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Home Secretary Amber Rudd unveils 'census' of EU workers in Britain to assess the role they play in the UK's economy and society

It will help ministers devise immigration system that keeps economy buoyant after country takes back control of borders.

Daily Mail - 27 Jul 2017

UK removes fewer illegal migrants

The number of illegal immigrants removed from the UK after being told to leave has fallen by more than a fifth in three years.

The Times - 27 Jul 2017

Austria can deport asylum seekers, court says

The EU's top court has ruled that a law requiring refugees to seek asylum in the first country they reach applies even in exceptional circumstances.

BBC News - 26 Jul 2017

Eight out of 10 Britons want full control of Britain’s borders, says survey

Eight out of 10 Britons want to take back full control of immigration, a new Ipsos MORI survey reveals.

Daily Express - 26 Jul 2017

Brexit means leaving the single market and the customs union. Here’s why, writes Barry Gardiner

The 52% who voted to leave the EU would consider it a con if Britain was out of Europe but still subservient to its laws and institutions

The Guardian - 25 Jul 2017

An exit from Brexit would prove a messy affair

Any request to revoke Article 50 requires European Council consent.

Financial Times - 25 Jul 2017

Migrants raised UK population by 250,000 in each of past 12 years

Net migration has added a quarter of a million people to the population each year for the past 12 years, according to official figures.

The Times - 24 Jul 2017

Controlling post-Brexit immigration will be impossible if Government keeps ‘woefully inadequate’ system of counting people in and out, warns report

Lord Green, of Migration Watch UK, said it would be “absurd” to remove students from the net migration target.

The Sun - 24 Jul 2017

Births to foreign-born mothers hit 28% in England and Wales

The number of foreign-born mothers having babies in England and Wales in 2016 reached 28% - the highest level on record, official statistics show.

BBC News - 19 Jul 2017

Work permit scheme for EU citizens could cut immigration by 100,000

Independent crossbencher Lord Green of Deddington said it was obvious from the referendum result that the scale of immigration must be reduced.

Birmingham Mail - 18 Jul 2017

Brexiteers still think immigration the most important issue in EU talks

Around 70 per cent of people who voted leave last year rate immigration as important or very important in a fresh poll.

The Sun - 18 Jul 2017

A halfway-house Brexit would let EU immigration continue unchecked

Migration Watch UK's Alanna Thomas writes that staying in the Single Market could mean high levels of continued EU immigration.

The Times - 17 Jul 2017

Baby boom will lead to 20 per cent more secondary school pupils in ten years, official figures show

A baby boom fuelled by migration will lead to 20 per cent more pupils at secondary schools within ten years, official figures show.

Daily Telegraph - 17 Jul 2017

Repeal Bill to be published by the government

MPs must 'work together' on Brexit, the minister in charge of the UK's EU exit has said, as he publishes a bill to convert EU law into British law.

BBC News - 13 Jul 2017

Half of small British ports are left wide open: People traffickers and drugs smugglers face no ‘visible deterrent’

Dozens of small ports are unguarded – leaving Britain wide open to illegal migrants.

Daily Mail - 13 Jul 2017


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