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Migrants allowed to settle by alleging domestic abuse

Immigrants are being allowed to settle permanently in Britain on the basis of unchecked claims that they have suffered domestic abuse...

The Times - 31 Dec 2015

Stalling UK wage growth set to revive debate over migrant workers

Up to 400,000 jobs expected to be created in 2016, but pool of skilled migrant labour will make it hard to restore pay to pre-crash levels.

The Guardian - 30 Dec 2015

More than a third of NHS doctors born abroad

Critics attack 'revolving door' immigration policies that see UK spending billions training medics who go abroad.

Telegraph Online - 29 Dec 2015

Foreign criminals stay in UK as Tories fail to meet their deportation pledge

Thousands of offenders are serving their sentences in British jails at the expense of taxpayers, while others are at large on the streets.

Mirror - 29 Dec 2015

Over a million migrants and refugees have reached Europe this year, says IOM

More than a million people have now reached Europe through irregular means in 2015, the International Organisation for Migration has announced.

The Guardian - 23 Dec 2015

Illegal migrants shock as 100,000 tried to sneak into Britain in the past year

The number stopped at the border is more than double the figure for 2014.

The Sun - 23 Dec 2015

Mass migration driving down wages offered to British jobseekers

A major report by the Bank of England has found increases in immigration have reduced the pay on offer to care workers, waiting staff, and cleaners.

Telegraph Online - 22 Dec 2015

Migrant workers are driving down pay in low-skilled jobs

Mass migration has driven down the wages of workers in low-skilled jobs in the service industries, according to research by the Bank of England.

The Times - 21 Dec 2015

10,000 missing asylum seekers 'too difficult to find'

The government has stopped chasing 10,000 asylum seekers who have absconded within Britain because they are a 'drain on resources'.

The Times - 18 Dec 2015

Immigration officers to check social media of applicants to root out fanatics

Background checks on migrants wanting to enter UK will include checking they have not shown extremism sympathies online.

Telegraph Online - 17 Dec 2015

Government admits 17,000 foreign students have applied for asylum to stay in Britain

The Government revealed that more than 17,000 foreign students have attempted to stay in Britain by seeking asylum over the last five years.

Daily Express - 16 Dec 2015

Tunisian conman who married Brit mum caught claiming to be refugee in Calais

A Tunisian conman posed as a Syrian refugee in a bid to blag his way into the UK for 'easy money'.

The Sun - 15 Dec 2015

Electoral Commission hands Government a boost in bid to block votes for 16 year olds

The body has said that plans to extend the vote to young people for the EU referendum are not good enough.

Telegraph Online - 14 Dec 2015

ID cards are a good idea

We must put the security of our realm at centre stage and look again at Labour's identity card scheme.

Telegraph Online - 11 Dec 2015

"My family drowned": Syrian refugee on terrible cost of fleeing IS

Seven children and their mother died when a boat carrying them capsized.

BBC News - 10 Dec 2015

EU buckles as number of migrants arriving in Germany hits 1 million

The influx is heaping pressure on European leaders as they struggle to cope with the migrant crisis.

The Times - 10 Dec 2015

Immigration from EU into Britain is "not sustainable", says Cameron

Immigration into Britain is 'not sustainable', David Cameron warned tonight. The Prime Minister is in Romania today in his latest push for a deal...

Mail Online - 10 Dec 2015

Migrant crisis: Germany heads for 1m asylum-seekers in 2015

Germany has registered 964,574 new asylum-seekers in the first 11 months of the year, putting it on course for more than a million in 2015.

BBC News - 8 Dec 2015

Widening benefits ban to young Britons as leverage in EU talks not ruled out

Work and pensions secretary raises possibility that ban on young migrants could be extended to UK citizens.

The Guardian - 7 Dec 2015

Half of new homes needed to cope with migrant influx

Official figures show that high levels of net migration could lead to the formation of 95,000 new households a year.

Telegraph Online - 4 Dec 2015

Osborne is hoodwinking us on immigration

Theresa May and voters want the influx halted but the chancellor is determined to frustrate them.

The Times - 4 Dec 2015

Border anti-terror database 'breaks down twice a week', says official report

A crucial IT system designed to stop terrorists and criminals getting into Britain is breaking down twice a week.

Telegraph Online - 3 Dec 2015

Government must be open with migration figures, say MPs

Senior Tory MPs today warned the Government it must be open about the true scale of migration.

Evening Standard - 3 Dec 2015

UK immigration: Border control programme 'failing to deliver value for money'

'Gaps' have been identified in the Home Office

The Independent - 3 Dec 2015

George Osborne indicates students may be stripped from migrant numbers

Foreign students could be excluded from official migration figures, George Osborne has indicated, in a move that would see the total number of ...

The Daily Telegraph - 2 Dec 2015

Number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europe falls by a third

UN officials say the 37 per cent fall in numbers can be put down to poor weather coupled with a Turkish crackdown on people traffickers.

Mail Online - 2 Dec 2015

Immigration rules are causing a curry crisis

Our love of Bangladeshi cuisine flew the flag for successful integration. Now it is under threat.

Telegraph Online - 1 Dec 2015

The Government as a whole isn

Two weeks after the General Election, David Cameron chose to make immigration the subject of one of his first speeches as the Prime Minister of a...

ConservativeHome - 1 Dec 2015

How 50,000 migrants came to UK from Romania and Bulgaria in just one year: Figure up by 19,000 in a year after were given right to work freely in Britain

A new wave of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria is behind the increase in the number of Europeans coming into Britain.

Mail Online - 27 Nov 2015

Migration Crisis can't wait for another day

It was a bad day for the Government. At 9.30am, the Office for National Statistics released figures showing net migration to Britain was an utterly..

Mail Online - 27 Nov 2015

Activists 'glued to gates' at Heathrow immigration removal centre

Two people glued themselves to the gate of an immigration centre in an attempt to stop the departure of a deportation flight from the UK, a campaign..

The Guardian - 27 Nov 2015

Net migration to Britain hits new high of 336,000

The 82,000 rise in overall net migration was fuelled by increase of 62,000 in immigration to 636,000 and a fall of 30,000 in emigration

The Guardian - 27 Nov 2015

Syrian refugees: UK urged to show more compassion

The government is being urged to be more compassionate to Syrian refugees who face deportation because they have travelled to the UK from other EU...

BBC News Online - 26 Nov 2015

Net migration to UK hits record 336,000, statistics show

Estimated net migration to the UK reached a record 336,000 in the year to June, Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures have shown.

BBC News Online - 26 Nov 2015

Paris attacks deter migrant smugglers

The number of refugees arriving on the Greek islands in the Aegean all but dried up after the terrorist attacks in Paris as people-traffickers...

Times Online - 25 Nov 2015

Europe CANNOT take any more migrants, says French PM.

Europe is stretched to it limits and cannot take in any more migrants, according to the French Prime Minister.

Mail Online - 25 Nov 2015

Paris attacks 'exploited' by immigration critics, claims Juncker

President of the European Commission says no link between refugee crisis and terrorism, as he vows to defend Schengen as France and Malta announce...

Telegraph Online - 23 Nov 2015

Europe needs to police its borders better if it is serious about fighting terrorism

Telegraph View: Gaps in intelligence and borders can prove fatal

Telegraph Online - 20 Nov 2015

EU in emergency talks on border crackdown

EU ministers are to hold emergency talks on Friday on tightening border checks after the killing of the...

Guardian Online - 20 Nov 2015

EU ministers to discuss tightening borders

European Union interior ministers are discussing tightening the external borders of the passport-free Schengen area in response to the Paris attacks.

BBC News Online - 20 Nov 2015

Public abandons support for Syrian refugees coming to Britain

Public support for allowing Syrian refugees to settle in Britain has slumped, a poll for The Times shows.

The Times - 18 Nov 2015

Syrian refugee group set to arrive in UK

About 100 Syrian refugees are due to land in the UK - the largest group to arrive since the government expanded its resettlement scheme in September.

BBC News - 17 Nov 2015

Europe must have stronger borders

The EU elites are desperate to shore up the Schengen area, because if it collapses, then so does one of the key pillars of the post-Maastricht Union.

Telegraph Online - 16 Nov 2015

Double-decker trains to ease overcrowding on busy lines

Double-decker trains could be introduced on some of the UK’s busiest railway lines under new proposals to ease overcrowding.

Times Onine - 16 Nov 2015

New EU migrant blow to Cameron: Workforce soars by 430,000 - but 325,000 have come in from Europe

Three in four people who have found a job in Britain in the last year are from elsewhere in the European Union, damning new statistics show.

Mal Online - 12 Nov 2015

Sweden introduces border checks to control the flow of migrants after police say the influx is 'a risk to public order'

Sweden will impose temporary border controls from today to control a record influx of migrants after police warned it was a threat to public order.

Mail Online - 12 Nov 2015

Migrant Boom

THE staggering new employment figures illustrate two things: Britain is booming, but it is almost entirely fuelled by ­immigration we are powerless...

The Sun - 12 Nov 2015

Migrant crisis: We need to 'smash' trafficking gangs - PM

David Cameron has said more needs to be done to "smash the criminal gangs" who are exploiting the migrant crisis.

BBC News - 12 Nov 2015

The migrant crisis is a mere gust of the hurricane that will soon engulf Europe

Huge population growth in Africa and Asia makes it imperative the EU manages its borders — and promote stability abroad

Telegraph Online - 11 Nov 2015

Babysitter, 34, who married Nigerian illegal immigrant in sham wedding is warned she is facing jail

A babysitter has been warned she faces jail after marrying a Nigerian illegal immigrant in a sham wedding to help him stay in the UK.

Mail Online - 11 Nov 2015

Britain starts to deport migrants from Cyprus base

Britain yesterday began the process of deporting migrants camped at a British military base in Cyprus, triggering the threat of a mass hunger strike.

The Times - 9 Nov 2015

Germany is 'overwhelmed' with false asylum seekers' Syrian passports as forgery experts admit they can't spot fakes

uthorities in Germany are powerless to halt the asylum claims of tens of thousands of migrants using fake Syrian documents.

Mail Online - 6 Nov 2015

Numbers Up

BARELY a day goes by without another mind-boggling migration statistic. The latest predicts three million more refugees will flood into the EU by 2017

The Sun Online - 6 Nov 2015

'This is no home for a little girl': Father of four-year-old Afghan reveals full horrors of squalid Calais 'Jungle' led him to beg ex-soldier to smuggle her into the UK

Former soldier went to notorious camp to deliver clothes and supplies . Plight of Bahar Ahmadi touched his heart and he agreed to take her to UK.

Mail Online - 5 Nov 2015

EU predicts 3 million more migrants by end 2016

The European Union is predicting that 3 million more migrants could arrive in the 28-nation bloc by the end of next year.

Associated Press - 5 Nov 2015

French move to give Calais migrant camp a makeover

Fears are growing that the makeshift migrant camp outside Calais will become permanent after a court ordered the French government to set up...

Times Online - 4 Nov 2015

Migrant tensions rise at Cyprus base

Britain has warned a group of angry refugees and migrants on a UK base in Cyprus that they have to claim asylum on the island or face deportation to..

The Times Online - 4 Nov 2015

EU states have relocated just 116 refugees out of 160,000

EU agreed in September to transfer 160,000 people from most affected states but so far just 86 have moved from Italy and 30 are due to leave Greece.

Guardian Online - 4 Nov 2015

Sorry Benedict Cumberbatch, but you're wrong about politicians

While the actor is rightly angry about the plight of refugees, Britain needs proper migrant controls.

Telegraph Online - 4 Nov 2015

EU renegotiation: Jean-Claude Juncker preparing migrant welfare curbs

European Commission's review of immigrant benefit rules is David Cameron's best chance of securing reform

The Telegraph Online - 31 Oct 2015

74.3m in Britain by 2047

SHOCK figures have revealed the population of Britain will grow by more than the size of London by 2039.

The Sun - 30 Oct 2015

Scams bedevil visa scheme

An immigration scheme to attract overseas entrepreneurs to the UK has been found to be riddled with scams involving shell companies and migrants apply

The Times - 30 Oct 2015

Austria to build border fence, angering Germany and threatening Schengen zone

Austria on Wednesday announced plans to build a fence at a major border crossing with fellow EU state Slovenia to "control" the migrant influx...

Telegraph - 29 Oct 2015

Now Austria builds fence to curb flow of migrants

Germany clashed with Austria yesterday after Vienna said that it would build a border fence to curb the flow of migrants, raising the prospect of...

The Times - 29 Oct 2015

Britain's population to rise by 4.4m in the next decade, official projections say

Immigration a key factor in sharp rise in the number of people ONS predict will be living in Britain, which will hit 69 million in the next decade

Telegraph - 29 Oct 2015

Britain’s population set to hit 74m over next quarter century

Britain’s population will grow almost 10m over the next quarter century to about 74.3m, according to official projections.

FT - 29 Oct 2015

Population of Britain is set to rise nearly 10 million over the next 25 years and more than half of them will come from abroad

The UK's population will rise by 9.7million over the next 25 years and two thirds will be migrants and the children they will probably have here...

Mail Online - 29 Oct 2015

Ex-Australia PM Abbott tells Europe to close borders

Former Australia PM Tony Abbott has said Europe should follow Australia and close its borders to migrants fleeing Middle Eastern conflicts.

BBC News - 28 Oct 2015

We are watching the death of open frontiers in Europe

The extraordinary aerial photo of a column of refugees and migrants tramping through the fields of Slovenia may come to symbolise the moment the EU...

Telegraph - 27 Oct 2015

As the placid surface of German society is disturbed, the positives of immigration are hard to see

At the beginning of this year, Angela Merkel had a good claim to be the most successful politician in the world.

FT - 27 Oct 2015

Calais migrants face grim winter in "the jungle"

In the Calais migrant camp where the stench of human excrement and bonfires of plastic waste taint the chilly sea air, a man...

Daily Mail - 27 Oct 2015

Migrant crisis: Thousands of new reception places agreed

Another 100,000 spaces in refugee reception centres will be created under a deal agreed by European leaders at an emergency summit in Brussels.

BBC News - 26 Oct 2015

EU summit seeks to defuse Balkan tensions over migrants

Deep-seated Balkan tensions inflamed by the migration crisis were laid bare on Sunday as regional leaders attempted to “avoid a humanitarian tragedy”

FT - 26 Oct 2015

Migrant crisis: Emergency talks on Balkans under way

Leaders from several European countries are holding an emergency meeting to try to close sharp divisions on the migrant crisis in the Balkans.

BBC News - 25 Oct 2015

Migrants CAN send child benefit back to their home country, say Euro judges

Migrant workers can claim child benefit even if their children live in a different country, the European Union’s top court ruled yesterday.

Daily Mail - 23 Oct 2015

Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics

Vast numbers of migrants have made their way across the Mediterranean to Europe in 2015, sparking a crisis as countries struggle to cope with the...

BBC News - 23 Oct 2015

Cyprus agrees to process 114 asylum seekers who landed at British base

Cyprus agrees to take on the arrivals, including 28 children, despite the UN’s refugee agency saying they are the responsibility of the UK

Guardian - 22 Oct 2015

Merkel offers Turkey EU deal for migrant controls

Turkey’s chances of joining the European Union were revived yesterday after a U-turn by Angela Merkel, ending German opposition to membership...

The Times - 19 Oct 2015

Gift of language is what migrants need most

After dire warnings that Britain will have trouble integrating its new arrivals, we need to provide English lessons for all

The Times - 12 Oct 2015

Millions of migrants in new flight to Europe

Europe is braced for three million migrants streaming out of Syria to flee a devastating new air and ground offensive by Russia and the Assad regime.

The Times - 8 Oct 2015

Hand over our border controls to Brussels? Not in a THOUSAND years! Theresa May rules out joining any EU migration scheme

Hard-line Home Secretary Theresa May this morning bluntly warned Brussels that Britain would not give up control of its borders ‘in a thousand years’.

Daily Mail - 6 Oct 2015

EU woos Erdogan in effort to stem migration

The EU will offer to potentially resettle hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees from Turkey as Europe’s leaders attempt to entice...

Financial Times - 5 Oct 2015

Can Turkey stop the flow of migrants into Europe?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in Brussels to discuss the migration crisis with EU leaders.

BBC News - 5 Oct 2015

Germany expects up to 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, says report

Authorities are reportedly concerned about the risk of a ‘breakdown of provisions’, with forecast up from previous estimate of 800,000 to 1 million

Guardian - 5 Oct 2015

We have to make hard choices on Syrian refugees

The plight of migrants pouring into Europe has inspired the generosity of millions of Britons who have lived up to our nation’s long and proud...

The Times - 2 Oct 2015

The three issues Jeremy Corbyn didn’t mention in his Labour conference speech

You can often learn as much about a political leader’s priorities by what they don’t say as much as by what they do...

The Independent - 30 Sep 2015

The Benefits of Migration are Questionable

I am the child of refugees. My parents came to the UK to escape Hitler. Their arrival saved their lives. More passionate patriots cannot be imagined.

Financial Times - 30 Sep 2015

Berlin Agrees Steps to Curb Migrants as Merkel faces Backlash

Berlin on Tuesday agreed measures aimed at curbing an unprecedented surge in migrants, including cuts to cash payments, as a backlash grew ...

Financial Times - 30 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: Middle classes on the move

It is still startling to see the human river now coursing across Europe, streaming through fields, surging over borders or...

BBC News - 29 Sep 2015

Cost of migration crisis means nothing to us, says top EU official

The EU’s leaders “do not care about the political cost" of their handling of the migration crisis because they do not have to face election...

Telegraph - 29 Sep 2015

UN official calls for asylum assessment centre in Calais

A senior UN official has called on the UK and France to open a permanent centre in Calais...

Guardian - 28 Sep 2015

Europe gets 8,000 refugees daily-UN

A daily flow of about 8,000 refugees to Europe is likely to continue, the United Nations warns.

BBC News - 28 Sep 2015

38,000 migrant kids join schools

NEARLY 38,000 migrant kids needed a primary school space in England this year — a 160 per cent rise since the start of the decade.

The Sun Online - 25 Sep 2015

France signals EU treaty change to avert Brexit, warns on euro survival

'We mustn’t close the door to the British if what they are demanding from other member states is acceptable,' said French economic tsar...

Telegraph Online - 25 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: Merkel warns durable solution far off

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that a solution to the migrant crisis is far off and how it is handled will shape Europe in the long term.

BBC News - 24 Sep 2015

EU splits exposed as summit looms

Splits within the EU on the relocation of 120,000 migrants have been further exposed as leaders gather for an emergency meeting in Brussels.

BBC News - 23 Sep 2015

Migrant quotas drive a wedge through Europe

Germany and France united against the minnows of eastern Europe yesterday to push through quotas that will force them to accept thousands of migrants.

The Times - 23 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: EU ministers attempt to resolve quota row

European Union ministers are to meet to try to resolve a dispute over how to relocate 120,000 asylum seekers who have recently arrived in Europe.

BBC News - 22 Sep 2015

Angela Merkel’s paying a high price to get her way

European policy over the migrant crisis has been characterised by confusion.

Telegraph - 22 Sep 2015

More children die as Europe squabbles

Insults flew between countries at the sharp end of the migrant surge into Europe as at least six more children lost their lives on the crossing from..

The Times - 21 Sep 2015

‘Moral’ Germany cracks as the world turns up on its doorstep

FOR Ehasan Gul, the promised land is not turning out as billed.

The Times - 21 Sep 2015

Our moral duty to the migrants is to make Syria safe to live in again

If there is one lesson from the European migrant crisis, it is that there is absolutely nothing....

Telegraph - 21 Sep 2015

Battles on the border as migrants try to force way into Hungary

Hungarian riot police fired teargas and turned water cannon on migrants yesterday as..

The Times - 17 Sep 2015

Five new reflections on Europe's migrant crisis

Syrians are a small minority of those seeking refuge in Germany

BBC News - 17 Sep 2015

Hungary Declares Emergency near border

Hungary erects a razor-wire fence at the border with Serbia and detains scores of migrants who cross into the country illegally.

Sky News - 15 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: Hungarian army stages border protection exercise

Hungary's army has begun exercises to prepare for a possible future role in guarding the southern border to try to stem the influx of migrants.

BBC News - 10 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: EU president Jean-Claude Juncker's plan to force member countries to accept 160,000 refugees

EU president Jean-Claude Juncker unveils plans for a

Telegraph - 10 Sep 2015

Britain must pay £90m to settle asylum-seekers across Europe

British taxpayers face a £90 million bill to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers between European countries in a scheme that David Cameron said could...

The Times - 10 Sep 2015

Accepting these migrants is a huge mistake

Britain can’t be expected to take in a flood of displaced people that will alter the cultural balance of the country for ever

The Times - 10 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: EU's Juncker announces refugee quota plan

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has announced plans that he says will offer a "swift, determined and comprehensive" response to Euro

BBC News - 9 Sep 2015

New wave of Syrians drawn to Europe by promise of help

Travel agents in the Lebanese port city of Tripoli have reported a 30 per cent rise in bookings for Turkey, the starting point of the sea journey to

The Times - 9 Sep 2015

Cameron opens door to thousands more refugees

Britain will take in thousands more people fleeing Syria

The Times - 4 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: Britain set to accept more refugees

David Cameron is expected to announce plans later to increase the number of refugees being allowed into the UK.

BBC News - 4 Sep 2015

The Great Migration will be with us for decades

When the crew of HMS Bulwark first fished immigrants out of the Mediterranean, they were expecting to find the world

The Telegraph - 4 Sep 2015

Britain can't solve the refugee crisis alone

Britain cannot solve the crisis that led to the dead body of a three year old boy being washed up on a Turkish beach..

The Telegraph - 4 Sep 2015

Refugee crisis: How many Syrians have applied for asylum in Europe, and how many has Britain helped?

Images of the Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi, washed up on a Turkish beach, have horrified social media and spawned widespread sympathy...

The Telegraph - 4 Sep 2015

Britons rally to help people fleeing war and terror in Middle East

Charities and local groups are experiencing a surge of support, with many people expressing dismay at the lack of support from the UK government

Guardian - 4 Sep 2015


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