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Brexiteers cry foul over EU prisoner figures

4,024 EU nationals were in prisons in England and Wales in 2017, according to data released last month.

Euractiv - 22 May 2018

Big business ‘ignoring millions of Brits looking for full-time work because they have EU migrants on tap’

A think tank report has found what Brits already know, that bosses 'have been getting away with it far too long'.

The Sun - 17 May 2018

The number of EU citizens working in Britain has soared to 2.37million since the referendum

Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: ‘These new labour force figures dispose of any claim of a Brexodus.'

Daily Mail - 16 May 2018

Gangs buy planes to smuggle migrants into remote airstrips

Organised crime groups have spent significant money buying or hiring aircraft to get people into Britain illegally, according to the NCA.

The Times - 15 May 2018

Theresa May’s post-Brexit immigration policy set to be unveiled after ordering Sajid Javid to speed up plans

The PM has intervened to ensure proposals are ready before the summer recess.

The Sun - 14 May 2018

Homeless EU migrants are set to receive thousands of pounds in compensation after policy of deporting them was ruled illegal

In the year to May 2017, 698 homeless EU nationals were targeted and removed.

Daily Mail - 14 May 2018

Britain’s Windrush mess revives support for ID cards

There is no shortage of models for ministers to pinch. Every country in the European Union has a card, save for Britain, Denmark and Ireland.

The Economist - 10 May 2018

India rejects illegal migrants deal amid fears of mass deportations

Up to 100,000 people of Indian origin are thought to be living in Britain illegally

The Times - 9 May 2018

For better or worse, the Tories are now the Brexit party

The Conservative Party electorate is being rapidly and radically transformed.

Daily Telegraph - 8 May 2018

The truth about ‘liberal’ London

We all know the propaganda. London: it’s the best city on the planet. A vibrant metropolis, at ease with its diverse, tolerant self.

Unherd - 3 May 2018

Government at risk of 'collapse' as May warned by 60 Tory MPs Brexit customs partnership will sink her

Sixty MPs from the European Research Group, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, have sent the Prime Minister a 30 page report detailing their opposition.

Daily Telegraph - 2 May 2018

Being Home Secretary is the best job in Government — but it’s full of political risk

If anything, Javid must toughen up Britain’s defences against illegal immigration.

The Sun - 1 May 2018

Why do politicians refuse to tell it how it is on immigration?

It is the one issue where our leaders deny the wishes of their citizens.

The Spectator - 28 Mar 2018

Control of our borders? More of a complete cop out, writes Migration Watch UK Vice Chair Alp Mehmet

The transition agreement with the EU, formally approved on Friday, is useless for controlling immigration.

The Sun - 26 Mar 2018

The Government has lost its way on immigration – and the Home Secretary shows no interest in reducing it

It is now clear that the Government have dropped the ball on immigration.

Conservative Home - 26 Mar 2018


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