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Channel migrants: UK and France agree need for action after boat deaths
BBC (25-Nov-2021)
The UK and France will keep 'all options on the table' as they try to stop migrants crossing the Channel
French cops idly watch as migrant rafts head for UK hours before 27 including 5 women and young girl die in the Channel
The Sun (25-Nov-2021)
AT least 27 UK-bound migrants drowned yesterday when their tiny inflatable ­capsized
The day the luck ran out: How the migrant tragedy unfolded in the Channel
Telegraph (25-Nov-2021)
Hours before the disaster, the French police had stood and watched
Boris Johnson says he will 'accelerate' border crackdown after migrants drown in Channel
The Mirror (25-Nov-2021)
Boris Johnson tonight said he will 'accelerate' a borders crackdown
Migrants treated 'like animals' as border officials accused of taking bribes
Sky News (25-Nov-2021)
An Iraqi people smuggler has told Sky News that officials are helping migrants cross borders illegally

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