Media Reports Archive : May 2017

Britain was wrong to block migrant, says Euro judge

EU workers with British citizenship can bring in non-EU partners and other family members without meeting income restrictions, according to a court.

The Times - 31 May 2017

Cyprus may become migrant route to UK

Britain faces having to accept migrants who arrive on two military bases in Cyprus after an Appeal Court ruling yesterday.

The Times - 26 May 2017

Number of EU citizens leaving Britain hits a six-year high as net migration falls below 250,000

But the number is still miles from Theresa May's target to reduce it to the tens of thousands.

The Sun - 25 May 2017

Nearly seven million migrants are 'waiting to cross into Europe': Leaked report warns of new crisis but Brussels insists the situation is under control

More than six million asylum seekers are waiting to cross into Europe, a leaked intelligence report warns.

Daily Mail - 24 May 2017

Why migration from Africa this century will make the refugee crisis look like a dress rehearsal

Today, the biggest drivers of migration are likely to be the lower cost of transportation and the demographics in Africa.

Daily Telegraph - 23 May 2017

Let in immigrants or 'pay the price': Merkel warns that Britain will be made to suffer if an EU migrant cap is introduced in the wake of Brexit

Theresa May wishes to control the number of people coming to UK from the EU

Mail Online - 18 May 2017

Government threatened with legal action over immigration checks

Campaign group presses home secretary to order full evaluation of ‘right to rent’ immigration status checks by landlords.

The Guardian - 16 May 2017

Labour makes NO promise to cut immigration in its manifesto but does vow Brexit will mean the end of free movement of EU citizens

Labour's plans reject imposing 'bogus immigration targets' on the border rules.

Mail Online - 16 May 2017

Population Growth - A Letter to the Editor of the Times by Lord Green of Deddington

Your leading article (May 9) makes no mention of a critical issue — namely, the impact of current levels of immigration on our population.

The Times - 12 May 2017

Three-year ‘brickie visa’ would plug UK skills gaps, says think tank

The move would help UK businesses transition from relying on EU workers to fill roles.

People Management - 12 May 2017

Brickie Visa' Could Plaster Over Skills Shortage After Brexit

As employers warn of a looming skills shortage following Britain’s exit from the European Union, a “brickie visa” has been touted as the solution.

Bloomberg - 11 May 2017

Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn will refuse to commit to reducing migration if he wins the General Election

Labour's draft manifesto commits to scrapping minimum income rules for the partners of non-EU migrants, making it easier for them to come to the UK.

Daily Telegraph - 11 May 2017

Non-EU parents may have EU residence right, ECJ rules

Non-EU citizens may have the right to residence in the EU if their children are EU citizens, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

BBC News - 10 May 2017

Don’t assume that Macron will push our border back to Dover. Here’s how we can reach agreement, writes Charlie Elphicke

In less than two years, we will leave the European Union. It is vital that we are ready on day one.

Conservative Home - 10 May 2017

A migration target the Tories may finally hit

In 2009, net migration was 196,000. Today it’s around 300,000, bringing enormous pressures to bear on communities, public services and jobs.

Daily Mail - 9 May 2017

With the Tories promising yet again to bring net migration into the 10,000s, is it achievable this time?

With the Tories promising yet again to bring net migration into the tens of thousands, is it achievable this time?

City AM - 9 May 2017

Tories to keep 'tens of thousands' target

The Conservatives will once again promise to cut net migration to the 'tens of thousands' in their election manifesto, the BBC understands.

BBC News - 8 May 2017

EU blame the migrant crisis on CHINA – because they are making too many inflatable dinghies

The EU has urged China to clamp down on the sale of inflatable dinghies which are falling into the hands of smuggling gangs.

Daily Mail - 5 May 2017

EU referendum and Brexit May expected to challenge right of EU citizens to bring family to Britain

A major clash is expected over the unrestricted right of EU citizens living in Britain to continue to bring immediate family to live with them. - 4 May 2017

Seven in 10 think Theresa May will not hit target on slashing immigration

Nearly seven in 10 people do not believe Theresa May will meet her pledge to cut immigration below 100,000.

Evening Standard - 3 May 2017


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