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Illegal boat arrivals erode trust in democracy
Telegraph (27-Jul-2021)
The idea of taking back control – central to Brexit – applies strongly to immigration
Boris must tell the Tories what he wants his Government to be
Telegraph (27-Jul-2021)
Conventional politics are making a comeback
France says UK CAN'T turn around migrant dinghies as 2,000 would-be refugees gather on far side of the Channel preparing to make the deadly crossing
Mail Online (27-Jul-2021)
Britain has made a dramatic offer to pick up and return migrant boats in the Channel that resist French intervention
Young children in blankets and lifejackets are brought ashore and as group arrive at Dover- after 400 migrants crossed the Channel on Sunday
Mail Online (27-Jul-2021)
Almost 400 migrants arrived on British shores on Sunday - taking the total number of people to arrive so far this year soaring past 9,000
More Albanian prisoners will be deported from British jails to serve their sentences in home country under new deal as figures show 1,500 are currently in custody - the highest of any foreign national
Mail Online (27-Jul-2021)
More Albanian criminals will be expelled from England and Wales and transferred to prisons in their home country

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