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Ecj Ruling On Payment Of Child Benefits To Eu Citizens With No Right To Reside In The Uk

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) today (see June 14th 2016 BBC News article here) confirmed that the UK does not have to pay child benefit and child tax credits to citizens of other EU countries if they are not working and as a result have no right to reside in the UK. The Court’s […]

In-work Benefit Restrictions And Eu Migrants To The Uk

Most family units headed by recent EU migrants do not have any dependent children whether they are single or in couples, according to a report issued by Migration Watch UK. This means that even in low-paying jobs they are not entitled to large amounts of benefits, and thus an ’emergency brake’ on in-work benefits is […]

Labour Leadership Candidates On Immigration

On July 25th the final hustings of the 2015 labour leadership election were held in Warrington. During the course of the hustings the candidates were asked ‘where do each of the candidates stand on Britain’s place in the EU and can we solve the immigration issue while remaining in the EU?’ The Candidates went onto […]

Response To House Of Commons Library Blog On Our Paper On Economic Characteristics Of Migrants In The Uk

Steven Ayres, a researcher at the House of Commons has blogged on our report “Economic characteristics of migrants in the UK in 2014”. His blog starts by noting that its purpose is not to critique “the report itself, but rather to investigate whether the source of the data, the Labour Force Survey (LFS), is capable of […]

Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On Ons Net Migration Statistics

Responding to today’s net migration figures, Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: The latest figures are appalling. We need to stop and think where this mass immigration is leading. It points to a probable increase of three million in the UK population over the next five years in the face of […]

Immigrants Have Cost The Tax Payer Over £140 Billion Since 1995

Recent immigrants from 2001 to 2011 might have cost over £25 bn. Migration Watch UK today issued a new assessment of the cost of immigration to the tax payer. The outcome is that immigrants cost the taxpayer over £140 billion or more than £22 million a day over the 17 years 1995 – 2011. The Migration […]

Briefing Note: Romania And Bulgaria – Will The Government’s Proposed Benefit Changes Be Effective?

1. Although EU citizens are often described as having ‘free movement’ within the EU there are some restrictions on their right to live in the UK. All EU citizens have an initial right to reside for three months after which they have a right to reside only if they are exercising their treaty rights as […]

Response To Cream Paper On Contribution Of Migrants To Economy

Summary 1.  The press release, much publicised by the BBC, was heavily slanted to obscure the report’s finding that all migrants in the UK, regardless of their year of arrival, made a negative fiscal contribution of £95.4 billion between 1995 and 2011.   It also obscured the finding that, in respect of those who have arrived […]

Non-active Eu Migrants And Access To Welfare

Summary 1. Despite overall low rates of unemployment of EU citizens in the UK, the UK also contains the largest proportion of EU job-seekers who have never worked, suggesting that our residence based benefits system is all too easy to access. These migrants cost the taxpayer nearly £400 million a year. Whether they come originally […]

Eu Migrant Access To The British Welfare State

  1. The government should strongly resist efforts by the EU to further weaken British control over access tour welfare system. The Habitual Residence Test 2. It was announced today that the UK is to be taken to the European Court of Justice over its rules regarding access to welfare for EU immigrants (See here). […]

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