Population - Main Points

  • The UK population now stands at 65.6 million and has increased by 2.4 million in the five years since Census day in 2011.
  • The population is growing at the fastest rate for almost a century and is projected to increase by 400,000 a year. Bristol currently has a population of 450,000.
  • 82% of UK population growth between 2001 and 2016 was due to the arrival of migrants, their children and their subsequent children born in the UK. So immigration has added roughly one million to our population every three years (see our August 2018 paper).
  • If net migration were to continue to run at current levels the UK population would rise by just under 10 million in the 25 years to 2041, of which 82% is directly or indirectly due to immigration.
  • England, where 90% of migrants settle, is currently the second most densely populated country in the EU, after the Netherlands and excluding island states such as Malta.
  • England is also more densely populated than India, the second most populous country in the world.
  • Immigration is no solution to an ageing population because, of course, immigrants themselves grow older. Any benefit would be temporary unless we were to have continuing and ever increasing levels of immigration.
  • Only by sharply reducing net migration can we slow population growth and ease pressure on housing and public services.
  • Scotland is under less pressure from immigration as it takes only 5% of immigrants. Nevertheless, its population has been stable at about five million for the past 50 years and, at current levels of immigration, is projected to grow by almost 300,000 in the next 25 years.

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Over the 18 years that Migration Watch UK has been working in this field we have produced many papers. View Population Library

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