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May 2022 - March 2022

Botched statistical decisions destroy immigration transparency just as numbers skyrocket

73% of the public now say the government is handling the issue of immigration badly (YouGov May 2022). The p…

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Popular plan to send illegal arrivals to Rwanda would stop profits going to criminal smugglers

Voters back the government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda by two to one, a poll reveals. And …

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Permanent settlement: By which routes did those from outside the European Union come here?

Summary Our analysis below looks at the original pathways into the UK for the 1.5 million non-EU migrants wh…

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Helping Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion

1. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, on 24 February 2022 has led to Europe’s fastest growing refugee crisis…

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February 2022 - March 2021

Migration Watch co-founder Lord Green leads fightback against open borders in Parliament

“Our asylum system is in chaos, and very visibly so,” said Migration Watch UK President and Co-F…

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Illegal Channel crisis – 3 key facts to remember

Here are three key facts to remember about the illegal immigration crisis in the Channel, which has seen ove…

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24,000 people illegally crossed the Channel this year but just five have been returned

There have just five removals in 2021 of illegal cross-Channel migrants to safe European countries. The news…

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Experimental official research: Net migration in year to June 2020 was 247,000

According to new provisional estimates by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), net migration from overs…

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New evidence of our failing asylum system which costs you £1bn per year

New Home Office statistics provide even more cause for thinking that the UK’s asylum system is rapidly bec…

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Zero removals of illegal Channel immigrants in 2021 so far

Times columnist Melanie Phillips recently pointed to the pernicious effect of the lack of effective action b…

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December 2020 - June 2020

What’s the point of taking back control of immigration if we don’t reduce it?

By Lord GreenPresident of Migration Watch UKConservative Home, December 27, 2020 The Trade Agreement announc…

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Illegal Channel crossings are a huge injustice

Illegal Channel crossings have spiralled upwards this year. More people crossed in September 2020 than durin…

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4 in 5 illegal Channel crossers refused asylum

The Home Secretary told a Parliamentary Committee that those crossing the Channel have previously rejected t…

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Estimate of 2020 arrivals by illegal Channel crossing

The number of people arriving in the UK via illegal Channel crossing is on course to reach at least 7,500 in…

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Majority of Brits want more done to stop illegal boat crossings

A majority of the public believe that the government is not doing enough to tackle illegal Channel crossings…

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May 2020

BOAT TRACKING STATION – Illegal maritime arrivals from safe countries

What you need to know: At least 9,033 people have crossed illegally in around 285 boats since the start of 2…

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