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Migrants’ tide may continue for two years after Britain leaves EU, says Brexit Secretary David Davis

Sky-high immigration from Europe may continue for at least two years after Britain leaves the EU in 2019, the Brexit Secretary signalled yesterday.

The Sun - 19 Jan 2017

Immigration scam uses ‘fake lives’ in Ireland to create back door into UK

Thousands of Britons are setting up fake lives in Ireland to obtain residency in the UK for non-EU family members.

The Times - 19 Jan 2017

'Brexit: UK to leave single market, says May'

Theresa May has said the UK 'cannot possibly' remain within the European single market, as staying in it would mean 'not leaving the EU at all'.

BBC News - 17 Jan 2017

Work permits at heart of UK’s Brexit immigration control plan

Ministers are drawing up plans for a two-tier system of UK border controls for EU citizens .

Financial Times - 16 Jan 2017

Passport queues 'could be longer after Brexit', airports warn

People flying to the UK could face 'severe disruption' after Brexit unless the Border Force employs more people, airports have warned.

BBC News - 16 Jan 2017

EU doctors offered £90k to work in the UK despite government plans to make NHS less reliant on foreign doctors

Health bosses hope to recruit up to 500 doctors from overseas to solve the recruitment crisis

The Sun - 12 Jan 2017

Britain considering £1,000-a-year levy for skilled EU workers

The government is seriously considering imposing a £1,000-a-year levy on every European Union skilled worker recruited by British employers.

The Guardian - 11 Jan 2017

Teach migrants to put bins out, how to queue, and to be nice, says integration tsar as she says UK needs to be 'less shy' in setting out rules for arrivals

Migrants should get lessons in how to queue, when to put their rubbish out and how to ‘be nice’, the Government’s integration tsar has said.

Daily Mail - 10 Jan 2017

'Immigration is not too high', says Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he stands by his view that immigration to the UK from the EU is not too high.

BBC News - 10 Jan 2017

Sir Vince Cable - 'Why it's time to end EU free movement'

Vince Cable makes the liberal case for immigration controls.

New Statesman - 5 Jan 2017

Brexit will let Britain halve net migration: Major report delivers devastating verdict on post-referendum scaremongering

The cut will provide a long-term boost to wages and help ease the national housing crisis, say Cambridge University researchers.

Daily Mail - 5 Jan 2017

British businesses are 'crying wolf' about the economic risks of slashing migrant numbers, think tank claims

A major think tank campaigning for lower immigration to Britain has accused businesses of 'crying wolf' over the the risks of curbing numbers.

Daily Mail - 4 Jan 2017

PM to revive Tory pledge on cutting benefits for migrants

Theresa May is preparing to use Brexit to fulfil David Cameron’s manifesto promise to stop EU migrants from claiming benefits.

The Times - 3 Jan 2017

‘End free movement NOW’ Union boss says EU migration only helps rich to hire cheap nannies

A top union figure has launched an extraordinary attack on EU free movement rules.

Daily Express - 3 Jan 2017

Nicola Sturgeon's soft Brexit plan labelled 'complete madness' after 10-year delay emerges

Nicola Sturgeon’s blueprint to keep Scotland in the EU single market after Brexit is under fire.

Herald Scotland - 22 Dec 2016


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