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  • Longer-term view hardly supports your assertion in @thetimes today that British emigration is 'on the rise'… https://t.co/VbNuajBFQu
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • @georgeeaton Re:your @NewStatesman claim on net contribution of £7bn a year, you never replied to our query on what is the source @jdportes
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • 'Cyprus may become migrant route to UK' via @thetimes (£) https://t.co/1Tme7GIchD
    2 days ago - Retweet
  • 'BBC News - Net migration to the UK falls to 248,000 in 2016' https://t.co/U9QhvZquwc
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • In year to Mar. 2017, there was 3% rise in study visa applications for higher education compared to previous year (Russell Group up 7%)
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • Top countries of nationality for National Insurance Number registrations in year to Mar. 2017: Romania (182k), Poland (84k) & Italy (62k)
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • Just over 590,000 National Insurance Numbers issued to EU nationals in year to Mar. 2017
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • The @ONS estimates that 55,000 EU citizens immigrated to the UK in 2016 to look for work
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • Work remains most commonly stated reason for immigration to UK. Non-British work-related immigration in 2016 was an estimated 226,000. @ONS
    3 days ago - Retweet
  • See our comment on today's ONS net migration figures https://t.co/gbONZgx8YM https://t.co/pjD3jZjDBK
    3 days ago - Retweet

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