Media Reports Archive : February 2021

Number of migrants given asylum in UK fell by more than half in 2020 to lowest figure in six years, new figures show

The UK granted asylum or offered some form of protection to almost 10,000 people last year - falling by more than half that of 2019, new figures show

Mail Online - 26 Feb 2021

Record low number of foreign crooks are being kicked out of UK after deportations slumped by 34% last year, figures

The number of foreign criminals deported from Britain plummeted by 34 per cent to a record low last year

Mail Online - 26 Feb 2021

Successful asylum seeker faces deportation after rape

A successful Kurdish asylum seeker faces deportation back to northern Iraq after being convicted of rape

Northern Echo - 25 Feb 2021

Covid outbreak at ex-Army barracks housing asylum seekers saw 178 positive tests in January alone with Priti Patel blaming rule-breakers as MPs say Channel migrants should face the same hotel quarantine rules as travellers from 'red list' cou

A coronavirus outbreak at an ex-Army barracks which is used to house asylum seekers has seen almost 200 migrants test positive for the disease so far

Mail Online - 25 Feb 2021

NHS’s immigrant workforce is no cause for celebration

THE reliance of the NHS on immigrant labour is often cited as a symbol of Britain’s diversity and progressivism

Conservative Woman - 25 Feb 2021

Number of foreign nationals who overstay their visas after arriving in Britain DOUBLES in just five years, new report claims

The number of foreign nationals overstaying their visas in Britain has nearly doubled in five years, a report said yesterday

Mail Online - 24 Feb 2021

Channel migrants should face 'red list' quarantine, say Tory MPs

Channel migrants should face 'red list' quarantine, Tory MPs have said amid fears of high Covid rates in northern France

The Telegraph - 24 Feb 2021

Border Force detained 49 migrants in four separate incidents today following overnight crossing attempts which saw French authorities pick up 126 people, Home Office says

49 migrants were picked up attempting to cross the Channel today in four separate small boat incidents, the Home Office has said

Mail Online - 23 Feb 2021

More than 170 migrants try to cross Channel in one day as dozens detained at Dover

More than 170 migrants attempted to cross the Channel today with nearly 50 reaching the UK on one of the busiest days of the year so far

The Telegraph - 23 Feb 2021

Sudanese migrant who wanted to reach Britain stabs French immigration worker, 46, to death after being told his asylum application had been rejected

A Sudanese refugee stabbed an immigration officer to death in southern France after learning his asylum request had been rejected

Mail Online - 22 Feb 2021

Palestinian refugee who went on hunger strike in bizarre row with Home Office over his age now wants Supreme Court judges to rule he's 26 and not 31

A Palestinian refugee who went on hunger strike in a bizarre row with the Home Office about his age wants Supreme Court justices to consider his case

Mail Online - 22 Feb 2021

Why Denmark's immigrants are losing hope of ever becoming citizens

For immigrants like Miss Doabi, who used to be described in more welcoming times as 'New Danes', the country is feeling less and less like home

The Telegraph - 22 Feb 2021

Why Britain's anti-immigration politicians are opening the doors to thousands of Hong Kongers

Eighteen months ago, Malcolm was at the vanguard of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement

CNN - 22 Feb 2021

Thousands in Hong Kong sign up to BNO visa scheme for UK citizenship

Almost 5,000 Hongkongers have already applied for the UK’s visa route a fortnight after the scheme opened, The Times has learnt

The Times - 18 Feb 2021

Convicted Islamic terrorist sentenced to death for plotting to kill Egyptian PM ‘is on verge of WINNING 27-year legal battle to stay in UK as a refugee’

Mail Online - 18 Feb 2021

Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration visits Napier Barracks

The Chief Inspector of Border and Immigration has visited Napier Barracks in Folkestone as part of an inspection of contingency asylum accommodation

ITV - 18 Feb 2021

Firm approach to illegal immigration the only way to curb Covid variants

A reader's letter

Hereford Times - 18 Feb 2021

Immigration Enforcement officers dealing with three Iraqis after Sawbridgeworth incident

Three Iraqi men are being dealt with by Immigration Enforcement after an incident in Sawbridgeworth at the weekend

Bishop's Stortford Independent - 16 Feb 2021

UK visa offer to Hong Kongers fails to help thousands wanting to flee

Around 7,000 Hong Kongers sought settlement in the UK on BNO passports between last summer and the opening of formal applications for the BNO scheme

Financial Times - 16 Feb 2021

Deportation lawyers 'are taking us for a ride': Justice Secretary warns over abuse of asylum laws after celebrity-backed bid to block Jamaica flight returning Caribbean criminals

The Lord Chancellor has blasted lawyers who deliberately delay immigration cases by lodging last-minute human rights claims

Mail Online - 15 Feb 2021

Somalian double rapist, 49, can stay in UK after winning deportation battle on human rights grounds - as judge says he will face 'degrading' treatment in home nation due to his mental health

A Somalian double rapist has been allowed to stay in the UK on human rights grounds after a judge said he would face 'degrading' treatment

Mail Online - 15 Feb 2021

Meet the Hong Kong expat proving to be a thorn in HSBC’s side

Now in exile in Britain, Ted Hui is determined to hold another powerful organisation to account. London-listed HSBC

The Telegraph - 15 Feb 2021

Covid has changed the immigration debate

It is hard to think of a more sensitive topic than the connection between sexual violence against women and the surge in Muslim immigration

UnHerd - 15 Feb 2021

Drones help capture and jail people smuggler who steered 30 migrants across Channel in overcrowded boat

Drones help capture and jail people smuggler who steered 30 migrants across Channel in overcrowded boat

The Telegraph - 12 Feb 2021

'Welcoming' Stoke-on-Trent set to refuse more asylum seekers until other areas take 'fair share'

Council chiefs say they will refuse to take more dispersed asylum seekers – if the government does not order other areas to do their 'fair share'.

StokeOnTrentLive - 12 Feb 2021

Is THIS where travellers will be forced to quarantine for 10 days for £1,750? Passengers face stay in £50-a-night three-star hotel yards from the runway - while down the road migrants are housed in four-star rival

The apparent freedom afforded to the migrants at the four-star neighbouring hotel contrasts with the draconian measures awaiting passengers

Mail Online - 11 Feb 2021

Police and Border Force swoop as seven Albanian stowaways are found on board cargo ship off Dorset coast

Seven Albanian stowaways have been arrested after they were found on a cargo ship bound for Dorset

Mail Online - 11 Feb 2021

Nearly 5m EU citizens apply for British residency after Brexit

Nearly five million EU citizens, more than all the people who live in Croatia, have applied for settled status in Britain after Brexit

The Telegraph - 10 Feb 2021

Priti Patel will probe claims of furious traveller who said she walked through Heathrow in 10 minutes with NO checks after returning from South Africa amid calls for tougher controls

The Home Secretary is to probe claims made by a passenger who said she walked through Heathrow unchecked after arriving from South Africa

Mail Online - 10 Feb 2021

Home Office drops plan to house asylum seekers in 'prison-style' camp

The Home Office has abandoned controversial plans to house nearly 200 asylum seekers in what campaigners have described as a “prison-style” camp

Guardian - 10 Feb 2021

Stoke-on-Trent has fifth highest asylum seeker rate in UK as MP quizzes Priti Patel on 'disproportionate' impact

A Stoke-on-Trent MP has quizzed Home Secretary Priti Patel over the 'disproportionate' number of asylum seekers in the city

Stoke and Trent Live - 10 Feb 2021

Home Office rows back after Hancock says refugees from Covid-19 hotspots will be denied entry

The Home Office has rowed back after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said asylum seekers from Covid-19 'red line' countries would be sent back

The Mirror - 10 Feb 2021

Border Force detain 49 migrants at Dover after they attempted to cross English Channel in three boats before Storm Darcy hit taking total number of arrivals this year to 285

Border Force detained 49 migrants at Dover after they attempted to cross the English Channel in three boats on Saturday

Mail Online - 9 Feb 2021

Immigration minister denies asylum barracks ‘public health disaster’ despite over 100 Covid cases at site

The immigration minister has denied that using former army barracks to house asylum seekers has been a “public health disaster”

The Independent - 9 Feb 2021

Illegal migrants' vaccine amnesty: Up to 1.3million are urged to register for a Covid-19 jab in drive for herd immunity... with promise they'll face NO action from the Home Office

Illegal immigrants will be granted an 'amnesty' to come forward for Covid jabs, the Daily Mail can reveal today

Mail Online - 8 Feb 2021

Hongkongers left to build bridges for a new life in UK

The exodus from Hong Kong is due to a controversial security law which Beijing imposed on the former British colony last June

The Telegraph - 8 Feb 2021

Up to 205,000 passengers from countries with new variant could arrive in UK before hotel quarantine

Up to 205,000 passengers from countries with confirmed new variant cases are expected to enter the UK before hotel quarantine is enforced

The Telegraph - 8 Feb 2021

Five arrested over immigration offences in Northants after lorry stopped on M1

Five people have been arrested for immigration offences

ITV - 8 Feb 2021

Ministers are 'flying blind' on migrant statistics because monitoring how many foreigners are travelling to and from Britain has 'fallen apart' during Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic has skewed crucial data on migration, leaving the Government ‘flying blind’ on the statistics, a study warns today

Mail Online - 5 Feb 2021

Pandemic means UK can no longer track how many migrants are enterbing or leaving country

The pandemic means the UK can no longer track how many migrants are entering or leaving the UK, says a University of Oxford report

The Telegraph - 5 Feb 2021

London no longer calling as population shock takes hold

Even when the last Covid restrictions are lifted from London, there may be a little less bustle on its streets and elbow-jostling at its drinking dens

The Telegraph - 5 Feb 2021

Who would have thought it? Labour MPs have finally seen the merits of tough borders

Something strange is happening in politics. The two main parties seem to have swapped places.

The Telegraph - 3 Feb 2021

Kuwaiti hit-and-run driver who mowed down two 18-year-olds has STILL not been deported from UK more than a year after prison release as he cites human rights law

A Kuwaiti hit-and-run driver who mowed down two 18-year-olds has still not been deported from the UK more than a year after his release from prison

Mail Online - 3 Feb 2021

Illegal immigrants caught tending to massive cannabis mansion

Police discovered an £800,000 cannabis grow when they raided a large house next to a nursery in Derbyshire

Derbyshire Telegraph - 3 Feb 2021

Tadcaster immigration operation

Police have detained three people in Tadcaster on suspicion of being illegal immigrants

York Press - 3 Feb 2021

Hong Kong migration agents report rush of inquiries for UK visas

Migration agents in Hong Kong say they have had a rush of inquiries from people seeking to access the new visa scheme

Guardian - 3 Feb 2021

Romanian professional pickpocket, 20, who preyed on mothers caring for their children while she was pregnant is facing deportation after racking up 11 convictions in a year

A pickpocket who targeted mothers looking after their children could be deported after being convicted 11 times in the last ten years

Mail Online - 2 Feb 2021

Police arrest another nine people over ex-army barracks 'torched by angry asylum seekers'

Police have arrested another nine people after an ex-army barracks was allegedly torched by angry asylum seekers

Mail Online - 2 Feb 2021

EU border agency suspends operations in Hungary

Frontex has suspended operations in Hungary

Politico - 2 Feb 2021

Hartlepool councillor who shared post likening an immigrant to a dog to have sanctions reviewed

A councillor who was hit with punishments after sharing ‘offensive and racist’ Facebook posts is to have his sanctions reviewed

Northern Echo - 2 Feb 2021

U.K. Passports for Hong Kong Bankers Will Disrupt Property Markets

The U.K. starts taking applications as of Jan. 31 under a new immigration program for Hong Kong residents

Bloomberg - 1 Feb 2021

Five are arrested over migrant riot at ex-army barracks ‘torched by angry asylum seekers’ after they were told they would not be transferred to a hotel because of Covid outbreak

Five men have been arrested over the riot at an ex-army barracks that was 'torched by angry asylum seekers' in a row over conditions

Mail Online - 1 Feb 2021

Brazilian sex worker, 31, is caught at Heathrow with 2.6lb of cocaine in his stomach after turning to drug smuggling when he ran out of money due to the pandemic

A sex worker who swallowed 101 packages of cocaine before attempting to smuggle the class A drugs into the UK has been jailed for more than four years

Mail Online - 1 Feb 2021

Channel migrants set fire to Kent barracks after Covid outbreak

Channel migrants have set fire to their Kent barracks. Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, called the fire an “appalling” incident

The Telegraph - 1 Feb 2021

Faith leaders oppose Yarl's Wood asylum seeker prefab plans

More than 40 faith group leaders have written to the government opposing plans to build temporary accommodation to house about 200 asylum seekers

BBC - 1 Feb 2021


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