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Afghan pilot who fought Taliban could be deported to Rwanda

Ministers have refused to rule out deporting an Afghan pilot who fought alongside British

30 March, 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Tories hit out at ‘gimmick’ plans to house migrants on ferries and barges

Conservative MPs hit out at the proposals as a “gimmick” that would do little to reduce the huge accommodation costs

30 March, 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Migration dilemma leaves Rishi Sunak confronting an expensive mess

The rows about small boat crossings over the Channel are the ultimate example of a political bind

30 March, 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Radical chic charities

The modern charity sinecure is unabashedly radical, and increasingly commands an immense amount of power and capital

30 March, 2023 - Media Report: The Critic
SMILES APART Albania’s PM smiles with Rishi Sunak — before slamming how his country’s Channel migrants are ‘singled out’

Edi Rama blasted the Home Secretary Suella Braverman who referred last year to “Albanian criminals”

24 March, 2023 - Media Report: The Sun
Migrant bill could stop injunctions holding up removals

Judges would be barred from granting injunctions to stop the removal of illegal migrants

24 March, 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Albanian PM: Suella Braverman’s migrants attack sank relations with UK

Downing Street announced that a joint task force would assess Albania’s prison capacity by the end of next month

24 March, 2023 - Media Report: The Times
Wakefield Council to challenge plan for more asylum seekers

Wakefield council is to challenge HO plans to house asylum seekers in their local area

23 March, 2023 - Media Report: BBC


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