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What are the immigration rules and processes for people trying to claim UK asylum?
Sky News (23-Jul-2021)
MPs have backed a new immigration bill which will make arriving in the UK without permission a criminal offence
People smugglers offering migrants ‘money back’ guarantees to cross Channel
The Telegraph (23-Jul-2021)
Smuggling gangs are negotiating 'money back' guarantees to migrants on social media
Incredible pictures show packed migrant boat dwarfed by cross-Channel ferry as dozens more refugees arrive on UK's shores and Britain becomes 'a laughing stock to the rest of Europe'
Mail Online (23-Jul-2021)
A tiny inflatable dinghy packed with migrants was seen arriving in British waters today - as a legal cross-channel ferry waited in the background
Record of Failure: More Illegal Boat Migrants Have Landed in Britain This Year Than All of 2020
Breitbart (22-Jul-2021)
The number of boat migrants illegally crossing the English Channel from France has surpassed the yearly record
The French are fobbing us off… these boats must be turned back
The Sun (22-Jul-2021)
THERE is little that cross-Channel people smugglers like better than the beautiful, sunny weather we’ve experienced in the past few days

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