Illegal Immigration - Main Points

  • Accurate numbers are not possible but there could be as many as one million illegal immigrants in the UK.
  • Removals of immigration offenders are very low. In 2016 the Home Office removed just 2,400 immigration offenders, 6,200 Foreign National Offenders and 2,400 failed asylum seekers.
  • In the ten months to January 2015, 30,000 illegal immigrants were detected trying to enter the UK illegally at Calais and other Channel ports.
  • The UK government spends just £558 million on its Border Force, or just 0.07% of total government spending. A significant increase in resources for enforcement is essential.
  • An effective system to remove those who have no right to remain in the country is essential to the credibility of the whole immigration system. That credibility is at risk.

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