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Priti Patel seeks block on passengers from coronavirus hotspots to help prevent spread of disease
Daily Telegraph (26-Mar-2020)
The Home Secretary wants to bar passengers from certain countries.
EU closes borders as shutters come down across the world
The Times (18-Mar-2020)
President Macron announced last night that the EU would close its external borders
Non-EU immigration 'highest on record'
Mail Online (28-Feb-2020)
Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, told the press: 'The government's proposals will likely lead to immigration going up further.'
Immigration reforms may not reduce the numbers as much as hoped
The Times (24-Feb-2020)
Migration Watch UK said the changes could result in numbers soaring.
Skilled immigration to the UK will rise under reforms
The Sunday Times (24-Feb-2020)
Although low-skilled numbers may fall, officials predict a rise in the number of skilled migrants coming to the UK from 2021

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