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UK cutters should halt migrants in French waters and return them to France, say ex-immigration chiefs

'If everyone were to be returned to France, the attraction would be negated', said Peter Higgins, former head of the immigration service.

Daily Telegraph - 23 Dec 2019

What a points-based immigration system would mean for the economy

The thorny subject of immigration has dictated every step of Britain’s departure from the EU.

Daily Telegraph - 11 Dec 2019

Two in three Britons still worried by migration

The survey found 65 per cent of those asked agree the level of net migration is a major concern for the public.

Daily Mail - 9 Dec 2019

Seven in ten people want an Australian-style cap on work visas issued to migrants after Brexit

Survey said 71 per cent backed upper limit on migrants coming here on work visa.

The Sun - 3 Dec 2019

Britain has most illegal immigrants in the EU

Up to 1.2 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be living in Britain, the highest number of any country in the European Union, research says.

The Times - 26 Nov 2019

Population to hit 70m in a decade

Immigration fuels ‘staggering’ rise in numbers

The Times - 30 Oct 2019

UK population set to rise by 3 million in next decade due to net migration increases

By mid-2031, the population is projected to pass 70 million.

The Independent - 30 Oct 2019

'Bursting at the seams, but UK’s population explosion continues'

Office for National Statistics figures project that Immigration will fuel a 'staggering' rise in the UK population over the next ten years.

Conservative Woman - 22 Oct 2019

Home Secretary Priti Patel says she will HALVE migrant Channel crossings within weeks and virtually eliminate the trips by spring next year

Action plan with France vows to make crossings an 'infrequent phenomenon'.

Daily Mail - 16 Oct 2019

Just 6% of illegal migrants crossing the Channel since December are deported by UK

Boris Johnson said the UK would send back migrants arriving illegally on small boats - but Sky News found few have been deported.

Sky News - 11 Oct 2019

Former Labour Home Secretary: Why I despair at my party throwing a lit match on the oil of immigration

Labour activists introduced a motion — passed by conference — to award full voting rights to all UK residents. Not citizens but residents.

Daily Mail - 30 Sep 2019

Labour opens the door on migrants: Activists vote for a huge overhaul of UK border controls

Delegates at the party’s conference backed a move to ‘maintain and extend free movement rights.

Daily Mail - 30 Sep 2019

Home Secretary Priti Patel to introduce ‘vindaloo visas’

Previously, takeaway restaurants could not recruit specialist chefs from abroad.

The Sun - 20 Sep 2019

Boris Johnson accused of opening ‘backdoor route’ to Britain by binning tough foreign student controls

Alp Mehmet, Migration Watch chair, stormed: “This unwise and retrograde step will likely lead to foreign graduates staying on to stack shelves.'

The Sun - 12 Sep 2019

Ministers reverse May-era student visa rules

Alp Mehmet, Migration Watch UK chair, said: 'There is no need to devalue a study visa by turning it into a backdoor route for working here.'

BBC News - 12 Sep 2019

This is a full-blown Channel migrant crisis. We need action, not words

The number of clandestine attempts to cross the Channel by boat appears to have grown substantially over the past year, says Migration Watch UK.

Conservative Woman - 2 Sep 2019

Is a merit based immigration system the best way to address a country's labour shortage?

Neil Anderson, of Migration Watch UK, Demetrios Papademetriou of Migration Policy Institute and Madeleine Sumption of Migration Observatory discuss.

BBC World Service - 2 Aug 2019

Boris Johnson axes Theresa May's vow to lower immigration to the 'tens of thousands'

In a statement to the House of Commons he said: “No-one believes more strongly than me in the benefits of migration to our country.'

Politics Home - 26 Jul 2019

It would be a huge mistake if the next PM does away with immigration targets

The Conservatives must have a clear objective to cut immigration overall.

Daily Telegraph - 19 Jul 2019

Most people think it is right to reduce migration

Net migration adds a city the size of Newcastle upon Tyne to the population each year.

Conservative Home - 17 Jul 2019

Refugees living on British military base in Cyprus allowed to settle in UK

Five refugee families are being resettled in the UK.

Channel 4 - 17 Jul 2019

UK's Boris Johnson pledges post-Brexit migration controls

Migration Watch UK criticized Johnson for not promising migration would fall. 'There is no mention whatever of reducing net migration.'

Agence France-Presse - 1 Jul 2019

The people have lost patience with an immigration system built on lies

Why let basic facts get in the way of a botched liberal elite mission?

Daily Telegraph - 1 Jul 2019

Consultation? No, a rubber stamp for more immigration

The government should listen to what the public really think about mass immigration in forming its policies.

Conservative Woman - 21 Jun 2019

Global population could hit 10.9 BILLION by the end of the century, UN predicts

The UN Population Division predicts there will be 10.9 billion people by 2100.

Daily Mail - 19 Jun 2019

John Cleese has a point about London

London has changed enormously in recent years, but it has become tantamount to a speechcrime to say anything critical.

Spiked - 7 Jun 2019

What the UK population will look like by 2061 under hard, soft or no Brexit scenarios

Under all scenarios, the UK population is projected to become more ethnically diverse and older, and to continue to grow.

The Conversation - 31 May 2019

Economy needs skills from abroad, ministers warned

Alp Mehmet of Migration Watch UK, said: “If these recommendations were accepted, it would amount to a turning point in immigration policy.'

The Times - 30 May 2019

Immigration levels are still double Theresa May’s target of under 100,000

Alp Mehmet of Migration Watch UK said the next PM must make it a priority to deliver on the government’s pledge to reduce immigration levels by a lot.

The Sun - 28 May 2019

Sajid Javid to scrap plans that recommended EU migrants must earn £30k to work in Brexit Britain

Home Secretary ripping up Theresa May’s post-Brexit plans for a £30,000 minimum salary threshold for EU migrants, The Sun can reveal.

The Sun - 23 May 2019

Letter to The Times from Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch

The government does not have the political will to address immigration, so the Home Office does not remotely have the resources it needs.

The Times - 20 May 2019

Record number of EU nationals working in UK

Around 2.38 million EU nationals were employed in the UK from January to March, 98,000 more than in the equivalent period of 2018.

Press Association - 15 May 2019

NHS looks abroad for thousands of nurses

Health chiefs admit failing to plan for elderly care.

The Times - 9 May 2019

GP pressure: Numbers show first sustained drop for 50 years

The NHS is seeing the first sustained fall in GP numbers in the UK for 50 years, the BBC can reveal.

BBC News - 9 May 2019

YouGov finds that 'asylum and migration' are the most important issues for Europeans aged 16 to 26

Young Europeans in most EU countries rank migration, the environment and the economy as the bloc's 'key political problems.'

Politico - 3 May 2019

Handling of UK asylum cases compromised by poorly trained and overworked staff

Poor decisions are made because insufficiently trained caseworkers are given sole responsibility to conduct interviews with asylum seekers.

The Guardian - 1 May 2019

Is keeping immigration promises too much to expect?

The impact on every citizen’s quality of life of a burgeoning population is massive and I make no apology for revisiting the issue.

Conservative Woman - 18 Apr 2019

Law firm workers told clients to lie to the Home Office to secure their visa applications, a court heard.

The company did not comply with immigration guidelines and encouraged their customers to be dishonest, the Old Bailey heard.

Court News - 17 Apr 2019

Britain’s deportation disgrace

In few places is it more clear that the deportation system is broken than in Rochdale.

Daily Mail - 16 Apr 2019

EU extends Mediterranean migrant mission, without ships

Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini had threatened several times to oppose it if the mission's rules do not change.

Politico - 2 Apr 2019

Majority of immigration removals called off amid concerns thousands of people wrongly targeted

More than half of deportations from the UK are called off, The Independent can reveal.

The Independent - 28 Mar 2019

EU to stop Mediterranean migrant rescue boat patrols

Air patrols will continue after decision, which was driven by threat from Italy to veto entire rescue operation.

The Guardian - 27 Mar 2019

So much for ‘taking back control of our borders’ – most immigrants come from outside the EU

The largest component of immigration comes not from the EU but from the rest of the world, under rules that have nothing to do with the EU.

Daily Telegraph - 25 Mar 2019

England could run short of water within 25 years

Exclusive: Environment Agency chief calls for use to be cut by a third

The Guardian - 21 Mar 2019

Travelodge targets parents to fill post-Brexit staffing gap

Budget hotel chain Travelodge is targeting parents who want to return to work to fill a potential post-Brexit staffing gap if EU worker numbers fall.

BBC News - 18 Mar 2019

Britons lose out to rush of foreign medical students

Applicants fear being priced out by the higher fees paid by non-EU rivals.

Sunday Times - 18 Mar 2019

MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit

In a night of high drama in the Commons, MPs surprised the government and voted by 312 to 308 to reject a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances.

BBC News - 14 Mar 2019

MPs vote by majority of 210 to extend article 50 and delay Brexit

Symbolically significant indicator of PM’s loss of control of process is carried by 412 votes to 202.

The Guardian - 14 Mar 2019

MPs reject Theresa May's deal for a second time

MPs voted down the prime minister's deal by 149 - a smaller margin than when they rejected it in January.

BBC News - 13 Mar 2019

No-deal motion suggests Theresa May is set on trying to make it third time lucky

In a risky move, Theresa May's no-deal motion seeks to channel the vote back towards another tilt at her deal.

Sky News - 13 Mar 2019

Unexpected immigration was major factor behind Middlesbrough school places crisis

An influx of 'international new arrivals' is among a number of reasons for 'unprecedented demand' which has left pupils without places.

Teesside Live - 8 Mar 2019

May hails surge in non-EU migration to 15-year high as evidence of strong economy - despite pledge to drastically reduce it

Migration Watch UK described the increase as “a real concern”.

The Independent - 5 Mar 2019

Rules aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from renting properties are 'discriminatory' and breach human rights laws, the High Court has ruled.

The 'right to rent' scheme, which requires landlords to check the immigration status of tenants, was introduced in England in 2016.

BBC News - 1 Mar 2019

Number of vehicles on England's roads jumps by 2.5m in FIVE years

There were 32.2 million vehicles on the country's roads last year - a 7.7% rise from 29.7 million in 2013.

Yorkshire Post - 26 Feb 2019

New figures show record number of people working in Britain from outside the EU

The data shows the number of non-EU nationals in work rose to a record 1.295 million in October to December 2018.

The Times - 19 Feb 2019

Immigration policy must be made for everyone – not just for bigger business

'A substantial majority would like immigration to be reduced”, according to the Migration Observatory.

Conservative Home - 15 Feb 2019

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer backs free movement, with Labour facing row over Europe

Sir Keir insisted Labour could 'explore' the so-called Norway-style Brexit.

The Sun - 15 Feb 2019

Government under pressure from MPs and charities to relax family reunion rules for refugees settled in the UK

Current immigration rules only allow adult refugees to apply for their married or civil partners and dependent children under 18 to join them.

The Guardian - 8 Feb 2019

The government’s abject failure to train more UK healthcare staff is inexcusable, says Migration Watch UK

'Why should health systems in the West entice clinical staff from countries where they are often in short supply?', asks Migration Watch UK.

Health Service Journal - 4 Feb 2019

Mass immigration and the growth of inequality

Those who call for ‘open borders’ are facilitating more social and economic inequality, writes Professor James Wickham.

Social Europe - 1 Feb 2019

Wishful thinking over immigration won't wash

About 80 per cent of recent rapid population growth since 2001 has been the direct and indirect result of immigration.

Conservative Woman - 24 Jan 2019

Illegal immigrants 'have very little chance of being caught' due to Government cuts, union boss claims

Lack of resources mean black market workers harder to catch, says General Secretary of Immigration Service Union.

Independent - 22 Jan 2019

Scots reject SNP call for immigration powers

A survey has shown that Scots do not want to take control over their own borders policy.

The Times - 17 Jan 2019

Proof Britain IS a soft touch for migrants: We let 63 per cent of asylum seekers from Iran IN...while France keeps 69 per cent OUT

Britain was last night branded a 'soft touch' for accepting far more Iranian asylum-seekers than France does.

Mail on Sunday - 14 Jan 2019

I’ve smuggled 300 migrants into UK boasts Afghan trafficker who has been booted out of the country TWICE himself

A people smuggler has boasted to The Sun of getting 300 migrants across the Channel.

The Sun - 10 Jan 2019

Ignoring the difference between legal and illegal immigration penalises migrants who play by the rules

Ignoring the distinction risks sending out a message that playing by the rules is for mugs.

Daily Telegraph (£) - 8 Jan 2019

Why those few desperate people in dinghies really are a danger to Britain

The fact they don’t want to stay in France proves they are not refugees, but migrants, writes Peter Hitchens.

Mail on Sunday - 7 Jan 2019

Sajid Javid’s post-Brexit immigration plan branded the ‘longest suicide note’ in Tory history

Migration Watch said the incendiary proposals to allow any migrant from around the world to come to Britain for at least five years to look for a job.

The Sun - 4 Jan 2019


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