Media Reports Archive : February 2022

Almost all Channel migrants arrive without passports after being told to shred ID

Only 317 of 16,510 people making crossing had passports when picked up by Border Force, according to Home Office data

Telegraph - 24 Feb 2022

Priti Patel hires Australia's migrant guru in bid to help solve Channel crisis

A former minister who played a key role in Australia's controversial asylum seeker 'pushback' policy has been hired

Mail Online - 17 Feb 2022

Lorry migrants surge by 30pc in a year as Border Force told to toughen checks

Lorry migrants have surged by 30 per cent in a year as Border Force has been told to toughen border checks

Telegraph - 16 Feb 2022

MIGRANT CRISIS Number of migrants smuggled into UK in lorries over last 7years ‘would fill Old Trafford’

THE number of migrants smuggled into the UK on the back of a lorry in the last seven years would nearly fill Old Trafford

The Sun - 16 Feb 2022

Channel migrants should be deported to processing centres on South Atlantic islands if an agreement with France fails, report suggests

Channel migrants should be deported to offshore processing centres within 48 hours of arrival, a report will say today

Mail Online - 16 Feb 2022

Two-Thirds of Illegal Boat Migrants Suffer from Hypothermia After Crossing English Channel

An estimated two-thirds of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel reach Britain suffering from hypothermia and other injuries sustained at sea

Breitbart - 16 Feb 2022

Government relaxes immigration rules for care worker jobs because of staffing shortages which has left crippled sector 'on its knees'

Immigration rules for care workers were relaxed today amid crippling staffing shortages leaving the sector 'on its knees'

Mail Online - 15 Feb 2022

Tunisian TikTokers accused of ‘glamorising’ deadly Mediterranean migrant crossing

Two TikTok influencers from Tunisia have documented their treacherous journey through one of the deadliest migration routes

Metro - 15 Feb 2022

Criminal Deportations Plummet Under Ireland’s Amnesty-Giving Justice Minister

The number of foreign criminals deported in Ireland has collapsed under Ireland’s most recent Justice Minister

Breitbart - 15 Feb 2022

X-ray scanners will spot out asylum seekers posing as teenagers

PRITI Patel plans to root out bogus asylum seekers posing as adolescents by using X-ray scanners to verify their ages

Daily Express - 15 Feb 2022

Moment 21 migrants dive off their YACHT into Britain after sailing across the Channel and into East Sussex harbour and running aground in low tide

Twenty-one migrants today dived off a yacht into a river after its sailor ran it aground during low tide on Saturday

Mail Online - 14 Feb 2022

More than 500,000 Afghan migrants are heading for Europe and the Channel coast as intelligence chiefs discuss how to tackle exodus

More than half a million Afghan migrants have crossed the border since the fall of Kabul last year and are heading for Europe and the Channel coast

Mail Online - 14 Feb 2022

REVEALED: How you're paying the family of Britain's most toxic landlord (who has changed his name to Adolf) a fortune to house migrants

And as we can reveal today, these hotels are being paid huge sums of taxpayers' money by the Government to house some of the world's most vulnerable

Mail Online - 14 Feb 2022

Nearly 7,500 Sign Petition Demanding UK Govt Continue Publishing Daily Illegal Boat Migrant Arrivals

Migration Watch UK, which advocates against mass migration to Britain, has launched a petition to demand the government continue publishing updates

Breitbart - 14 Feb 2022


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