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French navy warship ESCORTS a boat full of migrants across the Channel as dozens of vessels are intercepted trying to make the crossing during break in choppy seas

A French navy warship reportedly escorted a boat full of migrants across the English Channel today as more than 100 arrivals were intercepted in 11 sm

Mail Online - 19 Oct 2020

People traffickers 'are paying French fishing boat crews to get migrants across the English Channel without being spotted by military drones'

People traffickers are hiring French fishing boat crews to carry desperate migrants halfway across the Channel in a bid to evade eye-in-the-sky milita

Mail Online - 19 Oct 2020

Judges reined in on using human rights laws to block deportations

Judges will be told what constitutes 'inhuman or degrading treatment', under plans being considered by Priti Patel to curb the use of human rights law

The Daily Telegraph - 19 Oct 2020

Penally asylum camp protest: Man and woman arrested

Two people have been arrested during a protest outside a military training camp in Pembrokeshire, where asylum seekers are being housed

BBC - 19 Oct 2020

Immigration officers swoop on HK Diner in Barrow

A woman was discovered to have entered the UK illegally after a Barrow restaurant was raided by immigration officers

North West Evening Mail - 19 Oct 2020

'I don't want to go, Daddy': Harrowing screams of five-year-old migrant girl begging not be taken on perilous Channel crossing from Calais beach

In a six-month probe, investigators infiltrated gangs making huge profits out of the estimated 7,173 migrants who have already come to Britain in 2020

Mail Online - 16 Oct 2020

Libyan coastguard chief arrested over migrant trafficking

Abd al-Rahman al-Milad, 30, was held in Tripoli on Wednesday on the orders of the interior minister of the UN-backed government controlling the city

The Times - 16 Oct 2020

Outrage at island detention plans is easy - fight hotel detention of refugees in Glasgow

There was some suggestion that the recent leaked story about Priti Patel considering sending asylum seekers to Ascension island was black propaganda

The Herald - 16 Oct 2020

Channel asylum seekers not given access to legal advice until days before deportation, research finds

Asylum seekers who arrive in the UK on small boats are receiving no access to legal advice until days before they are due to be deported from the coun

The Independent - 15 Oct 2020

Army is forced to halt live shooting exercise after migrants crossing the Channel in a speedboat land on MoD firing range in Kent in the middle of target practice

The British Army was forced to stop a live shooting exercise on a military range today after a group of migrants landed a 9ft speedboat in the middle

Mail Online - 15 Oct 2020

London based 'brokers' are people traffickers smuggle helping illegal migrants across the Channel

London based middlemen are charging up to £500 per person to act as guarantors to facilitate the entry into Britain of illegal migrants

The Telegraph - 15 Oct 2020

NHS migrant healthcare charges are hampering the fight against Covid-19

The World Health Organization has stressed the importance of ensuring health services are open to all migrants and refugees during the pandemic

The Guardian - 15 Oct 2020

Migrants denied NHS care for average of 37 weeks, research finds

Migrants who need NHS care are being denied treatment for an average of 37 weeks, despite suffering from conditions such as cancer, heart problems or

The Guardian - 14 Oct 2020

'Safe surgery' call to GPs across Oxfordshire

Campaigners have sent an open letter to the body which oversees GP services in Oxfordshire, calling on it to support a 'safe surgeries' scheme

Oxford Mail - 14 Oct 2020

Priti Patel’s Proposals for Prison Ships Show

Have the lessons of Windrush been learned?

Byline - 14 Oct 2020


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