Media Reports Archive : August 2021

Mass Migrations Could Yet Bring Europe Down

There must be no repeat of 2015

Bloomberg - 31 Aug 2021

EU vows to prevent 'uncontrolled' mass immigration in wake of Afghan crisis

The European Union will act to prevent “uncontrolled” mass immigration in the wake of the Afghan crisis

The Telegraph - 31 Aug 2021

Africa and Latin America become stopovers for Afghan refugees

Uganda and Colombia are among developing countries offering temporary asylum to hundreds of evacuees from Afghanistan

Financial Times - 31 Aug 2021

Anger over cancelled bookings as Government uses hotels to house asylum seekers

Customers who have had their bookings cancelled at two Derbyshire hotels have shared their frustration as they struggle to claim refunds

Derby Telegraph - 31 Aug 2021

Care home providers urge Government to fast-track foreign workers to avert crisis

Foreign care workers should have their visas “fast-tracked”, providers have warned the home secretary

Telegraph - 31 Aug 2021

Four-hour Heathrow queues after Border Force staff sent to help Afghan refugees

Holidaymakers were hit by four-hour queues at Heathrow Airport over the Bank Holiday weekend after Border Force staff were sent to help refugees

The Telegraph - 31 Aug 2021

Number of Turks wanting to work in UK more than triples in a year

The number of Turks seeking to come and work in the UK has more than tripled in a year as they seek to exploit the exodus of Europeans after Brexit

Telegraph - 31 Aug 2021

Cost of asylum system soars 42% to £1.4bn as officials battle backlog of 115,000 cases that are still pending a decision, new figures show

The cost of the asylum system rocketed to nearly £1.4billion last year, the latest figures reveal

Mail Online - 31 Aug 2021

Asylum backlog hits record 70k: Soaring number of cases awaiting a decision sends figure to a new high... despite a fall in applicants

The UK’s asylum backlog has soared to record levels despite a fall in applicants, official figures have revealed

Mail Online - 27 Aug 2021

Asylum backlog almost doubles in two years after Covid saw resettlement ‘grind to halt’

The backlog of asylum applicants has nearly doubled in two years as refugee resettlement effectively 'ground to a halt' during the Covid pandemic

The Telegraph - 27 Aug 2021

Privacy laws prevent France using UK-funded drones to stop Channel migrants

France has been unable to spend the millions given by the UK to deploy drones to stop Channel migrants because of French privacy laws

The Telegraph - 27 Aug 2021

We must house a town’s worth of refugees, says Boris Johnson

Enough housing to accommodate a whole new town must be found for Afghan refugees arriving in Britain

The Times - 27 Aug 2021

The sight of strangers, wading ashore, arriving uninvited can knock our better angels from their perches

A series of small boats coming in sight of the white cliffs of Dover. Those on board have crossed the English channel and are looking for a safe place

GB News - 27 Aug 2021

Migrant crisis: Tough new laws are planned, but the problems start far beyond the UK's borders

The Nationality and Borders Bill will mark a serious attempt to block illegal immigration

Sky News - 27 Aug 2021

Migrant crisis: Numbers trying to cross English Channel will get 'much worse', says ex-Border Force boss

The number of migrants trying to cross the Channel to reach England will get 'much worse', according to a retired senior Border Force official

Sky News - 26 Aug 2021

Food shortages have little to do with Brexit - they can be solved through our new immigration system

It’s all the fault of Brexit, according to those still not resigned to our new post-EU reality

The Telegraph - 26 Aug 2021

‘Take them back’ Migration Watch chair says returning boats can help stop Calais crossings

MIGRATION WATCH UK chairman Alp Mehmet has slammed the French for failing to police Channel crossing migrants

Daily Express - 26 Aug 2021

Joy and relief for Kabul students allowed into British universities on Chevening scheme

Afghan scholars on a prestigious Foreign Office scheme have described their delight at landing in the UK

The Times - 26 Aug 2021

Refugees housed in hotel where Afghan boy fell to his death despite ‘multiple fire risk

The Home Office housed Afghan refugee families in a hotel from which a boy fell to his death

The Telegraph - 26 Aug 2021

Take a share of our asylum seekers, French Europe minister tells UK

France has demanded a 'new migratory deal' with Britain to allow the EU to send asylum seekers over the Channel to the UK

Telegraph - 26 Aug 2021

Priti Patel appoints former counter-terror police chief to help lead borders crackdown

Priti Patel has appointed a former counter-terror police chief to replace a career civil servant and help lead her borders crackdown

The Telegraph - 26 Aug 2021

EU condemns Belarus' 'aggressive' attempts to 'destabilise' bloc as police in full riot gear are filmed illegally pushing migrants over its borders

So far this year, more than 4,100 asylum-seekers, most of them from Iraq, have illegally crossed from Belarus into Lithuania

Mail Online - 20 Aug 2021

Erdogan vows Turkey will not be 'migrant storage unit' in wake of Afghanistan refugee exodus

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, warned he would not allow the country to become 'Europe's migrant storage unit'

The Telegraph - 20 Aug 2021

Afghanistan: Why the North of England can expect to take more than its fair share of Afghan refugees

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new settlement scheme on Tuesday that will allow 20,000 Afghan refugees to seek sanctuary in the UK

iNews - 20 Aug 2021

Afghan refugees raise spectre of Europe’s 2015 asylum crisis

Since the Taliban takeover of Kabul, a spectre has haunted Europe

Financial Times - 20 Aug 2021

'It sends the wrong message': Tory MP slams Home Office plan for new £2m migrant reception centre in Dover amid calls for money to be spent on stopping boats crossing channel

A Conservative MP has slammed the Home Office's plan to spend £2million on a permanent migrant reception centre in Dover

Mail Online - 18 Aug 2021

'Take anyone who can make the case': Boris prepares to unveil 'big-hearted' Afghan refugee scheme with priority for women and girls as Tories urge him to give tens of thousands of people visas

Boris Johnson is preparing to unveil a 'big-hearted' resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees as Tories urge him to welcome tens of thousands

Mail Online - 18 Aug 2021

Priti Patel calls on Europe to help take in Afghan refugees

Priti Patel has urged European countries to give sanctuary to Afghans fleeing the Taliban as she announced that Britain would grant asylum to 20,000

The Telegraph - 18 Aug 2021

The UK will always stand by those who have had the lights switched off on their liberties

It is impossible to fully understand the desperation of those who are fleeing persecution and oppression in Afghanistan

The Telegraph - 18 Aug 2021

What has the UK government done for Afghan asylum seekers?

There have been chaotic scenes at Kabul airport, as desperate people try to flee Afghanistan

BBC - 18 Aug 2021

Home Secretary Priti Patel says 'we can't accommodate 20,000 at once'

Priti Patel outlines plans for a new resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees

Sky News - 18 Aug 2021

UK must welcome 'tens of thousands of Afghan refugees', urges Labour - as ministers draw up plans to prioritise asylum for women and girls escaping medieval regime of new Taliban rulers

The UK must welcome 'tens of thousands of refugees' from Afghanistan as the country descends into chaos

Mail Online - 17 Aug 2021

Government to spend £2m on new Dover migrant centre

The Home Office is spending £2 million on a permanent migrant reception centre in Dover

Telegraph - 17 Aug 2021

Priti Patel warned she faces an 'unsolvable problem' as illegal immigration fears grow

PRITI PATEL has been warned by an expert that she faces an 'unsolvable problem' when it comes to tackling a 'strata of illegal immigrants'

The Daily Express - 17 Aug 2021

How is UK planning to help resettle Afghan refugees?

Ministers are expected to announce plans for a new settlement scheme in the UK for Afghan nationals following the Taliban takeover of the country

Guardian - 17 Aug 2021

Afghanistan: UK and US must protect Afghan activists - Malala

S President Joe Biden 'has a lot to do' and must 'take a bold step' to protect the Afghan people, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has said

BBC - 17 Aug 2021

Channel migrants: Manslaughter charge over man's death

A man has been charged with manslaughter in France after a migrant died trying to cross the English Channel in a small boat

BBC - 17 Aug 2021

Libya political upturn boosts migrant exodus

As violence in Libya has waned this year, the number of would-be migrants to Europe intercepted so far has doubled compared to the same period of 2020

France 24 - 17 Aug 2021

President Macron pledges 'robust, coordinated and united' European response to stop waves of Afghan migrants heading to the West

Emmanuel Macron has vowed a 'robust, coordinated and united' European response to stop Afghan migrants heading to the West

Mail Online - 17 Aug 2021

I do have ‘almond-shaped eyes’. My teacher Kate Clanchy described me beautifully

I am that girl with the almond eyes. I did not find it offensive

The Times - 16 Aug 2021

Border Force save five young children from Channel boats today - after record 592 migrants make dangerous dash to reach UK in single day

At least five children too young to walk were among the dozens of migrants rescued from the English Channel

Mail Online - 16 Aug 2021

Asylum seekers will be put in huge holding centres that can house up to 8,000 applicants under Home Office plans

Asylum centres that will house up to 8,000 applicants will replace hotel accommodation under Home Office plans

Mail Online - 16 Aug 2021

Europe faces a self-inflicted moral implosion from mass migration disaster says Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Fear reigns among researchers, politicians and journalists when talking about the rise in sexual violence resulting from the migration crisis

The Telegraph - 16 Aug 2021

European lorry drivers could be fast-tracked for visas

European lorry drivers could be granted work visas more easily in a bid to solve a growing haulier crisis

The Telegraph - 16 Aug 2021

France must do more to stop Channel crossings, says Priti Patel

Priti Patel has accused France of failing to do enough to stop migrants from crossing the Channel

The Times - 16 Aug 2021

Border Force intercepted 285 migrants in English Channel in nine small boats on Sunday taking total making the crossing this month to 2,184

Border Force rescued 285 migrants including at least five toddlers who had attempted to cross the Channel on Sunday

Mail Online - 16 Aug 2021

Afghan asylum seekers will be allowed to flee Taliban to Britain without a passport

The UK will waive border rules to allow Afghan asylum seekers to flee the Taliban to Britain without a passport, the Defence Secretary has announced

The Telegraph - 16 Aug 2021

Exodus from Afghanistan: Hundreds of thousands flee their homes as Taliban take over country with people smuggler revealing thousands are already crossing the border PER DAY on their way to Europe and the UK

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes in Afghanistan with thousands being smuggled out of the country each day

Mail Online - 13 Aug 2021

Migrant dies in English Channel boat sinking

A migrant airlifted to hospital from the English Channel after a boat carrying around 40 people began to sink has died

PA - 13 Aug 2021

Channel migrants: French prosecutors investigate death

French prosecutors have begun a manslaughter investigation after a migrant died trying to cross the English Channel

BBC - 13 Aug 2021

Immigration and asylum are now the most important issue faced by the UK, according to Conservative voters

Immigration and asylum are now the most important issue faced by the UK, according to Conservative voters

New Statesman - 13 Aug 2021

Politically stable with a growing economy – so why are so many Bangladeshis fleeing to Europe?

More Bangladeshis have arrived in Europe this year than any other nationality

The Telegraph - 13 Aug 2021

The Tories may soon be shaken out of their complacency on immigration

New polling from YouGov has found that immigration is now the top priority among Tory voters – nudging ahead of the economy

The Telegraph - 13 Aug 2021

Revealed, the towns and cities where most babies are born to mothers from abroad

More than half of all births in eight cities and towns in the UK are to mothers from abroad after two decades of mass immigration

The Telegraph - 13 Aug 2021

PRITI PATEL: We HAVE to stop these criminals laughing in our face

I make absolutely no apology for taking action to remove foreign offenders

Mail Online - 12 Aug 2021

Leaders of gangs trafficking migrants face 14 years in prison

Gang leaders who traffic migrants face 14 years in prison under new sentencing rules

Telegraph - 12 Aug 2021

Razor wire 13ft border fence to stop migrants dumped in EU under consideration by Lithuania

The parliamentary debate over the fence starts on Tuesday. It was not immediately clear when a vote would take place

Telegraph - 12 Aug 2021

Italy fears an increase in migrants from Tunisia's political crisis

In just eight months, the number of migrants arriving at Italian ports is already more than double that for the whole of last year

Euro News - 12 Aug 2021

Labour councillor condemned for suggesting ‘home guard’ volunteers track down migrants

A Labour councillor has been condemned for suggesting Britons set up a “home guard” volunteer force to help track down Channel migrants

Independent - 12 Aug 2021

Covid outbreak at controversial camp housing hundreds of asylum seekers

Dozens of asylum seekers have been ordered to self-isolate at a former military barracks

Independent - 12 Aug 2021

Channel migrants: Asylum seeker cleared of people smuggling was 'scapegoat'

An Iranian asylum seeker cleared of people smuggling has said he was made a 'scapegoat' by British authorities

BBC - 11 Aug 2021

Islamists and the Left are linked in rejecting the Enlightenment

For too many others on the Left, Islamists have become an essential part of what they seem to construe as a new Popular Front against the oppression

The Jewish Chronicle - 11 Aug 2021

Migrants dash off boat... into military firing range: Shooting exercise is halted as emergency search is carried out for two hours

Channel migrants ran from a boat and disappeared into a Ministry of Defence firing range during an active shooting exercise

Mail Online - 11 Aug 2021

Murder of priest shows Macron ‘has lost control of immigration’

President Macron was forced on to the defensive yesterday after his right-wing challengers seized on the alleged murder of a priest

The Times - 11 Aug 2021

Bringing in army 'will not scratch the surface' of HGV driver shortage

Deploying army personnel to help tackle the HGV driver shortage 'will not scratch the surface' of the UK's delivery crisis

Sky News - 11 Aug 2021

Being humane doesn’t mean letting everyone in

I think it is reasonable to ensure that migrants settle here at a pace that allows families like us to integrate

The Times - 11 Aug 2021

China 'sends sleeper spies to UK on Hong Kong visas': Agents are trying to exploit new scheme designed to help residents of former British colony, report claims

Chinese spies are trying to exploit a new visa scheme designed to help Hong Kong residents come to Britain

Mail Online - 9 Aug 2021

Dover's migrant reception centre has ballooned in size to deal with increasing numbers of illegal arrivals... but it's STILL struggling to cope, with 22,000 expected to enter the UK this year

Sprawling across the Dover Docks, the Home Office’s migrant reception centre has ballooned in size in recent months

Mail Online - 9 Aug 2021

How to fix the Channel migrant crisis? Call for Commander Calamity! Police chief in charge of botched VIP abuse probe spearheads fight against people smugglers

The police chief who led the calamitous VIP abuse inquiry is spearheading the battle against people smugglers in the Channel

Mail Online - 9 Aug 2021

France under pressure to set up joint maritime brigade to turn back Channel migrants

France is coming under pressure to set up a joint maritime brigade to turn back migrants

Telegraph - 9 Aug 2021

European Union accused of playing politics with migrant crisis by impeding deal with France

The European Union has been accused of playing politics with the migrant crisis by deliberately impeding progress on a potential deal with France

Telegraph - 9 Aug 2021

Suspected illegal immigrants found in back of lorry at industrial estate

Immigration officials were called after 10 people were discovered in the back of a lorry in Leicestershire

Leicester Mercury - 6 Aug 2021

Nigel Farage's Talking Pints with Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens discusses Brexit (among other things) on NIgel Farage’s GB News show

GB News - 6 Aug 2021

More than 10,000 migrants reach UK this year as Channel crossings hit daily record

Channel migrants will keep coming, a French police chief warned on Thursday, as numbers for the year surged past 10,000

The Telegraph - 6 Aug 2021

How is the Government going to stop the boats?

Almost 500 migrants reached the UK by small boat on Wednesday, bringing the total for this year to over 10,000

The Telegraph - 6 Aug 2021

Most migrants in a day EVER: A record 482 cross Channel in one day - bringing 2021 total to 10,222 - as DOZENS of migrants on overloaded dinghy are caught on video streaming into Kent and a further 300 arrive today

More than 10,000 migrants have officially crossed the Channel by small boat so far this year after almost 500 made the dangerous journey yesterday

Mail Online - 6 Aug 2021

The Times view on asylum for Afghan media: Journalists Under Fire

The Taliban have proved especially hostile to Afghan reporters

The Times - 5 Aug 2021

Labour accuses Home Office of ‘awful incompetence’ over asylum

The Home Office has been accused by Labour of showing “awful incompetence” in addressing lengthy delays in the asylum system

The Independent - 5 Aug 2021

New wave of migrants will be met by less welcoming EU

As the structural causes of migration worsen, European Union authorities are preparing to meet an increase in new arrivals with beefed-up borders

The Irish Times - 5 Aug 2021

Number of boat migrants this year hits 10,000

More than 10,000 migrants are believed to have crossed the Channel to Britain in small boats this year after a further 300 arrived yesterday

The Times - 5 Aug 2021

Migrants face arrest on arrival after crossing the Channel

Migrants intercepted in the English Channel could be arrested on arrival in the UK

The Telegraph - 5 Aug 2021

Migrants in taxpayer-funded hotels not having quarantine enforced

Migrants in hotels paid for by the taxpayer are not having their quarantine enforced, it has emerged

The Telegraph - 5 Aug 2021

Home Office faces legal action over 'unlawful' detention of child migrants

The Home Office faces legal action over its policies for housing migrants

The Telegraph - 5 Aug 2021

More than 700 migrants saved from Mediterranean this weekend

Rescue ships picked up more than 700 people trying to cross the Mediterranean in makeshift vessels this weekend

France 24 - 4 Aug 2021

Two men who ran rat-infested car wash where they paid workers just £20-A-WEEK after trafficking Romanians into the UK are jailed for total of seven years over slavery ring

Two men ran a rat-infested car wash in Cumbria where they paid exploited workers trafficked from Romania just £20-a-week

Mail Online - 4 Aug 2021

Migrant flashes 'V for Victory' sign as baby and young children are among nearly 80 latest arrivals in Dover Home Office spends £5,000 a day to put them up in three-star hotel closed to the public

A migrant was seen flashing a 'V for Victory' sign as he arrived in Dover alongside dozens of others including babies and young children

Mail Online - 4 Aug 2021

Surge in migrant Channel crossings forecast for mid-August

Kent is braced for a new influx of migrant Channel crossings from mid-August after going a week without any arrivals

The Times - 4 Aug 2021

Turning the tide: how to deal with Britain’s new migrant crisis

The first is that Britain has borders. It also has a legal immigration and asylum system

The Spectator - 2 Aug 2021

No need to risk the channel - migrants take the air route

Home Office statistics show that 36,000 people sought asylum in the UK last year

The Times - 2 Aug 2021

Tragedy in the Channel: Suspected kingpin trafficker who is thought to have organised the deadly dinghy trip that killed a toddler, two, is arrested

A French and British undercover police operation led to the 36-year-old Iranian-Kurd’s capture at his spacious home in Denmark

Mail Online - 2 Aug 2021

Dozens of jihadists are set to claim right to return to UK after High Court judges ruled it was unlawful to strip grandmother ISIS suspect of her British citizenship

A grandmother who was stripped of her British citizenship over fears she was an ISIS sympathiser has won a High Court battle

Mail Online - 2 Aug 2021


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