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Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman
Lord Green of Deddington
Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman
Alp Mehmet

Our central concern is the current massive level of immigration which, if allowed to continue, would mean that the population of the UK would increase by 10 million in 25 years, 82% of it due to future migrants and their children. Migration is, of course, a natural part of an open economy and society but it must be sustainable and must have the assent of the British public - yet many in the media and political class have long dismissed widespread public concern and the strong view of a clear majority that the current level of net migration of around a quarter of a million a year must be significantly reduced.

As an independent and non-political research organisation, we are a leading voice in making the facts known as widely as possible and in making suggestions as to how immigration might be reduced. Here you will find twelve topics, covering all the key aspects of immigration. Founded in 2001, we have a long track record of getting our estimates right as you will see from our record here.

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Is a merit based immigration system the best way to address a country's labour shortage?
BBC World Service (02-Aug-2019)
Neil Anderson, of Migration Watch UK, Demetrios Papademetriou of Migration Policy Institute and Madeleine Sumption of Migration Observatory discuss.
Boris Johnson axes Theresa May's vow to lower immigration to the 'tens of thousands'
Politics Home (26-Jul-2019)
In a statement to the House of Commons he said: “No-one believes more strongly than me in the benefits of migration to our country.'
It would be a huge mistake if the next PM does away with immigration targets
Daily Telegraph (19-Jul-2019)
The Conservatives must have a clear objective to cut immigration overall.
Refugees living on British military base in Cyprus allowed to settle in UK
Channel 4 (17-Jul-2019)
Five refugee families are being resettled in the UK.
Most people think it is right to reduce migration
Conservative Home (17-Jul-2019)
Net migration adds a city the size of Newcastle upon Tyne to the population each year.

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