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Founded in 2001, we have a clear track record of getting our estimates right.

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The first results of the 2021 Census

Commenting, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: The census confirms huge population growth, considerably higher than the growth rate of countries such as France and…
28 June, 2022 - Press Release

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Net immigration in year to June 2020 estimated at 247,000
Migration statistics can be used to estimate the flow of migrants in and out of the UK and to estimate the number of migrants living in the UK (the stock). One estimate of the flow of migrants is the…
19 May, 2021
Nearly 7 Million GP Registrations By Migrants Since 2010
General practice in England alone provides over 300 million patient consultations each year. But what pressure does the uncontrolled, mass immigration that we have now put on the NHS? Analysis of sta…
17 May, 2022

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Deportations of foreign murderers at record low thanks to human rights challenges
Telegraph (30-Jun-2022)
Deportations of convicted foreign rapists, murderers and robbers have fallen to their lowest numbers on record after a rise in human rights challenges
There's a huge new migrant issue unfolding. So why isn't there any debate about it?
Mail Online (30-Jun-2022)
Between 2011 and 2021, the population of England and Wales grew by a staggering 3.5 million
SNP MP calls for asylum seekers to be given work in UK – and suggests roles in civil service
GB News (30-Jun-2022)
The SNP MP's proposals could see asylum seekers take up roles as HGV drivers, baggage handlers and even civil servants
Government says Linton-on-Ouse site is 'urgently needed' for asylum seeker centre after responding to legal threat
Yorkshire Post (30-Jun-2022)
The Home Office has said it will press ahead with controversial plans to set up a centre for asylum seekers in a North Yorkshire village
Rochdale grooming gang members can't be deported from UK because of European Court of Human Rights, tribunal hears
GB News (28-Jun-2022)
An Immigration tribunal heard how it would be wrong to deport the two other gang members

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