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Jail threat for ID deceivers: New warning for defendants who fail to disclose nationality

Defendants who fail to disclose their nationalities in court could face a year in prison under a Government scheme to deport more foreign criminals.

Daily Express - 17 Nov 2017

Record numbers of EU workers in UK since Brexit

Alp Mehmet, vice-chairman of campaign group Migration Watch UK, said the figures 'show that predictions of a Brexodus are nonsense'.

Sky News - 16 Nov 2017

Report finds immigration is chief reason for pressure to build millions of new properties

The spiralling need for new homes is almost entirely a result of immigration, according to a report.

Daily Mail - 15 Nov 2017

Ministers continue to mislead us on housing and migration

A new report from Migration Watch asserts that successive governments have misled the British people over the impact of immigration on housing demand.

Daily Express - 15 Nov 2017

NHS hospital in London sees four in five babies born to foreign mums

Alp Mehmet, from MigrationWatch UK, said last night: “To reduce these pressures we need to better manage migration.”

The Sun - 13 Nov 2017

'Prolific and violent' offender will stay in UK and recieve almost £80,000 taxpayer money

Alanna Thomas, executive director of Migration Watch UK, said it was 'further evidence that the system is clearly not working as it should'.

Daily Express - 13 Nov 2017

Germans call for Brexit to be delayed until end of 2020: 'Five wise men' group of economists tell Angela Merkel extension would be 'sensible

Britain should delay Brexit by up to two years or a deal will fall apart, Angela Merkel’s advisers say.

Daily Mail - 9 Nov 2017

More than 8,000 refugees have been settled in the UK under the Syrian refugee programme, according to a UN report

They are part of a programme launched almost two years ago to bring in 20,000 Syrians driven from their homes by the civil war.

The Times - 9 Nov 2017

UK firms to offer higher pay as Brexit deters EU workers

British employers are having to raise their pay offers in the face of growing recruitment problems, two surveys showed.

Reuters - 8 Nov 2017

Britain is twice as dependent on foreign medics as other nations: Third of doctors and one in eight nurses were trained overseas

A third of doctors and one in eight nurses were trained abroad, around twice as high as the average for other countries.

Daily Mail - 7 Nov 2017

Education cuts could crowd pupils into super-sized classes of 100-plus

Children across the country are being taught in classes with more than 100 pupils amid a growing crisis over school funding.

The Sunday Times - 6 Nov 2017

Claims of an exodus of EU NHS staff do not stand up to the NHS’s own data

Relying almost solely on the NHS’s own data for research, I quickly became convinced many of these claims are outright false.

Brexit Central - 6 Nov 2017

More than 140,000 told by UK immigration they face removal – watchdog

Borders inspector’s reports give indication of how many are in Britain without legal status and may be forced to leave.

The Guardian - 2 Nov 2017

Ministers at war with HMRC bosses over claims post-Brexit customs system will take five years

Officials have warned the government that it could be half a decade before the changes necessary to check and tax imports to Britain are implemented.

The Sun - 31 Oct 2017

Britain's population will hit 70 million before 2030 and more than HALF the increase in the next decade will be from immigration

The number of people living in Britain will rise by 3.6 million - 5.5 per cent - in a decade.

Daily Mail - 30 Oct 2017


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