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Deportations of illegal migrants to double as Dominic Raab lifts cap on appeals

Deportations of foreign criminals, Channel migrants and failed asylum seekers are to be doubled

8 December, 2022 - Media Report: Telegraph
Albanian Channel migrants plead to go back home claiming to be ‘victims of TikTok’

Albanian Channel migrants are pleading to go back home after being conned by TikTok adverts into believing they will have a better life

8 December, 2022 - Media Report: Telegraph
Slapton: Man held over landing of migrants on beach

A man has been arrested on suspicion of people smuggling offences after migrants were seen landing on a Devon beach in June

8 December, 2022 - Media Report: BBC
Albania IS a 'safe country', ambassador admits after surge in Channel crossings

Around a third of those who have made the perilous journey so far this year are from the Balkan state

8 December, 2022 - Media Report: Express
Rishi Sunak distances himself from hardline immigration report supported by Home Secretary Suella Braverman that recommends BANNING people arriving from 'safe' countries like Albania from EVER claiming asylum to settle in Britain

Downing Street today distanced itself from a hardline immigration plan supported by the Home Secretary

6 December, 2022 - Media Report: Mail Online
Asylum seeker ordered to leave UK arrested after trying to re-enter on Channel dinghy

An asylum seeker who was previously forced to leave the UK has been arrested after trying to re-enter the country

6 December, 2022 - Media Report: Telegraph
Universities pay to attract Indian students with ‘bring your family’ campaigns

They are paying commission to agents who provide prospective Indian students with help in securing visas for their spouses and children

6 December, 2022 - Media Report: Telegraph
Home Secretary is right – it’s not xenophobic to consider detention for illegal Albanian crossers

ALBANIA is a safe nation for its citizens — even the European Commission says so

5 December, 2022 - Media Report: The Sun


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