British Workers Shunted Again

The Migration Advisory Committee, which advises the government on immigration policy, recommended that intra-company transfer (ICT) visas lead to settlement and with no English language requirement. It’s yet another sop to big business and multinational conglomerates as well as a kick in the teeth for our young people, especially young IT graduates. What is more, we […]

22nd October 2021 (Newsletters)

Government Boosts Immigration

The Prime Minister suggested at the Conservative party conference that the era of unskilled mass immigration is over. Resuming his characteristic boosterism the PM insisted that a newly sovereign Britain will no longer allow the economy to use low-skilled labour from foreign countries as a crutch. Really? In fact, despite the ending of free movement (hurrah!) at the […]

Enforcement Budget Slashed

This week we issued a paper detailing how, even as the number of illegal entries has shot up, the funding devoted to immigration enforcement has been slashed by tens of millions of pounds. This comes to light as the government tries to pass legislation it claims will deter criminality, tackle absconding and increase the number of removals […]

5th October 2021 (Newsletters)

Turn Back The Boats. Save Lives

September is now yet another record month in Channel crossings. Given massive abuse of the system it is critical that the government does everything possible to prevent illegal maritime crossings. This requires strong and effective enforcement. Stopping the boats will save lives. That’s why our message to the government as their new Nationality and Borders Bill goes through Parliament […]

Record Channel Crossings (again)

Another week, another record broken in Channel crossings. If it wasn’t already, this saga is now becoming a farce. (Keep updated with our Channel Tracker). We have jet skis ‘rehearsing’ patrols on the Channel. We have £200 million of your money given to France since 2015 so that they can do what they were supposed to be doing anyway. […]

24th September 2021 (Newsletters)

Immigration Is A Top Concern Once Again

A new YouGov poll has shown immigration to have sharply risen as a topic of concern among voters. It is now the top concern among Conservatives, while the overall share saying it is a top issue is now 11 points higher than during the peak of illegal Channel crossings last year. It flies in the face of what some commentators would have you believe is happening. High immigration is not only a major worry for the public […]

16th September 2021 (Newsletters)

We Were Right All Along…

As you know, we have been raising the alarm about Britain’s overwhelmed and abused asylum system for some time. Well, this week the rest of the media caught up, as it emerged that the cost of asylum to the British tax payer rose by 42% this year to nearly £1.4 Billion. To add to this, there was the news that the government intends to […]

7th September 2021 (Newsletters)

Mass Migration Transforms Britain

UK transformed without public consent We published an important briefing paper this week that took a further look at the impact of two decades of massive, uncontrolled immigration. It details from which parts of the world the nearly five million additional overseas-born people have come since 2000, and considers what this has meant for both population growth and societal […]

3rd September 2021 (Newsletters)

We Can’t Take Everyone From Afghanistan

Events in Afghanistan this week have dominated the headlines, while the predictable calls from many have been to take in unlimited numbers of refugees from that blighted country. We must of course provide refuge for those who worked for us and are a target for the vengeful and barbaric Taliban, notwithstanding what their smooth-talking spokesmen […]

26th August 2021 (Newsletters)

We Must Stop The ‘taxi Service’ On The Channel

‘We are being used as a taxi service’ No, it was not Mr Farage who first referred to a ‘taxi service’ for those crossing the English Channel illegally, it was in fact some of the boat crews on the Border Force’s (BF) coastal patrol vessels voicing their concerns to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders […]

9th August 2021 (Newsletters)

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