Media Reports Archive : September 2021

More than 17,000 migrants have now crossed English Channel in small boats in just nine months of 2021 - more than DOUBLE the number for all of 2020

The number of people who have crossed the English Channel in 2021 so far is double compared to 2020

Mail Online - 28 Sep 2021

'Extremist' who was stripped of his British passport over trips to Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan is battling Priti Patel for the right to work as a pizza delivery driver

An alleged Islamist extremist with links to Al Qaeda has launched an extraordinary legal challenge

Mail Online - 28 Sep 2021

Home Office fails to remove more than 4,500 migrants with ‘inadmissible’ claims

More than 4,500 migrants who reached the UK this year have been flagged as having “inadmissible” asylum claims

The Telegraph - 28 Sep 2021

September set to be new record month for migrant landings with 3,413 having already made dangerous Channel dash, Home Office data reveals

September is set to be the new record month for migrant crossings, with 3,413 making the journey so far

Mail Online - 23 Sep 2021

Only ‘small proportion’ of Channel migrant boats will be turned back

Priti Patel's top civil servant has admitted that only a 'small proportion' of migrant boats will be turned back in the Channel

The Telegraph - 23 Sep 2021

Boris Johnson’s endurance on immigration will be put to the test by labour shortages

Professor Jonathan Portes, hardly a Boris fan, has called Britain’s new immigration regime one of the “most liberal in the world”.

City AM - 23 Sep 2021

Michel Barnier for president? ‘Stop immigration, curb the European court but don’t call me a Frexiteer’

Michel Barnier would like to make clear that he is not a closet Eurosceptic

The Times - 21 Sep 2021

Social care sector faces ‘looming shortage’ of workers due to post-Brexit immigration rules

The social care sector faces a “looming shortage” of workers due to post-Brexit immigration rules, a report for the Government has admitted

iNews - 21 Sep 2021

Priti Patel’s department casts doubt on new Channel migrants law

Evidence that Priti Patel’s overhaul of asylum laws will reduce Channel migrant crossings is limited

The Times - 21 Sep 2021

France 'has started stopping two-thirds more migrant boats' after Priti Patel's threat to cut off £54m payment... but still they come as latest wave clutching babies arrive on a Kent beach today

The French have 'raised their game' in stopping migrant crossings after Home Secretary Priti Patel threatened to withdraw £54million

Mail Online - 21 Sep 2021

Turkey warns Europe that it CAN'T cope with another wave of refugees from Afghanistan amid fears of a repeat of the 2015 flood of asylum seekers to Europe

Turkey does not have the capacity to deal with a possible new refugee wave from Afghanistan

Mail Online - 16 Sep 2021

Shamima Begum tells UK: ‘I could help you fight terrorism because you clearly don’t know what you’re doing’

Shamima Begum, the former Islamic State (IS) bride, claimed that she could be an “asset” to Britain in the fight against terrorism

The Telegraph - 16 Sep 2021

UK to spend millions on migrant reception centres in France in attempt to stop crossings

Britain is to help fund a network of asylum reception centres in France as part of the £54 million aid package

The Telegraph - 16 Sep 2021

'Intensive' Afghan refugee crisis will unfold over 'years and decades' experts warn

AFGHAN REFUGEES have been a topic of concern for many European leaders since the Taliban ousted the democratic government last month

Daily Express - 16 Sep 2021

Border Force jet skis seen herding dinghy in apparent rehearsal for turning back migrant boats in Channel

Jet skis have been seen in the Channel apparently rehearsing how to shepherd small boats back towards France

Mail Online - 14 Sep 2021

Rochdale grooming gang member, 51, who got girl, 13, pregnant, complains about having 'no rights' and 'surviving' on benefits at tribunal to deport him back to Pakistan

A man who was part of the notorious Rochdale grooming gang has complained about his treatment in Britain at a tribunal

Mail Online - 14 Sep 2021

Risking all to reach Britain: Mother clings to baby and woman is taken ill as RNLI helps latest group of desperate migrants ashore - after nearly 2,000 landed in last week

Dozens more migrants arrived in Kent today after crossing the English Channel with babies among those on board

Mail Online - 14 Sep 2021

Migrant crossings reach record level

Nearly four times as many migrants crossed the Channel last week than during the same seven days last year

Telegraph - 14 Sep 2021

Immigration needn't be such a mess – Denmark's work-for-benefits model could be win-win for all

Sadly, we in the West have completely lost sight of how to make immigration work for, rather than against, both us and migrants

Telegraph - 14 Sep 2021

A migrant dinghy evades the grasp of French police

The shore is too long, the migrants too numerous, and the smugglers too good at evading security

Reuters - 14 Sep 2021

Murder suspect accused of raping and killing girl, 13, in Austria ‘sneaked into UK on migrant boat under false name’

A MURDER suspect accused of raping and killing a girl in Austria has 'sneaked into the UK on a migrant boat under a false name.'

The Sun - 14 Sep 2021

Afghanistan: UK reveals refugee resettlement details as UN pledges $1bn in aid

More details for the UK scheme to resettle Afghan refugees have been provided by the government

Sky News - 14 Sep 2021

Migrant Crisis: Boat used to cross the Channel traced to shipyard near Rotterdam

A boat used by 13 migrants to cross the English Channel has been traced by Sky News to a boatyard hundreds of kilometres away in the Netherlands

Sky News - 10 Sep 2021

The public is losing patience on immigration

More than 14,000 migrants have reached the UK this year via the Channel, up from 8,400 for the whole of 2020

Telegraph - 10 Sep 2021

France accuses Priti Patel of ‘financial blackmail’ over plan to push back migrants mid-Channel

France has accused Priti Patel of “financial blackmail” and “posturing” amid a growing backlash over her “unworkable” plans to push back migrants

Telegraph - 10 Sep 2021

Michel Barnier backs 'Frexit': EU's former chief Brexit negotiator is branded a 'hypocrite' after saying he wants France to quit European courts of justice and human rights

Michel Barnier was branded a hypocrite last night after calling for France to take back control of its sovereignty from the EU’s courts

Mail Online - 10 Sep 2021

Boris Govt Finally Considering Turning Back Migrant Boats, French Furious

Boris Johnson’s government is finally considering turning back the illegal migrant-laden boats which have been launching from France in record numbers

Breitbart - 10 Sep 2021

Africa will make Afghan crisis seem a sideshow

The future of Africa will be one of the decisive factors in world affairs

The Times - 9 Sep 2021

Denmark proposes making migrants work 37 hours a week to earn benefits because 'there are too many, especially with non-Western backgrounds, who do not have a job'

Denmark has proposed making migrants work 37 hours a week to earn welfare benefits

Mail Online - 9 Sep 2021

Afghan refugees left without cash or essential supplies after arriving in UK, says council

Afghan refugees have been left without cash and essentials such as sanitary products, toothpaste, nappies or medicines

The Telegraph - 9 Sep 2021

Afghans in hotel ‘prisons’ even after quarantine ends

Afghans evacuated to Britain have described being “imprisoned” because they are banned from leaving their hotel

The Times - 9 Sep 2021

Migrants 'see the UK as El Dorado so they'll keep coming', say people in Calais

It's not exactly a maritime ring of steel, but the French maintain they have increased their patrols and are doing all that they can in the face of a

Sky News - 9 Sep 2021

Home Office spent nearly £600,000 on deportation flights that never took off

The Home Office spent nearly £600,000 on deportation flights that never took off after being blocked by human rights challenges

The Telegraph - 3 Sep 2021

Police in Peterborough detain alleged illegal immigrant found driving erratically

Police who stopped an Albanian motorist driving erratically in Peterborough on Thursday night have handed him to immigration control

Cambridgeshire Live - 3 Sep 2021

Afghanistan refugees backlash as Government forced to overhaul system for processing asylum seekers

The UK Government has had to revamp its system for processing Afghan asylum applications after more than two weeks of chaos

iNews - 3 Sep 2021

How many asylum seekers has the UK taken in?

In the lead-up to the withdrawal of US and UK forces, there were chaotic scenes at Kabul airport as desperate people tried to flee Afghanistan

BBC - 3 Sep 2021

Where will Afghan refugees go? Homes found for half of 8,000 new arrivals

The government has found permanent homes for about half the Afghans and their families who have been evacuated in the past fortnight

The Times - 2 Sep 2021

No Channel migrants removed from UK this year as enforced returns hit record low

None of the record 12,500 Channel migrants who have reached the UK so far this year have been removed

The Telegraph - 2 Sep 2021

Labour has gone suspiciously quiet on the issue of illegal immigration

The migrant crisis (if “crisis” is the right word) is electorally toxic for a government that promised to take back control of our borders post-EU

The Telegraph - 2 Sep 2021

Afghan refugees look out from hotel rooms in Manchester as 10,000 remain stuck in quarantine - but only a THIRD of councils in England offer to house the 13,000 needing homes after fleeing Taliban

A group of Afghan refugees locked in Covid quarantine after fleeing the Taliban have today been seen looking out the windows of their hotels

Mail Online - 2 Sep 2021

Now Wetherspoons runs low on BEER: Pub chain apologises as it becomes latest victim of supply chain crisis after stocks of Carling and Coors are hit by shortage of HGV drivers

Pub chain Wetherspoon has apologised to its loyal customers across the country today for running out of beer

Mail Online - 2 Sep 2021

Would you want London to be overrun with Americans like me?

In Britain, Migration Watch released two reports this summer whose key findings I will try to present as succinctly and neutrally as possible

The Spectator - 2 Sep 2021


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