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  • BBC News - Scottish Parliament backs referendum call https://t.co/lXERjTbLO9
    10 hours ago - Retweet
  • RT @daily_politics: Divided Britain debate: Writer @David_Goodhart debates his view of "anywheres" and "somewheres" with @MarkFieldMP and @…
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • RT @commonslibrary: This Wednesday @theresa_may is due to trigger #Article50. Read more using our impartial briefing on #Brexit https://t.c…
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • He adds that a recent study by the NatCen thinktank indicated that 68% want the principle of free movement to go
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • As @MatthewdAncona notes, 61% of public see immigration curbs as priority in forthcoming negotiations
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • PM hints Brexit could mean more powers being passed to devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland https://t.co/ihguZle9ND
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • 'EU migrants keep benefits after Brexit' via @thetimes https://t.co/YiEgKjx2BC
    1 day ago - Retweet
  • RT @UKandEU: After #Article50 - the timeline by @Usherwood @SurreyPolitics PLEASE RETWEET https://t.co/iJ6cojg59F
    4 days ago - Retweet
  • During period in which migration rose to record levels, size of Home Office workforce 'fell by 9%', 2010-2016 https://t.co/pSs737kxoe (£)
    4 days ago - Retweet
  • Interesting article by Paul Collier. 'Neighbouring countries are usually best placed to provide safe haven' https://t.co/HqBEIUVAmY
    4 days ago - Retweet

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