Media Reports Archive : September 2018

If you’re pro-immigration you can’t be anti-development

Did you know that the UK government is planning to build a £3 billion expressway between Oxford and Cambridge?

UnHerd - 27 Sep 2018

The economic rationalists don’t get the immigration debate

Their case for migration is removed from the lived experience of people

UnHerd - 26 Sep 2018

Illegal immigrants in Britain soaring by 70,000 a year, a shock report warns

Migration Watch UK described the scale of illegal immigration as a “scandal”.

Daily Mirror - 21 Sep 2018

EU nationals MUST face same rules as rest of the world when immigrating to the UK – report

Lord Green, Chairman of Migration Watch, said the report seemed 'blind to the impact of high levels of EU immigration on many communities'.

Daily Express - 19 Sep 2018

Is 82% of population growth driven by migration?

This calculation (produced by Migration Watch UK) is broadly accurate, and fits with wider demographic trends.

Full Fact - 13 Sep 2018

Nine asylum seekers a week are found to be lying about being children in desperate bids to stay in Britain

The Home Office revealed 2,336 cases where the claims to be a child were disputed and then checked. Of these, 1,403 turned out to be over 18.

Daily Mail - 10 Sep 2018

Visas for fruit-pickers: Migrants from outside the EU will be allowed to work on UK farms post-Brexit

The trial paves the way for a visa scheme which would allow tens of thousands of migrants to temporarily come to the UK after we quit the EU.

Daily Mail - 6 Sep 2018

Marriage age could rise to 18 in bid to prevent forced weddings abroad

The minimum age for marriage could rise to 18 after The Times revealed how teenagers were being trapped in abusive forced relationships.

The Times - 6 Sep 2018

Number of suspected illegal immigrants nabbed at UK border hits record levels

Migration Watch UK claimed there were more than a million illegals in the UK.

The Sun - 3 Sep 2018


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