Media Reports Archive : February 2018

Germany’s migration experiment unleashed forces that Brussels still doesn’t understand

When Merkel opened Germany’s frontiers to an uncontrolled flow of migrants in 2015 she ushered in the creeping disintegration of the European Union.

The Times - 28 Feb 2018

‘Brexodus’ fears shattered as number of EU workers in UK surges to record high

Migration Watch UK insisted there was “no sign whatsoever of workers abandoning the UK” in light of the bombshell Referendum vote.

The Sun - 28 Feb 2018

Think tank slams SNP's misleading migration claims

Scottish ministers have been accused of making 'woefully misleading' claims about the damage that a decrease in immigration would do to the economy.

Scottish Daily Mail - 21 Feb 2018

Gove calls for post-Brexit seasonal workers scheme for farms

‘Compelling’ case to help the agricultural sector, environment secretary says.

Financial Times - 20 Feb 2018

Brexit bashing is an attempt to stifle free speech

Intellectuals who champion life outside the EU are the latest victims of the thought police.

The Times - 20 Feb 2018

Civil servants are 'refusing to probe illegal immigrants' with some cases taking as long as EIGHT years

Civil servants are refusing to help the Home Office investigate immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally, a report reveals.

Daily Mail - 19 Feb 2018

Under-funding of border controls could lead to CHAOS, senior MPs warn

GOVERNMENT dithering on Brexit and under-funding of border controls could plunge the system into “a real mess”, senior MPs have warned.

Daily Express - 19 Feb 2018

Britain among world’s worst for traffic jams

Britain has been named among the ten most gridlocked countries in the world

The Times - 6 Feb 2018

Britain’s workers might finally be in for a pay rise!

Our businesses are now reliant on a flow of cheap labour. What they should be doing instead is investing in training the existing workforce.

Daily Telegraph - 6 Feb 2018

Foreign students apply to UK in record numbers

The number of foreign students applying to British universities has hit a high.

The Times - 5 Feb 2018

Charges for migrants to use NHS will double to raise millions for the health service

Charges for migrants to use the NHS will be doubled.

Daily Telegraph - 5 Feb 2018

Theresa May to fight EU transition residency plan

Theresa May has indicated she will fight a proposal to give residency rights to EU citizens during the transition period after Brexit.

BBC News - 1 Feb 2018

PM vows to fight plans by Brussels that could let a MILLION more EU citizens live in Britain

Migration Watch Uk warned the ‘absurd’ move could result in up to a million more EU migrants winning the automatic right to live here.

Daily Mail - 1 Feb 2018


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