Media Reports Archive : April 2020

Priti Patel seeks new agreement with EU to return more Channel migrants to France

The UK is seeking to renegotiate the Dublin Agreement in order to return more migrants back to France.

Daily Telegraph - 30 Apr 2020

Border Force intercepts five boats carrying 76 migrants

The incident took arrivals for April to more than 400 - the highest monthly total ever recorded.

Mail Online - 24 Apr 2020

Flights still bringing 15,000 people a day to UK with no screening

The equivalent of 105,000 travellers land per week, including from hotspot nations such as China, Italy and the United States.

Metro - 20 Apr 2020

Migration Watch says it is 'offensive' to claim Britons will not pick crops during coronavirus crisis

Migration Watch UK said that the Government should bolster efforts to encourage Britons into such jobs.

Horticulture Week - 15 Apr 2020

More than 26,000 join UK's 'land army' to pick fruit and vegetables on British farms

The news follows a drive to 'mobilise the British workforce' as global travel restrictions mean a shortfall in migrant workers.

Mail Online - 9 Apr 2020

Pick for Britain

Growers to recruit 70,000 laid off workers to harvest fruit and veg.

The Times - 9 Apr 2020


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