Media Reports Archive : 2020

Ethiopian woman who became a symbol of integration in Italy is 'hammered to death and raped by a Ghanaian worker at her Alpine goat farm

An Ethiopian migrant who became a symbol of integration in Italy by building a thriving cheese business in the Alpine countryside has been killed

Mail Online - 31 Dec 2020

'Do-gooding' protests fail as 1,100 foreign-born criminals deported, says Home Office source

'Do-gooding' celebrity protests have failed, a Home Office source said as it was revealed that more than 1,100 foreign criminals have been deported

The Telegraph - 31 Dec 2020

BBC film on Dominic Cummings ‘breached accuracy rules’

A BBC documentary about Dominic Cummings broke accuracy rules by suggesting that the prime minister’s former chief adviser was prejudiced

The Times - 31 Dec 2020

Boris Johnson's immigration system torn apart by Brexit expert - 'It's out of date!'

Adam Williams, immigration lawyer at DMH Stallard, warned the points-based system is “out of date”.

Daily Express - 31 Dec 2020

Last-minute day trips give EU citizens the right to stay after Brexit

Top City lawyers have been advising European citizens to make last-minute trips to Britain before Friday to qualify for the right to live here

The Times - 30 Dec 2020

Immigration is Starmer’s biggest problem

Immigration was at the heart of Labour’s problem over Brexit

The Times - 30 Dec 2020

Almost 300 new homes need to be built every day to cope with current immigration levels

ALMOST 300 new homes will need to be built every single day to cope with current levels of immigration, new research has found

The Sun - 30 Dec 2020

Demand for housing will DOUBLE over the next two decades and homes will have to be found for 4.7million extra families if high levels of immigration return after the pandemic, campaigners warn

Demand for housing will double over the next two decades if high levels of immigration return after the pandemic, campaigners warned yesterday

Mail Online - 30 Dec 2020

England needs to build 300 homes a day to cope with migrant surge, study finds

England will need to build nearly 300 homes every single day for the next 20 years to accommodate the projected influx of new immigrants

The Telegraph - 30 Dec 2020

Albanian rapper, 20, makes 'instruction videos' on how to sneak into Britain illegally - with tips on using fake IDs and claiming asylum

Biba, 20, has been using 'instruction videos' on YouTube to boast about his knowledge of how to sneak into Britain illegally

Mail Online - 29 Dec 2020

People smugglers forcing women and children to steer boats across Channel in bid to avoid arrest

People smugglers bringing migrants to the UK in small boats are forcing women and children to steer the vessels in a bid to avoid arrest

The Telegraph - 29 Dec 2020

Killer remains in the UK after escaping criminal immigration charges

A convicted murderer is among up to 69 Albanians claiming asylum or seeking to remain in the UK after a legal bungle let them off immigration charges

The Telegraph - 28 Dec 2020

Home Office spent £36m fighting immigration judicial reviews last year

The Home Office was forced to spend almost £36 million of taxpayers’ money fighting judicial reviews related to immigration cases last year

The Telegraph - 28 Dec 2020

France will reward migrant frontline Covid-19 workers with citizenship

France will reward hundreds of migrant frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19 by granting them citizenship

Mail Online - 24 Dec 2020

Visas tripled to boost migrant fruit and veg pickers

Visas for migrant fruit and vegetable pickers are to be increased to 30,000 next year

The Telegraph - 24 Dec 2020

Britain recalls Border Force cutter due to fears of surge in migrants crossing border

BRITAIN has recalled a Border Force cutter from the Mediterranean due to fears Britain’s ports chaos will trigger a surge of migrants

The Sun - 24 Dec 2020

Killer is allowed to STAY in the UK... because he may harm people in Albania: Schizophrenic escapes deportation after judge hears he might struggle to access medication in his home country

A paranoid schizophrenic killer has escaped deportation to Albania on human rights grounds after a judge ruled he might ‘harm others’ in his homeland

Mail Online - 23 Dec 2020

Migrants trying to reach UK may jump on queuing lorries in France, says Border Force hea

Migrants trying to reach Britain may jump on lorries queuing to cross the English Channel after France closed its borders, officials have warned

The Independent - 23 Dec 2020

Expansion of migration scheme to support UK harvest next year

The number of workers permitted to travel to the UK to pick and package fruit and vegetables will be increased for next year’s harvest

Cumberland News & Star - 23 Dec 2020

French believe 100 syndicates run migrant routes across Channel

Immigration police in France are monitoring networks of safe houses and believe there are an estimated 100 sophisticated people smuggling syndicates

Mail Online - 22 Dec 2020

Afghan men 'who plotted to kill one of their daughters' after she converted from Islam to Judaism and became a porn star will be extradited from the UK to face trial

Two Afghan men who allegedly plotted to kill one of their daughters after she renounced Islam and became a porn star are to be extradited from the UK

Mail Online - 22 Dec 2020

Social media blitz to warn migrants against UK voyage

The first advertisements will warn people they will be prosecuted for steering a migrant boat and risk death

The Telegraph - 22 Dec 2020

Home Office admits it has 'lost' 37,000 migrants in Britain who have skipped their immigration bail conditions or fled from detention centres

More than 37,000 migrants have absconded in Britain – the equivalent of the entire town of Redcar

Mail Online - 21 Dec 2020

Channel migrants offered special Christmas cut-price crossings of £300 per person

Channel migrants are being offered special Christmas cut-price crossings for as little as £300 per person, say intelligence sources

The Telegraph - 21 Dec 2020

Social media blitz to warn migrants against UK voyage

Channel migrants are to be warned to remain where they are in Home Office social media posts 'geo-targeted' at them in France

The Telegraph - 21 Dec 2020

Police must stop sharing immigration status of domestic abuse victims - report

Police should immediately stop sharing immigration information with the Government about victims of domestic abuse, a report has said

Press Association - 18 Dec 2020

Home Office to deploy 'stealth squad' of speedboats and jet skis to catch Channel migrants

A high-speed drone boat with state-of-the-art surveillance technology is being trialled by Border Force

Telegraph - 18 Dec 2020

Life in Boston where EU immigration has changed the face of the town

Walking down West Street in Boston, Lincolnshire, it's clear to see things have changed in this market town

Lincolnshire Live - 18 Dec 2020

Illegal Albanian immigrant, 29, who became one of London's biggest drug ki ngpins is facing jail after police raided his home and found five kilos of cocaine hidden under child's cot

An illegal Albanian immigrant who became one of London's biggest drug kingpins is facing jail after police found £1.1million of cocaine in his house

Mail Online - 18 Dec 2020

Row over plan to create asylum seeker camps with no electricity or water to act as a deterrent for people traffickers

MPs have clashed over proposed changes to the UK asylum system due to coming into force next year

Mail Online - 17 Dec 2020

Minister says `nations of sanctuary´ failing to help asylum-seeking children

A Home Office minister has accused devolved governments and some councils of declining to help look after unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

Press Association - 17 Dec 2020

Calais Lorry Drivers Overwhelmed By Migrants Trying To Board Them

Lorry drivers along the A16 motorway in the French port city of Calais were inundated by a near-continuous stream of migrants

Breitbart - 16 Dec 2020

One of 69 Albanians Absolved of Illegal Immigration Charges Is Convicted Murderer: Report

One of the dozens of migrants in the UK who had charges of illegal immigration dropped due to a technicality is reportedly a convicted murderer

Breitbart - 16 Dec 2020

Moment police find 12 Iraqi and Iranian migrants in the back of fruit lorry on the M6 in the West Midlands - as the driver and passenger are arrested

Police have arrested a lorry driver after they found 12 suspected migrants in the back of a fruit truck on the M6 in Walsall

Mail Online - 16 Dec 2020

Eight asylum seekers missing from Folkestone barracks

Eight asylum seekers have gone missing from a former army barracks which is being used to house migrants, the Home Office confirmed

BBC - 15 Dec 2020

Girl, 15, is youngest Hong Kong resident to seek UK asylum from Beijing crackdown

A 15-year old girl is believed to have fled Hong Kong to Britain, the youngest person so far to seek asylum from the Beijing government’s crackdown

The Times - 15 Dec 2020

Home Secretary claims Labour `stands up´ for murderers and rapists

Priti Patel has claimed Labour “stands up for the murderers, rapists, sex offenders”

Press Association - 15 Dec 2020

AMANDA PLATELL: Why ARE we letting this terrorist back on UK streets? Release of Osama bin Laden's right hand man because he's too fat beggars belief

Why in Heaven’s name are we allowing a convicted terrorist and mass murderer to return to Britain to live in our midst?

Mail Online - 14 Dec 2020

Two migrants a week are absconding from Kent Army barracks, exclusive figures reveal

Two migrants a week are absconding from a camp at Kent Army barracks in the wake of the Channel crisis, exclusive figures show

The Telegraph - 14 Dec 2020

What will happen to immigration in the UK after Brexit?

When the Brexit transition period expires on 31 December, Britain’s immigration system will be dramatically overhauled

The Independent - 14 Dec 2020

Hong Kong migrants to UK will need support, ministers told

Migrants from Hong Kong to the UK say they have concerns about housing, jobs and Chinese state surveillance once they start to arrive from next year

BBC - 14 Dec 2020

No asylum for migrants caught at sea

A new law is set to ban migrants from making UK asylum claims when intercepted at sea by Border Force vessels after Brexit

The Times - 11 Dec 2020

93 per cent of Hong Kongers with BNO passports want to emigrate to the UK in three years, study finds

A survey has found that 93 per cent of British National Overseas (BNO) status holders in Hong Kong intend to emigrate to the UK within three years

The Telegraph - 11 Dec 2020

Covid outbreak hits Gatwick immigration detention centre

Three wings at an immigration detention centre close to Gatwick airport are in lockdown after an outbreak of Covid-19

The Times - 11 Dec 2020

Shopkeeper who fatally slit throats of his son, three, and 18-month-off daughter while wife was in shower is locked up in psychiatric hospital indefinitely

A shopkeeper who slit the throats of his two children has been sent to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely

Mail Online - 11 Dec 2020

Blunder sees SIXTY-NINE fishing boat migrants 'walk free': Albanians caught hiding in trawler off East Anglia are let off illegal entry charges because they were detained BEFORE setting foot on British soil

Criminal charges against 69 Albanian migrants found hiding in a trawler heading for Britain were dropped yesterday after a legal bungle

Mail Online - 10 Dec 2020

Almost 1,000 asylum seekers are allowed to stay in UK to escape sexual persecution in their home country

A record number of asylum seekers have been allowed to stay in Britain after saying they faced persecution at home over their sexuality

Mail Online - 10 Dec 2020

Lorry driver attacked by gang of 15 migrants in Calais

A gang of 15 migrants attacked a British lorry driver with a rock in a bid to cross the Channel amid warnings that drivers are now being targeted

The Telegraph - 10 Dec 2020

Greece accuses charities of helping human traffickers to smuggle migrants

Greece has accused seven charities, including one based in London, of colluding with human traffickers who are putting at risk the lives of migrants

The Times - 10 Dec 2020

Now 23 Channel migrants block bid to kick them out: Group who arrived on small boats are given 11th-hour reprieve after lodging appeals against plan to put them on flight to Poland

The row over deporting foreign nationals deepened last night after more than 20 were pulled off a Home Office charter flight

Mail Online - 9 Dec 2020

E-border system to spot terrorists and dangerous criminals failed to check 80 per cent of passengers, NAO report finds

A new e-border system to catch suspected terrorists and dangerous criminals was so ineffective it failed to check 80 per cent of passengers

The Telegraph - 9 Dec 2020

Border Force plans to launch fleet of 55mph jet-skis costing £20,000 each to patrol the Channel and deter migrant boat gangs

Britain's Border Force is planning to launch a fleet of high-speed jet-skis to patrol the Channel in its fight to deter migrant boat gangs

Mail Online - 9 Dec 2020

Barefoot toddler among record 111 migrants to cross Channel in December

A barefoot toddler was among 111 migrants to cross the Channel in small boats on Monday, marking a record number of arrivals for a day in December

The Telegraph - 8 Dec 2020

Outraged locals react with 'horror' at plan to house 500 asylum seekers in portacabins on MoD land in picture-postcard Hampshire village

Locals have reacted with 'horror' to a proposal to house 500 asylum seekers in portable cabins near a picturesque village

Mail Online - 8 Dec 2020

Home Office 'will deport dozens of Channel migrants to France, Germany and Spain this week' - as lawyers launch a fresh bid to block their removal

The Home Office is set to deport dozens of Channel migrants to France, Germany and Spain this week, reports suggest

Mail Online - 8 Dec 2020

Benjamin Obese-Jecty: How to take back control of the narrative around foreign national offender deportations

Ben Obese-Jecty is a former British Army Infantry Officer and stood as the candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Conservative Home - 8 Dec 2020

Human rights law stops Turkish drug baron, 52, being deported from Britain despite judges ruling he was a 'danger to the community'

A Turkish drug baron ruled by judges to be a ‘danger to the community’ cannot be deported from Britain because it would breach his human rights

Mail Online - 7 Dec 2020

Face of Emily Jones's killer: First photo of schizophrenic Albanian woman, 30, who slashed throat of innocent seven-year-old girl in horrific random attack

A photo of the schizophrenic Albanian woman who slashed the throat of an innocent seven-year-old girl can be shared for the first time

Mail Online - 7 Dec 2020

How a revolutionary group of activists led by two veteran Marxists are waging campaign to stop foreign criminals being deported from Britain

A revolutionary group of activists led by two long-standing Marxists is waging the campaign to halt deportations of foreign criminals

Mail Online - 7 Dec 2020

The Human Rights Act is not infallible

Courts can make a declaration of incompatibility with the ECHR, leaving it to our Sovereign Parliament to decide

The Telegraph - 7 Dec 2020

Murderers and rapists could be barred from claiming asylum as part of Priti Patel's crackdown on immigration

Murderers and rapists to be prevented from claiming asylum, says Priti Patel, after the Jamaican deportation flight row

The Telegraph - 4 Dec 2020

'Banker' for people-smuggling gang arrested in London dawn raid as Home Secretary observes operation

A Syrian crime gang that has helped smuggle more than 600 migrants across the Channel has been exposed

The Telegraph - 4 Dec 2020

Priti Patel's fury at stars' insult to Windrush victims

Priti Patel tonight accused Labour MPs and 'do-gooding' celebrities of insulting Windrush victims

Mail Online - 4 Dec 2020

Labour, lawyers and luvvies block bid to deport rapists: Murderer and sex criminals were among 23 crooks spared from boarding flight to Jamaica at the last minute

A Jamaican murderer and two rapists avoided deportation today following legal challenges backed by Labour MPs and a host of celebrities

Mail Online - 3 Dec 2020

Ministers plan new law to make it harder for adult asylum seekers to pose as children after more than 2,000 attempt to hoodwink authorities in the past five years

Ministers are planning a law change to make it harder for adult asylum seekers to pretend to be children, it was revealed today

Mail Online - 3 Dec 2020

Minister blasts 'morally reprehensible' social media giants for failing to remove 'marketing material' for people-smugglers ferrying illegal migrants to Britain

Social media giants were blasted today for failing to remove 'marketing material' posted by 'ruthless' people-smugglers

Mail Online - 3 Dec 2020

Thirteen 'dangerous' criminals deported to Jamaica but more than 30 remain after legal challenges

Thirteen “dangerous” Jamaican criminals were deported on a flight on Tuesday night but more than 35 other offenders escaped removal from the UK

The Telegraph - 2 Dec 2020

Saving two migrants in the Channel has only confirmed to me the folly of the Government's approach

. Last year, the British public was assured that illegal crossings in the English Channel would cease

The Telegraph - 2 Dec 2020

Europe migrant crisis: Ten days of Atlantic peril in search of Spain

'This is not a good way to travel here, for my brother or for anyone,' complains Mohamed Zitouni, a Moroccan man who has lived in Spain for 20 years

BBC - 2 Dec 2020

Jamaican criminal who won battle to avoid deportation from the UK after his release from jail is charged with a new murder eight months later

A Jamaican convicted criminal who won a battle to avoid deportation from the UK when he was released from jail has been charged with murder

Mail Online - 1 Dec 2020

Priti Patel blasts Labour for defending murderers, rapists and drug dealers after they demanded she cancel flight deporting 28 convicted criminals to Jamaica

Priti Patel has blasted Labour for defending murderers, rapists and drug dealers after they demanded she cancel a flight to Jamaica

Mail Online - 1 Dec 2020

Visa applications open under UK's post-Brexit system

New immigration rules will be 'simple and flexible', ministers have promised, as the UK's points-based post-Brexit system prepares to go live

BBC - 1 Dec 2020

Asylum system to be shaken up as Government set to raise the bar on appeals

Asylum seekers’ rights to appeal are to be curbed in a bid to slash the number of spurious claims “without any merit” that clog up the courts

The Telegraph - 1 Dec 2020

Rape suspect who 'attacked a woman in a London hotel' is bailed to live in a migrant camp where fellow asylum seeker is accused of harassment

A channel migrant has been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman weeks after arriving in Britain aboard a small boat

Mail Online - 30 Nov 2020

Priti Patel will pay France £28million to double number of officers patrolling French beaches in bid to stop migrants making dangerous Channe

Home Secretary Priti Patel has agreed to pay France £28 million to double the number of officers patrolling beaches to stop migrants

Mail Online - 30 Nov 2020

Seven foreign criminals who should be deported walk free EACH DAY: New figures reveal 2,552 such offenders have been freed in the past year

Seven foreign criminals a day are being released from prison on to Britain's streets instead of being deported

Mail Online - 30 Nov 2020

Almost one million more EU citizens have applied to stay in the UK after Brexit than had been expected as applications hit 4.2 million

Almost one million more EU citizens living in the UK have applied for the right to stay in the country after Brexit than had originally been expected

Mail Online - 27 Nov 2020

Schizophrenic Albanian woman stabbed girl, seven, to death at random in park as she tried to catch up with her mother, court hears

A schizophrenic woman screamed 'she tried to kill me' as she murdered a seven-year-old girl by slashing her throat

Mail Online - 27 Nov 2020

Migrants: Arrests over small boat supply to people smugglers

A man and a woman have been arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal immigration by supplying small boats to people smugglers

BBC - 27 Nov 2020

Asylum-seeker pupil who joined school as 15-year-old but ‘is balding and looks 40’ VANISHES after half-term

A SCHOOL pupil who joined a Coventry school claiming to be a 15-year-old boy as parents feared he 'looked like a 40-year-old' is no longer attending

The Sun - 27 Nov 2020

Boris Johnson defends 'steely' Home Secretary Priti Patel in angry Prime Minister's Questions, accusing Keir Starmer of trying to 'bash her' because she is 'delivering' on immigration

Boris Johnson defended 'steely' Home Secretary Priti Patel over bullying claims today, accusing Labour of attacking her because she is successful

Mail Online - 26 Nov 2020

Four migrant boats cross English Channel

Four small boats carrying 54 migrants have crossed the English Channel this week, the Home Office said

BBC - 26 Nov 2020

Home Office 'ignored laws' in Windrush storm: Equality rules were shunned when officials drew up Theresa May's 'hostile environment' policy, report says

The Home Office ‘effectively ignored’ equality laws when it drew up controversial ‘hostile environment’ policies to crack down on illegal migrants

Mail Online - 25 Nov 2020

'Stansted 15' pro-immigrant activists who stormed runway to stop a jet from deporting 60 criminals to Africa and caused travel misery for thousands appeal their sentences

Protesters who stopped a deportation flight taking off from Stansted Airport before being taken to court today challenged their convictions

Mail Online - 25 Nov 2020

Priti Patel vows ‘fundamental reform’ of asylum law tackling deportation delays on ‘human rights’ grounds and making it easier to kick out criminals as she bids to put bully row behind her

Priti Patel vowed to implement ‘fundamental reform’ of Britain’s asylum system yesterday amid mounting concern about the Channel migrants crisis

Mail Online - 24 Nov 2020

France to probe Paris migrant camp dismantling after ‘shocking’ scuffle images

The migrant camp at the iconic Place de la République, site of major French demonstrations, emerged just a week

France 24 - 24 Nov 2020

Up to SIXTY migrants arrive in Dover after being picked up on boats in the English Channel as number making journey this year nears 8,200

Border Force workers were seen helping men and women to shore after picking them up off the Kent coast earlier today

Mail Online - 24 Nov 2020

Under-fire Home Secretary is predicted to be made Tory chairman in reshuffle following bullying row

Priti Patel could face the axe as Home Secretary and be made Tory chairman in a New Year reshuffle

Mail Online - 23 Nov 2020

A Right-wing woman determined to crush crime: No wonder Priti Patel has had trouble in the Home Office

I should own up to being a friend of Priti Patel, but it sounds to me as though those officials may not like being given orders by a woman

Telegraph - 23 Nov 2020

The asylum system is close to breaking point

The UK’s asylum system is being overwhelmed.

The Conservative Woman - 23 Nov 2020

Essex lorry deaths: Accused 'watched Netflix as migrants were loaded'

A lorry driver accused over the deaths of 39 migrants has told a court he was watching Netflix as people were allegedly loaded into his trailer

BBC - 20 Nov 2020

Councils overwhelmed by asylum seekers as Home Office moves hundreds into hotels

Councils overwhelmed by asylum seekers as Home Office moves hundreds into hotels

The Telegraph - 20 Nov 2020

Asylum seekers in the EU must be given access to new Covid-19 vaccines, UN says

Asylum-seekers in the EU should have equal access to promising Covid-19 vaccines, the head of the UN's migration agency told the European Parliament

Mail Online - 20 Nov 2020

Fears people traffickers are now using large fishing boats to smuggle migrants into UK as 69 Albanian immigrants are intercepted in vessel in North Sea

Concern is growing that after the clamp-down on migrants crossing the Channel people smugglers are now using large fishing boats as a cover

Mail Online - 20 Nov 2020

Almost 70 Albanians are arrested on board fishing boat to Britain as border chiefs smash massive people-trafficking ring

Nearly 70 illegal migrants were arrested in a dramatic operation as they were smuggled to Britain on a fishing boat.

Mail Online - 19 Nov 2020

Activist lawyers have `undermined´ legal profession´s reputation - Buckland

The Lord Chancellor has said “activist lawyers” have helped undermine the legal profession’s reputation

Press Association - 19 Nov 2020

Poland warns funding row could cause 'a BREAK-UP of the EU' after it teamed up with Hungary to block budget that 'blackmailed countries into accepting migrants'

The two countries blocked the EU's 2021-2027 budget and the recovery plan, worth a combined 1.85 trillion euros (£1.65 trillion)

Mail Online - 19 Nov 2020

Migrant surge stretches Canary Islands

Spain is struggling to cope with thousands of immigrants who are making the perilous sea voyage from Africa to the Canary Islands

The Times - 19 Nov 2020

Medway Council leader says the authority cannot afford to take in any further children seeking asylum who arrive unaccompanied from overseas

A council leader says his authority cannot take on any more asylum-seeking children due to pressures on its children's services budget

Kent Online - 19 Nov 2020

Home Office spending millions putting up migrants in hotels after surge of Channel crossings

The Home Office is spending tens of millions of pounds putting up 10,000 asylum seekers on full board in hotels

The Telegraph - 18 Nov 2020

French police forcibly clear huge Paris migrant camp where more than 2,000 people lived shoulder-to-shoulder in tents under motorway overpass

French police forcibly clear huge Paris migrant camp where more than 2,000 people lived shoulder-to-shoulder in tents under motorway overpass

Mail Online - 18 Nov 2020

Moment crowds of migrants climb fences and chant 'freedom' in protest at conditions inside disused Kent barracks where they are being held awaiting asylum claims

Migrants have protested over living conditions under lockdown at a former military barracks.

Mail Online - 18 Nov 2020

Migrants waiting near Dunkirk to cross the Channel are a hazard to nature, say campaigners

For the past couple of years, Le Puythouck has also been home to groups of migrants, mostly Kurds from Iran and Iraq

The Times - 17 Nov 2020

Essex lorry deaths: Accused claims second phone is for 'girlfriends'

A people-smuggler facing trial over the deaths of 39 migrants has told a jury he had a 'burner' phone to contact his four girlfriends, not smuggling

BBC - 17 Nov 2020

A total capitulation to employers and business. What about the workers?

THE government’s promise to ‘take back control’ of Britain’s borders after Brexit is being broken

Conservative Woman - 16 Nov 2020

Reading stabbing victims' friend is 'more confident' they will get justice after their killer admitted murdering the trio

A friend of three men who were fatally stabbed in a knife rampage in a park has said he feels 'a bit more confident' of justice

Mail Online - 16 Nov 2020

The moment a migrant was loaded into a tanker by French people smuggling gang that got 1,000 people into UK illegally bef

The Pierrefitte connection - as the gang is known - made up to 3 million euros loading people into trucks bound for Britain.

Mail Online - 16 Nov 2020

Nearly 4,000 criminals have dodged deportation and settled in Britain after the Home Office ruled there was no chance of

Nearly 4,000 criminals have dodged deportation and settled in Britain after the Home Office ruled there was no chance of

Mail Online - 16 Nov 2020

Illegal Channel migrants on the run in UK after being put on bail, inspector warns

LARGE numbers of Channel migrants, who should have been returned to France or other countries, are on the run in the UK after absconding

Daily Express - 16 Nov 2020

Deportation of 28 migrants is stopped after lawyers launch last-minute human rights claim

The deportation of 28 migrants was blocked after their lawyers lodged 11th-hour human rights claims, it emerged

Mail Online - 13 Nov 2020

'They should have stopped him': Brother of Reading knife attacker says he told police he was spiralling out of control... as it emerges the murderer was visited by police hours before rampage

A Libyan refugee was facing life behind bars yesterday after dramatically confessing to killing three men in a knife rampage

Mail Online - 13 Nov 2020

Baby among scores dead as migrant boats sink

A six-month-old baby was among the victims of a migrant shipwreck in the Mediterranean and a further 74 people drowned in a second sinking

The Times - 13 Nov 2020

Migrant surge could have been prevented, borders chief claims

The surge in Channel migrants could have been prevented if the Home Office had taken tougher action earlier, claimed the chief inspector of borders

The Telegraph - 12 Nov 2020

Priti Patel hails taking back control of immigration for first time in a generation

Britain finally has the power to set its own destiny after historic immigration reforms ending free movement were signed into law yesterday

The Daily Express - 12 Nov 2020

Number of migrants to cross the Channel to the UK in small boats passes 8,000 this year – four times as many who crossed in 2019

The number of migrants who have reached the UK after crossing the Channel in small boats this year has topped 8,000

Mail Online - 12 Nov 2020

Macron alone: where are France’s allies in the fight against Islamism?

In famous words of Martin Luther King: ‘In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.’

The Spectator - 12 Nov 2020

Schengen agreement at risk from Islamic terrorism, warn Europe’s leaders

Border-free movement within the EU will collapse unless the bloc stems the illegal immigration that is allowing Islamists to bring terror to Europe

The Times - 11 Nov 2020

Plunge in foreign-born workers as Covid destroys jobs

The number of foreign-born workers employed in the UK fell by almost 600,000 in the past year as Covid laid waste to the jobs market

The Telegraph - 11 Nov 2020

Canary Islands appeal for help as 2,200 migrants arrive over weekend

The president of the Canary Islands has appealed for urgent help from the Spanish government and the EU after around 2,200 migrants arrived

Guardian - 11 Nov 2020

Nearly 160 migrants attempt to cross Channel to UK

Six boats carrying 159 people have been found by UK authorities as migrants continue to try to cross the English Channel

BBC - 11 Nov 2020

Fifty more migrants land in Britain today after 150 made perilous Channel crossing this weekend as people smugglers took advantage of break in bad weather - taking arrivals total this year to almost 7,900

Fifty more migrants landed in Britain today after 150 crossed the Channel over the weekend as people smugglers took advantage of a break in recent bad

Mail Online - 10 Nov 2020

French police break trafficking ring that ‘sent 1,000 to UK’

A people-smuggling gang believed to have brought between 500 and 1,000 migrants into Britain over the past 12 months has been broken up

The Times - 10 Nov 2020

Facebook and Twitter let Channel smugglers tout crossings

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are among social media companies that have ignored requests to take down pages of people traffickers

The Times - 10 Nov 2020

Migrants brought to UK as six boats intercepted

Eighty migrants in six boats have been intercepted by Border Force officials in the English Channel

BBC - 10 Nov 2020

Social media giants refuse to remove posts used by people-smugglers to arrange Channel crossings

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are refusing to remove posts being used by Channel migrant traffickers to organise record numbers of illegal crossings

The Telegraph - 10 Nov 2020

Manchester Arena bomber's parents are among six people police want to quiz over 2017 terror attack after his father's fingerprints were found in car used by his sons to stash explosives

The parents of the Manchester Arena bomber are among six people sought by detectives for questioning, legal papers have revealed

Mail Online - 9 Nov 2020

Asylum seekers stopped in Deal High Street

A group of suspected asylum seekers was seen with police officers on a Kent town's high street this morning

Kent Online - 9 Nov 2020

Migrant crossings: Eight migrants brought ashore by Border Force

These are thought to be the first crossings in small boats since a family died attempting the journey.

BBC - 9 Nov 2020

More than 1,600 migrants make journey to Canary Islands in small boats

More than 1,600 migrants were observed making the journey to Spain's Canary Islands in small boats over the weekend

Sky News - 9 Nov 2020

Migration Watch: Number of Freed Foreign Criminals Has Doubled Since 2012

The Migration Watch UK analysis found that some 9,400 foreign national offenders (FNOs) are living free in communities across the United Kingdom

Breitbart - 9 Nov 2020

Penally camp in Pembrokeshire used to house asylum seekers putting huge strain on west Wales police

Penally camp has been at the centre of protests since September

ITV - 6 Nov 2020

Smugglers who sailed to Britain on yacht carrying two illegal immigrants are jailed for 30

Two Ukrainian men who smuggled a pair of illegal immigrants into an upmarket seaside town in a yacht were jailed for 30 months each

Mail Online - 6 Nov 2020

Macron calls for strengthening of border controls in EU's Schengen zone following spate of

President Emmanuel Macron today called for a strengthening of border controls in the European Union's Schengen zone following recent Islamist attacks

Mail Online - 6 Nov 2020

As a ‘Briton’ from France, I ask: How could any migrant hate this country?

‘Why is it,’ asked the Foreign Secretary, ‘that some people find it so hard to take pride in this great country of ours?’

Conservative Woman - 6 Nov 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Dramatic moment six migrants trapped in refrigerated truck at Watford Gap services are saved by passer-by who heard their screams

The trucker heard frantic banging coming from inside another locked refrigerated wagon as the six men inside shouted for their lives

Mail Online - 5 Nov 2020

Government votes down bid to help child refugees be reunited with family

Only three Conservative MPs - Mr Loughton, Sir David Amess and Jason McCartney - backed the Dubs amendment

The Independent - 5 Nov 2020

People smugglers who steered two boats of migrants jailed

Two men have been jailed for smuggling themselves and 23 other people across the Channel on two small boats

BBC - 4 Nov 2020

Former Iranian bodybuilder, 38, is jailed for trying to cheat the UK driving theory test THREE times by wearing a secret Bluetooth earpiece and sending a lookalike man in his place

A former Iranian bodybuilder has been jailed after he tried three times to cheat the British driving theory test

Mail Online - 4 Nov 2020

Ex-head of the Royal Navy warns desperate migrants could hijack British passenger ferries from Calais

Admiral Lord Alan West urged the government to ‘carefully consider’ the risk faced by ships travelling the Channel

Portsmouth News - 3 Nov 2020

Asylum seeker hurled boiling water over housemate then stabbed her more than 30 times in bid to avoid being thrown out of Britain

An asylum seeker who stabbed her housemate more than 30 times in a 'frenzied and calculated attack' to avoid being thrown out of Britain has been jail

Mail Online - 3 Nov 2020

The wedding DJ who wants to stop migrant boats

After his work dried up, Jeremy Davis was free to launch himself into his other passion - trying to stop migrant boats

BBC - 2 Nov 2020

This isn’t just economic migration, it's national security

The UK is one of the most generous countries in our global response to genuine refugees

Daily Express - 2 Nov 2020

Smugglers lure migrants to UK with promises of warm welcome

People traffickers are luring would-be Iranian migrants towards Britain with the promise of plentiful high-paying jobs

The Times - 2 Nov 2020

We're relaunching the Brexit Party to fight this cruel and unnecessary lockdown

The House of Lords, the BBC, the way we vote, law and order, immigration. Badly run, wasteful quangos are in abundance

Telegraph - 2 Nov 2020

‘Traffickers are like mafia: they’ll kill you or your family’

The police say that the smuggling gangs often employ migrants as operatives

The Times - 2 Nov 2020

France church attacker arrived in Europe from Tunisia days ago

A Tunisian man who killed three people in a church in France only recently arrived in Europe, officials say

BBC - 30 Oct 2020

Crooked Birmingham charity boss in plot to smuggle illegal immigrants into UK

The boss of a lottery-funded Birmingham charity has been jailed after a plot to smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK

Birmingham Live - 30 Oct 2020

Pregnant woman among Albanian migrants found in Southampton on cargo ship

A group of 11 Albanian migrants, including a pregnant woman and a 17-year-old boy, have been found onboard a cargo ship at Southampton Docks

BBC - 30 Oct 2020

Seven Nigerian migrants held over 'hijacking' of ship bringing them to Southampton are bailed – but stay in Border Force custody

Seven Nigerian men detained after British special services stormed an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight have been bailed, police said

Mail Online - 30 Oct 2020

Migrant crossings: What happens to migrants who reach the UK?

There have been more deaths in the English Channel of migrants who had reportedly been attempting to reach the UK

BBC - 29 Oct 2020

Channel migrant boat disaster: Gang ‘forced migrants on to death boat’

A family of five, including a 15-month-old baby, are among the seven people who were lost when a boat crammed with migrants capsized in the Channel

Times - 29 Oct 2020

France urged to charge traffickers with manslaughter after migrant family drowned in Channel

French investigators are being urged to bring manslaughter charges against the traffickers behind the deaths of a family of five migrants

Telegraph - 29 Oct 2020

We cannot make the Channel safe without France's help

The tragedy of the four lives lost by drowning off Dunkirk this week is a stark reminder of the dangers of crossing the Channel in overcrowded vessels

Telegraph - 29 Oct 2020

Channel migrants: Deaths should be 'a wake-up call' for those in power

The deaths of two children and two adults after a migrant boat sank off the coast of northern France should serve as a 'wake-up call'

BBC - 28 Oct 2020

France and Spain both 'REFUSED to take seven Nigerian stowaways' on oil tanker before captain sailed to Britain and was 'rescued' in daring SBS commando mission

French and Spanish authorities refused to take in seven stowaways five days before they were seized in a special forces operation

Mail Online - 28 Oct 2020

Illegal immigrant from Albania who was caught red-handed dealing Class A drugs in Maidstone is jailed

An illegal immigrant who had repeatedly been thrown out of UK was found in Maidstone dealing in Class A drugs

Kent Online - 28 Oct 2020

Two adults and two children die after boat carrying migrants capsizes off French coast

At least 18 people have been taken to hospital and the search operation is continuing

Telegraph - 28 Oct 2020

Deportations row: Lord Chief Justice regrets lawyers' support for 'abusive late challenges'

The head of the judiciary has weighed into the Government's row with 'lefty activist lawyers'

Telegraph - 28 Oct 2020

What happens next for the Nigerian stowaways?

The Nigerian stowaways involved in a security incident on an oil tanker have been detained while police determine whether they should face charges

The Times - 27 Oct 2020

Hysteria and hypocrisy of the left-wing lawyers who think they're beyond reproach

The simple truth is that, though they may not like it, lawyers do not deserve to be protected from criticism any more than anyone else

Mail Online - 27 Oct 2020

Beware the claim that words cause violence

Is accusing “leftie lawyers” of frustrating government attempts to enforce immigration law really tantamount to incitement to violence?

The Times - 27 Oct 2020

The Times view on storming the Nave Andromeda: Security at Sea

The threat by the stowaways to the ship’s crew was close to hijacking, and a rapid naval operation to take control of the ship was justified

The Times - 27 Oct 2020

Net migration targets abandoned as £38,500 salary threshold to settle in UK ditched

Net migration targets have been abandoned by the Government as it ditches the £35,800 salary cap for migrants to be allowed to settle in the UK

The Telegraph - 26 Oct 2020

Isle of Wight tanker: Special Forces take control of ship after 'hijackers' threaten the crew

Special forces on Sunday night ended a ten-hour standoff in the Channel after a group of violent Nigerian 'hijackers' threatened to kill the crew

The Telegraph - 26 Oct 2020

Nineteen people arrested over cross-Channel people smuggling

A total of 19 people have been arrested in the past two weeks in connection with people smuggling across the English Channel.

The Telegraph - 26 Oct 2020

UK Govt to Target Illegal Migrants’ Smartphones with Ads Asking Them Not to Come

Britain’s Home Office is planning to bombard illegal migrants’ smartphones with Facebook adverts asking them to not cross the English Channel

Breitbart - 23 Oct 2020

Boris Govt Brags UK ‘Resettles More Refugees Than Any Other Country in Europe’ as It Fails to Stop Boat

Britain’s Home Office has taken to social media to brag that the country “resettles more refugees than any other country in Europe”

Breitbart - 23 Oct 2020

Essex lorry deaths: Migrant 'paid £13k for 'VIP' smuggling trip'

The parents of a Vietnamese man paid £13,000 for a 'VIP' smuggling trip to Britain along a route where 39 migrants died, a court has heard.

BBC - 23 Oct 2020

Home Office policy giving migrants as little as three days' notice before deportation is ruled unlawful by Appeal Court judges

A Home Office policy which gave migrants as little as 72 hours' notice of their impending deportation has been ruled as unlawful

Mail Online - 22 Oct 2020

'Mass fight' breaks out at Welsh migrant camp as police arrest men aged 25 and 22 for affray and assault

A 'mass fight' broke out among migrants at a Welsh holding camp yesterday as police arrested two men

Mail Online - 22 Oct 2020

UK unveils new rules to bar entry to EU criminals

Britain said it would introduce new rules from January to bar entry to people from the European Union with a criminal record

Reuters - 22 Oct 2020

Lessons for Britain from a murdered teacher

Charles Moore says that we have to be aware that the killing in France could happen here too and we must learn the lessons from the incident

The Times - 21 Oct 2020

At least two Vietnamese migrants who were among 39 found dead in lorry in Essex were caught trying to make crossing in different truck at the Eurotunnel days earlier, court hears

At least two Vietnamese migrants who were among the 39 people found dead in a lorry in Essex

Mail Online - 21 Oct 2020

Penally: Two arrested after 'disturbance' at asylum centre

Two men have been arrested following a disturbance at a Pembrokeshire military training camp, where asylum seekers are being housed

BBC - 21 Oct 2020

Pandemic ends a decade of growth in global migration

FT has a global perspective on the impact of 2020’s instability on immigration, and on the welfare of migrants generally.

Financial Times - 20 Oct 2020

People smuggler jailed after three asylum seekers found in his lorry at Dover

A man has been jailed after trying to smuggle asylum seekers into the UK through Kent.

Kent Online - 20 Oct 2020

MPs vote to remove child refugee protections from flagship immigration law

The amendment to continue existing arrangements had been successfully moved in the House of Lords by refugee campaigner and Labour peer Lord Dubs

Express & Star - 20 Oct 2020

More than 7,500 migrants have crossed the Channel this year: Record total is now four times the figure for 2019 after 100 refugees risked dangerous journey on Monday

More than 7,500 migrants have now crossed the Channel this year - more than four times the number in 2019 - after another 100 people risked the danger

Mail Online - 20 Oct 2020

French navy warship ESCORTS a boat full of migrants across the Channel as dozens of vessels are intercepted trying to make the crossing during break in choppy seas

A French navy warship reportedly escorted a boat full of migrants across the English Channel today as more than 100 arrivals were intercepted in 11 sm

Mail Online - 19 Oct 2020

People traffickers 'are paying French fishing boat crews to get migrants across the English Channel without being spotted by military drones'

People traffickers are hiring French fishing boat crews to carry desperate migrants halfway across the Channel in a bid to evade eye-in-the-sky milita

Mail Online - 19 Oct 2020

Judges reined in on using human rights laws to block deportations

Judges will be told what constitutes 'inhuman or degrading treatment', under plans being considered by Priti Patel to curb the use of human rights law

The Daily Telegraph - 19 Oct 2020

Penally asylum camp protest: Man and woman arrested

Two people have been arrested during a protest outside a military training camp in Pembrokeshire, where asylum seekers are being housed

BBC - 19 Oct 2020

Immigration officers swoop on HK Diner in Barrow

A woman was discovered to have entered the UK illegally after a Barrow restaurant was raided by immigration officers

North West Evening Mail - 19 Oct 2020

'I don't want to go, Daddy': Harrowing screams of five-year-old migrant girl begging not be taken on perilous Channel crossing from Calais beach

In a six-month probe, investigators infiltrated gangs making huge profits out of the estimated 7,173 migrants who have already come to Britain in 2020

Mail Online - 16 Oct 2020

Libyan coastguard chief arrested over migrant trafficking

Abd al-Rahman al-Milad, 30, was held in Tripoli on Wednesday on the orders of the interior minister of the UN-backed government controlling the city

The Times - 16 Oct 2020

Outrage at island detention plans is easy - fight hotel detention of refugees in Glasgow

There was some suggestion that the recent leaked story about Priti Patel considering sending asylum seekers to Ascension island was black propaganda

The Herald - 16 Oct 2020

Channel asylum seekers not given access to legal advice until days before deportation, research finds

Asylum seekers who arrive in the UK on small boats are receiving no access to legal advice until days before they are due to be deported from the coun

The Independent - 15 Oct 2020

Army is forced to halt live shooting exercise after migrants crossing the Channel in a speedboat land on MoD firing range in Kent in the middle of target practice

The British Army was forced to stop a live shooting exercise on a military range today after a group of migrants landed a 9ft speedboat in the middle

Mail Online - 15 Oct 2020

London based 'brokers' are people traffickers smuggle helping illegal migrants across the Channel

London based middlemen are charging up to £500 per person to act as guarantors to facilitate the entry into Britain of illegal migrants

The Telegraph - 15 Oct 2020

NHS migrant healthcare charges are hampering the fight against Covid-19

The World Health Organization has stressed the importance of ensuring health services are open to all migrants and refugees during the pandemic

The Guardian - 15 Oct 2020

Migrants denied NHS care for average of 37 weeks, research finds

Migrants who need NHS care are being denied treatment for an average of 37 weeks, despite suffering from conditions such as cancer, heart problems or

The Guardian - 14 Oct 2020

'Safe surgery' call to GPs across Oxfordshire

Campaigners have sent an open letter to the body which oversees GP services in Oxfordshire, calling on it to support a 'safe surgeries' scheme

Oxford Mail - 14 Oct 2020

Priti Patel’s Proposals for Prison Ships Show

Have the lessons of Windrush been learned?

Byline - 14 Oct 2020

Romanian people smuggler accused of killing 39 Vietnamese migrants who suffocated in the back of a lorry was awaiting his own British passport, court hears

Romanian people smuggler charged with killing 39 Vietnamese migrants was waiting for a British passport

Mail Online - 13 Oct 2020

Asylum seeker living at Napier Barracks in Folkestone describes the conditions people are living in there

Home Office denies there is anything substandard about the amenities.

Kent Online - 13 Oct 2020

How Sweden became a gangsters' paradise

Europe's most liberal country welcomed Middle Eastern refugees five years ago... but now it is being terrorised by migrant mafia clans

Mail Online - 13 Oct 2020

Osama bin Laden's ex-London spokesman is ‘freed early from 25 year US jail term because he is at high risk from Covid due to his obesity' and 'will return to the UK within weeks'

Terror spin doctor Adel Abdel Bary, 60, was imprisoned over the devastating 1998 attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people.

Mail Online - 13 Oct 2020

56 migrants intercepted

Three boats with 56 migrants on board were intercepted in the English Channel on Friday, the Home Office said

BBC - 12 Oct 2020

Priti Patel plans to deport homeless people who persistently engage in 'low level' crimes

Priti Patel will deport the homeless who repeatedly engage in low level crimes under proposals being discussed by Ministers

Mail Online - 12 Oct 2020

British plan for nets to snag migrant boats

Nets could be used to stop migrants in dinghies from crossing the Channel, according to a former Royal Marine appointed to halt such arrivals

The Times - 12 Oct 2020

Labour peer apologises for suggesting asylum seekers should be 'concentrated' in camps

A Labour peer has apologised for suggesting that asylum seekers should be 'concentrated' in camps as a solution to the refugee issue

The Independent - 12 Oct 2020

80 taxpayer-funded guards accompanied just 14 illegal immigrants on a deportation flight from Stansted to Germany and France

There were six times the amount of deportation guards as there were actual people being deported back to German on recent flights

Mail Online - 9 Oct 2020

Europe's migration 'crisis' isn't about numbers. It's about prejudice

Reform of the EU's border controls is under way, but there is no agreement among member states

Guardian - 9 Oct 2020

Scottish 'separatist' blast as UK immigration minister rejects devolved controls

Nationalists want more control of immigration, but Kevin Foster says it would be a bad move for Britain

Daily Record - 9 Oct 2020

Home Office urged to halt evictions of refused asylum seekers

Backlash against Home Office plans to start evicting failed asylum seekers from temporary accommodation

Guardian - 8 Oct 2020

'The ferries plan is on': Migrants WILL be held on boats off the British coast under proposals being worked on by Priti Patel's officials

Home Office officials confirm that offshore ferries are going to be used for asylum seekers

Mail Online - 8 Oct 2020

Priti Patel pledges to fix 'broken' asylum system in UK

The Home Secretary wants the new system to stop those arriving illegally 'making endless legal claims to remain'.

BBC News - 5 Oct 2020

More than 9,000 asylum seekers are now living in 91 hotels across the country

'There are more people coming into the aylum system at the moment than are leaving it and that is because of Covid', said a Home Office official.

Mail Online - 2 Oct 2020

Shortages of care workers, butchers and nurse assistants requires migrant labour, advisers tell Government

UK has such a shortage of care workers, nurse assistants and butchers ministers should allow vacancies to be filled from abroad, says Committee.

Daily Telegraph - 30 Sep 2020

Migrants rush to cross the Channel before the weather changes

A record number of migrants were expected to reach Britain yesterday after crossing the Channel.

The Times - 23 Sep 2020

Will the Channel crossings ever end?

The Prime Minister must have the guts to stand up to the French and stop them treating Britain as a dumping ground.

Daily Telegraph - 18 Sep 2020

Britain is preparing to opt out of major parts of European human rights laws

The plans could prevent many migrants and asylum seekers from using the Human Rights Act to avoid deportation.

Daily Telegraph - 14 Sep 2020

The truth about the migrant crisis isn't what you think

What I’ve witnessed over the years is people, who by their own admission are not refugees, taking advantage of European gullibility and generosity.

The Spectator - 9 Sep 2020

Record 416 people reach UK in single day

416 migrants crossed the English Channel to reach UK shores in small boats - significantly breaking the previous single-day record.

Sky News - 3 Sep 2020

Migrants resume risky Channel crossings as calm seas return

Britain's navy recently deployed personnel and aircraft, but the signs Tuesday were the latest steps were yet to be a deterrent.

AFP - 2 Sep 2020

Net migration at highest level in four years

It is at the highest level since the EU referendum in June 2016.

The Times - 28 Aug 2020

We can no longer escape from the necessity of borders

Without borders, we cannot protect the people who live within them.

Daily Telegraph - 20 Aug 2020

Tories accused of losing control of illegal Channel migration

Migration across the Channel is surging. Migration Watch UK called on the government to address pull factors.

The Times - 17 Aug 2020

Channel migration - Cash handouts act as 'no lose pull factor'

Migration Watch UK said only a tiny minority of those who have arrived via the Channel have been returned.

Daily Mail - 17 Aug 2020

Cross-Channel migrants flown back to France and Germany

14 migrants were taken to France and Germany after the Home Office fouund they already claimed asylum in one of the EU states.

The Times - 13 Aug 2020

Immigration still too high – poll

Migration Watch UK said most recent polling found that 54 per cent think immigration has been too high over the past decade.

Mail Online - 7 Aug 2020

120 Channel migrants intercepted as Priti Patel plans tougher asylum laws

The UK has taken three times as many asylum seekers from EU states as it sent back. Migration Watch UK said the Dublin agreement had 'backfired'

The Times - 5 Aug 2020

Channel migrants: More boats follow busiest day on record

'Multiple' migrant boats have been picked up by Border Force in the English Channel, the coastguard said.

BBC News - 3 Aug 2020

660 million people could apply to work in Britain under the points-based system

The new PBS weakens UK work visa rules for citizens of 80% of countries around the world.

Mail Online - 31 Jul 2020

New immigration system ‘risks opening up UK to over 600 million people’

The new PBS weakens UK work visa rules for citizens of 80% of countries around the world.

The Sun - 31 Jul 2020

Record 202 migrants cross Channel in single day

Well over 3,000 have come since the start of the year.

Mail Online - 31 Jul 2020

MPs order new probe as migrant boats soar

Rocketing numbers of migrants crossing the Channel have alarmed MPs into launching an inquiry.

Sunday Express - 27 Jul 2020

More small boats arrive at Dover

Another 43 migrants in four small boats were intercepted in the English Channel.

BBC News - 24 Jul 2020

Boats carrying up to 100 cross-Channel migrants picked up off coast

About 15 vessels were intercepted by the Border Force.

The Times - 22 Jul 2020

200 met by Border Force teams on the worst day on record for illegal Channel crossing bid

A migrant stole a pedalo from a French beach in a bid to reach British soil.

The Sun - 21 Jul 2020

More than 500 migrants reach UK across Channel in one week

More than 2,800 migrants have reached the UK this year, with a record number of 180 arriving last weekend.

BBC News - 20 Jul 2020

EU criminals with more than a year in jail will be banned from Britain

Migration Watch UK warned: “It is vital that the provisions are followed with effective enforcement. This has become much too feeble.'

Daily Telegraph - 13 Jul 2020

Illegal migrants crossing Channel to hit record 7,500, four times rate last year, says study

The number of migrants crossing the Channel has been accelerating with forecasts suggesting it could hit 7,500, four times rate last year.

Daily Telegraph - 9 Jul 2020

Tony Smith: Turning the tide on migrant boats

Tony Smith is a former Head of the UK Border Force and Director of Ports and Borders in both the UK and Canada.

Conservative Home - 7 Jul 2020

Border Force's migrant mission impossible

So weak is the Government's grasp on the deepening emergency that it does not even know the total number of illegal immigrants in the UK.

Daily Mail - 3 Jul 2020

Channel migrants 'should be returned to France'

Migrants who cross the Channel in small boats should be returned to France before they can apply for asylum, the former head of the Border Force said.

BBC News - 1 Jul 2020

Priti Patel pledges new laws to bar and deport foreign criminals who 'abuse UK's hospitality

The Home Secretary is planning new legislation that will make it easier and faster to remove foreign criminals

Daily Telegraph - 30 Jun 2020

Asylum seeker warned of desire to 'stab and kill'

The warning came hours before launching a knife attack that left six people seriously wounded.

The Times - 30 Jun 2020

Reading attack suspect Khairi Saadallah shouted 'Allahu akbar'

The man accused of stabbing three gay men to death in a terror attack in Reading was shouting “Allahu akbar”

The Independent - 30 Jun 2020

None of 1,100 or so cross-Channel migrants who arrived in last seven weeks have been removed

Just 155 people were removed between the start of 2019 and now, the government revealed.

Mail Online - 19 Jun 2020

Home Office has no idea how many illegal migrants are in the UK, says National Audit Office

The Home Office's last estimate of the number of illegal migrants was in 2005.

Daily Telegraph - 17 Jun 2020

Channel 'migrants' brought ashore after boat crossings

Suspected migrants who tried to cross the English Channel on board small boats have been brought ashore at Dover.

BBC News - 12 Jun 2020

Five unanswered questions on the travel quarantine rules

Most people entering the UK from overseas are now expected to self-isolate for 14 days. There are questions about how it will be enforced...

BBC News - 11 Jun 2020

Boris Johnson on the Hong Kong crisis

About 350,000 of the territory’s people hold British National (Overseas) passports and another 2.5 million would be eligible to apply for them.

The Times - 3 Jun 2020

Channel crossings will continue as long as illegal migrants are allowed to stay in Britain

The business model for people smugglers depends on countries' unwillingness to turn would-be migrants away

Daily Telegraph - 1 Jun 2020

Britain has lost the plot on migrant crossings

With Britain's attention distracted by the virus, migrants have been redoubling their efforts to arrive in small boats from across the Channel.

The Times - 27 May 2020

Home Office approaches Australian Border Force Chief who helped mastermind return of sea migrants

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is already considering law and treaty changes to make it easier to return migrants.

Daily Telegraph - 27 May 2020

UK immigration from outside EU soars to record high in run-up to Brexit

Migration Watch said: “The numbers give a real taste of things to come if government succeeds in throwing open our jobs market to the world.'

Mirror Online - 22 May 2020

MPs overwhelmingly back Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit points-based immigration system

The Migration Watch UK think tank warned that the immigration proposals could even drive numbers up.

The Sun - 19 May 2020

New immigration system will see 50,000 extra non-EU workers and families let into the UK each year

Tens of thousands more migrants from outside the EU will be able to come to Britain in the biggest immigration shake-up for decades.

Mail Online - 19 May 2020

Another 14 migrants reach Dover after illegal Channel crossing

The news came as Home Office chiefs confirmed there would be a fortnight quarantine for arrivals.

Daily Mail - 15 May 2020

Britain's failure to remove illegal migrants is fueling 'dangerous' cross-Channel attempts

More than 3,200 migrants have successfully made the crossing since 2018, according to research by Migration Watch UK.

Daily Telegraph - 8 May 2020

Immigration pushes UK population to 66.8 million

A population rise equal to Leicester in the space of a year is not slow but eye-watering, said Migration Watch UK.

The Times - 7 May 2020

Priti Patel seeks new agreement with EU to return more Channel migrants to France

The UK is seeking to renegotiate the Dublin Agreement in order to return more migrants back to France.

Daily Telegraph - 30 Apr 2020

Border Force intercepts five boats carrying 76 migrants

The incident took arrivals for April to more than 400 - the highest monthly total ever recorded.

Mail Online - 24 Apr 2020

Flights still bringing 15,000 people a day to UK with no screening

The equivalent of 105,000 travellers land per week, including from hotspot nations such as China, Italy and the United States.

Metro - 20 Apr 2020

Migration Watch says it is 'offensive' to claim Britons will not pick crops during coronavirus crisis

Migration Watch UK said that the Government should bolster efforts to encourage Britons into such jobs.

Horticulture Week - 15 Apr 2020

More than 26,000 join UK's 'land army' to pick fruit and vegetables on British farms

The news follows a drive to 'mobilise the British workforce' as global travel restrictions mean a shortfall in migrant workers.

Mail Online - 9 Apr 2020

Pick for Britain

Growers to recruit 70,000 laid off workers to harvest fruit and veg.

The Times - 9 Apr 2020

Priti Patel seeks block on passengers from coronavirus hotspots to help prevent spread of disease

The Home Secretary wants to bar passengers from certain countries.

Daily Telegraph - 26 Mar 2020

EU closes borders as shutters come down across the world

President Macron announced last night that the EU would close its external borders

The Times - 18 Mar 2020

Non-EU immigration 'highest on record'

Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, told the press: 'The government's proposals will likely lead to immigration going up further.'

Mail Online - 28 Feb 2020

Skilled immigration to the UK will rise under reforms

Although low-skilled numbers may fall, officials predict a rise in the number of skilled migrants coming to the UK from 2021

The Sunday Times - 24 Feb 2020

Immigration reforms may not reduce the numbers as much as hoped

Migration Watch UK said the changes could result in numbers soaring.

The Times - 24 Feb 2020

170 MPs call on PM to halt Jamaica deportation flight

The Home Office has previously said the flight was 'specifically for removing foreign criminals'.

BBC News - 11 Feb 2020

Migrant salary threshold fall 'would boost public sector'

Dr Ben Greening, director of Migration Watch UK, said the proposals amounted to 'a significant loosening' of the rules around Tier 2 migration.

BBC News - 4 Feb 2020

Boris Johnson urged to cut £30,000 minimum wage threshold for migrants, by government experts

Think tank MigrationWatch UK called the ideas “dangerous”. Alp Mehmet said they would see the main route for work having much looser rules.

The Sun - 31 Jan 2020

Points-based system could lead to steep rise in migrants

Immigration could rise sharply under Boris Johnson’s plans for an Australian points-based system unless he imposes a cap on skilled migrants.

The Times - 1 Jan 2020


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