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RNLI and sailors who rescue drowning migrants exempt from smuggling sentences

The RNLI and other rescuers are to be exempt from prosecution if they bring Channel migrants into the UK

Telegraph - 2 Dec 2021

Lorry drivers face £2,000 fine for every stowaway migrant, even after security checks

orry drivers face fines of £2,000 for every illegal migrant found in their vehicle

Telegraph - 1 Dec 2021

Soldier's Fijian wife, 38, is convicted of murdering her newborn after 'snapping' over her immigration status and the pressure of supporting her family

A soldier's wife was today convicted of murdering her newborn baby after 'snapping' due to fears over her immigration status

Mail Online - 1 Dec 2021

Channel migrants: Pushing back boats will increase danger, MPs warn

UK plans to turn back people attempting to cross the Channel are dangerous and probably unlawful, MPs have warned

BBC - 1 Dec 2021

Migrants jailed in UK for guiding dinghies fight convictions

A group of migrants who were imprisoned in the UK for steering dinghies across the English Channel are staging an appeal

Arab News - 1 Dec 2021

Armed French cops smash up squalid Dunkirk camp along disused rail tracks where 27 migrants stayed before they drowned in Channel tragedy

Armed French police smashed up a squalid Dunkirk camp today along a disused railway line

Mail Online - 1 Dec 2021

The best way to beat the Channel traffickers is to let refugees enter the UK legally

The art of politics often boils down to how convincingly a person can state something they wish were true

Telegraph - 30 Nov 2021

MPs seek to offer young Hong Kongers easier path to UK citizenship

“The BNO scheme lives up to our obligations to Hong Kong, and we need to make sure that all are included.”

Telegraph - 30 Nov 2021

French PM to offer Boris Johnson EU migration deal after Channel deaths

The French prime minister is preparing to offer Boris Johnson a post-Brexit deal with the EU on migration

Telegraph - 30 Nov 2021

UK is accused of 'modern slavery' as tit-for-tat row with France over migrant row turns ugly

The war of words between Britain and France over the Channel migrant crisis intensified last night

Mail Online - 30 Nov 2021

Migrant Channel tragedy: Police passed us on, says survivor

Mohammad Khaled described how he saw fellow passengers drown one by one during the crossing of the Channel.

The Times - 30 Nov 2021

Healthcare sector dominates skilled migration outside London

London has been most affected by the drop in migration caused by the Covid pandemic

Financial Times - 30 Nov 2021

As long as fractured British-French relationship continues, so will Channel tragedies

Britain and France would “make this deadly route unviable”

Telegraph - 25 Nov 2021


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