Arranged Marriages

Family And Employment Matters – Legal Notes

1. Abolition of family visit appeals. (i)   The Crime and Courts Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords on 28 May. Its main purpose is to establish the new National Crime Agency, but among its other miscellaneous provisions are two which are intended to make changes in the immigration appeals system.  […]

Tighten Rules On Foreign Marriage Partners Says Think Tank

A call for tightening the rules on marriages to foreign partners has come from think-tank Migrationwatch (See Briefing Paper No. 10.25). It comes in the wake of a Home Affairs Committee report which reported on forced marriages among some sections of the ethnic communities; the changes are needed to ensure that young people are not […]

7th June 2011 (Arranged Marriages)

Migrationwatch Calls For Firmer Action On Sham Marriages

From Monday 9 May, the government is being obliged by the courts to abandon its requirement that a marriage or civil partnership involving a partner subject to immigration control must have the prior permission of the Home Office (a “Certificate of Approval”). Migrationwatch therefore called today for Registrars to be given a new power to […]

9th May 2011 (Arranged Marriages)

Sham Marriages – March 2010

Introduction 1 There has been a great deal of confusion recently about the government’s powers to deal with sham marriages. Even the Minister of Immigration seems to have got it wrong in a television interview. Briefing Paper 8.38 sets out the full position….. The BBC Report 5 On 7 January this year the BBC television […]

16th March 2010 (Arranged Marriages, Policy)

Migrationwatch Invited To Put Forward Policy Suggestions

Following the evidence which we gave to the Economic Committee of the House of Lords, Migrationwatch were invited by a Cross Party Group of Parliamentarians to put forward suggestions as to how immigration issues should be tackled in a way that took account and also tackles the need to preserve the competitiveness of the economy […]

Forced Marriage (civil Protection) Act 2007

This Act received Royal Assent on 26 July 2007 and is to be brought into force by the Lord Chancellor in due course. It was introduced originally in the House of Lords by Lord Lester, a distinguished human rights lawyer, as a private member’s Bill, but was adopted by the government and passed by both […]


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