Miscellaneous Briefing Paper Library

Home Office Review of the Balance of Competencies
[Miscellaneous: MW 326]
31 July 2013
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Changing Minds – The Financing of the Pro-Mass Immigration Lobby
[Miscellaneous: MW 297]
7 May 2013
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Marriage to a Foreign Partner
[Miscellaneous: MW 234]
6 June 2011
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Demographic pressures and political instability in North African countries.
[Miscellaneous: MW 229]
31 March 2011
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Now it’s the BBC that Blunder over Immigration Statistics
[Miscellaneous: MW 191]
1 May 2010
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Immigration Figures Due for Release 26 November 2009
Background Briefing

[Miscellaneous: MW 170]
23 November 2009
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Balanced Migration Survey - Migration Levels
[Miscellaneous: MW 138]
1 September 2008
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How immigration is measured
[Miscellaneous: MW 95]
17 January 2007
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International Migration Statistics
[Miscellaneous: MW 114]
21 December 2006
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Oldham Five Years On
[Miscellaneous: MW 132]
31 August 2006
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Overview of Dutch asylum and immigration system
[Miscellaneous: MW 136]
15 April 2006
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Home Office consultation on managed migration routes Comments by MigrationwatchUK
[Miscellaneous: MW 129]
31 October 2005
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Transnational marriage and the formation of Ghettoes
[Miscellaneous: MW 128]
22 September 2005
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Summary of National Audit Office Report - Returning Failed Asylum Applicants
[Miscellaneous: MW 110]
1 July 2005
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The outlook for Scotlands population: Does Scotland need its own immigration policy?
[Miscellaneous: MW 126]
21 June 2005
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The impact of chain migration on English cities
[Miscellaneous: MW 107]
5 April 2005
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Immigration and Marriage
[Miscellaneous: MW 124]
1 September 2004
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Report of the community cohesion panel
[Miscellaneous: MW 123]
30 August 2004
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International migration in 2002
[Miscellaneous: MW 101]
10 May 2004
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The number of failed asylum seekers remaining in the UK
[Miscellaneous: MW 108]
15 April 2004
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How skilled are immigrants to Britain?
[Miscellaneous: MW 122]
6 April 2004
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The full statement by Stephen Moxon, the Home Office whistle blower reported recently in the Sunday Times.
[Miscellaneous: MW 121]
1 February 2004
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Migration into Scotland
[Miscellaneous: MW 119]
15 January 2004
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Balkan Asylum Seekers - Time for a new approach? by Professor James Pettifer
[Miscellaneous: MW 118]
13 January 2004
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Book Review: Human Visas, Human Rights Body Challenges Arranged Marriages
[Miscellaneous: MW 120]
1 January 2004
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Response to the Home Affairs Committee Inquiry Into Asylum Applications
[Miscellaneous: MW 117]
22 April 2003
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Immigration: Will it increase or decrease?
[Miscellaneous: MW 106]
31 March 2003
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The Present and Future Scale of Immigration
[Miscellaneous: MW 97]
30 July 2002
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