The Prime Minister’s Speech – The Public’s View

A recent YouGov survey which received remarkably little media
attention has shown striking public support for the Prime Minister's proposals
outlined in his speech last week. (See here for the PM's speech)

The key findings in a survey conducted on 25-26
March 2013 were:

70% of respondents supported the policy of only allowing
European migrants to claim jobseekers allowance for more than six months if
they have a "reasonable prospect" of finding work, including 72% of
Liberal Democrat voters.

78% supported a policy which would see the government doing
more to charge foreign governments for the cost of treating overseas
patients, including 76% of Liberal Democrat voters. 

81% of respondents would support a policy which disallowed
migrants from joining the council house waiting list until they have
lived in Britain for two years, including 73% of Liberal Democrat voters.

86% of respondents support a policy of increased fines for
companies that employ illegal immigrants, including 83% of Liberal Democrat

The survey can be found here

3rd April 2013 - Current Affairs, Employment, European Union, Health, Housing, Policy, Welfare Benefits

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