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Shortages of care workers, butchers and nurse assistants requires migrant labour, advisers tell Government
Daily Telegraph (30-Sep-2020)
UK has such a shortage of care workers, nurse assistants and butchers ministers should allow vacancies to be filled from abroad, says Committee.
Migrants rush to cross the Channel before the weather changes
The Times (23-Sep-2020)
A record number of migrants were expected to reach Britain yesterday after crossing the Channel.
Will the Channel crossings ever end?
Daily Telegraph (18-Sep-2020)
The Prime Minister must have the guts to stand up to the French and stop them treating Britain as a dumping ground.
Britain is preparing to opt out of major parts of European human rights laws
Daily Telegraph (14-Sep-2020)
The plans could prevent many migrants and asylum seekers from using the Human Rights Act to avoid deportation.
The truth about the migrant crisis isn't what you think
The Spectator (09-Sep-2020)
What I’ve witnessed over the years is people, who by their own admission are not refugees, taking advantage of European gullibility and generosity.

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