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Desperate British pig farmers tell Johnson: Ease immigration rules

Farmers across Britain say a combination of Brexit and COVID-19 have sparked an exodus of east European workers

Reuters - 14 Oct 2021

Channel migrants: Patel seeks immunity for Border Force if new tactics kill

Priti Patel wants to grant Border Force officers immunity from criminal prosecution if migrants die during new “turnback” operations in the Channel

The Times - 14 Oct 2021

Nobel Prize for economist who was father of open border migration policies

One of his most famous papers is a study, published in 1990, of the impact of the Mariel Boatlift, in which 125,000 Cubans arrived in Miami in 1980

Telegraph - 12 Oct 2021

People smugglers deploying bigger boats to combat rougher autumn seas

People smugglers are deploying bigger boats carrying an average of 30 migrants each to overcome rougher autumn seas

Telegraph - 12 Oct 2021

We will start sending money to France to stop migrants crossing, Damian Hinds says

The UK will start releasing chunks of the £54 million deal promised to the French to combat Channel migrant crossings

The Times - 12 Oct 2021

Channel migrants: French politicians call on UK to overhaul 'lax' labour laws to deter crossings

The British are cynical, sarcastic, unable to reform their Labour Code because it is there, the problem, and it is they, in fact, who largely promote

Euronews - 12 Oct 2021

The case for mass migration is built on lies

It turns out that wages – and blue-collar wages most of all – are soaring

The Telegraph - 7 Oct 2021

Dominic Raab vows to overhaul ‘nonsensical’ Human Rights Act

Dominic Raab has pledged to overhaul the “nonsensical” Human Rights Act to prevent it from being abused by dangerous criminals

The Telegraph - 7 Oct 2021

Islamic State mother Nicole Jack says 'don't sweep us under carpet'

A British woman who joined the Islamic State group with her young children has said UK politicians should 'open your minds' to allowing them to return

BBC - 7 Oct 2021

Police bust criminal group smuggling Afghan migrants to western Europe

Police say they have dismantled a migrant smuggling ring transporting Afghans to western Europe

Euronews - 7 Oct 2021

EU migrant fury: Three member states using illegal 'shadow armies' to push back refugees

BRUSSELS chiefs are being forced to intervene at the border of three EU countries engaging in the illegal pushback of migrants with 'shadow armies'

Daily Express - 7 Oct 2021


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