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May 2022 - April 2022

Botched statistical decisions destroy immigration transparency just as numbers skyrocket

73% of the public now say the government is handling the issue of immigration badly (YouGov May 2022). The p…

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How uncontrolled immigration worsens the cost of living crisis

UK inflation hit a 30-year high of 6.2% in February, house prices are at an 18-year high and energy bil…

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How mass, uncontrolled immigration threatens your quality of life

The government clearly pledged to get control of immigration and reduce levels. But the opposite is happenin…

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Permanent settlement: By which routes did those from outside the European Union come here?

Summary Our analysis below looks at the original pathways into the UK for the 1.5 million non-EU migrants wh…

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March 2022 - January 2022

What happened to immigration during the pandemic?

Summary: Immigration reached a near-record level of 313,000 in early 2020 but then fell in the midst of trav…

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Visa figures indicate big rise in immigration

The first visa statistics for the full year of 2021 were published by the Home Office on 24 February 2021. A…

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Population replacement: Government body says 12 million immigrants expected over next twenty years

Between four and five million net migrants are set to the come to and remain in the UK by 2041, according to…

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London becomes the most congested city on the planet

A report from analyst Inrix revealed how bad things have got. London has become the most congested city in t…

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Prime Minister being economical with the truth when he says net migration has gone down since we took back c…

On Wednesday 5 January 2022, the Prime Minister told Parliament that ‘net immigration since we took ba…

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November 2021 - March 2021

Channel crossings are a scandal but illegal entries via all routes are rising fast

Illegal entries via different routes are information provided by the Home Office suggests there have been at…

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Migration Watch evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee on the intra-company transfer route

On 13 October 2021, the government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended an expansion to th…

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UK’s eight million population rise drives congestion, gridlock and declining quality of life

The relentless expansion of the UK’s population is coming to a head as new figures from the ONS suggest th…

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Official statistics body may have under-counted net immigration of foreigners by 380,000 (2011-20)

The Office for National Statistics has produced experimental research which estimated that net immigration f…

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How much do British citizens really care about mass immigration?

The current moment is an anomaly and cannot be used as the basis for policy going forward

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February 2021

Toughen up on illegal immigration

New Freedom of Information data revealed that, between 2015 and 2019, there were 44,415 raids on private hom…

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Staffing The Health Service Requires Training Not Immigration

The health sector had years to improve training of locals. Now they call for immigration. But that is not a …

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