Media Reports Archive : August 2017

Fears of new migrant 'Jungle' in the heart of Europe

Hundreds of migrants are sleeping near a Brussels train station sparking fears in the EU capital of a new 'Jungle'.

Daily Mail - 30 Aug 2017

Debunking the ‘Brexodus’ myth

A new word has entered the lexicon – Brexodus – to reflect the claim that Europeans are leaving in droves as they shun post-Brexit Britain.

The Spectator - 29 Aug 2017

The debate on immigration in Britain puts GDP ahead of people, writes Nick Timothy

If we are to absorb immigration in a way that maintains the values of our country, then it needs to be controlled, and lower.

Daily Telegraph - 29 Aug 2017

Britain's panicking companies have grown lazy on immigration. Outside the EU they must think differently

Employers realise now, more than ever, that people are the greatest resource of all. All told, it is not a bad problem to have.

Daily Telegraph - 25 Aug 2017

Action on non-EU migration ‘essential’, Government warned

Migration Watch UK calculates that the balance between arrivals and departures from non-EU countries could run at around 155,000 a year until 2021.

Press Association - 23 Aug 2017

Theresa May says UK leaving EU court's jurisdiction

Theresa May has insisted the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK will come to an end with Brexit.

BBC News - 23 Aug 2017

European judges could still settle cross border cases including divorces even after Brexit, ministers admit

European courts may still be allowed to hand down rulings in Britain to settle issues such as divorces, the Government admitted today.

Daily Mail - 22 Aug 2017

Stateless Punjabi kid ruling opens UK doors for many

Who would have thought that at a Punjabi girl would hold the key to changing lives of thousands of illegal immigrants in Britain.

Times of India - 22 Aug 2017

Dramatic moment TWO HUNDRED illegal migrants are arrested by immigration cops as part of massive crackdown on homes packed with foreign workers

In the first half of this 2017, the two hundred illegals were found living in squalid conditions with landlords using them as easy income.

The Sun - 21 Aug 2017

EU migrants barred from claiming benefits after Brexit as Theresa May revives David Cameron pledge

EU migrants will be barred from claiming in-work benefits unless they have been employed for at least four years after Brexit.

Daily Telegraph - 18 Aug 2017

EU citizens ‘WILL be free to live in Britain after Brexit but will need permits to work under new Home Office immigration plans’

EU CITIZENS will still be able to travel to and live in Britain after Brexit under new immigration plans, it has been reported.

The Sun - 17 Aug 2017

EU migrant figures hit record high: 2.37 million working in the UK

A record 2.37 million EU migrants are working in Britain, it has been revealed.

Daily Express - 17 Aug 2017

Record number of EU workers in Britain after post-Brexit slump

The number of EU nationals working in the UK has reached a record following a post-Brexit slump, according to official figures.

The Times - 16 Aug 2017

UK suggests 'untested' customs system with EU

The government says it will propose an 'innovative and untested approach' to customs checks as part of its Brexit negotiations.

BBC News - 15 Aug 2017

The migration crisis hasn't gone away, as EU leaders are finding to their increasing panic

Rather than travel across the Mediterranean to Greece, which has seen numbers fall since the middle of 2015, they are now aiming for Italy and Spain.

Daily Telegraph - 14 Aug 2017

EU blamed for rise in trafficking and slaves

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has blamed freedom of movement in the EU for a rise in human trafficking and modern slavery in Britain.

Sunday Times - 14 Aug 2017

Should students be included in the UK’s net migration figures?

Calls to remove students from the net migration figures are misguided, says Migration Watch UK's Alanna Thomas.

City AM - 10 Aug 2017

Spanish police push back 700 migrants as they attempt to storm a 20-foot border fence guarding entry to the country's North African enclave of Ceuta

About 700 migrants attempted to storm the border between Morocco and Spain at the enclave of Ceuta (pictured), but the Spanish authorities succeeded.

Daily Mail - 10 Aug 2017

Migrants make 30,000 illegal bids to get into the UK from Calais this year despite costly security measures around the port and Channel Tunnel

Figures come nearly a year after closure of the notorious Jungle migrant camp.

Daily Mail - 9 Aug 2017

Universities take foreign students ahead of British

Drive for higher fees ‘betrays’ sixth-formers.

The Sunday Times - 7 Aug 2017

Rome feels it has been abandoned by Europe over the migrant crisis just as a local backlash is boosting the opposition

Migrant arrivals to Italy by sea: the numbers are set to rise.

Financial Times - 3 Aug 2017

Illegal immigrants savagely beat up three lorry drivers headed for the UK after they refused to let them sneak on board in Belgium

The lorry drivers are said to have been attacked at service station in Gentbrugge.

Daily Mail - 3 Aug 2017

British holidaymakers faint and miss their flights in FOUR HOUR queues at European airports after Brussels insists on tough new EU border checks

Airports popular with UK tourists have seen queues stretching back hundreds of yards after stricter checks were imposed on entry and exit.

Daily Mail - 1 Aug 2017

Britain's border controls in crisis 'because of seasonal workers'

The Home Office has been accused of “papering over cracks” with temporary staff.

Daily Express - 1 Aug 2017


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