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Death of migrant and unborn child on Poland’s border with Belarus prompts manslaughter inquiry
The Times (07-Dec-2021)
Avin Ifran Zahir, 38, was found severely dehydrated and with a body temperature of 27C after spending a week in the forest
How migration became a weapon in a ‘hybrid war’
Financial Times (07-Dec-2021)
“If you want to go west, we won’t choke you, grab and beat you.'
Processing illegal migrants offshore is the only way to end the crisis
Telegraph (07-Dec-2021)
While a bust-up may make good theatre and shore-up Tory support in the very short-term, only effective action will protect borders
Tory rebellion looms over visa fees for Commonwealth veterans who fought for Britain
Telegraph (07-Dec-2021)
A Tory rebellion looms over visa fees charged to Commonwealth veterans who want to stay in Britain

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