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Huge backlog as EU citizens rush to secure British residency

Migration Watch UK urged government to close the door on unskilled labour migration from the EU by extending the current non-EU work permit system.

The Guardian - 2 Dec 2016

Net migration stays near record high

Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch UK, said the figures show Britain needs to take a 'strong position on immigration in the Brexit negotiations'.

BBC News - 2 Dec 2016

Legal battle over UK's single market membership

The government is facing a legal battle over whether the UK stays inside the single market after it has left the EU, the BBC has learned.

BBC News - 28 Nov 2016

Theresa May 'keen to provide certainty' to EU citizens in UK

Theresa May is to meet her Polish counterpart amid calls for clarity on the rights of Poles living in the UK after Brexit.

Sky News - 28 Nov 2016

NHS passport checks have tripled income recouped in first scheme

Passport checks on patients before treatment can almost triple the amount of money the NHS can recoup from health tourists, new figures suggest.

Daily Telegraph - 23 Nov 2016

Show your passport if you want to use the NHS, patients could be told

Every NHS patient could be asked to show their passport before they receive healthcare, a senior official has said.

Daily Telegraph - 22 Nov 2016

Oxford's Migration Observatory: 'Too early' to tell what effect Brexit has had on migrant workers in the UK

Lord Green of Deddington said: 'This is yet another large increase in the labour force driven by an increase in foreign workers.'

Oxford Mail - 21 Nov 2016

Asylum claims across European Union pass the one million mark and the final tally for this year is set to top 2015's record figure

The number of asylum claims lodged in the EU this year has passed a million, official figures indicate.

Daily Mail - 21 Nov 2016

Brits are stupid! Peer behind Article 50 sparks fury after he says we need MORE migrants because we're not intelligent enough

A peer sparked fury last night after arguing that the country needed immigration because ‘we native Brits are so bloody stupid’.

Daily Mail - 18 Nov 2016

Senior Labour figure admits the free movement of people ‘hasn’t worked’ for millions of Britons

Clive Lewis says employers should not be able to undercut the wages of local workers by hiring people from overseas.

The Sun - 18 Nov 2016

Nicola Sturgeon 'mess' over Brexit after single market proposal attacked in Scottish Government report she introduced

Scottish government analysis of the Norway plan that concluded this was not a “desirable option” from an economic or democratic perspective.

Daily Telegraph - 17 Nov 2016

Foreign born workers take 90% of new jobs in Britain since Brexit

The NUMBER of East Europeans working in Britain has surged by over 50,000 since the bombshell Brexit vote – official figures revealed yesterday.

The Sun - 17 Nov 2016

Number of Eastern European migrants working in the UK since Brexit vote has increased, figures show

The number of Eastern Europeans working in the UK has surged since the referendum vote.

Daily Telegraph - 16 Nov 2016

Boost for May on free movement: Merkel hints at new migration limit as Boris savages EU's open borders

Angela Merkel has conceded the European Union could overhaul its rules on migration – but only to try to keep Britain in the single market.

Daily Mail - 16 Nov 2016

France 'will definitely close UK border at Calais'

Arnaud Danjean said France no longer wanted the 'negative burden' of migrants aiming to cross the Channel being detained on its soil.

BBC News - 14 Nov 2016


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