Media Reports Archive : October 2018

Can it be true that crooked lawyers are helping asylum seeking 'liars' abuse our generosity?

James Hanratty, an immigration judge for 16 years, said crooked solicitors are helping their clients make up bogus tales of persecution.

Daily Mail - 29 Oct 2018

Immigration still concerns voters. In fact, it may be their biggest test for a real Brexit

Immigration was undeniably one of the main concerns driving the 17.4 million Britons to vote to leave the European Union.

Daily Telegraph - 24 Oct 2018

How illegal migrants are using WhatsApp alerts to tip each other off about British immigration raids

They contact each other on the encrypted messaging service to raise the alarm about immigration raids.

Daily Mail - 19 Oct 2018

Home Secretary Sajid Javid told to axe ‘disastrous’ post-Brexit immigration plans or risk 7million British jobs

MigrationWatch said five million skilled and two million below graduate-level jobs in the UK could be at risk from “new and increased” competition.

The Sun - 17 Oct 2018

Foreign fraudsters are lying about being beaten by their wives so they can exploit a legal loophole and gain UK residency faster

Men have been allowed to stay in the UK after fabricating sexual abuse claims.

Daily Mail - 15 Oct 2018

Green belt carve-up sees more land than ever lost for homes as Prime Minister announces fresh house-building boom

2017/18 saw largest release of green belt land with 5,000 hectares released

Daily Mail - 11 Oct 2018

Belgium smashes human trafficking ring ‘smuggling migrants into Britain’

The trafficking ring was based in Brussels and would smuggle “up to 20 migrants” into Britain a day.

Daily Express - 11 Oct 2018

Highly-skilled immigrants ‘to be given priority after Brexit’

Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK Alp Mehmet said ‘the overall numbers, frankly, are quite likely to go up.’

Metro - 3 Oct 2018

'They want to come to YOUR country' Belgian minister blames UK for EU's migration woes

Belgium's immigration minister has placed an extraordinary level of blame on “beautiful” Britain for Europe’s immigration woes.

Daily Express - 1 Oct 2018


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