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Border Force's migrant mission impossible
Daily Mail (03-Jul-2020)
So weak is the Government's grasp on the deepening emergency that it does not even know the total number of illegal immigrants in the UK.
Channel migrants 'should be returned to France'
BBC News (01-Jul-2020)
Migrants who cross the Channel in small boats should be returned to France before they can apply for asylum, the former head of the Border Force said.
Reading attack suspect Khairi Saadallah shouted 'Allahu akbar'
The Independent (30-Jun-2020)
The man accused of stabbing three gay men to death in a terror attack in Reading was shouting “Allahu akbar”
Asylum seeker warned of desire to 'stab and kill'
The Times (30-Jun-2020)
The warning came hours before launching a knife attack that left six people seriously wounded.
Priti Patel pledges new laws to bar and deport foreign criminals who 'abuse UK's hospitality
Daily Telegraph (30-Jun-2020)
The Home Secretary is planning new legislation that will make it easier and faster to remove foreign criminals

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