Media Reports Archive : January 2019

Wishful thinking over immigration won't wash

About 80 per cent of recent rapid population growth since 2001 has been the direct and indirect result of immigration.

Conservative Woman - 24 Jan 2019

Illegal immigrants 'have very little chance of being caught' due to Government cuts, union boss claims

Lack of resources mean black market workers harder to catch, says General Secretary of Immigration Service Union.

Independent - 22 Jan 2019

Scots reject SNP call for immigration powers

A survey has shown that Scots do not want to take control over their own borders policy.

The Times - 17 Jan 2019

Proof Britain IS a soft touch for migrants: We let 63 per cent of asylum seekers from Iran IN...while France keeps 69 per cent OUT

Britain was last night branded a 'soft touch' for accepting far more Iranian asylum-seekers than France does.

Mail on Sunday - 14 Jan 2019

I’ve smuggled 300 migrants into UK boasts Afghan trafficker who has been booted out of the country TWICE himself

A people smuggler has boasted to The Sun of getting 300 migrants across the Channel.

The Sun - 10 Jan 2019

Ignoring the difference between legal and illegal immigration penalises migrants who play by the rules

Ignoring the distinction risks sending out a message that playing by the rules is for mugs.

Daily Telegraph (£) - 8 Jan 2019

Why those few desperate people in dinghies really are a danger to Britain

The fact they don’t want to stay in France proves they are not refugees, but migrants, writes Peter Hitchens.

Mail on Sunday - 7 Jan 2019

Sajid Javid’s post-Brexit immigration plan branded the ‘longest suicide note’ in Tory history

Migration Watch said the incendiary proposals to allow any migrant from around the world to come to Britain for at least five years to look for a job.

The Sun - 4 Jan 2019


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