We’re recruiting a Digital Media Strategist

5 August, 2019


  • An exciting opportunity for someone who is bright, creative, enthusiastic and engaged with the wider media and social agenda.
  • Are you confident at developing and delivering social media strategies?
  • If so, this opportunity at Migration Watch UK could be for you.

We're looking for someone to drive forward our Digital Media Campaign. We are an independent, research-based organisation which advocates reducing the current level of net migration to the UK. Here’s a summary of our track record. We are looking to extend the reach of our analysis and commentary to a wider audience, particularly via digital media.


Westminster, London

Job description

As a Digital Media Strategist, you will communicate clearly, creatively and quickly through a range of social media channels. You will be an excellent communicator, with experience in media relations or digital communications, and be able to plan, execute and evaluate communication strategies that are clear and creative.


  • Monitoring of social media and news on a daily basis.
  • Creating engaging social media content.
  • Developing digital media strategies for our work and emerging news stories.
  • Learning from experience to inform future activities.
  • Daily monitoring and recording of social media metrics.
  • Maintenance of the website, including updating of daily media links.


  • Experience of using digital communications channels and production of supporting assets like infographics, GIFs, videos.
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills, including the ability to draft clear and concise social media materials.
  • Familiarity with standard Office software (Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

Key attributes

  • A sincere commitment to the objectives of Migration Watch UK and to our non-partisan, evidence-based approach.
  • The ability to produce accurate content under pressure.
  • A strong grasp of numbers and statistics, and the ability to communicate these visually.
  • Attention to detail and care for accuracy.
  • A positive, conscientious and hardworking approach.
  • The ability to work well with team members.

We are especially interested in your abilities, enthusiasm, trustworthiness and potential for driving forward this important aspect of Migration Watch UK's work.

If you wish to apply for this exciting position, please provide a CV outlining your work experience - 2 pages of A4 maximum and include a covering letter explaining why you are interested in the role and what you would bring to it.

Contact point for applicants

Email: admin@migrationwatchuk.org

Closing date

1800, 31st August 2019

Salary specification

Up to £30,000 (on a contract basis).