January 2022
London becomes the most congested city on the planet

A report from analyst Inrix revealed how bad things have got. London has become the most congested city in t…

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March 2021
How much do British citizens really care about mass immigration?

The current moment is an anomaly and cannot be used as the basis for policy going forward

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January 2021
Why do we need so many more houses? Immigration

We are now seeing the prospect of construction on a scale not seen since that post-war period

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October 2020
Afraid of public scrutiny, government scraps vital immigration control via backdoor

Proposed new immigration rules contain devil in the detail – namely a very large reduction in the salary t…

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June 2020
Restore the First Chance Rule

The ‘First Chance’ rule – also known as the ‘Resident Labour Market Test’ – is a…

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March 2020
Some impacts of very high immigration – Factsheet for the United Kingdom

1. Net migration into the UK from overseas stands at 240,000 (year to September 2019 – see ONS bulleti…

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August 2019
How the Immigration White Paper flies in the face of the findings and recommendations of government’s own …

Summary Notwithstanding the change of Prime Minister and Home Secretary, it appears that the December 2018 I…

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December 2018
Our response to the Government’s Immigration White Paper

The proposal to admit an unlimited number of low-skilled workers from a range of countries is astonishing. …

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July 2018
Written evidence submitted by Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, to the House of Comm…

Post-Brexit migration What should the Government’s objectives be in drawing up a post Brexit immigration s…

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March 2018
Selected quotes from Migration Advisory Committee interim report on European Economic Area migration

Below are selected quotes from the new report, published on 27 March 2018 by the independent Migration Advis…

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February 2018
Talk of a Brexodus is absurd but the public will not be fooled

‘Exodus of the EU migrants’ said the front page of the Daily Express. ‘Brexodus’ exclaimed the Daily…

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January 2018
Submission by Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, to the House of Commons Scottish Aff…

‘Immigration and Scotland’ Summary points:  Scotland’s labour force is much less dependent on migran…

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November 2017
Response to an offensive comment on Conservative Home

A comment on Lord Green’s article in Conservative Home on 20 November 2017 about the relevance of an EEA s…

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October 2017
Summary of Migration Watch evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee – Costs and benefits of immigr…

Introduction 1. The Government has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to weigh the evidence abou…

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October 2017
Do we really need yet more EU workers?

This week our Chairman Lord Green of Deddington wrote an article for Conservative Home arguing that claims m…

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May 2017
No evidence that cutting net migration would be ‘catastrophic’ for British economy

The organisation Global Future argues in a recent report (published on 19th March) that cutting net migratio…

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