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More asylum seekers to be housed in barracks deemed ‘unfit for human habitation’
The Telegraph (08-Apr-2021)
More asylum seekers are to be housed at the controversial Napier barracks site in Kent despite a campaign by charities to have it closed down
Hong Kong citizens to be given 'support' to come to UK
BBC (08-Apr-2021)
Around 27,000 applications have been made for visas brought in after Beijing imposed a national security law in the former British colony
The Times: Silence of white establishment betrays Sewell
The Times (07-Apr-2021)
Sewell has tried to bring a scientific approach to a problem that bedevils western societies
MAGGIE OLIVER: Why this picture of a Rochdale sex groomer still not deported is a damning testament to Britain's injustice system
Mail Online (07-Apr-2021)
The central purpose of our justice system is to protect the vulnerable and punish the wrongdoer
Priti Patel 'is straining every sinew' to get Rochdale sex grooming gang deported to Pakistan six years after they were originally ordered out of the UK
Mail Online (07-Apr-2021)
Priti Patel last night vowed to get members of the Rochdale grooming gang deported after they were ordered out of Britain six years ago

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