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Fury erupts at 'safety poster' telling migrants how to cross Channel

FURY erupted last night over a 'safety at sea' poster displayed in a Dunkirk migrant camp for those hoping to cross the Channel

Daily Express - 21 Jan 2022

Home Office ‘burying bad news’ with plan to scrap daily Channel migrants data

Move revealed by Office for Statistics Regulation, which says decision to publish quarterly was taken by department

Telegraph - 20 Jan 2022

UK Govt Warned 65,000 Illegal Boat Migrants May Land This Year

Home Secretary was informed that a “worst-case scenario” would see 65,000 illegals travel to Britain in small boats

Breitbart - 19 Jan 2022

Up to 65,000 migrants could cross the Channel this year, Priti Patel is warned

Priti Patel has been privately warned that as many as 65,000 migrants could cross to Britain this year

Telegraph - 18 Jan 2022

Of course the British military should be helping to protect our coastline

The Government’s proposal to extend military support to protect the UK coastline should be welcomed

Telegraph - 18 Jan 2022

Migrant crossings: No 10 policy chiefs explored using powerful sonic weapons to halt journeys across the English Channel

No 10 policy bosses have explored the use of powerful sonic weapons to force migrants to turn around in the English Channel

Sky News - 18 Jan 2022

The Government is considering “all options” in moving asylum processing centres offshore, Home Secretary Priti Patel said

Small boats carrying migrants should be pushed back to France on “humanitarian grounds” as well as to protect the UK’s borders

GB News - 18 Jan 2022

Channel migrants: Royal Navy set to take over English Channel operations

The Royal Navy is set to take charge of operations looking to limit migrant crossings in the English Channel within weeks

BBC - 17 Jan 2022

As Calais grows more hostile, desperate migrants gather in Caen to make the Channel crossing to the UK

As Calais becomes the target of crackdowns from authorities, a refugee agency in Caen – three hours’ drive away – has become a lifeline for many

iNews - 17 Jan 2022

New rules to crack down on adult migrants claiming to be children

New rules to weed out adult migrants falsely claiming to be children in order to boost their asylum chances are to be introduced

Telegraph - 14 Jan 2022

Migrant crossings: More than 270 people cross the Channel on Thursday

More than 270 people crossed the English Channel in 10 small boats on Thursday, the Home Office confirmed

BBC - 14 Jan 2022

UK population estimate scaled back as deaths set to overtake births

Immigration will be the only driver of population growth from 2030 onwards, according to official projections

The Times - 13 Jan 2022


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