Media Reports Archive : February 2020

Non-EU immigration 'highest on record'

Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, told the press: 'The government's proposals will likely lead to immigration going up further.'

Mail Online - 28 Feb 2020

Skilled immigration to the UK will rise under reforms

Although low-skilled numbers may fall, officials predict a rise in the number of skilled migrants coming to the UK from 2021

The Sunday Times - 24 Feb 2020

Immigration reforms may not reduce the numbers as much as hoped

Migration Watch UK said the changes could result in numbers soaring.

The Times - 24 Feb 2020

170 MPs call on PM to halt Jamaica deportation flight

The Home Office has previously said the flight was 'specifically for removing foreign criminals'.

BBC News - 11 Feb 2020

Migrant salary threshold fall 'would boost public sector'

Dr Ben Greening, director of Migration Watch UK, said the proposals amounted to 'a significant loosening' of the rules around Tier 2 migration.

BBC News - 4 Feb 2020


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