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  • @reesmf 58% say it's “essential” to bring immigration down, only 18% disagree. (Greenberg, Quinlan & Rosner Poll: https://t.co/7yuRZZvIT4)
    8 hours ago - Retweet
  • Best post-Brexit solution is to expand current work permits to cover EU migrants. Could reduce net migration by 100k a year @alaindebotton
    8 hours ago - Retweet
  • Norway has reportedly never used their 'brake' as result of fear of EU retaliation @alaindebotton #Brexit
    8 hours ago - Retweet
  • Norway’s ‘brake’ requires consultation every 3 months & is not fully under sovereign control @alaindebotton #Brexit
    8 hours ago - Retweet
  • Who would be in control of the emergency brake, London or Brussels? @alaindebotton #Brexit
    8 hours ago - Retweet
  • An 'emergency brake' would not control levels of EU migration to UK & would be beset by so many practical problems… https://t.co/Q8qKMZkffB
    8 hours ago - Retweet
  • Migration Watch UK press comment on ONS population estimates for mid-2016 https://t.co/mfmdbRPH5V https://t.co/3JdXE3Q1Mw
    11 hours ago - Retweet
  • Increase in UK population over year to mid-2016 was fastest rise in almost 70 years, since postwar baby boom (£) https://t.co/8kBuSinZKm
    11 hours ago - Retweet
  • RT @ONS: ONS is presenting its plans for the future of census data and the 2021 Census at the Royal Statistical Society today #ukdscensus17…
    11 hours ago - Retweet
  • ONS graph showing population change for the UK from mid-1992 onwards https://t.co/CoQ3zhPBpM https://t.co/Gbl3YxQPwR
    12 hours ago - Retweet

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