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EXCLUSIVE Fifty migrants on boat in the middle of English Channel refuse to be rescued by French warship…so UK Border Force picks them up and brings them to Dover

Fifty migrants packed into a floundering rubber dinghy in the Channel were picked up by a Border Force vessel today after refusing to be rescued

26 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Big new net migration number includes students, NHS workers and Ukrainian refugees - but is it sustainable

Both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer want it to be smaller - even if neither will tell us what number they'd be happy with

26 May 2023 - Media Report: Sky News
Raise migrant salary limits to stop firms undercutting British workers, Rishi Sunak told

Migrant salary limits must be raised to persuade Britons back to work, Tory MPs have told Rishi Sunak, after he admitted record levels

26 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Rishi Sunak is accused of having 'no grip' on immigration after new record levels emerge

Rishi Sunak was accused of having “no grip on immigration” yesterday as net migration to the UK hit a record high

26 May 2023 - Media Report: The Mirror
Rishi Sunak denies losing control of UK borders as net migration hits all-time record

Experts warned of crippling pressure on housing, the NHS and schools — with a city the size of Birmingham having arrived over the past two decades

26 May 2023 - Media Report: The Sun
Net migration sharply up on recent levels

Some 1.2 million people arrived in the UK last year intending to stay for a year or more

25 May 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Migration soars to highest level on record as Tories fail to deliver on their promise

Net migration hit record levels last year, with figures estimated to have reached 606,000

25 May 2023 - Media Report: GB News
Politics latest news: Net migration hits new record high

The number easily surpasses the previous record high of 504,000 recorded in the year to June 2022

25 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Ministers brace for immigration to top 700,000 in figures TODAY – as poll finds Labour are more trusted than the Tories on the key issue

Long-awaited statistics are expected to show another huge spike in net migration in 2022

25 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Many foreign students to lose right to bring family to UK

Foreign postgraduate students on non-research courses will no longer be able to bring family members to the UK

24 May 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Sending migrants to Rwanda 'best available option' to crush people-smuggling gangs, David Cameron says

David Cameron has said he can't see an alternative to the controversial Rwanda policy

24 May 2023 - Media Report: LBC
Welby attacks migrant bill AGAIN and vows bishops 'will not abandon' opposition

The Archbishop of Canterbury has made a fresh intervention on the Government's plans to stop small boats

24 May 2023 - Media Report: Express
Controlled legal migration is fairer and better for everyone

I have a very clear view on immigration. It must be legal, it must be controlled and it must be fair

24 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Britain sees surge in migration despite Brexit - as skilled workers from Asia and Africa plug staff shortages

A growing number of skilled workers from Africa and Asia are moving to Britain to plug crippling staff shortages

23 May 2023 - Media Report: Sky News
Poppy Coburn: Why ministers have opted for more immigration. It’s easy because it’s quick

Why on earth would anybody want to be Home Secretary? The job has long been regarded as a poisoned chalice

23 May 2023 - Media Report: Conservative Home
Britain can’t sustain this level of immigration

Limited immigration is a good thing for a country. Without adequate controls, however, it simply can’t cope with the numbers and loses its identity

23 May 2023 - Media Report: The Times
England must build 600,000 new homes every year to cope with immigration

England needs 616,000 extra homes each year to accommodate record numbers of migrants, a think tank has said

23 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Net migration: The history of turmoil within the Tories since Cameron's 'tens of thousands' pledge

Sky News has taken a look at the history of the statistics, the promises and the policies within the party

22 May 2023 - Media Report: Sky News
Hospitality sector splashes out on pay increases

Workers in the hospitality industry have reported receiving above-average salary increases last year as the sector struggles with a skills shortage

22 May 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Tory MP says Sunak needs to get back to 'more Conservative policies' - 'We can’t do political suicide over this'

Former Education Minister Andrea Jenkyns says the party needs to put more pressure on the Prime Minister to get back to more Conservative policies

22 May 2023 - Media Report: GB News
Europe turns blind eye to let migrants reach UK, smuggler reveals

European leaders are turning a blind eye to tens of thousands of migrants destined for Britain, a career people smuggler has claimed

22 May 2023 - Media Report: Express
Suella Braverman 'targeted in politically motivated attack' due to her bid to end migrant crisis

Allies of Suella Braverman fear she is being "targeted in a politically motivated"

22 May 2023 - Media Report: GB News
Legal migration is too high, says Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak says legal migration to the UK is "too high" but has refused to put a precise figure on acceptable levels of people coming to the UK

19 May 2023 - Media Report: BBC
‘Losing control of the borders is the most serious breach of duty a government can commit’

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19 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Suella Braverman’s immigration plans stalled by cabinet splits

Ministers have yet to agree on a series of measures proposed by the home secretary to cut immigration amid cabinet infighting over the issue

17 May 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Conservatism’s future direction is up for debate

There is no obvious ideological homogeneity on show

17 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Immigration and culture. Are the Conservatives getting it all the wrong way round?

The vote for Brexit was shaped by people wanting a different economic model – less southern, less finance-based, less migration-reliant

17 May 2023 - Media Report: Conservative Home
Britain isn’t ready for the coming immigration surge

If you have voted Conservative at any point over the past 13 years because you wanted less migration, you must be feeling somewhat let down

17 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Britain’s immigration is out of control, and could spell the end of the Tories

Next week, the Office for National Statistics is expected to report that net immigration (after deducting those who have emigrated) has risen

17 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
STEPHEN GLOVER: If the migration forecasts are correct, this is a Tory betrayal on an epic scale

Have the Tories, armed with their new powers, fulfilled their pledge to bring down net legal immigration? No

16 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Million more migrants heading to Britain before next election, ministers warned

It would come as the Tories head into an election where the UK’s post-Brexit control of its borders will be a major campaign issue

16 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
The immigration Ponzi scheme is about to collapse

The UK fertility rate is teetering around 1.7 births per woman, far short of the 2.1 replacement rate required to keep population level

16 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Peter Hitchens' Half Hour: “There Is No Obligation For A Nation To Take In 7 Million People”

Peter Hitchens mentions Lord Green

16 May 2023 - Media Report: Talk TV
Rishi Sunak facing massive Tory revolt for breaking key immigration pledge - with even Braverman to stick the knife in

Senior Tories are rounding up on Rishi Sunak as the Prime Minister risks breaking a key Conservative immigration pledge

15 May 2023 - Media Report: GB News
Labour considers extending voting rights to EU citizens

Labour is considering extending voting rights to some EU citizens living in the UK if the party wins the next general election

15 May 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Rail union leader Mick Lynch thinks Channel migrants should be given the same employment rights as British people immediately after arriving on boats

In a video clip unearthed by the Mail, Mick Lynch rants in a speech at a north London mosque

15 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Record numbers of foreign crooks including killers & sex offenders still in UK after failed deportation bids

RECORD numbers of foreign criminals are still in the UK after failed bids to deport them, figures reveal

15 May 2023 - Media Report: The Sun
Suella Braverman fires warning shot on UK immigration as ministers clash — follow latest

Conservative tensions over immigration broke into the open today as ministers clashed over the need for workers to boost the economy

15 May 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Furious protesters brand barge that will hold up to 500 migrants a 'floating human right's violation' as it is docked in Falmouth to be refurbished

Angry locals in Falmouth, Cornwall have been protesting the arrival of a huge barge designed to house up to 500 asylum seekers

12 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Net migration may top one million this year, Home Office fears

Net migration is on track to be as high as one million, analysis suggests ahead of the release of official figures this month

12 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Justin Welby should be ashamed of himself

It’s not acceptable for people smugglers to nullify policy “in a democratic and law respecting nation”

12 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Government using RNLI like a ‘taxi service’ during small boats crisis, former crewman says

RNLI volunteers are being used as a “taxi service” by the Government as they struggle to hold down their regular jobs

11 May 2023 - Media Report: iNews
Six jailed for smuggling migrants into UK through Portsmouth in refrigerated lorry

They were happy to put vulnerable migrants into the backs of lorries for long Channel sea crossings

11 May 2023 - Media Report: ITV
Nobody wants to admit the truth: Mass immigration is fuelling the housing crisis

It's the reason that dares not speak its name, the elephant in the room, as it were – burgeoning net immigration

11 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
UK plans curbs on visas for overseas students’ family members

Ministers are drawing up plans to stop family members from joining overseas master’s students at British universities

11 May 2023 - Media Report: Financial Times
Ministers to clash with peers over Illegal Migration Bill

The government is set to clash with peers when its plan to tackle small boat crossings takes its next step through Parliament later

10 May 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Police funding plea amid growing concerns as migrant barge arrives in UK

Policing of a huge barge set to home around 500 asylum seekers should be funded by the government, a police commissioner is demanding

10 May 2023 - Media Report: Express
Paranoid schizophrenic Albanian woman who slashed seven-year-old girl's throat at random was allowed to stay in UK despite Home Office being told she'd lied about being trafficked on three occasions, inquest hears

Eltiona Skana, 33, was initially refused asylum after smuggling herself into Britain in the back of a lorry

10 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Faces of 16 smugglers who put £42,000,000 in cash on flights to Dubai

A London gang of 16 people has been found guilty over a £42 million money laundering scheme

10 May 2023 - Media Report: Metro
Barge for 500 migrants towed to Falmouth for refit

The Bibby Stockholm, from Italy, is due to dock in Falmouth at about 08:00 BST, ahead of an inspection and refit work

9 May 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Reopening of two immigration detention centres is delayed by at least six months in fresh blow to Suella Braverman's borders crackdown

Mothballed facilities in Hampshire and Oxfordshire were due to be brought back into use by this summer

9 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Migrant centres to ‘stop the boats’ will not be ready until next year

Statistics reveal that more asylum seekers have come to Britain in the two months since the legislation was announced than in the previous eight weeks

9 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Police hunt remaining three men after escape from Yarl's Wood immigration centre in Bedfordshire

edfordshire Police have now released images of the remaining three men who they want to find

9 May 2023 - Media Report: ITV
At least 260 migrants cross the Channel in boats over Coronation weekend, with more than 600 asylum seekers landing on UK shores last week, official figures show

Government figures reveal that a total of 6,549 asylum seekers have crossed the Channel in 156 boats to date in 2023

9 May 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Most Channel migrants facing deportation claim to be slavery victims

Two thirds of migrants who arrived in small boats and were detained for removal last year claimed they were victims of modern slavery

5 May 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Ministers urged to deport Albanians as they are 'coached to manipulate' modern slavery

Ministers came under renewed pressure last night to deport Albanians allegedly exploiting asylum rules

5 May 2023 - Media Report: Express
Deportation threat ‘triggers’ modern slavery claims from illegal migrants

The threat of deportation acts as a “trigger” for migrants who arrived by small boats to claim to be victims of modern slavery

5 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Rishi Sunak is making us ever more reliant on mass immigration

Brexit was never, on its own, going to make Britain better or worse. It simply meant the retrieval of powerful tools

5 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Yarl's Wood: Detainees flee detention centre after riot

Bedfordshire Police confirmed 13 people fled from the Yarl's Wood centre in Bedfordshire

3 May 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Barge to house 500 male migrants arriving in UK within days

A giant barge will arrive in the UK this week to be refitted and prepared to accommodate 500 asylum seekers

3 May 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Merseyside to be next site for barge housing asylum seekers

Asylum seekers are set to be housed on a barge or ferry on the Mersey as the Home Office seeks to move migrants out of hotels

2 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
'No-one would want a migrant base in their constituency', Foreign Secretary says

The MP for Braintree said “no-one” would want such a facility in their constituency

2 May 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
The Tories’ immigration muddle

The government’s long-overdue plans to “stop the boats” might be successful, but it might only have a small effect on our overall immigration figures

2 May 2023 - Media Report: The Critic
Britain’s legal migration numbers matter more than small boats

Between June 2021 and June 2022 net migration hit a record 504,000 people — roughly 1.1 million long-term arrivals, set against 560,000 departures

2 May 2023 - Media Report: The Times


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