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  • This note examines the effect of immigration on our wealth per head (GDP per head) and on the national budget and includes links to other Migration Watch UK papers as well as analysis from other bodies. For more information on the impact of immigration on jobs and wages, see our summary here.
  • There is no evidence that immigration adds to the wealth per head of the UK population although it is, of course, beneficial to the immigrants themselves.
  • Over the last decade, productivity has barely grown despite the number of immigrant workers growing by over two million, and the migrant share of the workforce nearly doubling
  • Immigration to the UK has resulted in a considerable cost to the UK Exchequer of at least £114 billion, or about £18m a day, in the period 1995-2011, and annual costs continue.
  • By contrast, a moderate level of mainly skilled immigration would be a natural part of an open economy and society and would be beneficial to both.

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Over the 18 years that Migration Watch UK has been working in this field we have produced many papers. View Economics Library

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