Being Home Secretary is the best job in Government — but it’s full of political risk

If anything, Javid must toughen up Britain’s defences against illegal immigration.

The Sun - 1 May 2018

Why do politicians refuse to tell it how it is on immigration?

It is the one issue where our leaders deny the wishes of their citizens.

The Spectator - 28 Mar 2018

Control of our borders? More of a complete cop out, writes Migration Watch UK Vice Chair Alp Mehmet

The transition agreement with the EU, formally approved on Friday, is useless for controlling immigration.

The Sun - 26 Mar 2018

The Government has lost its way on immigration – and the Home Secretary shows no interest in reducing it

It is now clear that the Government have dropped the ball on immigration.

Conservative Home - 26 Mar 2018

Brexit, immigration, future prosperity: the view from abroad

77 per cent of Britons thought that illegal immigration was a serious problem facing their country.

The Spectator - 22 Mar 2018

The migration dilemma: EU weighs impact of its deal with Turkey

The EU-Turkey accord has reduced refugee flows and eased tensions within the bloc but deeper issues have been left unresolved.

Financial Times - 22 Mar 2018

Cutting immigration could boost economic growth, official forecaster says

Robert Chote said there is a possibility lower immigration from the EU could trigger companies to be 'more productive' and deliver an economic uplift.

Daily Telegraph - 21 Mar 2018

Almost 29 per cent of 15-year-olds in Britain now come from immigrant backgrounds, international think tank reveals

'Immigration on this scale not only makes integration more difficult,' said Alp Mehmet, Vice Chair of Migration Watch UK.

Daily Mail - 20 Mar 2018

New fears over Brexit timetable

Britain’s customs system will not be ready in time for the start of its new relationship with the European Union at the end of 2020.

Sunday Times - 20 Mar 2018

Where are the UK's youngest and oldest city populations?

Slough and Luton have particularly high shares of under-18s, partly because they have the highest birth rates of all UK cities.

BBC News - 19 Mar 2018

Theresa May accused of Brexit climbdown as UK agrees to free movement in transition period

European Union citizens moving to Britain during the Brexit transition period will have the right to stay indefinitely.

Daily Telegraph - 19 Mar 2018

Secondary school pupil numbers will rise by more than 600,000 by 2023 due to baby boom driven by migration

The number of secondary-age pupils is expected to increase by 21 per cent in the next five years, a Government projection states.

Daily Mail - 16 Mar 2018

We are sleepwalking into an increasingly segregated country – it’s time to ignore ‘racism’ fears and act to stop Britain falling apart

The time for talking is over, the Government must start taking meaningful action now.

The Sun - 15 Mar 2018

How mass immigration drives the housing crisis

It’s the one reason for this worsening problem that blinkered liberals choose to ignore.

The Spectator - 15 Mar 2018

Amber Rudd told to ‘level with the nation’ about the Government’s post-Brexit immigration strategy amid an outcry over delays to new legislation

Alp Mehmet, Migration Watch vice-chair, said: “As an excuse for delaying the bill this is absurd.'

The Sun - 14 Mar 2018

British negotiators close in on Brexit transition period deal

Recent signs are that the UK will cave on the major points of disagreement.

Daily Telegraph - 14 Mar 2018

Immigration chaos: New bill ‘won’t contain policy to reduce numbers’

The Government’s immigration bill will not contain a new policy to bring down the numbers of people coming into Britain, a minister has revealed.

Daily Express - 13 Mar 2018

What should our post-Brexit immigration policy look like?

Government has an essential role in helping to wean firms off cheap immigrant labour.

Conservative Home - 12 Mar 2018

Jeremy Corbyn: Brexit will stop cheap foreign labour undercutting British workers’ pay

Jeremy Corbyn has said Brexit will put a stop to firms “importing cheap labour” to undercut the wages of UK workers.

Politics Home - 12 Mar 2018

Just one in ten asylum seekers who come to Britain are sent back to the country they first arrived in due to 'completely useless' EU rules

Britain is benefiting ‘very little’ from a Brussels deal to send asylum-seekers back to the country where they first set foot in Europe.

Daily Mail - 9 Mar 2018

European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt hints EU citizens’ rights deal is close

Guy Verhofstadt said disagreement over how EU citizens will be treated during transition period looked to be almost ironed out.

The Sun - 7 Mar 2018

Tony Blair demands EU reform immigration rules to keep us IN the bloc

Britain could vote to stay in the EU in a second referendum if the bloc made key reforms to immigration, Tony Blair has suggested.

The Sun - 2 Mar 2018

Theresa May accused of 'complete capitulation' as more EU migrants get permanent right to stay

Lord Green of Deddington, of Migration Watch UK, said: ''This is a complete capitulation to EU demands.'

Daily Telegraph - 1 Mar 2018

Germany’s migration experiment unleashed forces that Brussels still doesn’t understand

When Merkel opened Germany’s frontiers to an uncontrolled flow of migrants in 2015 she ushered in the creeping disintegration of the European Union.

The Times - 28 Feb 2018

‘Brexodus’ fears shattered as number of EU workers in UK surges to record high

Migration Watch UK insisted there was “no sign whatsoever of workers abandoning the UK” in light of the bombshell Referendum vote.

The Sun - 28 Feb 2018

Think tank slams SNP's misleading migration claims

Scottish ministers have been accused of making 'woefully misleading' claims about the damage that a decrease in immigration would do to the economy.

Scottish Daily Mail - 21 Feb 2018

Gove calls for post-Brexit seasonal workers scheme for farms

‘Compelling’ case to help the agricultural sector, environment secretary says.

Financial Times - 20 Feb 2018

Brexit bashing is an attempt to stifle free speech

Intellectuals who champion life outside the EU are the latest victims of the thought police.

The Times - 20 Feb 2018

Civil servants are 'refusing to probe illegal immigrants' with some cases taking as long as EIGHT years

Civil servants are refusing to help the Home Office investigate immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally, a report reveals.

Daily Mail - 19 Feb 2018

Under-funding of border controls could lead to CHAOS, senior MPs warn

GOVERNMENT dithering on Brexit and under-funding of border controls could plunge the system into “a real mess”, senior MPs have warned.

Daily Express - 19 Feb 2018

Britain among world’s worst for traffic jams

Britain has been named among the ten most gridlocked countries in the world

The Times - 6 Feb 2018

Britain’s workers might finally be in for a pay rise!

Our businesses are now reliant on a flow of cheap labour. What they should be doing instead is investing in training the existing workforce.

Daily Telegraph - 6 Feb 2018

Foreign students apply to UK in record numbers

The number of foreign students applying to British universities has hit a high.

The Times - 5 Feb 2018

Charges for migrants to use NHS will double to raise millions for the health service

Charges for migrants to use the NHS will be doubled.

Daily Telegraph - 5 Feb 2018

Theresa May to fight EU transition residency plan

Theresa May has indicated she will fight a proposal to give residency rights to EU citizens during the transition period after Brexit.

BBC News - 1 Feb 2018

PM vows to fight plans by Brussels that could let a MILLION more EU citizens live in Britain

Migration Watch Uk warned the ‘absurd’ move could result in up to a million more EU migrants winning the automatic right to live here.

Daily Mail - 1 Feb 2018

Hammond calls for soft Brexit to safeguard economy

UK chancellor tells Davos there should be only ‘modest changes’ to EU relationship.

Financial Times - 27 Jan 2018

“Project Fear” was groundless: the UK economy has been remarkably resilient

Since the Brexit vote, the UK economy has been more robust than expected.

LSE Blog - 27 Jan 2018

Bregrets? they've had a few... but tough luck, Remainers, the majority still wants to leave

One simple fact remains – there has been no outbreak of mass Bregret.

Daily Telegraph - 23 Jan 2018

Unhindered travel after Brexit is in the interests of all

There are nearly 35 million passenger arrivals from the EU at the UK border each year, writes Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK Alp Mehmet

Brexit Central - 23 Jan 2018

'Take more migrants’ France demands UK lets out homes to refugees from Calais

Alp Mehmet, vice chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: 'It is time France did much more to stop the camps being established.'

Daily Express - 18 Jan 2018

Home Office worker 'was lynchpin of plot to let illegal migrants stay'

Employee is accused of falsifying records that could have seen hundreds benefit.

Daily Mail - 18 Jan 2018

A million extra EU migrants may be free to enter Britain

Migration Watch UK said a million people could come in during the two-year transition period.

The Times - 18 Jan 2018

NHS stung for £200m in health tourism scam using European insurance cards

A huge health tourism scam is costing the NHS £20million a year.

The Sun - 16 Jan 2018

Migrants try to cross Channel 115,000 times in a year

Migrants made about 115,000 attempts to cross the Channel from Calais last year, according to a source at the French presidency.

The Times - 16 Jan 2018

Government stands by immigration targets despite calls for revision

Alp Mehmet, vice chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:'This is a superficial report [which] tacitly accepts the current level of immigration.'

Daily Express - 15 Jan 2018

President Macron to exploit his growing international stature to press Theresa May this week to open Britain’s borders to migrants stuck in Calais

Mr Macron, who is due to visit Calais tomorrow, wants to raise the issue at talks with Mrs May at Sandhurst this week.

The Times - 15 Jan 2018

Whether the Tories meet triumph or disaster depends on immigration reform

What is Theresa May doing with this reshuffle? The answer may lie with a Conservative electorate that has undergone profound change.

Daily Telegraph - 12 Jan 2018

Scots oppose Nicola Sturgeon plan for Scotland to stay in single market and separate immigration rules

Nearly two-third of Scots (63 per cent) think the entire UK should have the same immigration regime after it leaves the EU next year.

Daily Telegraph - 12 Jan 2018

EU student growth still holding up in UK

Growth in the numbers of EU students studying in the UK continued to outstrip growth in the numbers of domestic students entering higher education.

Financial Times - 12 Jan 2018

100,000 try to get asylum in France, but most are rejected

More than 100,000 people applied for asylum in France last year, the highest number in four decades, but 64 per cent of the requests were denied.

The Times - 9 Jan 2018

Health tourist racks up Britain's biggest ever unpaid NHS bill after saddling hospital with £530,000 debt

A health tourist has racked up Britain's biggest ever unpaid NHS bill after leaving a hospital with a debt of more than £530,000.

Daily Mail - 9 Jan 2018

The EU prizes its unity on Brexit, but the migrant crisis is tearing it apart

From the moment the United Kingdom signalled its intention to leave, the European Union has been fixated on keeping its remaining members united.

Daily Telegraph - 5 Jan 2018

What will Brexit mean for the government’s immigration agencies?

The impact of leaving the EU on Whitehall’s immigration agencies will be permanent.

Civil Service World - 4 Jan 2018

The new rules aimed at preventing health tourism are toothless, and leave the NHS wide open to abuse, by Dr J. Meirion Thomas

A health tourist is defined as a patient who comes to UK with a pre-existing illness, and the purpose of their visit is to access free NHS care.

Conservative Home - 4 Jan 2018

Revealed: Just one in five lone 'child' migrants caught lying about their age are thrown out of Britain

Records reveal 2,644 adults were caught lying to enter the UK from 2010 to 2016.

Daily Mail - 3 Jan 2018

Our turbulent world needs strong walls, writes Clare Foges

Strong, effectively policed borders are not the bar to a better world but a prerequisite for it.

The Times - 2 Jan 2018

Home Office plan to enlist 'Dad's Army' of volunteers to help Border Force protect ports from illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists

About 50 will be deployed in a trial run, to be expanded later to police the coastline.

Mail on Sunday - 2 Jan 2018


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