Britain Is Open For Business

1. Despite the government’s substantial range of measures to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands by the end of the Parliament, the UK remains very much open for business. There are numerous categories under which people can come to the UK to work, do business and study, allowing people to invest in and start up companies as well as allowing existing companies to recruit workers from outside the EU to fill skills gaps in the labour force. Moreover, there are no numerical limits on business visas except work permits, capped at 20,700 of which only around two thirds have been taken up this year. There has been nothing to prevent employers from bringing in skilled workers if they are really needed.

2. This paper will explain each of the routes through which people can come to the UK to work, do business and study and will outline the latest statistics for each route. The paper will also discuss some of the complaints that persist.

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1st October 2014 - Economics, Employment, Policy, Visas/Work Permits

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