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Boris Johnson’s endurance on immigration will be put to the test by labour shortages
City AM (23-Sep-2021)
Professor Jonathan Portes, hardly a Boris fan, has called Britain’s new immigration regime one of the “most liberal in the world”.
Only ‘small proportion’ of Channel migrant boats will be turned back
The Telegraph (23-Sep-2021)
Priti Patel's top civil servant has admitted that only a 'small proportion' of migrant boats will be turned back in the Channel
September set to be new record month for migrant landings with 3,413 having already made dangerous Channel dash, Home Office data reveals
Mail Online (23-Sep-2021)
September is set to be the new record month for migrant crossings, with 3,413 making the journey so far
France 'has started stopping two-thirds more migrant boats' after Priti Patel's threat to cut off £54m payment... but still they come as latest wave clutching babies arrive on a Kent beach today
Mail Online (21-Sep-2021)
The French have 'raised their game' in stopping migrant crossings after Home Secretary Priti Patel threatened to withdraw £54million
Priti Patel’s department casts doubt on new Channel migrants law
The Times (21-Sep-2021)
Evidence that Priti Patel’s overhaul of asylum laws will reduce Channel migrant crossings is limited

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