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Net migration to Britain FALLS to 273,000 a year in first figures from after the Brexit vote as EU students stay away

Alp Mehmet, Vice-Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said the fall in net migration was a 'step in the right direction'.

Daily Mail - 23 Feb 2017

Tony Blair is wrong yet again: immigration from the EU post-Brexit can and will be controlled

Perhaps I might explain to Tony Blair in an “easy to understand” way that he has completed misapprehended the immigration issue.

Brexit Central - 21 Feb 2017

UK is third most traffic-congested country in Europe - study

Time wasted in Britain's worst traffic jams cost motorists a staggering £31bn last year, according to new research.

Sky News - 20 Feb 2017

There will be little need for more eastern European immigration post-Brexit as report says firms won’t face labour shortage

Migration Watch UK say claims controls on the entry of EU workers will leave firms short-staffed are untrue.

The Sun - 17 Feb 2017

Businesses unlikely to face sharp drop in the number of eastern European workers in the UK following Brexit, according to a new report

Businesses are unlikely to face a sharp drop in the number of eastern European workers following Brexit, according to a Migration Watch UK report.

Press Association - 14 Feb 2017

Employers optimistic about post-Brexit hiring

British employers are optimistic about their ability to recruit qualified employees after Britain leaves the EU.

Sky News - 14 Feb 2017

UK 'must train 1.6 million care workers to plug gaps in workforce post-Brexit'

Britain needs to recruit and train 1.6 million low-skilled health and social care workers up to 2022, more than any other job in the country.

Press Association - 10 Feb 2017

SCHENGEN CRACKDOWN: Controls extended across EU over terror threat and migration crisis

Temporary border controls introduced in the wake of the 2015 Paris terror attacks are being extended for another three months.

Daily Express - 8 Feb 2017

With health tourists costing taxpayers £1.8bn-a-year the time has come for them to cough up, says former GP Dr Robert Lefever

As a country we damage the service given to our own people — who are entitled to it — when we give it away to someone else.

The Sun - 7 Feb 2017

Housing market broken, ministers say ahead of White Paper

Ministers will admit England's housing market is 'broken' as they unveil new plans to build more affordable homes.

BBC News - 7 Feb 2017

'It is NOT small beer' Tory grandee Sir Nicholas Soames calls for compulsory health insurance for foreigners

MP Nicholas Soames has called for foreign visitors to arrive on British soil with health insurance certificates amid a crackdown on health tourism.

Daily Express - 6 Feb 2017

Migrants could make up four in ten new households: Minister's forecast for the next two decades

Migrants could account for more than four in every ten households formed between now and 2039, a minister has warned.

Daily Mail - 6 Feb 2017

Health tourism 'chaos' draining the NHS: MPs condemn ministers over millions lost on foreign patients who don't pay

Health tourism is draining the NHS of hundreds of millions of pounds a year because of 'chaotic' billing.

Daily Mail - 1 Feb 2017

ONS data reveals the true scale of UK citizens living in the EU – and the impact on Brexit negotiations

First detailed picture of the number of UK citizens living in other EU countries who are not dual-nationals.

International Business Times - 30 Jan 2017

Dr J Meirion Thomas: ‘If the NHS needs more money, why not collect from health tourists?’

In the four years since I blew the whistle on health tourism, little has changed.

The Spectator - 30 Jan 2017


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