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Tesco boss sparks outrage by demanding Britain keeps flow of cheap European labour despite Brexit vote

Supermarket chief John Allan fears planned immigration controls will create shortage of people willing to do 'ordinary important jobs'.

The Sun - 26 Oct 2016

Others shouldn’t be blamed for Cameron’s renegotiation failure on immigration, writes Migration Watch UK's Lord Green

The public consistently tell pollsters that pressure on services from high levels of migration concern them.

Conservative Home - 26 Oct 2016

The damning verdict of an asylum judge who has spent 16 years sifting 'cheats and chancers' from the deserving

The devastating truth is this: the vast majority of those the courts have decided to remove are still here, writes James Hanratty.

Mail on Sunday - 24 Oct 2016

Deserted Lithuania relies on refugees

The population of Lithuania has shrunk as people have gone abroad in search of higher wages and better job prospects — half of them to Britain.

The Times - 24 Oct 2016

May slaps down Hammond over migration target: A day after he said foreign students could be stripped out of figures, PM insists: No they won't

Theresa May delivered a slapdown to Chancellor Philip Hammond last night after the Government endured a chaotic 24 hours over the issue of fore.

Daily Mail - 21 Oct 2016

Sadiq Khan is expecting London visa proposals within weeks

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is expecting to receive proposals for a new London visa system within weeks .

City AM - 20 Oct 2016

Make agriculture more appealing to domestic workers by paying higher wages and improving working conditions, says Migration Watch UK

Reintroducing a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme to meet the need for part-time workers should be a last resort, says Migration Watch UK.

Farmers Weekly - 20 Oct 2016

Eight year influx: Cabinet row erupts as ministers try to delay introduction of tough new immigration system until 2024

Amber Rudd is allying with Chancellor Philip Hammond to insist a new visa system could only be brought in gradually.

The Sun - 18 Oct 2016

Secondary schools are being 'crippled' by a baby boom fuelled by migration as applications for places soar by 50 per cent

More than half of England's secondary schools are oversubscribed as they are 'crippled' by a baby boom fuelled by high migration, new figures show.

Daily Mail - 18 Oct 2016

EU workers will get a visa ONLY if they have a skilled job: Post-Brexit regime would slash net migration by 100,000

Earlier this year, Migration Watch UK called for a system similar to the one now being backed by ministers.

Daily Mail - 17 Oct 2016

Hammond clashes with Brexiteers on migrants

The chancellor has angered Eurosceptic ministers by calling for a delay on migration curbs that would lead to a hard Brexit and dismay business.

The Times - 17 Oct 2016

Rudd failed in bid to exempt students from migrant curbs

Amber Rudd made a failed attempt to persuade Theresa May to remove students from the net migration figures, allies say.

The Times - 13 Oct 2016

London population growth rate twice that of UK, official figures show

London's population grew at twice the rate of the UK as a whole between 2011 and 2015, and could reach almost 10 million by the middle of next decade.

The Guardian - 13 Oct 2016

Government makes surprise 'climbdown' on Brexit scrutiny

Theresa May offers to accept more scrutiny of Brexit plans in a bid to stop Tory rebels backing a Labour motion.

Sky News - 12 Oct 2016

CBI chief: Don't stop migrants to the UK

The boss of the CBI business group insisted she will fight to protect Britain’s open-door immigration policy.

Daily Mail - 12 Oct 2016


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