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Illegal immigrants to have accounts frozen in government crackdown
The Sun (22-Sep-2017)
More than 70 million bank and building society accounts will be checked from January next year.
Brent council finds 35 men living in three-bedroom house owned by Sunil Hathi, his brother Neil and mother Meenaxi
The Times (22-Sep-2017)
Thirty-five men, all of eastern European origin, piled bedding in every room except the bathroom, with one mattress in the back garden.
As Brexit looms, migrant workers go on picking Britain’s berries
Financial Times (21-Sep-2017)
Eastern Europeans still see money to be made on UK farms despite migration crackdown fears.
Brussels plot to create 'super citizens' in the UK
Daily Mail (20-Sep-2017)
Migration Watch UK chairman Lord Green of Deddington said that the EU’s proposals would ‘drive a coach and horses through our immigration system’.
Reliance on cheap foreign labour 'damages economy'
Daily Mail (18-Sep-2017)
The failure of companies to invest in training for low-wage workers is weighing on economic growth, according to a study.

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