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We are fragmented and exist in our own little bubbles

Minorities are seeing a very different version of the world to the majority and that entrenches social divisions.

The Times - 20 Jun 2017

Germany proposes soft Brexit deal to keep Theresa May in Downing Street

Germany has offered a soft Brexit with continued access to Europe’s single market in return for a British concession on free movement.

The Times - 19 Jun 2017

Home Office estimates 150,000 illegal migrants: Figure is almost half as much as the official total with claims true scale of the influx 'has been hidden'

A damning report claims that illegal immigration in Britain may be running at 150,000 a year.

Daily Mail - 19 Jun 2017

Only Brexit can save our values from an abyss, writes Melanie Phillips

Every so often, something is published which slices through the fog of confusion. Such a work is Douglas Murray’s 'The Strange Death of Europe'.

The Times - 13 Jun 2017

Will Theresa May now have to change Brexit plans?

Before Remainers get swept up in their moment, and their ambitions swell, it's worth pondering what possibly might be on the table.

BBC News - 13 Jun 2017

May has a rock-solid mandate to deliver a Brexit for all parts of Britain, writes Christopher Howarth

The Prime Minister now has a historic cross-party mandate drawn from all parts of the UK to help deliver Brexit.

Conservative Home - 13 Jun 2017

May is blind to the threat of extremism

The PM is as oblivious to the links between segregation, deprivation and jihadism as she was when home secretary.

The Times - 6 Jun 2017

Jeremy Corbyn branded a popular clamp down on illegal immigrants as ‘a racist attack’

MWUK Chairman Lord Green said: “It is surely wrong in principle that anyone who has no right to be in this country should be drawing benefits.'

The Sun - 2 Jun 2017

Migrants' new route to Europe: Number of refugees using perilous crossing from Morocco to Spain TRIPLES in a year as other routes are shut down

The number of migrants using a perilous new sea route across the Mediterranean from Morocco to Spain has more than tripled in a year, it has emerged.

Daily Mail - 1 Jun 2017

Britain was wrong to block migrant, says Euro judge

EU workers with British citizenship can bring in non-EU partners and other family members without meeting income restrictions, according to a court.

The Times - 31 May 2017

Cyprus may become migrant route to UK

Britain faces having to accept migrants who arrive on two military bases in Cyprus after an Appeal Court ruling yesterday.

The Times - 26 May 2017

Number of EU citizens leaving Britain hits a six-year high as net migration falls below 250,000

But the number is still miles from Theresa May's target to reduce it to the tens of thousands.

The Sun - 25 May 2017

Nearly seven million migrants are 'waiting to cross into Europe': Leaked report warns of new crisis but Brussels insists the situation is under control

More than six million asylum seekers are waiting to cross into Europe, a leaked intelligence report warns.

Daily Mail - 24 May 2017

Why migration from Africa this century will make the refugee crisis look like a dress rehearsal

Today, the biggest drivers of migration are likely to be the lower cost of transportation and the demographics in Africa.

Daily Telegraph - 23 May 2017

Let in immigrants or 'pay the price': Merkel warns that Britain will be made to suffer if an EU migrant cap is introduced in the wake of Brexit

Theresa May wishes to control the number of people coming to UK from the EU

Mail Online - 18 May 2017


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