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EXCLUSIVE Fifty migrants on boat in the middle of English Channel refuse to be rescued by French warship…so UK Border Force picks them up and brings them to Dover

Fifty migrants packed into a floundering rubber dinghy in the Channel were picked up by a Border Force vessel today after refusing to be rescued

26 May, 2023 - Media Report: Mail Online
Big new net migration number includes students, NHS workers and Ukrainian refugees - but is it sustainable

Both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer want it to be smaller - even if neither will tell us what number they'd be happy with

26 May, 2023 - Media Report: Sky News
Raise migrant salary limits to stop firms undercutting British workers, Rishi Sunak told

Migrant salary limits must be raised to persuade Britons back to work, Tory MPs have told Rishi Sunak, after he admitted record levels

26 May, 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph
Rishi Sunak is accused of having 'no grip' on immigration after new record levels emerge

Rishi Sunak was accused of having “no grip on immigration” yesterday as net migration to the UK hit a record high

26 May, 2023 - Media Report: The Mirror
Rishi Sunak denies losing control of UK borders as net migration hits all-time record

Experts warned of crippling pressure on housing, the NHS and schools — with a city the size of Birmingham having arrived over the past two decades

26 May, 2023 - Media Report: The Sun
Net migration sharply up on recent levels

Some 1.2 million people arrived in the UK last year intending to stay for a year or more

25 May, 2023 - Media Report: BBC
Migration soars to highest level on record as Tories fail to deliver on their promise

Net migration hit record levels last year, with figures estimated to have reached 606,000

25 May, 2023 - Media Report: GB News
Politics latest news: Net migration hits new record high

The number easily surpasses the previous record high of 504,000 recorded in the year to June 2022

25 May, 2023 - Media Report: Telegraph


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