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Founded in 2001, we have a clear track record of getting our estimates right.

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Migration Watch UK comment on 2021 Census Data relating to ethnic group, language, and religion

Commenting, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: These figures paint a stark picture of the way in which very high levels of immigration have - in a short period of time…
29 November, 2022 - Press Release

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Net immigration in year to June 2020 estimated at 247,000
Migration statistics can be used to estimate the flow of migrants in and out of the UK and to estimate the number of migrants living in the UK (the stock). One estimate of the flow of migrants is the…
19 May, 2021
Nearly 7 Million GP Registrations By Migrants Since 2010
General practice in England alone provides over 300 million patient consultations each year. But what pressure does the uncontrolled, mass immigration that we have now put on the NHS? Analysis of sta…
17 May, 2022

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Failing universities have become dependent on foreign students – fueling immigration
Telegraph (29-Nov-2022)
Britain has undergone one of the most extraordinary demographic shifts in the Western world, done against public consent
Suella Braverman wants Albanian migrants who cross Channel in small boats on fast track to deportation
The Times (29-Nov-2022)
All asylum seekers from countries deemed safe by the Home Office will be fast-tracked for removal as part of plans to combat the Channel crisis
Most people say Britain needs workers from abroad, poll on immigration reveals
The Times (28-Nov-2022)
Almost half of Britons believe the UK has too much immigration, but a majority want more foreign doctors, care workers, farmers, builders and waiters
Public health officials 'tell hotels to keep migrants with cases of diphtheria and Covid isolated in their rooms' in bid to prevent population outbreak
Mail Online (28-Nov-2022)
Migrants with diphtheria and Covid are to be confined to their hotel rooms to prevent outbreaks to the general population
Tobias Ellwood warns Suella Braverman migrant crisis to 'get significantly more serious'
Express (28-Nov-2022)
Suella Braverman has come under fire for her mishandling of an immigration centre in Kent where an asylum seeker died

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