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Brussels plot to create 'super citizens' in the UK
Daily Mail (20-Sep-2017)
Migration Watch UK chairman Lord Green of Deddington said that the EU’s proposals would ‘drive a coach and horses through our immigration system’.
Reliance on cheap foreign labour 'damages economy'
Daily Mail (18-Sep-2017)
The failure of companies to invest in training for low-wage workers is weighing on economic growth, according to a study.
France and Germany want right to pause free movement ‘for years’ over terror and migration fears
The Times (15-Sep-2017)
France and Germany are demanding the right to suspend the European Union’s passport-free travel zone for up to four years amid fears over terrorism.
Theresa May to deliver Brexit speech in Florence
The Guardian (14-Sep-2017)
The speech in Italian city on Friday, 22nd September will be scrutinised to see if UK stance has softened after a tricky start to talks with the EU27.
Next round of Brexit negotiations delayed by a week, Government confirms
Sky News (13-Sep-2017)
The fourth round of Brexit talks has been delayed by a week to 25 September, the Government has confirmed.

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