Media Reports Archive : 2016

Nicola Sturgeon's soft Brexit plan labelled 'complete madness' after 10-year delay emerges

Nicola Sturgeon’s blueprint to keep Scotland in the EU single market after Brexit is under fire.

Herald Scotland - 22 Dec 2016

Foreign patients run up £30m of unpaid NHS bills in one year

Overseas patients have accumulated almost £30 million in unpaid NHS bills in one year, figures show.

The Times - 20 Dec 2016

Sturgeon: UK could stay in single market

Ms Sturgeon said powers over immigration were increasingly vital for the protection of Scotland's interests, and should be devolved to Holyrood.

BBC News - 20 Dec 2016

All public officials may have to swear an oath to British values, signals Communities Secretary Sajid Javid

Migrants will be forced to swear an oath to British values under plans from the Government’s first Muslim Minister, Sajid Javid.

The Sun - 19 Dec 2016

Andy Burnham: Labour wrong to put single market ahead of immigration

Above all, I am clear the referendum result was a majority vote for an end to the current system of free movement.

The Guardian - 19 Dec 2016

Surge in Eastern European students awarded UK university places ahead of Brexit vote, figures show

Students from Eastern European countries who were awarded places at British universities surged by up to 50 per cent ahead of the Brexit vote.

Daily Telegraph - 15 Dec 2016

We won’t negotiate over EU migrants, says Davis

Britain will not negotiate with Europe over immigration, David Davis said yesterday.

The Times - 15 Dec 2016

Labour splits on immigration as Keir Starmer says free movement cannot be ignored in Brexit talks

Labour frontbenchers were at odds once more over immigration today.

Politics Home - 14 Dec 2016

We will need an interim deal after Brexit, says Hammond

Philip Hammond has conceded that there is likely to be a transition period after formally leaving the European Union in 2019 to ease Britain’s exit.

The Times - 13 Dec 2016

Immigration WAS the key issue for Brexiteers in the historic EU referendum battle, according to huge analysis of social media comments

Groundbreaking study of nearly three million tweets by University of Sheffield shows control of borders came up far more than sovereignty.

Daily Mail - 13 Dec 2016

MPs to travel around UK to hear public's views on immigration

A group of MPs are to hold public meetings across the UK to hear people's views on immigration and how it should be handled after the UK leaves the EU

BBC News - 9 Dec 2016

Low-paid Brits could pocket a £150 rise once Theresa May is able to slash EU immigration, a report claims

Net migration could tumble by as much as 150,000 per year if Britain is able to restrict get back control of our borders.

The Sun - 8 Dec 2016

Revealed: Government officials miss out on £120million as two thirds of fines issued to firms for hiring illegal immigrants go UNPAID

Two thirds of fines issued to firms for hiring illegal immigrants go unpaid, official figures reveal.

Daily Mail - 8 Dec 2016

Parts of London see 85% of children born to foreign parent

Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch, said: “These figures make clear yet again, that rapid population growth continues to be driven by immigration.'

Daily Express - 5 Dec 2016

It is not racist to say change is too much and we need to develop a bold new integration plan to help immigrants adapt to life in the UK

Our freedoms and equalities are part of what makes this country so great and so attractive to others, says Dame Louise.

The Sun - 5 Dec 2016

Huge backlog as EU citizens rush to secure British residency

Migration Watch UK urged government to close the door on unskilled labour migration from the EU by extending the current non-EU work permit system.

The Guardian - 2 Dec 2016

Net migration stays near record high

Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch UK, said the figures show Britain needs to take a 'strong position on immigration in the Brexit negotiations'.

BBC News - 2 Dec 2016

Legal battle over UK's single market membership

The government is facing a legal battle over whether the UK stays inside the single market after it has left the EU, the BBC has learned.

BBC News - 28 Nov 2016

Theresa May 'keen to provide certainty' to EU citizens in UK

Theresa May is to meet her Polish counterpart amid calls for clarity on the rights of Poles living in the UK after Brexit.

Sky News - 28 Nov 2016

NHS passport checks have tripled income recouped in first scheme

Passport checks on patients before treatment can almost triple the amount of money the NHS can recoup from health tourists, new figures suggest.

Daily Telegraph - 23 Nov 2016

Show your passport if you want to use the NHS, patients could be told

Every NHS patient could be asked to show their passport before they receive healthcare, a senior official has said.

Daily Telegraph - 22 Nov 2016

Oxford's Migration Observatory: 'Too early' to tell what effect Brexit has had on migrant workers in the UK

Lord Green of Deddington said: 'This is yet another large increase in the labour force driven by an increase in foreign workers.'

Oxford Mail - 21 Nov 2016

Asylum claims across European Union pass the one million mark and the final tally for this year is set to top 2015's record figure

The number of asylum claims lodged in the EU this year has passed a million, official figures indicate.

Daily Mail - 21 Nov 2016

Brits are stupid! Peer behind Article 50 sparks fury after he says we need MORE migrants because we're not intelligent enough

A peer sparked fury last night after arguing that the country needed immigration because ‘we native Brits are so bloody stupid’.

Daily Mail - 18 Nov 2016

Senior Labour figure admits the free movement of people ‘hasn’t worked’ for millions of Britons

Clive Lewis says employers should not be able to undercut the wages of local workers by hiring people from overseas.

The Sun - 18 Nov 2016

Nicola Sturgeon 'mess' over Brexit after single market proposal attacked in Scottish Government report she introduced

Scottish government analysis of the Norway plan that concluded this was not a “desirable option” from an economic or democratic perspective.

Daily Telegraph - 17 Nov 2016

Foreign born workers take 90% of new jobs in Britain since Brexit

The NUMBER of East Europeans working in Britain has surged by over 50,000 since the bombshell Brexit vote – official figures revealed yesterday.

The Sun - 17 Nov 2016

Number of Eastern European migrants working in the UK since Brexit vote has increased, figures show

The number of Eastern Europeans working in the UK has surged since the referendum vote.

Daily Telegraph - 16 Nov 2016

Boost for May on free movement: Merkel hints at new migration limit as Boris savages EU's open borders

Angela Merkel has conceded the European Union could overhaul its rules on migration – but only to try to keep Britain in the single market.

Daily Mail - 16 Nov 2016

France 'will definitely close UK border at Calais'

Arnaud Danjean said France no longer wanted the 'negative burden' of migrants aiming to cross the Channel being detained on its soil.

BBC News - 14 Nov 2016

Theresa May: 'Change is in the air. And when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond.'

The Prime Minister will use her first Mansion House address to warn the political class must respond to public fears about immigration.

Daily Mail - 14 Nov 2016

Theresa May says migration curbs won't damage trade

Theresa May has insisted the UK can increase international trade while curbing immigration, saying a 'world of opportunities' awaits after Brexit.

BBC News - 10 Nov 2016

Immigration topped concerns for Brexit voters

Close to half (47.8%) of those who voted to leave the EU did so because they believed it was 'the only way we can control our borders'.

Euractiv - 2 Nov 2016

Call for action to tackle growing ethnic segregation across UK

Politicians must urgently tackle the increasing ethnic polarisation of many of Britain’s towns and cities, according to a senior academic.

The Guardian - 2 Nov 2016

I've seen first hand how easily our asylum system can be abused, writes Andy Jones

The problem is that there is no sure way to sort those who pass our criteria from those who are attempting to game them.

Telegraph - 31 Oct 2016

Barking and Dagenham faces 50 year wait for new homes according to BBC documentary

A London council have been accused of failing residents after a documentary showed that there is a 50 year waiting time for affordable housing.

The Enquirer - 31 Oct 2016

Unpaid foreign debt costs health service £200m

The failure of NHS trusts to recover debt from overseas visitors will cost the health service more than £200 million next year.

The Times - 28 Oct 2016

The Calais Jungle is a disgrace and must never be allowed to rise again, writes Juliet Samuel

Fourteen years after the Sangatte refugee centre was shut, riot police and burning tents have returned to the fields of Calais.

Daily Telegraph - 28 Oct 2016

Tesco boss sparks outrage by demanding Britain keeps flow of cheap European labour despite Brexit vote

Supermarket chief John Allan fears planned immigration controls will create shortage of people willing to do 'ordinary important jobs'.

The Sun - 26 Oct 2016

Others shouldn’t be blamed for Cameron’s renegotiation failure on immigration, writes Migration Watch UK's Lord Green

The public consistently tell pollsters that pressure on services from high levels of migration concern them.

Conservative Home - 26 Oct 2016

The damning verdict of an asylum judge who has spent 16 years sifting 'cheats and chancers' from the deserving

The devastating truth is this: the vast majority of those the courts have decided to remove are still here, writes James Hanratty.

Mail on Sunday - 24 Oct 2016

Deserted Lithuania relies on refugees

The population of Lithuania has shrunk as people have gone abroad in search of higher wages and better job prospects — half of them to Britain.

The Times - 24 Oct 2016

May slaps down Hammond over migration target: A day after he said foreign students could be stripped out of figures, PM insists: No they won't

Theresa May delivered a slapdown to Chancellor Philip Hammond last night after the Government endured a chaotic 24 hours over the issue of fore.

Daily Mail - 21 Oct 2016

Sadiq Khan is expecting London visa proposals within weeks

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is expecting to receive proposals for a new London visa system within weeks .

City AM - 20 Oct 2016

Make agriculture more appealing to domestic workers by paying higher wages and improving working conditions, says Migration Watch UK

Reintroducing a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme to meet the need for part-time workers should be a last resort, says Migration Watch UK.

Farmers Weekly - 20 Oct 2016

Eight year influx: Cabinet row erupts as ministers try to delay introduction of tough new immigration system until 2024

Amber Rudd is allying with Chancellor Philip Hammond to insist a new visa system could only be brought in gradually.

The Sun - 18 Oct 2016

Secondary schools are being 'crippled' by a baby boom fuelled by migration as applications for places soar by 50 per cent

More than half of England's secondary schools are oversubscribed as they are 'crippled' by a baby boom fuelled by high migration, new figures show.

Daily Mail - 18 Oct 2016

EU workers will get a visa ONLY if they have a skilled job: Post-Brexit regime would slash net migration by 100,000

Earlier this year, Migration Watch UK called for a system similar to the one now being backed by ministers.

Daily Mail - 17 Oct 2016

Hammond clashes with Brexiteers on migrants

The chancellor has angered Eurosceptic ministers by calling for a delay on migration curbs that would lead to a hard Brexit and dismay business.

The Times - 17 Oct 2016

Rudd failed in bid to exempt students from migrant curbs

Amber Rudd made a failed attempt to persuade Theresa May to remove students from the net migration figures, allies say.

The Times - 13 Oct 2016

London population growth rate twice that of UK, official figures show

London's population grew at twice the rate of the UK as a whole between 2011 and 2015, and could reach almost 10 million by the middle of next decade.

The Guardian - 13 Oct 2016

Government makes surprise 'climbdown' on Brexit scrutiny

Theresa May offers to accept more scrutiny of Brexit plans in a bid to stop Tory rebels backing a Labour motion.

Sky News - 12 Oct 2016

CBI chief: Don't stop migrants to the UK

The boss of the CBI business group insisted she will fight to protect Britain’s open-door immigration policy.

Daily Mail - 12 Oct 2016

UK close to deal to transfer child refugees from Calais, says Rudd

French authorities have agreed to verify by the end of this week a list of 387 child refugees with a legal right to come to the UK.

The Guardian - 11 Oct 2016

The EU and migration. Work permits are the way forward.

Brexit, we are told, means Brexit, but what does Brexit mean for immigration – a key issue in the referendum?

Conservative Home - 11 Oct 2016

Firms must list foreign workers

Companies will be forced to reveal how many foreign workers they employ under government plans to shame bosses who fail to take on British staff.

The Times - 5 Oct 2016

Stansted bosses slam Border Force over unmanned desks and closed gates which saw 5,000 waiting at Passport Control at midnight

Stansted Airport has blamed a lack of Border Force staff as the reason for passengers facing chaotic scenes as thousands queued at passport control.

Daily Mail - 5 Oct 2016

Britain will not wait for Brexit to cut migration

Amber Rudd is expected to use her conference speech to announce plans to limit the number of non-EU migrants.

Daily Telegraph - 4 Oct 2016

Student doctor numbers to rise by 25%

The number of medical school places will increase by 25% from 2018 under plans to make England 'self-sufficient' in training doctors.

BBC News - 4 Oct 2016

Liam Fox signals Britain will leave the single market in 'hard Brexit'

Liam Fox has given the strongest hint yet that the Government will prioritise border controls over membership of the Single Market.

Daily Telegraph - 30 Sep 2016

Ministers blasted after illegal worker arrests in the UK fall by half in two years despite promises from the Home Office

Government ministers have been blasted after it emerged the number of illegal workers arrested in Britain has plummeted in the last two years.

The Sun - 30 Sep 2016

How tragic that Corbyn has learnt nothing from my government's mistakes over immigration, writes Jack Straw

Outgoing Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham was right to say this week that Labour has been 'way too slow' to heed public concerns about immigration.

Daily Mail - 29 Sep 2016

'Th' sound to vanish from English language by 2066 because of multiculturalism, say linguists

Visitors expecting to hear the Queen’s English spoken on the streets of London in 50 years may need to 'fink' again.

Daily Telegraph - 29 Sep 2016

Labour will leave door open to migrants, declares Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn will commit Labour to fighting the next election on an open-door European Union immigration policy in his speech to conference.

The Times - 28 Sep 2016

Gangster dubbed ‘Godfather of traffickers’ ruled Calais Jungle and made £365k a month smuggling illegal migrants into UK

Iraqi Kurd crime lord Twana Jamal's evil empire was smashed by cops - ending the smuggler's reign as King of the Jungle.

The Sun - 27 Sep 2016

Corrections and clarifications

Contrary to our report, Migration Watch UK said there should be no restrictions on EU tourists, business visitors, students, or retired people.

The Times - 26 Sep 2016

Testing of foreign nurses gets easier: Hospital trust relaxes rules after just eight out of 220 applicants passed the English language exam

A hospital has relaxed language tests on foreign nurses after fewer than one in 20 passed the test Read more:

Daily Mail - 26 Sep 2016

End low-skilled immigration. Work permits are the way to secure Brexit Britain's borders , writes Migration Watch UK's Lord Green

The public have voted for control of EU migration. Control must mean a substantial reduction in numbers.

Telegraph - 26 Sep 2016

Migration of skilled workers from EU 'should be restricted to 30,000 per year'

Migration of highly-skilled workers from the EU to Britain should be restricted to 30,000 a year, according to a campaign group.

Press Association - 21 Sep 2016

Limit Post-Brexit EU Immigration to 30,000, Migration Watch Says

The U.K. should limit the number of work permits issued to European Union nationals to 30,000 a year.

Bloomberg - 21 Sep 2016

Is government delivering on its migration promises?

We track the progress the government is making - or not - in achieving the promises made by the Conservatives in their 2015 election manifesto.

BBC News - 19 Sep 2016

Swiss MPs to ignore voters on migrant curb

The Swiss parliament is set to defy voters and water down proposals to curb immigration in an effort to preserve its trade ties with the EU.

The Times - 19 Sep 2016

UK facing more than 40,000 asylum applications this year as migrants turn to 'covert methods', report finds

Britain faces more than 40,000 asylum applications this year as migrants increasingly resort to using “covert” methods to get into Europe.

Telegraph - 16 Sep 2016

Sadiq Khan: Rapid immigration is leading to communities feeling isolated

Sadiq Khan will warn that some new communities in London are becoming “increasingly segregated” as rapid immigration transforms parts of the city.

Evening Standard - 16 Sep 2016

No substantive talks for 12 months, Herman Van Rompuy predicts

Substantive Brexit talks between the UK and the rest of the EU unlikely to start much before the end of 2017, former European Council president says.

BBC News - 15 Sep 2016

Teach integration to prevent extremism, Government-backed review expected to say

Schools should teach integration as part of the curriculum, a Government-backed review is expected to recommend.

Telegraph - 15 Sep 2016

Here's how to reform immigration to ensure better paid, better trained Britons

As long as the immigration crutch remains, the incentive for employers to invest more in training remains limited, writes David Goodhart.

Telegraph - 14 Sep 2016

Visa scheme will help farmers find 75,000 migrant workers

Tens of thousands of foreign workers could get temporary visas to pick fruit and vegetables under government plans.

The Times - 13 Sep 2016

Post-Brexit Britain will only accept highly-skilled workers with well-paid job offers

Home Secretary Amber Rudd set to adopt tough work permit system to ensure new arrivals from Europe are slashed.

The Sun - 13 Sep 2016

Work permits among Brexit options, home secretary says

Work permits are among the post-Brexit migration curbs being considered, the Home Secretary says.

BBC News - 12 Sep 2016

My day at court that proved foreigners ARE overloading the justice system, writes Dominic Lawson

For example, we know that British courts are dealing with more than 700 notifications involving EU migrants every week — a rise of nearly 40 per cent.

Daily Mail - 12 Sep 2016

Migration curbs won’t apply to bankers, says Hammond

European bankers and financiers will be exempted from free movement curbs, the chancellor has suggested.

The Times - 9 Sep 2016

One in four would take a pay cut to curb migration: Poll reveals EU population movement is voters' priority

Determination to slash EU immigration is so strong that millions of Britons would be prepared to suffer a salary cut in return, a new study reveals.

Daily Mail - 9 Sep 2016

Theresa May and points-based immigration

'Points-based systems are intended to maximise selective migration inflow with minimum scrutiny of individual migrants,' writes David Coleman.

Letter to the Times - 8 Sep 2016

Jeremy Corbyn opens split with John McDonnell by suggesting Britain should leave single market

Jeremy Corbyn has opened a public split with his shadow chancellor by suggesting he wants Britain to leave the single market after Brexit.

Telegraph - 8 Sep 2016

Britain does not need or want an Australian-style immigration system

If your aim is to cut down on job-seeking immigration, then the last thing you would want is an Australian points-based system.

Telegraph - 7 Sep 2016

EU nationals living in UK 'cannot be identified'

There is no reliable data to identify EU nationals in the UK or the length of their stay in the country, immigration minister Robert Goodwill said.

BBC News - 7 Sep 2016

Theresa May slaps down Boris on his plans for an Australian-style migrant point system

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: 'The way to cut immigration from the European Union is by issuing work permits.'

Daily Mail - 5 Sep 2016

A points system v work permits. Either way, voters want less immigration.

The referendum message from the British people was unambiguous: they want less immigration and more control.

Conservative Home - 5 Sep 2016

Shock new figures reveal 800,000 more EU nationals are working here than appear in official statistics

Up to 800,000 more EU nationals have been working in Britain than the totals picked up in official job figures, tax chiefs have revealed.

The Sun - 2 Sep 2016

UK and France pledge 'close co-operation' to resolve Calais migrants issue

The UK and France have pledged to work together and 'step up' moves to improve the migrant situation in Calais.

BBC News - 2 Sep 2016

Poland overtakes India as country of origin, UK migration statistics show

Poland has overtaken India as the most common non-UK country of birth for people living in the UK, Office for National Statistics figures show.

BBC News - 26 Aug 2016

PM urged to get a grip as fugures reveal nearly 130,000 migrants have come to the UK in search of jobs

More than 127,000 jobless migrants have flocked to Britain to look for work in the past year in shock figures that sparked fresh calls for action.

The Sun - 26 Aug 2016

18,000 illegal immigrants caught working in Britain in just three years… but only A THIRD are kicked out

Nearly 18,000 illegal immigrants have been caught working in Britain over the past three years – equivalent to 16 every day.

The Sun - 24 Aug 2016

Worldwide concern is growing over immigration levels which are higher than any time since the Second World War

Britons are most likely out of any of the countries included to say that priority should be given to people with high levels of qualifications.

AFP - 24 Aug 2016

Human Rights Act will be scrapped in favour of British Bill of Rights

The Human Rights Act will be scrapped in favour of a British Bill of Rights by the new Government, the Justice Secretary has pledged.

Telegraph - 23 Aug 2016

‘We want you back!’ Eastern Europe launches mass campaign for migrants to return from UK

The ‘brain drain’ costs Eastern European countries an average of seven per cent of their gross domestic product every year.

Express - 22 Aug 2016

Judge who rejects most claims despairs at how only a tiny few actually leave Britain

You must believe me when I say this: our immigration controls are broken and and the country cannot cope.

Mail on Sunday - 22 Aug 2016

Eastern European workers in UK pass one million

The number of UK workers from eight eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004 has passed one million for the first time.

BBC News - 18 Aug 2016

Patients at risk from EU doctors who can barely speak English

Patients are put at risk by EU rules that prevent officials properly testing the language skills of doctors, dentists and nurses, experts warn.

Daily Mail - 18 Aug 2016

MIGRATION CAUSES LOWER PAY: Soaring rise in immigration ‘has cost blue collar Brits £450’

Left-leaning think tank says number of migrants has forced workers to tighten belts.

The Sun - 17 Aug 2016

Asylum seeker system must be overhauled by Home Office, says Migration Watch chief Alanna Thomas

Migration Watch's Alanna Thomas has called for the Home Office to overhaul its system to deal with asylum claims.

Talk Radio - 17 Aug 2016

Tens of thousands of illegal migrants exploit flaws to remain in Britain

More than a third of asylum applications are being made by migrants who are illegally in the country or have overstayed their visas.

The Times - 15 Aug 2016

The EU’s cherished free-movement rights are less secure than they seem

A recent IMF report found that post-communist emigration from eastern European countries has stunted their growth and strained public finances.

Economist - 15 Aug 2016

Six in ten say migration puts pressure on NHS, schools and housing

Six in ten British voters think immigration is piling too much pressure on schools, hospitals and housing – well above the worldwide average.

Daily Mail - 12 Aug 2016

NHS at breaking point from overuse and budget cuts as 175 GPs across England REFUSE to take new patients

The number of GP practices trying to stop taking on new patients has more than doubled in the last year.

The Sun - 12 Aug 2016

Blow for migrant deal as Turkey rejects EU terror law demands

Minister deals a fresh blow to the fragile deal between the EU and Ankara that has helped stem the flow of refugees and migrants to European shores.

FT - 9 Aug 2016

The crisis is so grave that we need a minister for migration

Think-tank Policy Exchange offers some practical proposals for curbing Britain’s soaring population.

Mail Online - 9 Aug 2016

PM 'needs bureau' to monitor new arrivals to UK and beat border bungles, says Policy Exchange

Theresa May should set up a new Immigration Ministry to cut massive inflows into Britain, a think tank argues today.

The Sun - 8 Aug 2016

Bring in Australian points-based immigration system by 2020, ex-cabinet ministers say

Theresa May must adopt an Australian points-based immigration system by 2020 or face a backlash from Brexit voters, two former cabinet ministers say.

Telegraph - 8 Aug 2016

It'll be hard enough to limit legal migrants - but what about the million-plus ILLEGAL ones?

We can’t overlook the fact that while the number of people entering the UK rose by 10% between 2010 and 2015, the Border Force’s budget was cut.

Mail Online - 5 Aug 2016

‘One million’ migrants in UK illegally

Up to one million illegal immigrants may be living in Britain and many will never be deported, a former head of the UK Border Agency claims.

The Times - 3 Aug 2016

Stephen Glover - Mass migration, the betrayal of a generation and how we CAN solve the housing crisis

Unless we succeed in getting net migration down, immigration will necessitate millions of new homes over the next few decades.

Mail Online - 3 Aug 2016

Home Office pilots more generous visa scheme for international postgraduate students

Some international students at prestigious universities will automatically be allowed to stay on in the UK for six months after their courses end.

Politics Home - 2 Aug 2016

Four ways to curb migration post-Brexit

The FT examines the benefits and drawbacks of the options open to the UK’s negotiators.

Financial Times - 2 Aug 2016

Wealthy foreigners face visa bans if they are caught bringing people into Britain for a life of servitude

Wealthy foreigners caught employing domestic slaves in the UK face a visa ban under a determined crackdown on 'modern slavery'.

Mail Online - 1 Aug 2016

Immigration is TOP concern for EU residents

An EU-wide survey of 32,000 people on behalf of the European Commission has found immigration remains at the top of the most frequently cited issues.

Express - 1 Aug 2016

Third of commuters have to stand on trains

Britain’s trains are so crowded that more than a third of commuters have to stand on some routes in the morning rush hour.

The Times - 29 Jul 2016

Theresa May 'wants and expects' to protect rights of Poles in UK

Theresa May has said she 'wants and expects' to be able to protect the rights of Polish citizens in the UK, if British expats' rights are protected.

BBC News - 29 Jul 2016

May demands an EU divorce tailor-made for Britain

Theresa May has demanded a Brexit deal tailor-made for Britain, warning that she would not accept an agreement already “on the shelf”.

The Times - 28 Jul 2016

'No single market without freedom of movement', Juncker tells Merkel and May as he slaps down migration deal

The President of the EU Commission has confirmed Britain would lose unrestricted access to the single market if it did not accept freedom of movement.

Mail Online - 26 Jul 2016

Nearly SIX THOUSAND foreign criminals still in UK after being released from prison

Almost 1,800 foreign criminals who should have been deported are still here five years after being freed from jail.

The Sun - 26 Jul 2016

Theresa May plans new immigration crackdown on student visas

The new government is preparing the ground for a fresh crackdown on immigration amid concerns that universities have become an easy route in.

Telegraph - 25 Jul 2016

The Home Office STILL is not fit for purpose, blasts Jonathan Foreman

The UK may be about to see a sea change in the often chaotic ways that it has managed migration in recent years.

Express - 25 Jul 2016

McGuinness 'cannot see how Common Travel Area can survive'

Martin McGuinness has said he cannot see how the Common Travel Area between Northern Ireland and the Republic could survive in Brexit negotiations.

BBC News - 22 Jul 2016

Surge in migrant ‘lorry drops’ overwhelms border officers

The number of migrants found in the backs of lorries or cars in Britain more than doubled to 6,400 last year.

The Times - 22 Jul 2016

Welcome words on immigration, Mrs May - now for action on the issue voters desperately want dealt with after years of broken promises and lip service

What voters desperately want, after years of broken promises and politicians paying lip service to their concerns, is action and results.

Daily Mail - 21 Jul 2016

Amber Rudd aims to reduce UK immigration to 'sustainable levels'

Home secretary casts doubts on future of government’s target to cut net migration to tens of thousands during this parliament.

The Guardian - 20 Jul 2016

Frank Field: We need a blueprint that delivers new homes and builders

The Brexit era should bring investment and skills-led growth. Two particular programmes are required: on homes and transport.

The Times - 20 Jul 2016

Britain will need 750,000 extra school places within the next TEN years due to a migration-fuelled population boom new figures show

Three quarters of a million new school places are needed in England in the next ten years amid a baby boom fuelled by migration.

Mail Online - 18 Jul 2016

Commission stays course on migration after Brexit

The European Commission’s migration chief says there are no plans to rethink the bloc’s migration policy after the British vote to leave the EU.

Politico - 12 Jul 2016

The number of Polish passport enquiries rises by a staggering 10,000 per cent since Brexit vote

Private companies are now also advertising Polish citizenship and passports for sale

The Sun - 11 Jul 2016

Health tourists jump NHS queue: Foreign patients given eye surgery while Britons wait for months

Health tourists are jumping the queue ahead of NHS patients for life-changing cataract operations, an investigation has revealed.

Mail Online - 11 Jul 2016

The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know

This article is designed to be an easy-to-understand guide now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union.

BBC News - 24 Jun 2016

UK population 'rises 500,000 to 65million': Figure has gone up by nearly five million in just ten years

The country’s population has passed the 65million mark, new official figures are likely to show today.

Mail Online - 23 Jun 2016

GPs are seeing 150,000 more patients a day than just seven years ago

Increase in patient numbers blamed on ageing population and migration.

Mail Online - 22 Jun 2016

Port of Calais closed for two hours as migrants swim in the harbour trying to board ferries to Britain

Dock workers said the migrants are risking their lives in the middle of the night out of desperation.

The Sun - 21 Jun 2016

Forgers fix EU passports for Brazil’s poor

Gangs exploit rules that allow those of Italian or Portuguese descent to move back to Europe.

The Times - 21 Jun 2016

PM knew FOUR years ago he'd never meet immigration target while inside the EU, reveals former closest aide

David Cameron was told four years ago his immigration target was 'impossible' while Britain is in the EU – but continued to make the promise.

Mail Online - 21 Jun 2016

Migrants put strain on down-at-heel mill town

Once a wealthy mill town that flourished in the industrial revolution, Rochdale suffered during the recession.

The Times - 16 Jun 2016

Britain clears path to further Turkey EU membership talks

Turkey’s EU membership talks are set to be given a boost within a fortnight.

Financial Times - 16 Jun 2016

EU court rejects child benefits challenge

A challenge to the right of the UK to deny some EU migrants child benefit and child tax credits has been rejected by European judges.

BBC News - 14 Jun 2016

EU entry will mean 100,000 Turks a year, minister warns

An extra 100,000 people will come to Britain every year if Turkey is allowed to join the European Union, the employment minister has warned.

The Times - 14 Jun 2016

More than 250,000 people could move to Britain EVERY year for at least two decades

A think tank warned net migration to Britain would continue to run at more than 250,000 a year for two decades even if Turkey does not join the EU.

Mail Online - 14 Jun 2016

You cannot jail illegal immigrants, court says

An ECJ judgement will prevent future imprisonment of non-European migrants even if they have entered a country in the Schengen travel area illegally.

The Times - 8 Jun 2016

Now 30,000 a year get into Britain as spouse of EU citizens

More than 30,000 non-EU immigrants a year are taking advantage of a backdoor into Britain created by Brussels.

Mail Online - 8 Jun 2016

The Australian model is a distraction. What we need is a work permit system that applies to all-comers

If the UK vote to leave the EU, government should seek the introduction of work permits for EU migrants, but only for workers with skills we need.

Mail Online - 6 Jun 2016

Navy called into patrol Channel for migrants

The UK Border Force has asked the Royal Navy to help defend the English Channel from people smugglers.

Sunday Times - 6 Jun 2016

Migrants from EU bad for NHS, schools and housing, say voters

Most voters believe that recent EU migration has been bad for the NHS, schools, housing and national security, according to new polling.

The Times - 2 Jun 2016

Uncontrolled Immigration Means Finis Britanniae

The United Kingdom is at two historic turning points. They go together. Much depends on the outcome.

Standpoint - 31 May 2016

Nearly 500,000 refugees and their kids 'could come to Britain from EU by 2020

Migration Watch estimates 4.8 million asylum seekers will head to Europe “over a period of years”, with between 5% and 10% coming to the UK.

Mirror - 31 May 2016

Net migration increase 'no shock to people in Boston'

Net migration to the UK has risen to its second highest level on record, according to the latest official figures.

BBC News - 27 May 2016

Net migration to UK rises to 333,000 - second highest on record

Net migration to the UK rose to 333,000 in 2015, according to Office for National Statistics estimates - the second highest figure on record.

BBC News - 27 May 2016

Slashing EU immigration would not hit the UK economy hard, academics declare

A respected think tank said cutting total net migration by two-thirds would only knock one per cent off national output.

The Sun - 25 May 2016

Migrants spark housing crisis: Now EU tells Britain to build more homes as open borders send population soaring

Britain has been ordered by Brussels to build more houses – to cope with all the EU immigrants.

Mail Online - 20 May 2016

EU migrant workers rise 250,000 in a year as British job market thrives

Migrants from Spain, Portugal and Italy helped to push the number of EU migrants working in the UK to a record level last year, official figures show.

The Times - 19 May 2016

The missing million: Are we undercounting Britain's immigrants?

Concerns raised that system of measuring immigration could be understating the number of people moving from the European Union to the UK.

Telegraph - 19 May 2016

Interpol: 800,000 Migrants Ready To Head To EU

An estimated 800,000 migrants are waiting in Libya to cross into Europe, a report by Interpol and Europol says.

Sky News - 18 May 2016

Immigration from Europe 'cost the British taxpayer £3m a day' last year

European immigrants to Britain cost the taxpayer £3 million a day last year, according to new analysis.

Telegraph - 17 May 2016

EU Migration costs Britain £3m every day, shock report warns

EU migration is costing Britain a net £3 million EACH DAY due to the huge strain on benefits and public services – a new report claims.

The Sun - 17 May 2016

Europe's migrant story enters new phase

The stunning flow of more than one million people through the eastern Mediterranean, northwards to EU countries that we saw last year has now stopped.

BBC News - 10 May 2016

Erdogan reaffirms EU membership as Turkey's 'strategic goal'

Membership of the European Union remains Turkey's strategic goal, President Tayyip Erdogan has said.

Reuters - 9 May 2016

Time for an honest debate about the impact of migration on public services

Free movement of people from elsewhere in the EU has contributed to significant growth in the number of children that our schools must accommodate.

Telegraph - 9 May 2016

Huge rise in pupils from eastern Europe

The number of school-age children from the European Economic Area coming to the UK each year rose more than eightfold in a decade.

The Times - 6 May 2016

Turkish power struggle threatens EU migrant deal

A pivotal deal to staunch the flow of migrants from Turkey into the EU, masterminded by Angela Merkel, German chancellor, is in doubt.

Financial Times - 6 May 2016

Cameron’s benefit curbs hit only 10% of new migrants

Only 10 to 20 per cent of newly arrived European Union migrants are receiving tax credits, according to a new report.

The Times - 4 May 2016

European Union to grant visa-free entry to 127 million

The European Commission is ready to give its approval this week to plans allowing visa-free travel to Europe for 127m people.

The Times - 3 May 2016

Extra 50,000 Eastern Europeans slip into UK 'boosting migration figures to record 380,000'

The news is yet another blow to PM's migration target of reducing net number to below 100,000.

The Sun - 27 Apr 2016

Taxpayers foot the bill for 150,000-a-year interpreters needed in UK courts

Critics blame 'extraordinary levels of migration' for the 420 requests every day.

The Sun - 22 Apr 2016

Number of refugees granted asylum in the UK soars by 26% in a YEAR with nearly 50 a day now being allowed to stay

The number of refugees granted asylum in Britain soared by 26 per cent last year as the migration crisis engulfed Europe.

Mail Online - 21 Apr 2016

Supreme Court grants appeal against Government block on foreigners’ taxpayer funded legal aid

Plans to stop foreigners getting legal help funded by the taxpayer were thrown into chaos last night.

The Sun - 19 Apr 2016

EU nationals don't need special card - or even any ID - to get free treatment, minister admits

People from other EU countries can register with a GP and access health treatment for free in Britain without a European Health Insurance Card.

Mail Online - 18 Apr 2016

School's out.. of any places: MP fears that mass migration could deal class blow for tens of thousands of children

Tens of thousands of families will pay the price for 'uncontrolled immigration' by missing out on their preferred primary school.

The Sun - 18 Apr 2016

Six-year-olds arrive alone in Britain to claim asylum

Children as young as six have arrived alone in Britain to claim asylum, council chiefs have said.

The Times - 14 Apr 2016

EU migrants mostly from six nations

Six European countries drove 80 per cent of the increase in EU migrants living in Britain over the past five years.

The Times - 13 Apr 2016

Revealed: British trafficking gangs making millions from refugee crisis

Criminal gangs, who help bring migrants to Britain by sea or air, are advertising their five-figure services on more than 200 websites.

Mail Online - 13 Apr 2016

UK blocks 40 dangerous migrants a week from Europe who raise red flags during checks

Number of refugees thought to be danger to public has increased four-fold over five years.

The Sun - 11 Apr 2016

Births to mothers from Europe double in decade

Births to European Union mothers living in England and Wales have more than doubled in the decade.

The Times - 7 Apr 2016

Young Britons being squeezed out of the housing market by migration surge

The number of people still renting in their thirties has almost doubled to a record high since the financial crisis.

Mail Online - 7 Apr 2016

Number of EU migrants working in UK to be revealed weeks before referendum

HMRC will provide national insurance figures, which could prove immigration has been seriously underestimated.

The Guardian - 4 Apr 2016

Border chaos threatens deal to deport migrants

An EU deal to return tens of thousands of migrants from Greece to Turkey is in chaos amid shortages of officials to carry out the deportations.

The Times - 4 Apr 2016

Applications for British citizenship rise dramatically in the run up to Britain's referendum

Since David Cameron began renegotiating the UK's relationship with Brussels six months ago, the number of applications rose by a quarter.

Telegraph - 1 Apr 2016

British public must be told truth about immigration figures ahead of EU referendum, says watchdog

Office for National Statistics instructed to tell the public whether official immigration data 'falls short of providing a full picture'.

Telegraph - 31 Mar 2016

NHS signs up MORE foreign nurses: Bosses accused of using cheap labour to 'undercut' British staff

NHS bosses will recruit thousands of nurses from outside Europe amid claims they are exploiting cheap labour to 'undercut' British staff.

Mail Online - 29 Mar 2016

40% of planned illegal immigrant deportations cancelled

The removal of foreign criminals and illegal immigrants has to be cancelled in 40% of cases, a report has said.

BBC News - 24 Mar 2016

Trucks full of migrants enter Britain unchecked

More than 50 migrants hiding in two lorries have made it to Britain in the past 72 hours, fuelling fears over border controls.

The Times - 24 Mar 2016

Migrant loophole could let one in three stay within the European Union

A third of migrants landing in Greece could stay in the EU due to a loophole

The Sun - 22 Mar 2016

'I would rather die than be sent back to Turkey'

The Afghan mother flashed a smile as she and her five children clambered out of a rubber dinghy in Lesbos, elated to have finally made it to Europe.

The Times - 21 Mar 2016

British warships to intercept migrants off Libyan shore

David Cameron urges action to destroy boats close to the Libyan shore, ahead of gruelling night of talks over Turkey's 'blackmail' deal.

Telegraph - 18 Mar 2016

Osborne's economy figures are based on Government FAILING to hit target of reducing net migration level to 'tens of thousands'

George Osborne's economic blueprint relies on levels of immigration way above the Government's target, documents reveal.

Mail Online - 17 Mar 2016

'Many issues' in way of EU-Turkey deal

EU leaders are to meet to try to finalise a deal with Turkey to help ease the migrant crisis.

BBC News - 17 Mar 2016

Hundreds of migrants who risked their lives crossing river to get into Macedonia are rounded up on trucks and sent straight back to Greece

Hundreds of migrants who risked death crossing a treacherous river to enter Macedonia have been rounded up and will be sent straight back to Greece.

Mail Online - 15 Mar 2016

HMRC refuse to provide National Insurance figures that could show as many as 1.3 MILLION extra EU citizens are living in Britain

It emerged an official review will not examine crucial National Insurance data.

Mail Online - 14 Mar 2016

Refugee crisis spreads across Normandy coast

Migrants are camping in cliff caves and an abandoned church along the D-Day beaches of Normandy.

The Sun - 14 Mar 2016

EU to discuss closing Balkan route at summit

Turkish and EU leaders have gathered in Brussels for an emergency summit on tackling Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War Two.

BBC News - 7 Mar 2016

Home Office urged by MPs to get a grip on e-borders

The Home Office has been told by MPs to get a grip on a scheme to secure the UK's borders, which is set to be at least eight years late.

BBC News - 4 Mar 2016

A MILLION more migrants set to have reached EU by the end of the summer

A staggering one million more migrants will have reached the EU by the end of the summer

The Sun - 2 Mar 2016

NHS forced to recruit foreign and agency doctors as staff shortage leaves thousands of posts vacant

Thousands of NHS doctor and nursing posts are lying vacant, with 69% of trusts actively recruiting doctors and nurses from abroad.

Mirror - 1 Mar 2016

Britain risks migration timebomb as population set to swell by 500,000 a year

Home Office minister admits the population could be three million larger than official predictions by 2039.

The Sun - 1 Mar 2016

Must do better

The fight parents face to get their children into their first choice of school is getting harder because of soaring demand.

The Sun - 29 Feb 2016

Blow for Cameron as migration reaches 'new norm' of 320,000

Annual net migration rose to more than 320,000 last year prompting fears that the figure has become the norm.

The Times - 26 Feb 2016

NI numbers hint migrant total could be far higher

A row erupted last night over the 'huge discrepancy' between official immigration statistics and the issuing of National Insurance numbers.

Mail Online - 26 Feb 2016

Net migration at 323,000 prompts EU referendum row

New figures showing net migration to the UK remains near record levels have sparked a row between the two sides in the EU referendum debate.

BBC News - 25 Feb 2016

Iain Duncan Smith: David Cameron's EU deal will do nothing to reduce migration

David Cameron's EU renegotiation deal will do nothing to reduce net migration to the UK, Iain Duncan Smith has said.

The Guardian - 25 Feb 2016

Wait for a council house gets longer

Tenants waiting to get council houses are to be required to live for longer in the area, under plans to curb the access of EU citizens.

The Times - 23 Feb 2016

Children of the Jungle face eviction

Concerns are growing for 500 unaccompanied children in the

The Times - 19 Feb 2016

Europe's free movement begins to collapse as Austria enforces migrant cap

Europe's free movement rule has begun to collapse as Austria dramatically enforced its own daily cap on migrants and asylum seekers.

The Sun - 19 Feb 2016

Cameron faces new blow on child benefit

The PM faces another humiliating defeat on his promises to stop paying child benefits to European Union migrant workers whose families live overseas.

The Times - 17 Feb 2016

1 in 9 workers in Britain are now foreigners

Foreigners now account for nearly one in nine workers in Britain after a surge in the number of EU migrants coming to this country, figures reveal.

Telegraph Online - 17 Feb 2016

EU talks will go down to the wire, says Philip Hammond

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says Britain needs a 'robust deal' for staying in the EU, when European leaders meet at a summit this week.

BBC News - 15 Feb 2016

Cameron seeks migrant curb guarantee from MEPs

David Cameron will seek guarantees from MEP leaders tomorrow that they will not veto an emergency brake on migrant benefits.

The Times - 15 Feb 2016

Three million more migrants to come: Warning over new influx as 76,000 cross Med in past six weeks

Up to three million asylum seekers will arrive in Europe in the next two years, a report reveals.

Mail Online - 10 Feb 2016

We cannot let migrants shop around for sanctuary

A summit to raise funds for refugees would do better to scrap our outdated asylum rules.

The Times - 3 Feb 2016

EU law 'veto powers' to be unveiled

National parliaments will get new powers to block 'unwanted' EU law as part of the UK's renegotiations with Brussels, Downing Street sources say.

BBC News - 2 Feb 2016

Berlin leads plan to ferry migrants from Greece into Turkey

Every migrant entering Greece across the Aegean Sea would be returned to Turkey under plans being drawn up by European countries.

The Times - 29 Jan 2016

Leaving EU 'would cut migration by 100,000' - Migration Watch

Net migration could fall by about 100,000 a year if the UK leaves the EU and introduces work permits for EU citizens, a pressure group has said.

BBC News - 27 Jan 2016

This open-door immigration policy cannot go on

The Prime Minister's case to remain in the EU will be seriously undermined unless we can get an effective deal on Britain's borders

Telegraph Online - 26 Jan 2016

Migrant crisis: EU at grave risk, warns France PM Valls

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has warned that the migration crisis is putting the EU at grave risk.

BBC News - 22 Jan 2016

France presses for child refugees to reach UK

French officials have been ordered to identify refugees, mainly unaccompanied minors, able to claim asylum in Britain because they have family here.

The Times - 22 Jan 2016

Theresa May to charge firms employing skilled migrants

Home secretary aims to cut flow of skilled non-EU migrants by 20% a year.

The Guardian - 19 Jan 2016

Battle lines drawn over migrant crossings

There are signs that a whole battery of measures planned to restrict the traffic in people is starting to have an effect.

BBC News - 13 Jan 2016

Asylum applications to the UK more than double in ten months to 5,095

The number of migrants seeking asylum in Britain has more than doubled in ten months and has now reached a record 5,000 applications per month.

Mail Online - 6 Jan 2016

Borderless EU collapsing under strain of migrant chaos

The EU's dream of free movement within the Schengen zone faced ruin last night as Sweden imposed full border checks.

The Sun - 5 Jan 2016

Immigration is Britain's biggest worry, say voters

Immigration remains the biggest concern for Britons, theTimes/YouGov poll suggests.

The Times - 4 Jan 2016


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