Illegal Immigration Briefing Paper Library

Updated projection of illegal Channel arrivals for 2020
4 September 2020
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What happens to those crossing the Channel illegally?
14 August 2020
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Estimate of arrivals by illegal Channel crossing
8 July 2020
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Spending on tackling illegal immigration from France
19 June 2020
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Unauthorised Channel Crossings
8 May 2020
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An amnesty for illegal migrants?
29 July 2019
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Illegal Immigration - Key Topic
11 July 2019
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Illegal immigration: What can be done?
20 September 2018
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Lessons from Calais
13 August 2015
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The impact of an amnesty on London
5 December 2012
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A Quarter of a Million Failed Asylum Seekers Granted Amnesty Since the Early 1990s
2 June 2011
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Lifetime Unit Cost of an Illegal Immigrant if an Amnesty Were Granted
28 April 2010
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The Illegal Migrant Population in the UK
22 April 2010
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An Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?
Migrationwatch Response to the GLA Paper

4 November 2009
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Illegal Immigration From Pakistan
19 June 2009
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The Potential Lifetime Costs of an Amnesty
27 April 2009
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The Financial case against an amnesty for illegal immigrants
1 December 2008
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The True Cost of an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
30 August 2007
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An amnesty for illegal immigrants?
21 May 2006
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The illegal Migrant Population in the UK
28 July 2005
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The number of failed asylum seekers remaining in the UK
15 April 2004
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