Media Reports Archive : March 2021

Young Britons face jobs squeeze if foreign graduates are allowed to remain for two years

Young Britons face jobs squeeze if foreign graduates are allowed to remain for two years

The Telegraph - 31 Mar 2021

Storm over student visa job reforms as ministers are accused of making 'reckless' changes to the system

Migration Watch UK criticised the move, which will allow foreign graduates to take roles including low-skilled jobs

Mail Online - 31 Mar 2021

Channel migrant crossings have more than doubled as UK crackdown looms

Channel migrant crossings have more than doubled as UK crackdown looms

The Telegraph - 31 Mar 2021

Number of foreigners living in Germany shows lowest rate of increase in a decade

The number of foreigners living in Germany increased by 1.8% last year, the lowest rate in a decade, according to official figures

PA - 30 Mar 2021

EU commissioner stresses need for solidarity on migration

The European Union´s home affairs commissioner on Monday stressed the need for solidarity among the bloc´s member states in tackling migration

AP - 30 Mar 2021

Priti Patel is targeted by social media smear over fake news that she spent £77,000 on her eyebrows

Priti Patel is at the centre of a ‘fake news’ smear campaign over false claims that she wasted tens of thousands of taxpayers’ money

Mail Online - 30 Mar 2021

Britain must reverse the baby bust to avoid an Italian decline

Boris Johnson has looked after the old, through lockdown but now he needs to offer something to the young

The Telegraph - 30 Mar 2021

Tackling illegal immigration | Antony Higginbotham

For as long as I can remember Governments of all parties have been saying they are going to ensure we have strong and robust borders

Burnley Express - 30 Mar 2021

Immigration judges grant lifelong anonymity orders in more than 90%

Immigration judges have dished out lifelong anonymity orders in more than 90 per cent of cases involving extremists and terrorists

Mail Online - 29 Mar 2021

Home Office revives plan to deport non-UK rough sleepers

The Home Office has quietly relaunched a controversial programme that obtains personal data for potential deportations

Guardian - 29 Mar 2021

Tougher immigration laws are a win-win for the Tories as Labour misses the boat with its voters

Last week Priti Patel published her New Plan for Immigration — and confirmed that this is the issue on which left and right are most divided

The Times - 29 Mar 2021

Has a solution to Britain's illegal immigration problem been found at last? I have my doubts

Nigel Farage responds to Priti Patel's asylum reforms

The Telegraph - 25 Mar 2021

We are finally regaining control of our borders

Priti Patel’s “New Plan for Immigration” provides a strong basis for the Government to finally take back control of our borders

The Telegraph - 25 Mar 2021

Testing our goodwill: Migrants arrive from areas rife with Covid, but virus checks are haphazard and they're free to stroll Kent streets. No wonder locals say the system is not fit for purpose, writes SUE REID

Since January last year, nearly 9,000 migrants have been trafficked by sea to the Kent coast – more than 850 this year alone

Mail Online - 25 Mar 2021

'Europe is NOT a warzone': Priti Patel vows ‘boomerang’ deportations for migrants who are smuggled through illegal routes in huge asylum overhaul - as more men, women and children are plucked from dinghies in the Channel by Border Force today

Priti Patel will today unveil a major overhaul of the UK's asylum system which will include 'boomerang' deportations of illegal migrants

Mail Online - 24 Mar 2021

Asylum revolution: Priti Patel eyes benefit curbs for migrants who arrive illegally

Asylum rights will be slashed for migrants who arrive in Britain illegally under major reforms announced today

Mail Online - 24 Mar 2021

More than 150 migrants including six-year-old girl arrive on UK shores on one of the busiest days of 2021 so far for small boat Channel crossings

More than 150 migrants today arrived on UK shores on what could be one of the busiest days of 2021 so far for Channel crossings

Mail Online - 24 Mar 2021

The Times view on asylum system reform: Fair and Firm

A system that is genuinely both fair and firm could lead to many more arriving legally than currently get here by boat

The Times - 24 Mar 2021

Illegal migrants will be denied right to settle in UK even if granted asylum

Illegal migrants will be denied the right to settle in the UK even if they are granted asylum under plans by Priti Patel to crush people-smuggling

The Telegraph - 24 Mar 2021

Modern slavery laws to be overhauled to make them harder for foreign criminals to exploit

Modern slavery laws are to be overhauled to prevent them being exploited by illegal migrants and foreign criminals

The Telegraph - 23 Mar 2021

Turkish lorry driver is arrested on M25 for people smuggling along with 16 migrants caught in back of his truck as he tried to sneak them OUT of UK

A Turkish lorry driver has been arrested for people smuggling offences after 16 migrants were found in the back of his vehicle

Mail Online - 23 Mar 2021

France rescues 72 migrants stranded in English Channel

French maritime authorities said they had rescued 72 migrants in the English Channel on Sunday whose vessels ran into difficulties

France 24 - 23 Mar 2021

The Sun: I will stop abhorrent smugglers preying on the vulnerable by fixing our asylum system

EVERY year, thousands of men, women and children from the most dangerous places in the world are given sanctuary in the UK

The Sun - 22 Mar 2021

'Like a really bad dream': Asylum seeker says staying in Welsh 'accommodation centre' is 'WORSE' than the gangland kidnap ordeal that forced him to flee El Salvador

'It was the worst experience of my life... when we arrived there it was awful, it was really, really scary.'

Mail Online - 22 Mar 2021

By cracking down on illegal arrivals Britain can create a more humane asylum system

Tim Stanley on Priti Patel's new changes

The Telegraph - 22 Mar 2021

Deported criminals who sneak back into Britain face up to five years in jail

Deported foreign criminals who sneak back into Britain will be jailed for up to five years under a crackdown to be announced this week by Priti Patel

The Telegraph - 22 Mar 2021

This will foil the gangsters... and help to save lives, writes Migration Watch UK chairman ALP MEHMET

There is only one way to stop the boats, end the trade in people-smuggling, and save lives

Mail Online - 19 Mar 2021

Boris Johnson defends asylum seeker plan as Isle of Man asks: Is this a joke?

Boris Johnson said that sending asylum seekers abroad for processing was a humane policy that would save lives

The Times - 19 Mar 2021

'NEEDS TO STOP' Boris Johnson says dumping illegal immigrants abroad is ‘humane’ way to stem numbers crossing Channel

BORIS Johnson said dumping illegal immigrants abroad was “the humane” way to stem the growing numbers crossing the English Channel

The Sun - 19 Mar 2021

Foreign criminals and asylum seekers will only get one chance to appeal against deportation

Foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers will only get one chance to appeal against decisions to deport them under a major Home Office shake-up

The Telegraph - 19 Mar 2021

Border blitz to keep criminals out: Priti Patel eyes US-style immigration crackdown by screening every traveller heading for Britain... BEFORE they even board a plane

Every foreign traveller will face a criminal check before they get on a plane to Britain under Priti Patel's border clampdown, the Mail can reveal

Mail Online - 19 Mar 2021

Asylum revolution: Priti Patel eyes radical new plan to send Channel migrants to Turkey, Gibraltar or the ISLE OF MAN to await processing if they arrive in UK from 'safe' countries

Asylum seekers who cross the Channel illegally to reach Britain face being sent to another country

Mail Online - 18 Mar 2021

Asylum seekers sent abroad under plans to deter migrants

Asylum seekers could be sent abroad for processing under government plans to discourage people from making dangerous journeys to Britain

The Times - 18 Mar 2021

Immigration officials called to Manston after men discovered in back of lorry

Immigration officers were called to the Manston lorry holding facility after the discovery of three men in the back of a lorry

Isle Of Thanet News - 18 Mar 2021

Eight in 10 flights to deport illegal migrants blocked by human rights challenges

Eight in 10 flights to deport hundreds of illegal migrants and foreign criminals from the UK have been disrupted or blocked by human rights challenges

The Telegraph - 17 Mar 2021

Asylum seekers win fight to be moved from Welsh ex-army camp after inspectors found it was 'filthy' and 'run down'

Asylum seekers will be moved out of military barracks in Wales that were branded 'impoverished and run-down', the Welsh Secretary has said

Mail Online - 17 Mar 2021

Asylum curbs on men who pose as pupils: Priti Patel plans sweeping changes after string of cases of adult refugees

Priti Patel has ordered sweeping changes to asylum rules to stop adult migrants claiming to be children

Mail Online - 17 Mar 2021

Asylum seekers threatened with homelessness

Asylum seekers housed in hotels have been threatened with homelessness and police action if they do not comply with an “unlawful” 23-hour curfew

The Independent - 12 Mar 2021

Asylum seeker who paid thousands to cross Channel was found dead in Manchester hotel room

A man found dead in a Manchester hotel room was an asylum seeker housed there while his application was considered by the Home Office

Manchester Evening News - 12 Mar 2021

High court rejects bid to extend UK's EU settlement scheme

The high court has rejected a legal bid for an extension to the EU settlement scheme (EUSS)

Guardian - 12 Mar 2021

Asylum seeker's high court win against Brighton council is 'victory for common sense'

CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed a high court ruling in favour of an asylum seeker who was made homeless during Covid-19

Brighton Argus - 12 Mar 2021

Border Force patrol boat HMC Vigilant taken off migrant route

A Border Force cutter that patrols the Channel is being taken out of service for two months

The Times - 11 Mar 2021

COVID-19: Fears undocumented migrants in UK may shun coronavirus vaccine over data-sharing worries

A campaigner says the UK vaccination plan is 'in jeopardy' if undocumented migrants don't come forward for the jab

Sky News - 11 Mar 2021

Foreign gangs making ‘easy profits’ by turning to Channel people smuggling

Foreign crime gangs have switched to smuggling people across the Channel because it is so profitable

The Telegraph - 10 Mar 2021

Immigration arrests after 'asylum seekers' seen getting out of lorry near Sandwich Bypass

Two arrests have been made after people thought to be asylum seekers were seen climbing from a lorry near a main road

Kent Online - 10 Mar 2021

Afghan criminal gang are deflating and burying dinghies on French beaches

An Afghan criminal gang has deflated and buried dinghies on French beaches before charging migrants £2,000 each to get to the UK

Mail Online - 10 Mar 2021

Inspectors condemn Covid safety of barracks used to house asylum seekers

Inspectors have delivered a damning verdict on Covid protection, fire safety and living conditions at Home Office accommodation for asylum seekers

Guardian - 9 Mar 2021

Immigration: Victory for fishermen over ‘ridiculous’ deckhands rule

Immigration ministers have caved to demands to include deckhands on the UK’s skilled worker list, representing “a victory for fishermen”

Press and Journal - 9 Mar 2021

Channel 'armada' plan blocked amid fears it would become 'migrant magnet'

Plans to deploy a Channel 'armada' comprising a 400-capacity ship to support Border Force boats, dinghies and jetskis were blocked by Priti Patel

The Telegraph - 9 Mar 2021

Blackburn restaurant owner smuggled immigrants

A Vietnamese people smuggler who brought migrants into the UK to put them to work in his cannabis farms has been jailed.

Lancashire Telegraph - 9 Mar 2021

Immigration rules changed to help NHS plug vacancies gap

Priti Patel tweaked immigration rules yesterday to make it easier for the NHS and social care providers to recruit staff from abroad

The Times - 8 Mar 2021

UK fails in most attempts to remove asylum seekers

Britain agreed to take in more than eight times as many asylum seekers than it removed under the European Union’s resettlement scheme last year

The Times - 8 Mar 2021

British nursing hopefuls are turned away as NHS recruits migrants, think-tank claims

Hundreds of thousands of British nursing hopefuls have been rejected while the NHS has recruited from abroad

Mail Online - 5 Mar 2021

Injured and barefoot migrants arrive at Dover after crossing Channel in inflatable boat with tyre inner tubes instead of life-belts in bitter 4C cold

Around 15 migrants including many without shoes have been intercepted crossing the Channel in inflatable boats today

Mail Online - 5 Mar 2021

Failed asylum seeker, 24, 'who had sex with woman, 32, before killing her and chopping her up said it couldn't have been him because he is gay'

A failed asylum seeker who chopped up a woman he met and had sex with, told police he was gay as he tried to put them off the scent

Mail Online - 5 Mar 2021

Chancellor Sunak Expected to Increase Immigration Routes to UK in Budget

Rishi Sunak, is expected announce new immigration routes to the United Kingdom in the coming budget, as many Britons are out of work

Breitbart - 4 Mar 2021

Britain's population could shrink by two per cent after the coronavirus pandemic if 1.3million 'missing' migrant workers who left during crisis don't return, watchdog warns

Britain's population could shrink by two per cent after the coronavirus pandemic if 'missing' migrant workers do not return to the UK

Mail Online - 4 Mar 2021

We’ll be ruthless with people-smuggling thugs, pledges Boris Johnson

PM confirms life sentences for ‘gangsters’ involved in migrant crossings

The Times - 3 Mar 2021

Number of Channel migrants reaching UK doubles but no deportation flights since Brexit

A further 66 migrants including women and young children with no shoes reached English shores on Tuesday

The Times - 3 Mar 2021

Number of Channel migrants reaching UK doubles but no deportation flights since Brexit

The number of Channel migrants reaching the UK has doubled this year without the Home Office mounting a single flight to deport any of them recently

The Telegraph - 3 Mar 2021

Denmark becomes the first European nation to tell Syrian refugees they must return home, saying the country is now safe

Denmark has become the first European nation to tell Syrian migrants they must return to their home country, saying it is now safe for them there

Mail Online - 3 Mar 2021

Lord Green on deterring people smugglers

Melanie Phillips’s article encapsulates the legal spider’s web that is both preventing the effective return of false asylum claimants and encouraging

Times Letter - 3 Mar 2021

Tough talk won’t solve the migrant problem

The home secretary, Priti Patel, has announced that gangs smuggling illegal migrants across the Channel will face a maximum life sentence

The Times - 2 Mar 2021

Home Office projects that 500 migrants will cross the Channel every month this year... despite latest crackdown

Ministers are braced for 500 migrants a month to cross the Channel from France this year, despite their latest crackdowns

Mail Online - 2 Mar 2021

Channel migrants seeking UK asylum are smuggling themselves back to France, says charity

Channel migrants seeking asylum in the UK are smuggling themselves back to France because of Priti Patel’s crackdown, says a UK charity

The Telegraph - 2 Mar 2021

People smugglers could be jailed for LIFE if caught in English Channel under crack down by Priti Patel - as it's claimed migrant boat was given escort into British waters by the French Navy

Priti Patel will introduce life sentences for people smugglers in a new bid to tackle the Channel migrant crisis

Mail Online - 1 Mar 2021

Convicted Nigerian fraudster who claimed less than 24 hours before deportation that he was BISEXUAL is allowed to STAY in UK

A convicted Nigerian fraudster has been allowed to stay in the UK after claiming less than 24 hours before deportation that he was bisexual

Mail Online - 1 Mar 2021

Rishi Sunak set to unveil new fast-track technology visa scheme

Rishi Sunak is set to unveil a new fast-track technology visa scheme for British start-ups

The Telegraph - 1 Mar 2021

Prey: Immigration, Islam and the Erosion of Women's Rights by Ayaan Hirsi Ali review

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born critic of Islam and Islamism

Evening Standard - 1 Mar 2021


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