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NHS stung for £200m in health tourism scam using European insurance cards

A huge health tourism scam is costing the NHS £20million a year.

The Sun - 16 Jan 2018

Migrants try to cross Channel 115,000 times in a year

Migrants made about 115,000 attempts to cross the Channel from Calais last year, according to a source at the French presidency.

The Times - 16 Jan 2018

Government stands by immigration targets despite calls for revision

Alp Mehmet, vice chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:'This is a superficial report [which] tacitly accepts the current level of immigration.'

Daily Express - 15 Jan 2018

President Macron to exploit his growing international stature to press Theresa May this week to open Britain’s borders to migrants stuck in Calais

Mr Macron, who is due to visit Calais tomorrow, wants to raise the issue at talks with Mrs May at Sandhurst this week.

The Times - 15 Jan 2018

Whether the Tories meet triumph or disaster depends on immigration reform

What is Theresa May doing with this reshuffle? The answer may lie with a Conservative electorate that has undergone profound change.

Daily Telegraph - 12 Jan 2018

Scots oppose Nicola Sturgeon plan for Scotland to stay in single market and separate immigration rules

Nearly two-third of Scots (63 per cent) think the entire UK should have the same immigration regime after it leaves the EU next year.

Daily Telegraph - 12 Jan 2018

EU student growth still holding up in UK

Growth in the numbers of EU students studying in the UK continued to outstrip growth in the numbers of domestic students entering higher education.

Financial Times - 12 Jan 2018

100,000 try to get asylum in France, but most are rejected

More than 100,000 people applied for asylum in France last year, the highest number in four decades, but 64 per cent of the requests were denied.

The Times - 9 Jan 2018

Health tourist racks up Britain's biggest ever unpaid NHS bill after saddling hospital with £530,000 debt

A health tourist has racked up Britain's biggest ever unpaid NHS bill after leaving a hospital with a debt of more than £530,000.

Daily Mail - 9 Jan 2018

The EU prizes its unity on Brexit, but the migrant crisis is tearing it apart

From the moment the United Kingdom signalled its intention to leave, the European Union has been fixated on keeping its remaining members united.

Daily Telegraph - 5 Jan 2018

What will Brexit mean for the government’s immigration agencies?

The impact of leaving the EU on Whitehall’s immigration agencies will be permanent.

Civil Service World - 4 Jan 2018

The new rules aimed at preventing health tourism are toothless, and leave the NHS wide open to abuse, by Dr J. Meirion Thomas

A health tourist is defined as a patient who comes to UK with a pre-existing illness, and the purpose of their visit is to access free NHS care.

Conservative Home - 4 Jan 2018

Revealed: Just one in five lone 'child' migrants caught lying about their age are thrown out of Britain

Records reveal 2,644 adults were caught lying to enter the UK from 2010 to 2016.

Daily Mail - 3 Jan 2018

Our turbulent world needs strong walls, writes Clare Foges

Strong, effectively policed borders are not the bar to a better world but a prerequisite for it.

The Times - 2 Jan 2018

Home Office plan to enlist 'Dad's Army' of volunteers to help Border Force protect ports from illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists

About 50 will be deployed in a trial run, to be expanded later to police the coastline.

Mail on Sunday - 2 Jan 2018


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