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Migrants should be let into Britain until 2021, says the EU: Negotiators want to push back the date in return for two-year transition deal
Daily Mail (12-Dec-2017)
Britain is facing demands to push back the ‘cut-off date’ for new EU migrants to 2021 in return for a two-year transition deal.
Britain is still No1 destination for top European jobseekers ‘despite Brexit’, research claims
The Sun (12-Dec-2017)
Workers polled across 15 EU countries named London as the number one destination for a new job.
Theresa May must lay down immutable red lines to Brussels and stick to them
Brexit Central (05-Dec-2017)
These coming weeks are a real test for the Prime Minister and the Government.
The European Court of Justice's authority must end if we are to take back control
Sunday Telegraph (05-Dec-2017)
Any oversight in relation to EU citizens could lead to a 'mission creep'.
Britain has ‘no way’ of tracking down hundreds of thousands working here on the black market, staff chief claims
The Sun (29-Nov-2017)
Lucy Moreton, head of the Border Force trade union, said drastic cuts to the immigration enforcement workforce meant the UK was now a soft touch.

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