Media Reports Archive : May 2021

Mail Online: Migrants who overstay in UK will be automatically barred from NHS and lose right to work and benefits under Home Office digital visa plan giving real-time data on immigration status

Illegal migrants who have overstayed their visa will have access to benefits such as the NHS automatically restricted

Mail Online - 27 May 2021

Six times as many Hong Kongers apply to live in UK as EU citizens, Home Office figures reveal

More than six times as many Hong Kongers have applied to live in the UK this year as EU citizens, Home Office figures have revealed

Telegraph - 27 May 2021

Commonwealth soldiers may move to Britain for free

Commonwealth servicemen and women may be able to settle in Britain without paying immigration fees under Home Office plans

The Telegraph - 26 May 2021

Home Office drops plan to evict thousands of migrants during pandemic

The Home Office has reversed its plan to evict thousands of migrants during the pandemic, the Guardian has learned

The Guardian - 26 May 2021

Three Islanders in court for assisting unlawful immigration, related to two incidents using boats

Three men have been charged with immigration offences

On The Wight - 26 May 2021

Priti's reforms will make immigration safer and fairer, says TIM NEWARK

ANNOUNCING this week a wholesale reform of our immigration system, Priti Patel is delivering on making UK borders safer

Daily Express - 26 May 2021

Home Office plan for women’s immigration centre faces legal challenge

A charity is challenging the planned opening of a new immigration detention centre for 80 women in County Durham

Guardian - 18 May 2021

Politicians ‘wrong for inciting crowd’ over Glasgow immigration raid

A GP elected as a Conservative MSP has condemned fellow parliamentarians for “inciting” Scots to blockade an immigration enforcement raid in Glasgow

The Times - 18 May 2021

Time to tell the truth about immigration

As usual, the public have long recognised truths that the politicians would rather not acknowledge

Conservative Woman - 18 May 2021

Red Wall voters think Labour cares more about the Palestinians than them. And they're right

There's no great mystery about why Labour has just received yet another drubbing at the hands of the voters

Mail Online - 17 May 2021

Barnier’s immigration U-turn won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention

Immigration was a key barometer of all things good and holy only when it was a useful tool to paint Brexit and Brexiteers as racist

The Telegraph - 17 May 2021

Nicola Sturgeon’s comments on immigration will soon come back to bite her

Yesterday was not the first time UK immigration law has slammed awkwardly against protests by Scots determined to halt deportations

The Telegraph - 17 May 2021

Five million EU citizens apply to settle in UK

More than five million EU citizens living in the UK have applied for settled status

The Telegraph - 17 May 2021

Taxpayers fork out £100million a year locking up 2,000 foreign crooks who should be in jail in their own country

TAXPAYERS are forking out up to £100million a year locking up 2,000 crooks who should be in jail in their own country

The Sun - 17 May 2021

How people power on the streets of Glasgow forced a Home Office immigration U-turn

After an eight-hour standoff, the doors of the UK Immigration Enforcement van were opened

ITV - 14 May 2021

Labour suspends Corbynite 'hardman' who is Unite leadership hopeful as he's 'reported to police for hate crime' for calling for Home Secretary to be kicked out of UK over Indian immigration stand-off in Glasgow

A leadership candidate for Britain's largest trade union has been suspended by Labour and allegedly reported to the police for a hate crime

Mail Online - 14 May 2021

What gall! After all the lectures, Michel Barnier says he's seen the light on immigration

Does Michel Barnier register une petite contradiction?

Mail Online - 13 May 2021

Almost 200 migrants arrive in Dover in one day - in the second biggest day of Channel cro

A total of 186 migrants arrived in Britain by small boat yesterday in the second busiest day for Channel crossings of the year so far

Mail Online - 13 May 2021

Michel Barnier calls for non-EU immigration into France to be suspended for up to five years

Michel Barnier has called for all non-European Union immigration into France to be banned for up to five years

The Telegraph - 12 May 2021

Queen's Speech: Immigration overhaul will block asylum for people who have travelled through 'safe' countries such as France and Belgium as ministers try to deter Channel crossings

Migrants who travelled through a 'safe' country like France or Belgium on their way to the UK will be blocked from seeking asylum in Britain

Mail Online - 12 May 2021

'Stay OUT of politics!' Ben & Jerry's ice cream accuses UK of nightmare immigration policy

BEN & JERRY's ice cream has been blasted for accusing the UK of having a 'nightmare immigration policy'.

Daily Express - 7 May 2021

Home Office DID discriminate against Windrush families by insisting on charging them '

The Home Office unlawfully discriminated against a Windrush woman after charging 'exorbitant' application fees

Mail Online - 7 May 2021

Actor born and bred in London, 33, faces deportation to mother's homeland of Jamaica despite only visiting twice because he spent three years in jail for robbery a decade ago

A British Eastenders actor faces deportation to Jamaica despite only visiting the country twice as a child.

Mail Online - 7 May 2021

Around 500 failed ­asylum seekers return to Britain after being kicked out every year

AROUND 500 failed ­asylum seekers kicked out of the country every year sneak back in

The Sun - 4 May 2021


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