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STARTLING STATS Number of migrants crossing Channel falls to ZERO since Rwanda scheme was announced

THE number of migrants crossing the Channel has fallen to zero in the days following the announcement they will be sent to Rwanda

The Sun - 29 Apr 2022

Migrant integration has failed and created parallel societies and gang violence, Swedish PM admits

Sweden's migrant integration policy has failed, leading to parallel societies and gang violence, the country's prime minister said today

Mail Online - 29 Apr 2022

'We can finally mend the broken asylum system': Priti Patel hails new borders bill and vows to crack down on people-smugglers transporting desperate migrants across Channel

Priti Patel has hailed the passing by Parliament of a landmark law that she vows will finally fix Britain’s ‘broken’ asylum system

Mail Online - 29 Apr 2022

We could do far more to help migrants feel British

Immigrants now make up 14 per cent of the UK population – so statistically, we’re now even more of an immigrant nation than the US

Telegraph - 29 Apr 2022

Marine Le Pen’s party has high hopes for French parliament elections

Le Pen was beaten by the centrist Emmanuel Macron in Sunday’s presidential election by 58.5% to 41.5%, but she gained a historic score

Guardian - 29 Apr 2022

Brexit: 'Clearly a sham' Boris slammed as immigration to UK set to 'rocket' this year

BORIS JOHNSON has been slammed for claiming he is 'taking back control' of Britain's borders

Daily Express - 28 Apr 2022

POLL: Does Brexit mean we're finally in control of our borders?

BREXIT was meant to see Britain 'take back control' of its borders and immigration. So has this happened?

Daily Express - 28 Apr 2022

Rwanda asylum reforms to become law as House of Lords ends stand-off over Priti Patel's plans

Controversial Rwanda asylum and immigration reforms are set to become law after peers halted their stand-off over Priti Patel's plans

GB News - 28 Apr 2022

Priti Patel 'will hire private jets to fly migrants to Rwanda because airline bosses refuse to put on flights in fear of backlash from woke critics'

Priti Patel 'will hire private jets to fly migrants to Rwanda' because airline bosses 'refuse to put on flights in fear of a backlash' from critics

Mail Online - 28 Apr 2022

Social care minimum wage of £10.50 may be introduced to end reliance on ‘cheap’ foreign labour

Social care workers could get their own higher national minimum wage to combat chronic staff shortages

Telegraph - 28 Apr 2022

There’s an obvious alternative to the government’s Rwanda plan – they’re just overlooking it

More than 4,500 migrants have crossed the English Channel this year already

Independent - 27 Apr 2022

Droughts in Somalia are partly our fault. We could at least let more migrants in

Somalis call the dangerous journey towards Europe “going on tahriib” a word mostly associated with illegal activities such as trafficking or smuggling

Guardian - 27 Apr 2022

Nigel Farage claims drop in migrants crossing Channel has 'nothing to do with Rwanda deal'

Nigel Farage believes the drop in migrants crossing the English Channel in recent days is not linked to the Government’s new immigration scheme with R

GB News - 27 Apr 2022

Brexit voters may not be happy with what immigration ‘control’ looks like

The first year of the new system recorded a significant rise in the numbers of non-EU migrants in to the UK

Financial Times - 27 Apr 2022

Priti Patel’s refugee pushback policy withdrawn days before legal review

Priti Patel’s refugee pushback policy has been officially withdrawn by the government days before a judicial review of the tactic

Guardian - 26 Apr 2022

We're not going to Rwanda! Migrants who have spent months waiting to make the perilous Channel crossing to Britain say they will stay in Calais amid UK's plan to send asylum seekers overseas

On a dusty road on the industrial outskirts of Calais, a small group of Iranian migrants in tents are taking in news of the UK’s Rwanda asylum plan

Mail Online - 26 Apr 2022

Diane Abbott makes Theresa May gaffe during debate over Rwanda immigration plan

Diane Abbott mistakenly said Theresa May was the MP for Maidstone in a debate on the Rwanda immigration plan

GB News - 26 Apr 2022

Let's forge a new entente cordiale: Boris Johnson plans to push Macron for fresh deal to tackle Channel migrants after the French president strolls to victory over Le Pen

Boris Johnson is to push for a new deal with Emmanuel Macron on tackling Channel migrants, as the French president heads for a second term

Mail Online - 26 Apr 2022

More foreign nationals to arrive in UK this year than before Brexit

More foreign nationals will come to the UK this year than before Brexit, an analysis suggests

Telegraph - 26 Apr 2022

DOMINIC LAWSON: Why do those who condemn Rwanda plan ignore EU's callous scheme for Libyan migrants?

Apparently, Priti Patel has taken a leaf out of Adolf Eichmann's book. Or that is what some civil servants working for her seem to be saying

Mail Online - 25 Apr 2022

The good migration news ministers try to hide

The government with a deliberately brutal policy on migrants crossing the Channel is simultaneously implementing a sensibly open immigration regime

The Times - 25 Apr 2022

Brexit isn’t merely pointless ⁠— it is failing on its own terms

Of all the reasons to be opposed to Brexit, the least heralded was that it was all too much bother

New Statesman - 25 Apr 2022

Why won’t liberals tell the truth about immigration?

In our corner of Kent, less than three miles from the sea, HM Coastguard helicopters are not an unusual sight

The Critic - 25 Apr 2022

Gerard Lyons: Just because migration may pay for itself doesn’t mean that it should be uncapped

Migration has returned to centre-stage

Conservative Home - 25 Apr 2022

Threat of Africa won’t stop us, insist Dunkirk camp’s refugees

The reaction among migrants living in tents near Calais and Dunkirk at the deal signed by Priti Patel ranged from bewilderment to nonchalance

The Times - 25 Apr 2022

COME AGAIN? GMB viewers slam Adil Ray for asking baffled MP ‘stupid’ question about Jesus

GOOD Morning Britain fans have been left baffled after Adil Ray asked a question about whether Jesus would have been deported

The Sun - 22 Apr 2022

'Changes Labour made!' Rayner squirms as Kate Garraway challenges Rwanda scheme opposition

ANGELA Rayner was put on the spot over the Labour Party's opposition to Priti Patel's plan to have migrants arriving in the UK processed in Rwanda

Express - 22 Apr 2022

TREVOR KAVANAGH Woke civil servants ‘working’ from home are trying to sabotage Boris’ immigration plan – it’s time to start culling them

Thanks to Covid, these strike-happy troublemakers won’t even have to leave home to launch their attack

The Sun - 22 Apr 2022

Channel migrants are 'choosing to be putting their lives at risk' says minister Nadhim Zahawi

A Cabinet minister has accused migrants making perilous journeys across the Channel of 'choosing to be putting their lives at risk

Sky News - 22 Apr 2022

The Prime Minister is hoping to secure a trade deal with India “by the end of the year”

Mr Johnson says he has “always been in favour of having people come to this country'

GB News - 22 Apr 2022

Migrants dashing to Dover in attempt to get to Britain before Rwanda plan comes into force

More boats carrying dozens of migrants onboard arrived in Britain today after being intercepted by Border Forces

GB News - 19 Apr 2022

The Left seems to hate Britain… yet thinks it’s fine for migrants

HUNDREDS of illegal migrants continue to cross the Channel and enter Britain every single week

The Sun - 19 Apr 2022

Justin Welby can’t see that modern societies need borders to survive

Should we tolerate – as we have so far – the organised criminals who facilitate this grim trade in human beings?

The Telegraph - 19 Apr 2022

Dash to Dover: Migrants cross Channel in bid to reach Britain before new rules are enforced that could see them flown to Rwanda on one-way ticket - after warning deterrent could lead to short-term surge in crossings

Dozens of migrants flocked to Britain today as there were warnings attempts to deter illegal crossings could lead to a short-term surge

Mail Online - 19 Apr 2022

'French won't take them!' Migration Watch hits out at Macron over UK decision on Rwanda

EMMANUEL MACRON has been slammed by the head of Migration Watch over the British Government's decision to have asylum claims processed in Rwanda

Daily Express - 15 Apr 2022

This chorus of condemnation over migrants plan is misplaced and predictable... It's rarely the areas where hand wringers live that bear the brunt of the chaos, writes Dr RAKIB EHSAN

The Government's bold plan to reform the asylum system has been met with a barrage of outrage from the usual suspects

Mail Online - 15 Apr 2022

Channel migrants to be sent to Rwanda

Channel migrants will be flown more than 5,000 miles to Rwanda to have their asylum claims processed in an “offshore” facility

Telegraph - 14 Apr 2022

Asylum seekers will be flown to Rwanda as Government tries to tackle Channel crossings

Asylum seekers will be flown for processing in Rwanda under Government plans

GB News - 14 Apr 2022

Channel boat migrants will be sent to Rwanda

Male migrants who cross the Channel in small boats will be sent to Rwanda in a multimillion-pound deal

The Times - 14 Apr 2022

Migrant policy is 'in principle a good idea,' says head of independent think-tank

Alp Mehmet, the chairman of Migration Watch UK, was speaking to Kay Burley

Sky News - 14 Apr 2022

38 percent of people are worried about their finances compared to 33 percent who are concerned about getting Covid-19

More people are worried about their finances than about catching Covid-19, a new survey has found

GB News - 12 Apr 2022

Up to 80 migrants are brought ashore in Dover as people-smugglers take advantage of good weather after two-week break with total reaching UK this year hitting at least 4,550

Up to 80 Channel migrants landed in Britain today as people-smugglers take advantage of clear skies and calm waters

Mail Online - 12 Apr 2022

Marine Le Pen vows fines for Muslims who wear headscarves in public as poll shows she has closed the gap with Macron ahead of French election

Speaking to RTL radio, Le Pen explained how her pledge to ban the headscarf in all public spaces would be implemented

Mail Online - 8 Apr 2022

Uber Eats, Deliveroo Sign Charter to Stop Employing Illegals in France

Food delivery companies in France have agreed to sign a charter to prevent subcontracting of work to illegal migrants

Breitbart - 8 Apr 2022

Brexit going to WASTE! Boris warned not to squander major 'success' for British farming

BRITAIN risks squandering the opportunities of Brexit if it does not take urgent action to address labour shortages

Express - 7 Apr 2022

Farming labour shortage could mean price rises, MPs warn

Chronic labour shortages in the food and farming sector could lead to price rises and the UK becoming more dependent on food imports

BBC - 7 Apr 2022

Priti Patel ‘clashes with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’ in a Ukraine visa row

Priti Patel and Liz Truss are reportedly butting heads amid attempts to resolve the backlog in visas for Ukrainian refugees

GB News - 7 Apr 2022

Does Rwanda offer the answer to Britain’s Channel migrant crisis?

Cynics among us who have tired of reading these speculative reports and yet seeing no follow through, may wonder how close we actually are to action

The Spectator - 7 Apr 2022

UK opens more welcome hubs for Ukrainian refugees

Government’s move comes after charities voice despair over slow progress and red tape

Guardian - 4 Apr 2022

Ukrainian businessman steps in to pay refugee hotel bills after Home Office delays

A Ukrainian businessman who renounced his Russian citizenship after Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea has stepped in to pay the hotel bills of refugees

Telegraph - 4 Apr 2022


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