Rocketing Asylum Costs Combine With Widespread Abuse

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New data released by the Home Office confirms that the cost of the asylum system has risen from £474 million in 2014/15 to £956 million in 2019/20.

The latter total is equivalent to paying salaries of over 30,000 police officers (see average police office salary here).

The data was quietly issued as part of this Home Office release in late August –

Total costs include increased spending on free housing and payments for around 50,000 asylum seekers and failed asylum seekers.

The number receiving their living costs from the taxpayer has increased by 40% since 2015, according to the Home Office data.

Yet despite the increased spending the Home Office has said there has been an ‘increase’ in asylum abuse. This claim has been independently analysed by the National Audit Office but not specifically denied.

The occurrence of asylum abuse has however been corroborated by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders, former senior Home Office personnel, a number of think tanks (e.g. Policy Exchange and Civitas) and judges (for more see our separate blog post about asylum abuse).

Abuse of asylum system is unfair and must be stopped.

3rd September 2020

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