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Immigration and UK membership of the European Single Market
[European Union: MW 399]
29 December 2016
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Immigration and Brexit - A summary of our recent work
[European Union: MW 394]
19 December 2016
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A tailored immigration system for EEA citizens after Brexit
[European Union: MW 396]
7 December 2016
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Brexit negotiation: Publication of UK objectives
[European Union: MW 395]
30 November 2016
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The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme
[European Union: MW 393]
18 October 2016
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A limit on work permits for skilled EU migrants after Brexit
[European Union: MW 391]
21 September 2016
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Brexit: Immigration concessions for trade benefits?
[European Union: MW 390]
9 September 2016
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An ‘Emergency Brake’ on EU Migration?
[European Union: MW 389]
31 August 2016
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The Outlook for Migration to the UK
[European Union: MW 384]
13 June 2016
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Net migration and Scotland’s population in the run-up to the EU referendum
[European Union: MW 385]
13 June 2016
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The impact of potential Turkish accession to the European Union on migration to the UK
[European Union: MW 383]
7 June 2016
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The Refugee and Migrant Crisis in the EU – The Potential Implications for the UK
[European Union: MW 382]
31 May 2016
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The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK 2014/15
[European Union: MW 381]
17 May 2016
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National Insurance Numbers and Immigration figures for Eastern Europeans
[European Union: MW 380]
27 April 2016
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Visa free access to the EU for Turkish citizens
[European Union: MW 379]
18 April 2016
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The Migrant Crisis in the EU
[European Union: MW 372]
11 April 2016
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An Overview of recent EU migration
[European Union: MW 378]
4 April 2016
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The British in Europe – and Vice Versa
[European Union: MW 354]
23 March 2016
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The Implications of Brexit for Border Controls in Calais
[European Union: MW 376]
14 March 2016
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The impact of in-work benefit restrictions on EU migrants to the UK
[European Union: MW 375]
24 February 2016
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Asylum and the European Union - The Dublin Regulations
[European Union: MW 374]
11 February 2016
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In-work benefit restrictions and EU migrants to the UK
[European Union: MW 373]
3 February 2016
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UK immigration policy outside the EU
[European Union: MW 371]
27 January 2016
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The UK Labour Market – EU Workers by Occupation Skill Level
[European Union: MW 364]
20 May 2015
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The Outlook for EU Migration
[European Union: MW 331]
23 June 2014
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Asylum Seekers and the Right to Work in the European Economic Area
[European Union: MW 316]
10 October 2013
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Family Permits for EU citizens in Britain
[European Union: MW 298]
9 May 2013
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UK Child Benefit and non-UK resident EU children
[European Union: MW 288]
1 February 2013
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Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria
[European Union: MW 287]
16 January 2013
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Comparison of UK Benefits with those of the EU14
[European Union: MW 284]
9 December 2012
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Incentives for Polish Migration
[European Union: MW 257]
3 April 2012
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Over the 16 years that Migration Watch UK has been working in this field we have produced many papers.
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