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Suella Braverman fears immigration will INCREASE if Liz Truss signs trade deal with India

Suella Braverman has opened up a rift with Liz Truss by warning her against signing a trade deal with India that would increase immigration

6 October, 2022 - Media Report: Mail Online
Truss to tackle Macron over migrant crisis at his new pan-European gathering

Ahead of the meeting in Prague on Thursday, Tory MPs warned the Prime Minister not to engage in any attempt to bring Britain back into the EU’s fold

6 October, 2022 - Media Report: Telegraph
Liz Truss: Time to find common cause with our European friends

We are proud of the way that we have opened our homes to 130,000 Ukrainian refugees

6 October, 2022 - Media Report: The Times
True blue Suella Braverman faces down tax rebels

Suella Braverman has accused Tory rebels of staging a “coup” to force the Government to scrap its plan to abolish the 45p top rate of income tax

5 October, 2022 - Media Report: Telegraph
Home Secretary Suella Braverman says it would be her dream to send a flight of Channel migrants to Rwanda by CHRISTMAS and outlines her 'ultimate goal' of cutting immigration into the UK to tens of thousands

Home Secretary Suella Braverman revealed today her 'dream' would be to have the first plane-load of failed migrants send to Rwanda by Christmas

5 October, 2022 - Media Report: Mail Online
Suella Braverman: I want migration cut to tens of thousands

Net annual migration must come down to tens of thousands in the long term, Suella Braverman said

5 October, 2022 - Media Report: The Times
Channel migrants: More children crossing to UK since Brexit as official routes ‘can’t compete’ with smugglers

Rising numbers of unaccompanied children have been trying to reach the UK via Channel crossings since Brexit

5 October, 2022 - Media Report: iNews
Suella Braverman: time has come to take on European court interfering with migrant deportations

Suella Braverman will on Tuesday pledge to prevent human rights laws 'interfering' with the UK's ability to deport illegal migrants

4 October, 2022 - Media Report: Telegraph


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