Media Reports Archive : August 2018

The streets where 3 in 4 babies have migrant mothers: Percentage of births to foreign women reaches record high, with Polish and Pakistani parents topping the list

Migration Watch UK vice chairman Alp Mehmet said: 'The Government must honour its manifesto commitment to reduce net migration to sustainable levels.'

Daily Mail - 29 Aug 2018

Why the story of falling EU migration to the UK may not be about Brexit after all

Transformed economies are tempting workers home and encouraging them to stay, rather than travel to the UK for jobs.

Daily Telegraph - 29 Aug 2018

Somali teens married off on holidays

British Somali teenagers are being lured back to their parents’ homeland under the pretence of family holidays then forced into marriages.

The Times - 29 Aug 2018

80% of rise in Britain's population over 15 years was because of migration, analysis finds

Migration Watch said that 3.1million migrants had come to the UK over that period and 2.5million children had at least one parent who was born abroad.

Daily Telegraph - 23 Aug 2018

Visas? Won't be needed. Roaming charges? They're gone for good: Six ways Brexit will NOT affect Brits visiting Europe, according to a travel firm CEO

With Britain set to leave the EU next year, travellers are becoming increasingly concerned about how it will affect their European holidays.

Daily Mail - 23 Aug 2018

Firms face Brexit skills shortage, forcing up wages in some sectors

The CIPD’s research found that more than half of employers who had found it harder to recruit have boosted salaries to attract the right staff.

The Independent - 15 Aug 2018

More Romanians and Bulgarians working in UK despite fewer EU employees overall

Lord Green said: “The need for the Government to get a grip on immigration grip on immigration grows ever stronger.”

Press Association - 15 Aug 2018

‘Visa loophole’ means Britons miss jobs in IT

Lord Green of Deddington, of Migration Watch UK, said: “Many people are asking why non-EU migration has not been reduced. Here is part of the answer.'

The Times - 14 Aug 2018

Four in ten Brits – millions of patients – can’t get a GP appointment when they need one

Dr Richard Vautrey, from the British Medical Association, said: “Practices do not have the resources to meet the ever increasing demands of a growing

The Sun - 10 Aug 2018

Facebook 'must stop migrants being lured to their deaths'

800 Facebook pages linked to immigration crime, says National Crime Agency

Evening Standard - 10 Aug 2018

Dominic Raab's new aide called for continued freedom of movement after Brexit

Stephanie Lis said freedom of movement should continue after Brexit

Politics Home - 8 Aug 2018

It's my people who voted for Brexit. To call them racist is wrong and divisive

Peter Mandelson is wrong: the British people were simply tired of decades of neglect, writes former Labour Home Secretary Lord Blunkett.

Sunday Telegraph - 7 Aug 2018

A Romanian village feels the country’s emigration pain

The lack of working-age people leaves the village vineyards unattended.

Politico - 7 Aug 2018

BBC withdraws educational film about immigration that claimed Britain was 'multicultural long before curry and carnival' after bias complaints

It was pulled from circulation and removed from YouTube after complaints that it broke impartiality rules.

Daily Mail - 3 Aug 2018

Visas for men who force teenagers into marriage

Women and girls raped after being sent abroad, then Home Office lets illegal husbands settle in UK.

The Times - 2 Aug 2018

Grammar schools: Thousands of new places created

There are 11,000 more grammar school pupils in England now than in 2010, BBC analysis of official data shows.

BBC News - 1 Aug 2018


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