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PM promises all 3million EU citizens they can stay – even without a Brexit deal

All 3.2million European nationals living in Britain will be told they can stay in the country after Britain leaves the EU.

The Sun - 19 Oct 2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd admits there 'may be' a million illegal immigrants in Britain

She confessed she simply didn’t know how many people are in the UK against the law.

Daily Mirror - 18 Oct 2017

Army could be deployed to protect the border if Britain leaves the EU without a Brexit deal

The head of the Home Office admitted the army could be deployed to protect the border if Britain leaves the EU without a Brexit deal.

Daily Telegraph - 18 Oct 2017

London is right to prepare for no deal on Brexit

Failure is often a precondition to subsequent agreement, but the talks could break down.

Financial Times - 16 Oct 2017

Warnings of a Romanian migrant surge were right

The real question for us is why are British journalists and other intellectuals so fantastically bad at making predictions?

The Spectator - 16 Oct 2017

EU splits are showing

For the first time since the referendum, the unity of the EU over Brexit is being tested.

The Times - 13 Oct 2017

EU 'refusing to engage on rights of Britons living in Europe'

EU source says Michel Barnier has been hobbled over right of UK nationals living in one country to move to another.

The Guardian - 13 Oct 2017

Number of people starting apprenticeships in UK plunges

Business says figures show new apprenticeship levy system is not working.

Financial Times - 12 Oct 2017

To allow the illegal migrant population to grow in this country would be a betrayal of the British people, writes Lord Green of Deddington

Successive governments have done too little to remove those with no right to remain here.

The Sun - 12 Oct 2017

‘We need answers!’ Fury as one million illegal migrants ‘set to remain in UK’

More than a million illegal immigrants are unlikely to be ever removed from Britain, a former border control chief admitted last night.

Daily Express - 11 Oct 2017

Romanians and Bulgarians in UK soar 80% in two years

Official figures released today show that last year there were 413,000 citizens from the two countries resident in the UK.

The Times - 11 Oct 2017

Pakistani women are living in 'entirely different society' and are 'shockingly badly integrated' in Britain says official audit

Pakistani women living in the UK are 'shockingly badly integrated', a Cabinet Office survey is set to reveal.

Daily Mail - 9 Oct 2017

Britain 'doesn't need any more low-skilled workers from Europe': Think tanks says businesses wanted free-for-all so they could continue using cheap labour

Britain does not need more low-skilled EU migrants as there is no evidence they are leaving the country, a new report has concluded.

Mail Online - 5 Oct 2017

Amber Rudd says it would be mistake to cut immigration too fast

Reducing immigration too fast would be a mistake for the British economy, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said.

BBC News - 5 Oct 2017

Brent council finds 35 men living in three-bedroom house owned by Sunil Hathi, his brother Neil and mother Meenaxi

Thirty-five men, all of eastern European origin, piled bedding in every room except the bathroom, with one mattress in the back garden.

The Times - 22 Sep 2017


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