Media Reports Archive : 2017

Mass immigration fuelled 23 per cent rise in rent prices, new report claims

Chair of Migration Watch Lord Green said: “The government are in denial about the massive impact of immigration on the housing market.'

The Sun - 27 Dec 2017

Asylum offices 'in a constant state of crisis', say whistleblowers

Staff in the Home Office’s asylum directorate are undertrained, overworked and operating in a “constant state of crisis”, whistleblowers have claimed.

The Guardian - 27 Dec 2017

Only By Regaining Control Can We Solve the Migration and Refugee Crisis

Stopping and returning illegal migrants to their countries of origin must become standard procedure.

Time magazine - 20 Dec 2017

We want to make it easier for universities to attract the brightest talent, writes Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis

It is vital that we continue our determination to build a Britain that is open, outward-facing and welcoming to the brightest and best talent.

The Times - 19 Dec 2017

Brexit fears overblown as more tech workers come to UK from outside the EU

More technology workers in the UK are coming from India, Australia and the US than from major EU countries, according to a study.

Daily Telegraph - 15 Dec 2017

The immigration policy that we need after Brexit, by Migration Watch UK Chair Lord Green

These practical recommendations outline how EU migration could be sharply reduced while preserving access for employers to the best and brightest.

Conservative Home - 15 Dec 2017

MPs win right to final vote on Brexit

Tory “mutineers” ensured that MPs must approve the terms of Britain’s departure from the EU.

The Times - 14 Dec 2017

High Court Rules Home Office Removal Of Homeless EU Citizens Is Unlawful

The High Court has ruled a Home Office policy which sees EU citizens who are sleeping rough removed from the UK is unlawful.

Huffington Post - 14 Dec 2017

EU criminals will NOT be kicked out of Britain after Brexit if they served less than a year in jail

European criminals who served less than a year in jail will likely be allowed to stay in Britain after Brexit, a Home Office minister admitted today.

Daily Mail - 13 Dec 2017

Britain is still No1 destination for top European jobseekers ‘despite Brexit’, research claims

Workers polled across 15 EU countries named London as the number one destination for a new job.

The Sun - 12 Dec 2017

Migrants should be let into Britain until 2021, says the EU: Negotiators want to push back the date in return for two-year transition deal

Britain is facing demands to push back the ‘cut-off date’ for new EU migrants to 2021 in return for a two-year transition deal.

Daily Mail - 12 Dec 2017

The European Court of Justice's authority must end if we are to take back control

Any oversight in relation to EU citizens could lead to a 'mission creep'.

Sunday Telegraph - 5 Dec 2017

Theresa May must lay down immutable red lines to Brussels and stick to them

These coming weeks are a real test for the Prime Minister and the Government.

Brexit Central - 5 Dec 2017

Britain has ‘no way’ of tracking down hundreds of thousands working here on the black market, staff chief claims

Lucy Moreton, head of the Border Force trade union, said drastic cuts to the immigration enforcement workforce meant the UK was now a soft touch.

The Sun - 29 Nov 2017

We must not submit to an unequal treaty on EU citizens’ rights

It would be a squalid and abject surrender to being ruled over by a foreign court.

Brexit Central - 28 Nov 2017

It’s time to concrete over Oxfordshire. Or we could just curb immigration

The reason we’re concreting over some of our most peaceful scenery is never stated. It is almost entirely a result of uncontrolled migration.

The Sunday TImes - 27 Nov 2017

Ministers handed plans for 'drastic reduction' in migration to UK post-Brexit

The campaigners urge a moratorium on migration from the European Union for low-skilled work.

The Independent - 27 Nov 2017

Non-EU migrant wins right to stay in the UK every 36 seconds: More than 865,000 people were allowed to live in Britain during 2016

Alp Mehmet said: ‘The consequence is people will need homes, their children will need school places, and it will put more demand on public services.’

Daily Mail - 23 Nov 2017

No, EFTA membership would not give us adequate control of immigration. There is a better way.

An ‘emergency brake’ along such lines would not be effective, practical or desirable, writes Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK.

Conservative Home - 21 Nov 2017

Britain to pay millions more for Calais security

The Home Office refused to be drawn on how much money it would give the French, but it is believed to be tens of millions of pounds.

The Times - 21 Nov 2017

Confederation for British Industry backs workers from the EU ‘because they are cheaper’ and says ‘reducing immigration is not the answer’

The lobby group was last night accused (by Migration Watch UK) of trying to cling on to ‘cheap labour’.

Daily Mail - 20 Nov 2017

Europe’s four freedoms are its very essence

Their indivisibility is the reason why I am more sceptical than others about a new type of EU-UK association agreement.

Financial Times - 20 Nov 2017

Jail threat for ID deceivers: New warning for defendants who fail to disclose nationality

Defendants who fail to disclose their nationalities in court could face a year in prison under a Government scheme to deport more foreign criminals.

Daily Express - 17 Nov 2017

Record numbers of EU workers in UK since Brexit

Alp Mehmet, vice-chairman of campaign group Migration Watch UK, said the figures 'show that predictions of a Brexodus are nonsense'.

Sky News - 16 Nov 2017

Report finds immigration is chief reason for pressure to build millions of new properties

The spiralling need for new homes is almost entirely a result of immigration, according to a report.

Daily Mail - 15 Nov 2017

Ministers continue to mislead us on housing and migration

A new report from Migration Watch asserts that successive governments have misled the British people over the impact of immigration on housing demand.

Daily Express - 15 Nov 2017

NHS hospital in London sees four in five babies born to foreign mums

Alp Mehmet, from MigrationWatch UK, said last night: “To reduce these pressures we need to better manage migration.”

The Sun - 13 Nov 2017

'Prolific and violent' offender will stay in UK and recieve almost £80,000 taxpayer money

Alanna Thomas, executive director of Migration Watch UK, said it was 'further evidence that the system is clearly not working as it should'.

Daily Express - 13 Nov 2017

Germans call for Brexit to be delayed until end of 2020: 'Five wise men' group of economists tell Angela Merkel extension would be 'sensible

Britain should delay Brexit by up to two years or a deal will fall apart, Angela Merkel’s advisers say.

Daily Mail - 9 Nov 2017

More than 8,000 refugees have been settled in the UK under the Syrian refugee programme, according to a UN report

They are part of a programme launched almost two years ago to bring in 20,000 Syrians driven from their homes by the civil war.

The Times - 9 Nov 2017

UK firms to offer higher pay as Brexit deters EU workers

British employers are having to raise their pay offers in the face of growing recruitment problems, two surveys showed.

Reuters - 8 Nov 2017

Britain is twice as dependent on foreign medics as other nations: Third of doctors and one in eight nurses were trained overseas

A third of doctors and one in eight nurses were trained abroad, around twice as high as the average for other countries.

Daily Mail - 7 Nov 2017

Education cuts could crowd pupils into super-sized classes of 100-plus

Children across the country are being taught in classes with more than 100 pupils amid a growing crisis over school funding.

The Sunday Times - 6 Nov 2017

Claims of an exodus of EU NHS staff do not stand up to the NHS’s own data

Relying almost solely on the NHS’s own data for research, I quickly became convinced many of these claims are outright false.

Brexit Central - 6 Nov 2017

More than 140,000 told by UK immigration they face removal – watchdog

Borders inspector’s reports give indication of how many are in Britain without legal status and may be forced to leave.

The Guardian - 2 Nov 2017

Ministers at war with HMRC bosses over claims post-Brexit customs system will take five years

Officials have warned the government that it could be half a decade before the changes necessary to check and tax imports to Britain are implemented.

The Sun - 31 Oct 2017

Britain's population will hit 70 million before 2030 and more than HALF the increase in the next decade will be from immigration

The number of people living in Britain will rise by 3.6 million - 5.5 per cent - in a decade.

Daily Mail - 30 Oct 2017

Either build on fields or cut immigration

It is absurd for people to insist that swathes of green land remain untouched when our population continues to rise.

The Times - 30 Oct 2017

Health tourism is a gaping wound in our NHS. The new bid to tackle it is just a tiny plaster

Health tourism costs the NHS in the region of £2 billion. And it is contributing hugely to a crisis in our capacity to provide care.

Daily Mail - 24 Oct 2017

‘Hundred migrants a week’ reach UK one year after Calais Jungle closure

About 700 migrants are sleeping rough in Calais and another 400 or so in Dunkirk.

The Times - 24 Oct 2017

Fury after plans for all EU migrants to be able to come to Britain after Brexit as long as they have a job

It could mean EU citizens would face removal if they don't find work, but there are no plans in place for a cap on numbers arriving.

The Sun - 23 Oct 2017

PM promises all 3million EU citizens they can stay – even without a Brexit deal

All 3.2million European nationals living in Britain will be told they can stay in the country after Britain leaves the EU.

The Sun - 19 Oct 2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd admits there 'may be' a million illegal immigrants in Britain

She confessed she simply didn’t know how many people are in the UK against the law.

Daily Mirror - 18 Oct 2017

Army could be deployed to protect the border if Britain leaves the EU without a Brexit deal

The head of the Home Office admitted the army could be deployed to protect the border if Britain leaves the EU without a Brexit deal.

Daily Telegraph - 18 Oct 2017

London is right to prepare for no deal on Brexit

Failure is often a precondition to subsequent agreement, but the talks could break down.

Financial Times - 16 Oct 2017

Warnings of a Romanian migrant surge were right

The real question for us is why are British journalists and other intellectuals so fantastically bad at making predictions?

The Spectator - 16 Oct 2017

EU splits are showing

For the first time since the referendum, the unity of the EU over Brexit is being tested.

The Times - 13 Oct 2017

EU 'refusing to engage on rights of Britons living in Europe'

EU source says Michel Barnier has been hobbled over right of UK nationals living in one country to move to another.

The Guardian - 13 Oct 2017

Number of people starting apprenticeships in UK plunges

Business says figures show new apprenticeship levy system is not working.

Financial Times - 12 Oct 2017

To allow the illegal migrant population to grow in this country would be a betrayal of the British people, writes Lord Green of Deddington

Successive governments have done too little to remove those with no right to remain here.

The Sun - 12 Oct 2017

‘We need answers!’ Fury as one million illegal migrants ‘set to remain in UK’

More than a million illegal immigrants are unlikely to be ever removed from Britain, a former border control chief admitted last night.

Daily Express - 11 Oct 2017

Romanians and Bulgarians in UK soar 80% in two years

Official figures released today show that last year there were 413,000 citizens from the two countries resident in the UK.

The Times - 11 Oct 2017

Pakistani women are living in 'entirely different society' and are 'shockingly badly integrated' in Britain says official audit

Pakistani women living in the UK are 'shockingly badly integrated', a Cabinet Office survey is set to reveal.

Daily Mail - 9 Oct 2017

Britain 'doesn't need any more low-skilled workers from Europe': Think tanks says businesses wanted free-for-all so they could continue using cheap labour

Britain does not need more low-skilled EU migrants as there is no evidence they are leaving the country, a new report has concluded.

Mail Online - 5 Oct 2017

Amber Rudd says it would be mistake to cut immigration too fast

Reducing immigration too fast would be a mistake for the British economy, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said.

BBC News - 5 Oct 2017

Brent council finds 35 men living in three-bedroom house owned by Sunil Hathi, his brother Neil and mother Meenaxi

Thirty-five men, all of eastern European origin, piled bedding in every room except the bathroom, with one mattress in the back garden.

The Times - 22 Sep 2017

Illegal immigrants to have accounts frozen in government crackdown

More than 70 million bank and building society accounts will be checked from January next year.

The Sun - 22 Sep 2017

As Brexit looms, migrant workers go on picking Britain’s berries

Eastern Europeans still see money to be made on UK farms despite migration crackdown fears.

Financial Times - 21 Sep 2017

Brussels plot to create 'super citizens' in the UK

Migration Watch UK chairman Lord Green of Deddington said that the EU’s proposals would ‘drive a coach and horses through our immigration system’.

Daily Mail - 20 Sep 2017

Reliance on cheap foreign labour 'damages economy'

The failure of companies to invest in training for low-wage workers is weighing on economic growth, according to a study.

Daily Mail - 18 Sep 2017

France and Germany want right to pause free movement ‘for years’ over terror and migration fears

France and Germany are demanding the right to suspend the European Union’s passport-free travel zone for up to four years amid fears over terrorism.

The Times - 15 Sep 2017

Theresa May to deliver Brexit speech in Florence

The speech in Italian city on Friday, 22nd September will be scrutinised to see if UK stance has softened after a tricky start to talks with the EU27.

The Guardian - 14 Sep 2017

Next round of Brexit negotiations delayed by a week, Government confirms

The fourth round of Brexit talks has been delayed by a week to 25 September, the Government has confirmed.

Sky News - 13 Sep 2017

Deportation backlog rises by thousands

The backlog of failed asylum seekers awaiting removal from Britain has risen by more than 5,000 in a year.

The Times - 11 Sep 2017

Big business shouldn't complain. They brought Brexit upon themselves with their use of cheap foreign labour

Too often, firms have used cheap foreign workers as a lazy substitute for investment in training and productivity.

Daily Telegraph - 8 Sep 2017

Leaked immigration plans are good news for UK workers

THE leaked proposals for immigration controls after Brexit are great news, especially for working people, writes Migration Watch UK's Lord Green.

The Sun - 7 Sep 2017

Majority of GPs vote in favour of CLOSING surgery lists to new patients in a protest at the strain on the NHS

The BMA said ministers have failed to invest enough money at a time when demand from patients is increasing due to the aging population and migration.

Daily Mail - 7 Sep 2017

Leaked document suggests UK plan to curb EU migration

'Uncontrolled migration from the EU simply cannot be allowed to continue,' said Lord Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK.

BBC News - 6 Sep 2017

A wrecking ball approach to the Brexit bill is not what people voted for

The author, the Rt Hon Caroline Flint, is Labour Member of Parliament for Don Valley and a former Europe Minister.

Sunday Telegraph - 5 Sep 2017

Number of children with English not their first language soars by two-thirds in decade

In more than 200 schools nine in 10 pupils did not speak English as their first language.

Daily Telegraph - 4 Sep 2017

Four out of five Britons demand action as a million illegal immigrants ‘go missing’

Eight in 10 people believe the Government should take stronger measures over illegal migration, according to a British Social Attitudes poll.

Daily Express - 1 Sep 2017

NHS pursuing foreign GPs with £100m recruitment drive

The NHS will pay agencies up to £100 million to recruit GPs from abroad in a bid to increase staffing numbers.

The Independent - 1 Sep 2017

Fears of new migrant 'Jungle' in the heart of Europe

Hundreds of migrants are sleeping near a Brussels train station sparking fears in the EU capital of a new 'Jungle'.

Daily Mail - 30 Aug 2017

Debunking the ‘Brexodus’ myth

A new word has entered the lexicon – Brexodus – to reflect the claim that Europeans are leaving in droves as they shun post-Brexit Britain.

The Spectator - 29 Aug 2017

The debate on immigration in Britain puts GDP ahead of people, writes Nick Timothy

If we are to absorb immigration in a way that maintains the values of our country, then it needs to be controlled, and lower.

Daily Telegraph - 29 Aug 2017

Britain's panicking companies have grown lazy on immigration. Outside the EU they must think differently

Employers realise now, more than ever, that people are the greatest resource of all. All told, it is not a bad problem to have.

Daily Telegraph - 25 Aug 2017

Action on non-EU migration ‘essential’, Government warned

Migration Watch UK calculates that the balance between arrivals and departures from non-EU countries could run at around 155,000 a year until 2021.

Press Association - 23 Aug 2017

Theresa May says UK leaving EU court's jurisdiction

Theresa May has insisted the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK will come to an end with Brexit.

BBC News - 23 Aug 2017

European judges could still settle cross border cases including divorces even after Brexit, ministers admit

European courts may still be allowed to hand down rulings in Britain to settle issues such as divorces, the Government admitted today.

Daily Mail - 22 Aug 2017

Stateless Punjabi kid ruling opens UK doors for many

Who would have thought that at a Punjabi girl would hold the key to changing lives of thousands of illegal immigrants in Britain.

Times of India - 22 Aug 2017

Dramatic moment TWO HUNDRED illegal migrants are arrested by immigration cops as part of massive crackdown on homes packed with foreign workers

In the first half of this 2017, the two hundred illegals were found living in squalid conditions with landlords using them as easy income.

The Sun - 21 Aug 2017

EU migrants barred from claiming benefits after Brexit as Theresa May revives David Cameron pledge

EU migrants will be barred from claiming in-work benefits unless they have been employed for at least four years after Brexit.

Daily Telegraph - 18 Aug 2017

EU citizens ‘WILL be free to live in Britain after Brexit but will need permits to work under new Home Office immigration plans’

EU CITIZENS will still be able to travel to and live in Britain after Brexit under new immigration plans, it has been reported.

The Sun - 17 Aug 2017

EU migrant figures hit record high: 2.37 million working in the UK

A record 2.37 million EU migrants are working in Britain, it has been revealed.

Daily Express - 17 Aug 2017

Record number of EU workers in Britain after post-Brexit slump

The number of EU nationals working in the UK has reached a record following a post-Brexit slump, according to official figures.

The Times - 16 Aug 2017

UK suggests 'untested' customs system with EU

The government says it will propose an 'innovative and untested approach' to customs checks as part of its Brexit negotiations.

BBC News - 15 Aug 2017

The migration crisis hasn't gone away, as EU leaders are finding to their increasing panic

Rather than travel across the Mediterranean to Greece, which has seen numbers fall since the middle of 2015, they are now aiming for Italy and Spain.

Daily Telegraph - 14 Aug 2017

EU blamed for rise in trafficking and slaves

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has blamed freedom of movement in the EU for a rise in human trafficking and modern slavery in Britain.

Sunday Times - 14 Aug 2017

Should students be included in the UK’s net migration figures?

Calls to remove students from the net migration figures are misguided, says Migration Watch UK's Alanna Thomas.

City AM - 10 Aug 2017

Spanish police push back 700 migrants as they attempt to storm a 20-foot border fence guarding entry to the country's North African enclave of Ceuta

About 700 migrants attempted to storm the border between Morocco and Spain at the enclave of Ceuta (pictured), but the Spanish authorities succeeded.

Daily Mail - 10 Aug 2017

Migrants make 30,000 illegal bids to get into the UK from Calais this year despite costly security measures around the port and Channel Tunnel

Figures come nearly a year after closure of the notorious Jungle migrant camp.

Daily Mail - 9 Aug 2017

Universities take foreign students ahead of British

Drive for higher fees ‘betrays’ sixth-formers.

The Sunday Times - 7 Aug 2017

Rome feels it has been abandoned by Europe over the migrant crisis just as a local backlash is boosting the opposition

Migrant arrivals to Italy by sea: the numbers are set to rise.

Financial Times - 3 Aug 2017

Illegal immigrants savagely beat up three lorry drivers headed for the UK after they refused to let them sneak on board in Belgium

The lorry drivers are said to have been attacked at service station in Gentbrugge.

Daily Mail - 3 Aug 2017

British holidaymakers faint and miss their flights in FOUR HOUR queues at European airports after Brussels insists on tough new EU border checks

Airports popular with UK tourists have seen queues stretching back hundreds of yards after stricter checks were imposed on entry and exit.

Daily Mail - 1 Aug 2017

Britain's border controls in crisis 'because of seasonal workers'

The Home Office has been accused of “papering over cracks” with temporary staff.

Daily Express - 1 Aug 2017

Boris Johnson's ally attacks Philip Hammond's plan which could see thousands of EU citizens move to Britain after Brexit

Philip Hammond's Brexit transition plan has come under public attack from Boris Johnson’s economic guru, as significant Tory splits begin to emerge.

Sunday Telegraph - 31 Jul 2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd unveils 'census' of EU workers in Britain to assess the role they play in the UK's economy and society

It will help ministers devise immigration system that keeps economy buoyant after country takes back control of borders.

Daily Mail - 27 Jul 2017

UK removes fewer illegal migrants

The number of illegal immigrants removed from the UK after being told to leave has fallen by more than a fifth in three years.

The Times - 27 Jul 2017

Austria can deport asylum seekers, court says

The EU's top court has ruled that a law requiring refugees to seek asylum in the first country they reach applies even in exceptional circumstances.

BBC News - 26 Jul 2017

Eight out of 10 Britons want full control of Britain’s borders, says survey

Eight out of 10 Britons want to take back full control of immigration, a new Ipsos MORI survey reveals.

Daily Express - 26 Jul 2017

Brexit means leaving the single market and the customs union. Here’s why, writes Barry Gardiner

The 52% who voted to leave the EU would consider it a con if Britain was out of Europe but still subservient to its laws and institutions

The Guardian - 25 Jul 2017

An exit from Brexit would prove a messy affair

Any request to revoke Article 50 requires European Council consent.

Financial Times - 25 Jul 2017

Migrants raised UK population by 250,000 in each of past 12 years

Net migration has added a quarter of a million people to the population each year for the past 12 years, according to official figures.

The Times - 24 Jul 2017

Controlling post-Brexit immigration will be impossible if Government keeps ‘woefully inadequate’ system of counting people in and out, warns report

Lord Green, of Migration Watch UK, said it would be “absurd” to remove students from the net migration target.

The Sun - 24 Jul 2017

Births to foreign-born mothers hit 28% in England and Wales

The number of foreign-born mothers having babies in England and Wales in 2016 reached 28% - the highest level on record, official statistics show.

BBC News - 19 Jul 2017

Work permit scheme for EU citizens could cut immigration by 100,000

Independent crossbencher Lord Green of Deddington said it was obvious from the referendum result that the scale of immigration must be reduced.

Birmingham Mail - 18 Jul 2017

Brexiteers still think immigration the most important issue in EU talks

Around 70 per cent of people who voted leave last year rate immigration as important or very important in a fresh poll.

The Sun - 18 Jul 2017

A halfway-house Brexit would let EU immigration continue unchecked

Migration Watch UK's Alanna Thomas writes that staying in the Single Market could mean high levels of continued EU immigration.

The Times - 17 Jul 2017

Baby boom will lead to 20 per cent more secondary school pupils in ten years, official figures show

A baby boom fuelled by migration will lead to 20 per cent more pupils at secondary schools within ten years, official figures show.

Daily Telegraph - 17 Jul 2017

Repeal Bill to be published by the government

MPs must 'work together' on Brexit, the minister in charge of the UK's EU exit has said, as he publishes a bill to convert EU law into British law.

BBC News - 13 Jul 2017

Half of small British ports are left wide open: People traffickers and drugs smugglers face no ‘visible deterrent’

Dozens of small ports are unguarded – leaving Britain wide open to illegal migrants.

Daily Mail - 13 Jul 2017

Royal Navy mission fails to curb flow of migrants across Mediterranean

Tactics have increased deaths at sea, peers warn.

The Times - 12 Jul 2017

UK narrows gap to France population as total rises more than 400,000 to 65.8m

The UK has moved closer to overtaking France as the second most populous country in the European Union, official figures show.

Press Association - 11 Jul 2017

Lack of enforcement is frustrating, says former immigration judge

Migration Watch UK Advisory Council member James Hanratty describes deep-rooted flaws in the Home Office’s approach in an extract from his book.

The Times - 11 Jul 2017

Greening calls for 'army of skilled young people'

Businesses in England are being urged by the government to create a post-Brexit 'army of skilled young people'.

BBC News - 6 Jul 2017

Amnesty for illegal immigrants affected by Grenfell Tower disaster

Illegal immigrants who escaped from the Grenfell Tower inferno will get a one-year amnesty, Theresa May has ruled.

Evening Standard - 6 Jul 2017

EU tells Britain to take in more Med migrants: Thousands could gain asylum as Brussels looks to ease 'unprecedented' crisis in Italy

The Commission's deputy head Frans Timmermans said the UK would be pushed to take part in the new programme due to the strain on Italy.

Daily Mail - 5 Jul 2017

Chris Grayling to launch £1bn roads revolution

The Transport Minister will announce the road-building scheme after a sharp rise in traffic and slowing average speeds.

The Times - 5 Jul 2017

Lorry drivers receive record number of fines for bringing illegal immigrants into Britain

Record numbers of fines have been issued to lorry drivers for bringing illegal immigrants into the UK, new figures reveal.

Daily Express - 3 Jul 2017

Italy begs other European countries to take migrant ships as the nation struggles to deal with record numbers and threatens to close its ports… while 69 more die off of Costa del Sol

Migrant arrivals are up nearly 19 per cent over the same period last year and Rome has threatened to close its ports .

Daily Mail - 3 Jul 2017

New body could oversee EU citizens' rights in UK

Ministers are looking at creating a new body to oversee EU citizens' rights in the UK .

Sky News - 29 Jun 2017

Italy threatens to close ports to migrant ships

As thousands of migrants take advantage of calm seas to sail from Libya to Europe, Italy has threatened to close its ports to the influx.

The Times - 29 Jun 2017

The top UK destinations for the rising number of people giving up on London

More and more people are taking the decision to up-sticks from their London homes and move elsewhere, according to ONS data.

Daily Telegraph - 28 Jun 2017

Bad border controls are worse than none at all, writes Dominic Lawson

If the housing, health and transport infrastructure takes no account of the unrecorded population increase, the result is social discontent.

The Times - 26 Jun 2017

May unveils 'fair and serious' offer on EU citizens

About three million EU citizens living in the UK would be allowed to stay after Brexit, Theresa May has proposed.

BBC News - 23 Jun 2017

Letter to the Editor by George Rzevski - 'Low productivity'

If you tighten up employment law and make it more difficult for businesses to employ cheap immigrant labour, businesses would start investing in IT.

The Times - 23 Jun 2017

Immigration fuels the sharpest annual population rise for nearly 70 years – as number jumps by 538,000

Lord Green, chairman of the Migration Watch think tank, warned that Britain was at a “turning point”.

The Sun - 23 Jun 2017

We are fragmented and exist in our own little bubbles

Minorities are seeing a very different version of the world to the majority and that entrenches social divisions.

The Times - 20 Jun 2017

Germany proposes soft Brexit deal to keep Theresa May in Downing Street

Germany has offered a soft Brexit with continued access to Europe’s single market in return for a British concession on free movement.

The Times - 19 Jun 2017

Home Office estimates 150,000 illegal migrants: Figure is almost half as much as the official total with claims true scale of the influx 'has been hidden'

A damning report claims that illegal immigration in Britain may be running at 150,000 a year.

Daily Mail - 19 Jun 2017

Will Theresa May now have to change Brexit plans?

Before Remainers get swept up in their moment, and their ambitions swell, it's worth pondering what possibly might be on the table.

BBC News - 13 Jun 2017

May has a rock-solid mandate to deliver a Brexit for all parts of Britain, writes Christopher Howarth

The Prime Minister now has a historic cross-party mandate drawn from all parts of the UK to help deliver Brexit.

Conservative Home - 13 Jun 2017

May is blind to the threat of extremism

The PM is as oblivious to the links between segregation, deprivation and jihadism as she was when home secretary.

The Times - 6 Jun 2017

Jeremy Corbyn branded a popular clamp down on illegal immigrants as ‘a racist attack’

MWUK Chairman Lord Green said: “It is surely wrong in principle that anyone who has no right to be in this country should be drawing benefits.'

The Sun - 2 Jun 2017

Migrants' new route to Europe: Number of refugees using perilous crossing from Morocco to Spain TRIPLES in a year as other routes are shut down

The number of migrants using a perilous new sea route across the Mediterranean from Morocco to Spain has more than tripled in a year, it has emerged.

Daily Mail - 1 Jun 2017

Britain was wrong to block migrant, says Euro judge

EU workers with British citizenship can bring in non-EU partners and other family members without meeting income restrictions, according to a court.

The Times - 31 May 2017

Cyprus may become migrant route to UK

Britain faces having to accept migrants who arrive on two military bases in Cyprus after an Appeal Court ruling yesterday.

The Times - 26 May 2017

Number of EU citizens leaving Britain hits a six-year high as net migration falls below 250,000

But the number is still miles from Theresa May's target to reduce it to the tens of thousands.

The Sun - 25 May 2017

Nearly seven million migrants are 'waiting to cross into Europe': Leaked report warns of new crisis but Brussels insists the situation is under control

More than six million asylum seekers are waiting to cross into Europe, a leaked intelligence report warns.

Daily Mail - 24 May 2017

Why migration from Africa this century will make the refugee crisis look like a dress rehearsal

Today, the biggest drivers of migration are likely to be the lower cost of transportation and the demographics in Africa.

Daily Telegraph - 23 May 2017

Let in immigrants or 'pay the price': Merkel warns that Britain will be made to suffer if an EU migrant cap is introduced in the wake of Brexit

Theresa May wishes to control the number of people coming to UK from the EU

Mail Online - 18 May 2017

Government threatened with legal action over immigration checks

Campaign group presses home secretary to order full evaluation of ‘right to rent’ immigration status checks by landlords.

The Guardian - 16 May 2017

Labour makes NO promise to cut immigration in its manifesto but does vow Brexit will mean the end of free movement of EU citizens

Labour's plans reject imposing 'bogus immigration targets' on the border rules.

Mail Online - 16 May 2017

Population Growth - A Letter to the Editor of the Times by Lord Green of Deddington

Your leading article (May 9) makes no mention of a critical issue — namely, the impact of current levels of immigration on our population.

The Times - 12 May 2017

Three-year ‘brickie visa’ would plug UK skills gaps, says think tank

The move would help UK businesses transition from relying on EU workers to fill roles.

People Management - 12 May 2017

Brickie Visa' Could Plaster Over Skills Shortage After Brexit

As employers warn of a looming skills shortage following Britain’s exit from the European Union, a “brickie visa” has been touted as the solution.

Bloomberg - 11 May 2017

Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn will refuse to commit to reducing migration if he wins the General Election

Labour's draft manifesto commits to scrapping minimum income rules for the partners of non-EU migrants, making it easier for them to come to the UK.

Daily Telegraph - 11 May 2017

Non-EU parents may have EU residence right, ECJ rules

Non-EU citizens may have the right to residence in the EU if their children are EU citizens, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

BBC News - 10 May 2017

Don’t assume that Macron will push our border back to Dover. Here’s how we can reach agreement, writes Charlie Elphicke

In less than two years, we will leave the European Union. It is vital that we are ready on day one.

Conservative Home - 10 May 2017

A migration target the Tories may finally hit

In 2009, net migration was 196,000. Today it’s around 300,000, bringing enormous pressures to bear on communities, public services and jobs.

Daily Mail - 9 May 2017

With the Tories promising yet again to bring net migration into the 10,000s, is it achievable this time?

With the Tories promising yet again to bring net migration into the tens of thousands, is it achievable this time?

City AM - 9 May 2017

Tories to keep 'tens of thousands' target

The Conservatives will once again promise to cut net migration to the 'tens of thousands' in their election manifesto, the BBC understands.

BBC News - 8 May 2017

EU blame the migrant crisis on CHINA – because they are making too many inflatable dinghies

The EU has urged China to clamp down on the sale of inflatable dinghies which are falling into the hands of smuggling gangs.

Daily Mail - 5 May 2017

EU referendum and Brexit May expected to challenge right of EU citizens to bring family to Britain

A major clash is expected over the unrestricted right of EU citizens living in Britain to continue to bring immediate family to live with them. - 4 May 2017

Seven in 10 think Theresa May will not hit target on slashing immigration

Nearly seven in 10 people do not believe Theresa May will meet her pledge to cut immigration below 100,000.

Evening Standard - 3 May 2017

Britain’s net migration figure is surprisingly dodgy

One of the hottest numbers in British politics is based on a tourism survey that began in the 1960s.

Economist - 28 Apr 2017

Scottish population rises to new record

Scotland's population continued to increase last year, rising to a record 5,404,700.

BBC News - 27 Apr 2017

Theresa May to drop pledge to pull out of European convention

Theresa May is to drop a pledge to pull the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Daily Mail - 27 Apr 2017

International students – shifting sands?

There is no dispute about the value that international students bring to the economy.

Conservative Home - 26 Apr 2017

Britons oppose a unilateral guarantee for EU citizens living in the UK

It comes as Labour said they would give such a guarantee on their first day in office were they win to the General Election on 8 June.

Sky News - 26 Apr 2017

May rebuffs pressure to exclude students from migration target

Prime minister keen to ensure universities take only ‘brightest and best’.

Financial Times - 25 Apr 2017

Time to take control of illegal immigration

Our borders and laws are failing the public so May must be bold if she wants to win back trust.

The Times - 25 Apr 2017

UK employers will take on immigration enforcement, say experts

Employers in Britain will have to take more responsibility for enforcing immigration rules after Brexit, experts warn.

Financial Times - 19 Apr 2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is looking at introducing new ‘barista visas’ to ensure coffee shops and bars keep EU staff after Brexit

The proposal has been suggested by Migration Watch UK chairman Lord Green and was dubbed “a good idea” by a senior Home Office source.

The Sun - 18 Apr 2017

EU migrants make up 11% of manufacturing workforce - ONS

Alp Mehmet said:'Business must now focus on recruiting and training from the domestic workforce and wean itself off the cheaper East European option.'

BBC News - 13 Apr 2017

'Big business hooked on using cheap foreign workers after figures reveal huge numbers in blue collar jobs

Big business was last night urged to wean itself off cheap foreign labour as figures revealed huge numbers of migrants in blue-collar jobs.

The Sun - 13 Apr 2017

'It's a shambles': data shows most asylum seekers put in poorest parts of Britain

Analysis shows five times as many live in poorest third of country as in richest third, sparking calls for overhaul of system.

The Guardian - 10 Apr 2017

How Britain can take back control of immigration

Brexit must mean taking back control of Britain’s borders — and here is how, writes former Environment Secretary Owen Patterson.

The Times - 10 Apr 2017

Takeaways and bars face immigration checks to tackle illegal working

Thousands of bars, nightclubs, off-licences and takeaways will face immigration checks under new powers to tackle illegal working.

Sheffield Star - 6 Apr 2017

Brexit ‘won’t end migration from EU’

EU citizens could continue to move freely to Britain for years after Brexit, the prime minister indicated yesterday.

The Times - 6 Apr 2017

Theresa May’s target of cutting net migration to the tens of thousands is all but dead and buried, claim senior Tories

Sources told the Sun that post-Brexit the Government believed voters are now content with idea Britain is going to be in “control” of its borders.

The Sun - 3 Apr 2017

Reflections on the Coming Brexit Labour Market Disaster (Or Not)

'I want to reflect on how the business pages have covered the labour market consequences of Brexit over recent weeks', writes David Goodhart.

Policy Exchange - 3 Apr 2017

Blow for Nicola Sturgeon as open border based on Irish model appears unlikely

Nicola Sturgeon may well learn from Prime Minister Theresa May that she is heading for another bitter disappointment.

Daily Telegraph - 29 Mar 2017

Theresa May to reveal plans for post-Brexit Great Repeal Bill on Thursday

Prime Minister Theresa May will publish her plans for a post-Brexit legal shakeup this week, just one day after formally launching negotiations.

City AM - 28 Mar 2017

Scottish Parliament backs referendum call

Nicola Sturgeon's call for a second referendum on independence for Scotland has been formally backed by the Scottish Parliament.

BBC News - 28 Mar 2017

EU migrants keep benefits after Brexit

EU migrants who have come to Britain could continue to be paid child benefit after Brexit to send to their families back home.

Sunday Times - 27 Mar 2017

Europe should follow Britain’s lead on refugees

We're doing the right thing — why is Mrs May so reluctant to admit it?

The Spectator - 24 Mar 2017

Quarter of English state primary schools are 'ethnically segregated'

‘Significant fails’ in percentage of white British children attending local schools in some areas, according to study.

The Guardian - 23 Mar 2017

Landlords who flout migrant rules face tougher penalties

Landlords and employers will face sanctions for knowingly taking on those without permission to live and work in the UK after Brexit.

The Times - 23 Mar 2017

Blair admits he had no idea how many people would come to Britain when he allowed mass EU immigration as his 'institute' to thwart Brexit starts work

Tony Blair has admitted he had no idea how many people would move to Britain when the EU expanded in 2004.

Daily Mail - 20 Mar 2017

Five reasons Theresa May wants students in migration statistics

PM is sticking to net target despite opposition from her own ministers.

Financial Times - 20 Mar 2017

No new independence vote for Scotland before Brexit

Theresa May has accused SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon of forcing a “fundamentally unfair” independence referendum that would damage Brexit negotiations.

The Times - 17 Mar 2017

Migrant teachers and nurses will be forced to declare criminal past before being allowed into Britain

Migrant teachers and nurses will be forced to declare any criminal past before being allowed to come to the UK.

The Sun - 17 Mar 2017

Migration will be tailored by sector, minister hints

Migrants from the EU may face different rules depending on which sector of the economy they are coming to work in, the immigration minister suggested.

The Times - 15 Mar 2017

Brexit bill: Parliament clears way for talks with EU

Parliament has passed the Brexit bill, paving the way for the government to trigger Article 50 so the UK can leave the European Union.

BBC News - 14 Mar 2017

Legal guarantee on EU citizens' rights may have to wait for full Brexit deal - top ministers

There may not be a formal agreement on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK until the end of the Brexit negotiations, it has been revealed.

Politics Home - 14 Mar 2017

Scottish First Minister plans to derail Article 50 vote by 'announcing a date for a second independence referendum'

Nicola Sturgeon will ramp up the pressure on Theresa May today as the PM prepares to fire the starting gun on Brexit.

Daily Mail - 13 Mar 2017

Refugees applying to live in UK face being sent home after five years

Home Office quietly announces new policy where those applying for permanent residency face ‘safe country review’ after five years’ limited leave.

The Guardian - 10 Mar 2017

Former Bank of England chief Mervyn King tells Brussels: We don't need to negotiate over Brexit - but YOU do

Lord King said: ‘It’s important that the UK now actually is proactive in setting out what the Government’s plan for immigration policy will be.'

Daily Mail - 10 Mar 2017

Growth ‘cannot last’ as inflation bites

The economy will expand at a much faster rate than expected this year while government borrowing will be much lower, according to the the budget.

The Times - 9 Mar 2017

The final Brexit deal must honour the public’s desire for reduced net migration

Brexit is an unparalleled opportunity to make serious progress in reducing immigration, writes Migration Watch Chairman Lord Green.

UK in a Changing Europe - 7 Mar 2017

Uber drivers will be forced to learn English after new legal ruling

Uber London Ltd has lost its High Court challenge over new language requirement rules planned for private-hire vehicles.

Daily Telegraph - 6 Mar 2017

Migration Watch backs visa-free travel for EU after Brexit

Migration Watch chairman Lord Green says anyone from the EU who wants to work in the UK should need a work permit.

BBC News - 2 Mar 2017

Be prepared for UK to walk away from Brexit deal, ministers warned

Ministers have been told to prepare Britain for a hard Brexit in two years to allow Theresa May to walk away from EU negotiations without a deal.

The Times - 1 Mar 2017

Government facing Brexit defeat in Lords over EU nationals

The government is facing a first defeat for its Brexit bill in the House of Lords later.

BBC News - 1 Mar 2017

Theresa May poised to announce end of free movement for new EU migrants next month

Theresa May is next month poised to announce the end of free movement for new EU migrants on the same day that she triggers Article 50.

Daily Telegraph - 27 Feb 2017

As net migration falls by 49,000, more are now coming in to UK from EU than the rest of the world combined BG

The numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians coming here has soared to a new record high of 74,000 over the 12 month period.

The Sun - 24 Feb 2017

ID apps could solve our migrant problem

An ID app would be more likely to reassure people now than concern them, and it would allow EU nationals to regularise their lives.

The Times - 24 Feb 2017

Net migration to Britain FALLS to 273,000 a year in first figures from after the Brexit vote as EU students stay away

Alp Mehmet, Vice-Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said the fall in net migration was a 'step in the right direction'.

Daily Mail - 23 Feb 2017

Tony Blair is wrong yet again: immigration from the EU post-Brexit can and will be controlled

Perhaps I might explain to Tony Blair in an “easy to understand” way that he has completed misapprehended the immigration issue.

Brexit Central - 21 Feb 2017

UK is third most traffic-congested country in Europe - study

Time wasted in Britain's worst traffic jams cost motorists a staggering £31bn last year, according to new research.

Sky News - 20 Feb 2017

There will be little need for more eastern European immigration post-Brexit as report says firms won’t face labour shortage

Migration Watch UK say claims controls on the entry of EU workers will leave firms short-staffed are untrue.

The Sun - 17 Feb 2017

Businesses unlikely to face sharp drop in the number of eastern European workers in the UK following Brexit, according to a new report

Businesses are unlikely to face a sharp drop in the number of eastern European workers following Brexit, according to a Migration Watch UK report.

Press Association - 14 Feb 2017

Employers optimistic about post-Brexit hiring

British employers are optimistic about their ability to recruit qualified employees after Britain leaves the EU.

Sky News - 14 Feb 2017

UK 'must train 1.6 million care workers to plug gaps in workforce post-Brexit'

Britain needs to recruit and train 1.6 million low-skilled health and social care workers up to 2022, more than any other job in the country.

Press Association - 10 Feb 2017

SCHENGEN CRACKDOWN: Controls extended across EU over terror threat and migration crisis

Temporary border controls introduced in the wake of the 2015 Paris terror attacks are being extended for another three months.

Daily Express - 8 Feb 2017

With health tourists costing taxpayers £1.8bn-a-year the time has come for them to cough up, says former GP Dr Robert Lefever

As a country we damage the service given to our own people — who are entitled to it — when we give it away to someone else.

The Sun - 7 Feb 2017

Housing market broken, ministers say ahead of White Paper

Ministers will admit England's housing market is 'broken' as they unveil new plans to build more affordable homes.

BBC News - 7 Feb 2017

'It is NOT small beer' Tory grandee Sir Nicholas Soames calls for compulsory health insurance for foreigners

MP Nicholas Soames has called for foreign visitors to arrive on British soil with health insurance certificates amid a crackdown on health tourism.

Daily Express - 6 Feb 2017

Migrants could make up four in ten new households: Minister's forecast for the next two decades

Migrants could account for more than four in every ten households formed between now and 2039, a minister has warned.

Daily Mail - 6 Feb 2017

Health tourism 'chaos' draining the NHS: MPs condemn ministers over millions lost on foreign patients who don't pay

Health tourism is draining the NHS of hundreds of millions of pounds a year because of 'chaotic' billing.

Daily Mail - 1 Feb 2017

ONS data reveals the true scale of UK citizens living in the EU – and the impact on Brexit negotiations

First detailed picture of the number of UK citizens living in other EU countries who are not dual-nationals.

International Business Times - 30 Jan 2017

Dr J Meirion Thomas: ‘If the NHS needs more money, why not collect from health tourists?’

In the four years since I blew the whistle on health tourism, little has changed.

The Spectator - 30 Jan 2017

Teacher shortages spread to computing and general science

There is a national shortage in computer science, general science and Mandarin teachers that justifies schools recruiting from abroad, the MAC said.

Times Educational Supplement - 26 Jan 2017

Work permits ‘would cut migration by 100,000’, campaigners tell MPs

Theresa May can meet her immigration target after Brexit with a work permit system to stop low-skilled workers arriving from Europe, campaigners said.

Daily Mirror - 25 Jan 2017

Amber Rudd rejects SNP immigration devolution calls

The home secretary has appeared to rule out the possibility of Scotland being handed powers over immigration after the UK leaves the EU.

BBC News - 24 Jan 2017

William Hague’s proposal for issuing work permits to EU nationals is too simplistic to be effective

Unfortunately, this proposal is too simplistic to have even a remote chance of being effective.

Brexit Central - 23 Jan 2017

Migrants’ tide may continue for two years after Britain leaves EU, says Brexit Secretary David Davis

Sky-high immigration from Europe may continue for at least two years after Britain leaves the EU in 2019, the Brexit Secretary signalled yesterday.

The Sun - 19 Jan 2017

Immigration scam uses ‘fake lives’ in Ireland to create back door into UK

Thousands of Britons are setting up fake lives in Ireland to obtain residency in the UK for non-EU family members.

The Times - 19 Jan 2017

'Brexit: UK to leave single market, says May'

Theresa May has said the UK 'cannot possibly' remain within the European single market, as staying in it would mean 'not leaving the EU at all'.

BBC News - 17 Jan 2017

Work permits at heart of UK’s Brexit immigration control plan

Ministers are drawing up plans for a two-tier system of UK border controls for EU citizens .

Financial Times - 16 Jan 2017

Passport queues 'could be longer after Brexit', airports warn

People flying to the UK could face 'severe disruption' after Brexit unless the Border Force employs more people, airports have warned.

BBC News - 16 Jan 2017

EU doctors offered £90k to work in the UK despite government plans to make NHS less reliant on foreign doctors

Health bosses hope to recruit up to 500 doctors from overseas to solve the recruitment crisis

The Sun - 12 Jan 2017

Britain considering £1,000-a-year levy for skilled EU workers

The government is seriously considering imposing a £1,000-a-year levy on every European Union skilled worker recruited by British employers.

The Guardian - 11 Jan 2017

Teach migrants to put bins out, how to queue, and to be nice, says integration tsar as she says UK needs to be 'less shy' in setting out rules for arrivals

Migrants should get lessons in how to queue, when to put their rubbish out and how to ‘be nice’, the Government’s integration tsar has said.

Daily Mail - 10 Jan 2017

'Immigration is not too high', says Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he stands by his view that immigration to the UK from the EU is not too high.

BBC News - 10 Jan 2017

Sir Vince Cable - 'Why it's time to end EU free movement'

Vince Cable makes the liberal case for immigration controls.

New Statesman - 5 Jan 2017

Brexit will let Britain halve net migration: Major report delivers devastating verdict on post-referendum scaremongering

The cut will provide a long-term boost to wages and help ease the national housing crisis, say Cambridge University researchers.

Daily Mail - 5 Jan 2017

British businesses are 'crying wolf' about the economic risks of slashing migrant numbers, think tank claims

A major think tank campaigning for lower immigration to Britain has accused businesses of 'crying wolf' over the the risks of curbing numbers.

Daily Mail - 4 Jan 2017

PM to revive Tory pledge on cutting benefits for migrants

Theresa May is preparing to use Brexit to fulfil David Cameron’s manifesto promise to stop EU migrants from claiming benefits.

The Times - 3 Jan 2017

‘End free movement NOW’ Union boss says EU migration only helps rich to hire cheap nannies

A top union figure has launched an extraordinary attack on EU free movement rules.

Daily Express - 3 Jan 2017


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