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  • RT @MigObs: Newly updated briefing: Settlement in the UK https://t.co/HeIUQWhzwi
    8 hours ago - Retweet
  • 'May rebuffs pressure to exclude students from migration target' via @FT (£) https://t.co/UJFhFtqexL
    11 hours ago - Retweet
  • Worrying that removal of failed asylum seekers plunged two thirds since 2010, via @thetimes See our brief on Asylum, https://t.co/21CCPbNzsI
    11 hours ago - Retweet
  • 84% of the public want to see stronger action taken to remove illegal immigrants https://t.co/8Wo9BOAHPa
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • Removals of immigration offenders currently very low.Major increase in resources for this is essential 1/2 Our brief https://t.co/8Wo9BOAHPa
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • Interesting article by @ClareFoges via @thetimes. MW mentioned. 'Time to take control of illegal immigration' https://t.co/PLqG8xidSY
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • Migration Watch UK press comment on reports that foreign students may be separated from the net migration totals https://t.co/KvHFzoCK1S
    4 days ago - Retweet
  • Estimated net migration from inside and outside European Union (thousands), 1991 - September 2016 (Source: ONS) https://t.co/rNiQKK0jpY
    4 days ago - Retweet
  • 'No Brexit deal unless May accepts rules on European workers and security, Brussels says', @thetimes (£) https://t.co/JhALs31Jc1
    4 days ago - Retweet
  • RT @commonslibrary: Key dates in the #GeneralElection timetable: https://t.co/nHZXqC8b45 https://t.co/dbf4GGjKxx
    4 days ago - Retweet

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