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Outrage as asylum seekers set to move into EVERY flat in city's 'most sought after' luxury apartment block

Two migrant thugs were jailed for attacking police on a French beach

8 August, 2023 - Media Report: GB News
'Utterly ruthless' people smuggler threw migrants overboard when fight broke out about space on small UK-bound dinghy

Migrants were rescued, given treatment for minor injuries and then released

2 August, 2023 - Media Report: Mail
Criminal migrants more likely to be barred from gaining British citizenship under tough new rules

A jail sentence of a year or more will trigger stricter 'good character' rules which could lead to applications being rejected.

30 July, 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Why won't our politicians admit that the housing crisis is being fuelled by legal immigration?

27 July, 2023 - Media Report: Daily Mail
Rishi Sunak: Labour on same side as criminal gangs over illegal migration

Rishi Sunak has suggested that the Labour Party are “on the same side” as criminals and lawyers who promote illegal immigration.

25 July, 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Lawyers charging £10,000 to make fake asylum claims

Lawyers are charging thousands of pounds to submit false asylum and human rights claims for illegal immigrants.

24 July, 2023 - Media Report: Daily Mail
Young Swiss workers may be offered visas to fill job vacancies under Home Office plans

There are hopes to sign similar reciprocal agreements, targeting potential waiters, baristas and au pairs, with European Union nations.

23 July, 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Scandal of 500k skilled workers needed in UK while a million youngsters sit idle

A Sunday Express investigation reveals that up to a million Britons aged 16 to 24 are unemployed.

22 July, 2023 - Media Report: Express


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