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  • RT @guardian: UK population shows sharpest rise in almost 70 years https://t.co/ZcZx9Vg2V7
    53 minutes ago - Retweet
  • London growing faster than the other city regions, because of its young age structure and attractiveness to international migrants.
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • Scotland's population is 5.4 million, Wales' population is 3.1 million, Northern Ireland's population is nearly 1.9 million
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • UK estimated in 2016 to have the third largest population in Europe and fourth highest population density
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • Over the year, London experienced relatively high levels of population growth as did Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • England’s population exceeds 55 million for first time
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • 62.4% of the total increase (336,000) a result of international net migration https://t.co/K2lyR8fK9k
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • UK population grew by 538,000 in the year to mid-2016 https://t.co/CoQ3zhPBpM
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • ONS: Population of UK in June 2016 estimated to be 65.6 million people @ons https://t.co/CoQ3zi7chk
    1 hour ago - Retweet
  • As @MigObs notes, net migration of Romanian and Bulgarians 'has not declined significantly' nor has EU14 migration https://t.co/wFPAuh0EMN
    19 hours ago - Retweet

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