Migrationwatch Invited To Put Forward Policy Suggestions

Following the evidence which we gave to the Economic Committee of the House of Lords, Migrationwatch were invited by a Cross Party Group of Parliamentarians to put forward suggestions as to how immigration issues should be tackled in a way that took account and also tackles the need to preserve the competitiveness of the economy but also tackled the numbers.

In response, they prepared a policy document which, for the first time brings together in one place the case against the very large scale immigration which has been allowed to develop. The Cross Party Group, which was announced today, accepted the broad lines of the document and will pursue its recommendations.

8th September 2008 - Amnesty, Arranged Marriages, Asylum, Cohesion, Economics, Education, Employment, European Union, Health, History, Housing, Human Rights, Legal Matters, Migration Trends, Policy, Population, Refugees, Visas/Work Permits, Welfare Benefits

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