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Harwich: Former border chief voices migrant safety fears
BBC (28-Oct-2021)
A former UK Border Force chief says he fears further loss of life if migrants continue to cross the Channel
Can’t find workers? Why not pay more instead of exploiting children and migrants
Guardian (28-Oct-2021)
The Brits were warned by militant communist journal, the Financial Times, in 2017 that British industries were “addicted to cheap labour”
Build wall to halt migrants, German state chief tells EU
The Times (28-Oct-2021)
The European Union needs “fences and walls” on the Poland-Belarus border to block an influx of migrants
French far right flock to Zemmour’s banner as fear of ‘Muslim domination’ grows
The Times (28-Oct-2021)
According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, there were 6.8 million immigrants living in France last year
Too damn decent for the lot of them: SIR DAVID AMESS' own memoirs give an unaffected insight into his integrity, modesty and passion to make the world a better place - as well as a chilling foreboding of his death
Mail Online (26-Oct-2021)
I blame Blair for the way he dealt with immigration generally and for changing the face of London with no regard for social cohesion

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