New Report Shows Britain Is ‘open For Business’

immigration system is remarkably business friendly, contrary to the stories put
out by some of the financial press, says a new report by Migration Watch UK
published today.

fact thousands of skilled worker (Tier 2), Exceptional Talent, and Graduate
Entrepreneurs visas remained unfilled, despite cries that talented people are
being denied access to the UK to work.

of thousands of bogus students streaming in to work in low paid job and keeping
wages down, as happened under the last government, our report shows that we now
have a genuinely business friendly regime with thousands of places available
for those skilled workers who are really needed,’ said Migration Watch UK
chairman, Sir Andrew Green.

report examines the seven kinds of visas available, several designed
specifically for global business leaders, investors and world-class scientists.
The aim is clearly to ensure that Britain remains one of the top business
destinations in the world (The World Bank found that in 2012 the UK was the 7th
best place for business friendly regulations, the third highest European
country, behind Denmark and Norway).

million people visited the UK in 2011, of which 1.67 million came as business
visitors. There is no limit to the number of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Students
and Intra Company Transferees that can come to the UK.

Andrew said: ‘There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that a better
service is needed in individual cases but it is time that the financial press
examined the facts more carefully before presenting an entirely false

government are, rightly, responding to overwhelming public pressure to get mass
immigration under control. Exaggerated cries of alarm from parts of
the business community send out an unnecessarily negative message which damages
their own cause internationally.’

16th May 2013 - Economics, Employment, Visas/Work Permits

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