Employment & Welfare - Main Points

  • There is wide variation between migrants from different countries. Western Europeans living in the UK have higher wages and lower rates of key benefit claims compared to the UK born while East Europeans living in the UK have lower pay and higher rates of key benefit claims than British workers.
  • There is some evidence of negative impact on jobs for the UK born. The MAC found that for every 100 non-EU migrants in employment, 23 British workers could have been displaced.
  • Further analysis by the MAC suggests that some employers prefer migrants for low-skilled roles over young British people.
  • Research carried out for the Bank of England points to some negative impact on the wages of those who are already in lower paid work.
  • Immigration into low paid work may make little contribution to the Exchequer while adding to the welfare bill and pressures on public services.
  • Working age benefits for EEA nationals cost over £4.4 bn in 2014/15.

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